10 Best Power Banks You Must Get In 2018 To Charge On The Go

Best Power Bank Charging IPhone
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Smartphones are getting bigger and better in every way possible. The battery technology is also improving – but it could be even better! That’s why power banks are still important, especially when you don’t have time to charge it at a power outlet. Whether you’re out for work or travelling, having a trusty power bank with you can be a life saver! Looking for the best power bank in Singapore? Well, read on for 10 power banks that provide incredible value for your money:

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro

Best Power Bank Xiaomi Mi Pro
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If you are looking for the best power bank for your buck, this is the one for you. Mi Power Banks can easily be overlooked for their minimalist designs. But each Mi Power Bank boasts some of the leading charging rates among power banks in Singapore. Need a recommendation? Try the Mi Power Bank Pro 10000 mAh. The Mi Power Bank Pro is capable of two-way fast charging.

Why does that matter? Well, a problem for large power banks is the slow charging time for the power banks themselves. But thanks to Xiaomi, this won’t be a problem. The Mi Power Bank Pro’s high density batteries also allow for multiple charges across Android and Apple devices. In addition, the battery’s 12.58mm thin body makes it one of the slimmest high capacity power banks in Singapore.

Anker PowerCore Speed 10000

Best Power Bank Anker Powercore Speed
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If you’re not into the Xiaomi craze then consider the next best alternative, Anker. Anker power banks, like the PowerCore Speed 10000, features charging performances that level with Mi power banks. The PowerCore Speed 10000 boasts Anker’s proprietary technology ‘Power IQ’. The feature allows Anker power banks to adapt to the fastest possible charge of any device. It even has heat control to prevent battery overheating – a problem for fast charging power banks. The PowerCore Speed 10000 is also very portable with a size capable of fitting into your palm and pocket!

Samsung Fast Charge Portable Battery Pack

Best Power Bank Samsung Fast Charging Battery Pack
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The brand of innovation. You can always trust Samsung to provide the best in technology and design. That is why with the Fast Charge Portable Battery Pack, you get the best of both worlds! At a glance, the Samsung power bank looks like a simple name tag because of its shape and strap. But don’t let its simple looks fool you. The 5100 mAh battery features two full charges with Samsung Fast Charge technology.

Buyers are also satisfied with the device because it blends in well with their attire. Try hanging it alongside your bag and you’ll realise how well the design goes along with your look. So if you want something elegant and powerful, try this Samsung power bank!

RAVPower Solar Power Bank

Best Power Bank Ravpower Solar
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The RAVPower 15000 mAh Solar Power Bank is the best power bank for users who are often outdoors. With its solar panel, you can charge the power bank even without a power outlet. Just hang it on the side of your bag or leave it on a table outdoors to let it charge. The solar power bank even has a protective casing that prevents damage from shock and dust – perfect for outdoor environments. You can even share the charge with a friend thanks to its two USB fast charging ports.

QI Wireless Charger Power Bank

Best Power Bank Qi Wireless
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The QI Wireless Charger Power Bank provides charging without a cable! Simply rest the phone on the wireless power bank. It’s the best power bank for users who own phones with wireless charging like a Samsung S9 or iPhone 8.

The wireless power bank also has a unique way of charging multiple devices. Most power bank chargers feature two USB ports for two charging cables. But with a wireless charger, you can charge one phone by resting it on the power bank’s top and another via cable. It provides convenience for users who lack an extra charging cable.

Zola Jade Powerbank 10000mAh

Best Power Bank Zola Jade
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If you’re looking for a cheap power bank in Singapore with a large capacity, try the Zola Jade. The Jade has a 10000 mAh capacity but is only going for less than $50! But of course, price adjustments come with sacrifices in features. Technology wise, the Jade features a basic set up for a power bank – other than fast charging. Although some users would enjoy the LED flashlight that comes with the power bank.

RAVPOWER 6700mAh Pocket-Size Power Bank

Best Power Bank Ravpower Pocket Size
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RAVPower does it again with their pocket-size power bank. This is THE best power bank for emergencies – especially if you often forget to charge the night before. The device easily fits into your palm and into any pocket too. It even has a surprising quick charge function for a tiny device! Our suggestion would be to keep one in your bag for an emergency charge. Its small size won’t even get into the way of your belongings – so why not get one?

Yoobao M4Pro

Best Power Bank Yoobao M4pro
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If you’re tired of vague charge indicators on power banks then you’ll like the Yoobao M4Pro. Most power banks come with an LED battery indicator featuring 4 to 5 dots. Sure, it’s a quick gauge of the amount of charge left, but sometimes it’s better to be certain about the charge.

That’s why the M4Pro comes with a digital display featuring the amount of charge left in clear digits. It’s the best power bank in Singapore for users who need to keep track of their charge. Get a Yoobao M4Pro and worry less about your charge today!

ORICO 10000mAh Universal Fast Charging Power Bank (K10000)

Best Power Bank Orico Universal Fast Charging K10000
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Need a good grip for your butter fingers? Then ORICO’s K10000 Power Bank is the power bank to get! The design of the K10000 features ridges along the body of the power bank – perfect for a good grip. The battery’s performance is compatible with other top performing power banks too. Enjoy fast dual-way charging, multiple charge ports and Type-C port compatibility!

Mophie Powerstation Plus

Best Power Bank Mophie Powerstation Plus
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Worry less about your charging cable with the Mophie Powerstation Plus. It has a built-in USB-C cable, compatible with new smartphones like the Galaxy S9 and iPhone 8. The power bank even comes with an extra USB-A port if you want to charge two devices at the same time.

The best thing about this power bank is that it has an intelligent pass through charging system. How does this help? Well, you don’t have to worry about single power outlets anymore! You can plug in the Mophie power bank to a power outlet while another device is connected to it. The power bank will allow the connected device to charge first. Once the device is done, the power bank will charge itself. This is great for users who like to charge their devices overnight!

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