13 Purr-fect Gifts For Cat Lovers You Need To Get Your Paws On

gifts for cat lovers
(Credit: welcomebaby.sg, parrot1.sg)

Bushy tail, long whiskers and mesmerising green eyes — what’s there not to like about cats? If you know someone who adores cats as much as we do, these paw-some gift ideas in Singapore will undoubtedly be purr-fect for them (or yourself, we won’t tell)! From feline-themed makeup to cat-designed home decor, check out our list of adorable gifts for cat lovers!

  • For the cat-feine addict

1. Sakura cat paw mug

gifts for cat lovers sakura cat paw mug cup starbucks
(Credit: welcomebaby.sg)

Why use an ordinary cup when you can sip on this exquisite sakura cat paw mug (available on welcomebaby.sg)! This double-glassed sakura cat paw mug is inspired by Starbuck’s Cat Paw Cup cherry blossom series which received a tremendous response during its launch time in China. Exuding lively spring vibes, this will definitely be one of the most memorable gifts for cat lovers!

2. Chubby cat coasters

gifts for cat lovers chubby cat coaster cup mug
(Credit: superain.sg)

Complement your sakura cat paw mug with these chubby cat coasters (available on superain.sg)! Whether you pick the grumpy cat or the beaming cat coaster, these irresistible gifts for cat lovers are bound to brighten up anyone’s day! They make purr-ty house warming gifts or party favours too!

3. Fragrant Kittea loose leaf tea sachets

gifts for cat lovers kittea loose leaf tea
(Credit: Kittea)

As its name suggests, Kittea is a local tea brand that creates unique blends of tea inspired by different cat breeds — think ragdoll, sphynx and even the magical kitticorn (cat in a unicorn costume)! If these tea sachets don’t make aren’t the best gifts for cat lovers, we don’t know what else will! Pick your favourite Kittea loose leaf tea flavours such as the Scottish Fold – Scottish Morning Tea Tin (available on Kittea) and get ready to sip your afternoon away with a fellow cat lover!

  • For the cat-tivating makeup guru

4. Cat paw lipstick set

gifts for cat lovers cat paw lipstick set makeup beauty
(Credit: Magic Shop)

Feline-inspired makeup is a blessing for all cat lovers! This cat paw lipstick set (available on Magic Shop) features pink, grey and white cat-designed lipstick packaging with an adorable cat paw embedded into each lipstick bullet! This lipstick set is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for cat lovers with three beautiful shades to create different looks!

5. Cat paw flat-top brush

gifts for cat lovers cat paw flat top brush makeup foundation
(Credit: haihou.sg)

Inspired by fluffy cat paws, this makeup brush is a must-have in every cat lover’s makeup collection! The cat paw flat-top brush (available on haihou.sg) is one of the best gifts for cat lovers in terms of design and quality. Made with soft bristles, the brush is perfect for buffing foundation and blending any cream products seamlessly!

  • For the homebody cat lover

6. Sparkly cat diamond painting

gift ideas singapore sparkly cat diamond painting diy hobby art and craft
(Credit: toystory_x)

Finding some gifts for cat lovers who love to stay home? This sparkly cat diamond painting (available on toystory_x) is the best piece of wall art to be displayed in their homes! Diamond painting is becoming a popular new hobby thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions and attractive end result. If your cat lover friend is not a DIY person, then go the extra mile and present them with a completed masterpiece instead!

7. Geometrical cat tissue box

gifts for cat lovers blue pink sunglasses geometric home decor tissue holder
(Credit: garap00)

Cat tissue box holders make for the perfect housewarming gift ideas in Singapore! These unique gifts for cat lovers are not only functional but also double up as a statement home decor piece to brighten up their space. This geometrical cat tissue box (available on garap00) comes in six attractive colours, bound to delight any cat fanatic!

8. Ultrasonic cat humidifier with night light and fan

gift ideas singapore ultrasonic cat humidifier with night light and fan attachments diffuser
(Credit: beautymart123.sg)

Turning on the aircon for long hours can be drying for the eyes and skin. One of the most suitable gifts for cat lovers who’re often exposed to air-conditioning is an ultrasonic cat-shaped humidifier (available on beautymart123.sg)! This cute device packs a punch, with two spray modes, additional night light as well as fan attachments. Your fellow cat lover will definitely appreciate its multi-functionality!

  • For the fashionista with a cat-titude

9. Snuggly cat ears headband

gift ideas singapore snuggly cat ears headband fashion grey pink
(Credit: BIOAQUA Shopping Mall.sg)

Not all fashionistas can pull off this look, but a cat-loving trendsetter sure can! This adorable cat ears headband (available on BIOAQUA Shopping Mall.sg) comes in seven attractive colours to match any outfit. Made with soft and stretchable fabric, it can fit all head sizes comfortably. The endearing cat ears are bound to turn heads wherever you go! It’s definitely one of the best gifts for cat lovers who aren’t afraid to strut around with a cat-titude!

10. Spooky cat onesie

gifts for cat lovers spooky cat onesie costume halloween pyjamas
(Credit: PATRIZIA)

Out of all the gifts for cat lovers, this spooky cat onesie (available on PATRIZIA) is a must-have for cat fanatics attending a Halloween or slumber party! Made of high-quality fleece material, this onesie is not only bewitching but also comfortable to snuggle up in on lazy weekends. It comes in four different sizes and is one of the most unique gift ideas in Singapore for both guys and girls!

11. Trendy cat face sling bag

gifts for cat lovers trendy cat face sling bag crossbody handbag black womens
(Credit: Minimal bags)

Never go out of style with this trendy cat face sling bag (available on Minimal bags). It’s spacious enough to hold your phone, makeup, wallet and cardholder with ease! Plus, the chic design makes it the perfect gift for cat lovers of all ages. What’s more, this cat face sling bag complements any outfit and has an adjustable strap for maximum comfort!

  • For the little ailurophile

12. Striking kitty baby romper

gifts for cat lovers striking kitty baby romper yellow black toddler newborn kids
(Credit: merryeveryday.sg)

Can’t think of any baby shower gift ideas? Why not get the little one a kitty baby romper (available on merryeveryday.sg) to kickstart his or her love for cats! This is one of the best gift ideas in Singapore that will delight both toddler and cat-loving parents. Additionally, the vibrant yellow and black unisex design will look cute on any baby. This baby romper comes in four sizes to ensure the best fit for the little one.

13. Cuddly long cat bolster

gifts for cat lovers bolster plushie toy
(Credit: enchen2019.sg)

Who can resist the charm of these cuddly long cat bolsters (available on enchen2019.sg)? With an elongated tummy and cute little paws, these long cat bolsters make the perfect cuddle buddies for your kids! The long cat bolsters come in different lengths, including 70cm, 90cm and 110cm, perfect even for adults. Surprise your kids with their new furry friends today!


Get your paws on these adorable gifts for cat lovers and delight your cat lover friend! For more furry fun, head on down to these pet-friendly cafes in Singapore or incorporate some pet-friendly home decor ideas in your home!