12 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids To Do At Home This Children’s Day

fun indoor activities for kids in singapore
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School’s out and your child is looking forward to a fun-filled day with the family! However, who said you can only have fun with your kids outdoors? Follow this list of weatherproof and enjoyable indoor activities for kids this Children’s Day in Singapore! Mums and Dads, you can thank us later!

1. Play little MasterChefs for a day

Girls baking cupcakes
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Kickstart your list of indoor activities for kids this Children’s day in Singapore with some cooking! Whip up a few delectable dishes with your young ones, and pit them against each other for the Masterchef Junior title!

Bake some vanilla cookies and let your kids unleash their creativity by decorating the snacks with chocolate sprinkles (available on coconut.sg) and icing! Is your child a huge fan of Oreos? Why not try making some no-bake chewy oreo bars? Want something with more filling? You can even grab a packet of pizza base and pizza toppings for an afternoon of baking fun!

2. Plan an art jamming session

Toddler doodling with crayons
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Been eyeing artistic talent in your little tot? Take it one step further with an art jamming session!

Set up an easel, lay out a huge canvas along with a palette of watercolour paint and start creating a masterpiece! Encourage your kids to paint with their hands or even their feet! Sensory play helps to support cognitive growth and develop their motor skills.

If your kids are at a loss of what to paint, source for interesting images online and try to recreate them! Hang their masterpieces up on the walls so everyone can admire their works of art!

This indoor activity for kids can get quite messy, so make sure you cover the play area in newspapers to avoid getting paint all over your furniture.

3. Hunt for treasure at home

Treasure hunt game
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While it’s an indoor activity for kids that require some pre-planning, treasure hunting at home is a delightful bonding activity for the family this Children’s Day in Singapore!

Prior to the hunt, parents will have to spend some time planning the boundaries and clues. Depending on the scale of the activity, your treasure hunt can span across the entire house or just a room. Identify unnoticeable spots in the house to hide your clues at. Thereafter, put on your Sherlock hat and start creating interesting clues for each hiding spot!

Make sure to have a surprise ready for the kids at the end of the treasure hunt! We suggest hiding their favourite snacks or something they’ve been wishing for as the final treasure! Our gift guide for Children’s Day gifts could be the perfect starting point.

All that’s left is to tuck all the clues securely away in their respective positions before handing your little treasure hunters the first hint! Watch the young ones rack their brains and work together to uncover the hidden treasure!

4. Start a movie night tradition

Girl with popcorn movie night
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You don’t have to bring the kids to the cinema for a complete movie experience! Movie night at home is one of the best indoor activities for kids during poor weather conditions.

Can’t think of what to watch with the young ones? Get them to suggest a list of movies they like or pick a popular kids’ movie on Netflix! You can also suggest watching some good ol’ movies catered for young audiences, such as Home Alone, Harry Potter film series, Land Before Time (great for toddlers) and Jumanji (there’s a 2018 version too)! After all, great films are timeless!

Make their dream movie experience come true with a bucket of crunchy popcorn! Prefer homemade popcorn instead? Just pop some instant popcorn into the microwave and voila!

5. Get messy with slime

Girl with puff slime
(Credit: midnightmarket)

Surprise the young ones with some gooey fun this Children’s Day in Singapore with DIY slimes!

As children spend more time on their electronic devices, their exposure to other sensory and tactile sensations are greatly reduced. Making slime is a fun way for your children to distress and gain other sensory inputs! Get them off their devices and have a slimy good time!

Preparing the materials for slime making is simple and quick! All you need is half a cup of cornstarch and 40g of sugar-free gelatin. Mix the two ingredients together and stir about a quarter cup of water gradually into the mixture until it clumps together.

Give the kids some food colouring, tiny figurines, sparkly glitter and sequins to spice up their slime! You can even add foam beads into the slime to create a crunchy effect! Can’t get enough of the slimy goodness? Buy some ready-made slime for your kids to explore different textures and designs.

Pro Tip: Daddies and Mummies, you can clean up the mess at the end of the day with leftover slime!

6. Organise a glamorous fashion show

cute fashionable boys
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Remember the times you were a kid and aspired to model after your parents in terms of behavior and dressing? Your little ones are going through the same phase in life right now! Imagine their delighted faces when you give them the permission to ransack your wardrobe for a day of dress up!

Turn things up a notch and transform this simple indoor activity for kids into a glamorous fashion show! Roll out the red carpets, and get the cameras ready! Help your kids dress up and watch them strut down the runway with style! Get the shutter clicking and capture this glorious moment for them to look back on when they’re older!

7. Coding is fun!

Coding is one of the most enriching indoor activities for kids to do this Children’s Day in Singapore! It’s an important skill to acquire since it’s highly relevant to everything around us — from the games we play to the jobs we do. On top of that, learning to code at a young age helps to teach your child how to think in a logical manner, enhancing their cognitive abilities.

If you’re still under the misconception that coding is a boring and complicated activity for your little ones, you’re terribly misinformed! There are many fun education games created for children to pick up skills such as coding in a simple and entertaining manner.  

A great coding game that’s free to play on PC is TYNKER. With step by step instructions and fun puzzles to solve, TYNKER is filled with adorable little monsters that will keep your kids entertained for hours! What’s more, your little ones will eventually be able to create their own amazing mini-games using more than 100 codes learnt from the game!

8. Film a short movie

children costume spiderman captain america
(Credit: Steven Libralon / Unsplash)

Lights, camera, action! For the upcoming Children’s Day in Singapore, create a blockbuster with your little movie star!

Filming a short movie is a great indoor activity for kids as they get to participate in the production of the film as well as hone their acting skills! As starters, parents can sit down with them to discuss the rough plot of the movie. A script is optional, depending on your child’s memory capacity. Filming without a script is beneficial too as it helps to develop their creativity and allow them to think on their feet! Next, get the little movie stars to create their own props, and have them dressed up for their role.

After filming the short movie, assist your children in editing the clips using simple video editing software such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker or even video editing mobile apps such as Magisto and Animoto Video Maker!

Show off your children’s incredible acting skills by airing the movies during family gatherings! Include some bloopers too for extra laughter!

9. Secret agent training

secret agent training spying
(Credit: Dmitry Ratushny / Unsplash)

Do your little ones possess truckloads of energy that’s hard for you to keep up? Why not get them busy by creating an indoor obstacle course! This indoor activity for kids can train your little agents’ flexibility, mobility and agility!

Creating different stages of an obstacle course is simple and quick! For the first level, construct a laser maze by attaching strings along two parallel walls in a zigzag manner. Children must attempt to pass through the maze without touching the strings. For the second level, attach sticky notes with different letters on a wall and get them to hit the letters you called out using a ball as ‘ammunition’.

Next, you can get your little agents to cross a ‘river’ filled with terrifying ‘alligators’! Create a long ‘plank’ by laying tapes on the floor. Your kids should attempt to cross the river via the ‘plank’ without falling into the ‘water’! To spice things up, parents can act as hungry alligators waiting eagerly to ‘eat’ the fallen children!

There are many other activities you can add to your indoor obstacle course! Create a maze with some books and other items lying around your house, or tie strings at different heights for a challenging limbo game! Have some snacks or toys as rewards for the first child who completes the indoor obstacle course. This encourages them to try their best in every activity!

10. Have fun with indoor glamping

Children camping with tent
(Credit: Hannah Olinger / Unsplash)

Ever heard of glamping — a luxurious twist on traditional outdoor camping? Well, even though the outdoors are out of bounds for now, that shouldn’t stop you from bringing glamping back into your humble abode!

Clear the living room and set up a tent indoors! Make some simple decorations with your kids and hang them around the tent to complete your fanciful adventure! Line the tent with pillows and blankets, invite some of your children’s favourite toys along, and cosy up with an entertaining adventure book with the little ones! To make things more interesting, switch off all the lights in the house and rely solely on torchlights!

Amuse your kids with a shadow show and share with them some of the camping stories you’ve heard over the years! The best part about this indoor activity for kids lies in the fact that no child is ever too young to spend the night in a tent!

11. Arrange for a pretty tea party

Girl tea party
(Credit: Anna Garcia / Flickr)

Are your kids fans of Alice in Wonderland? Tea parties are great indoor activities for kids as they tap on children’s imagination and act as an excellent way for them to make friends with other kids. Invite their schoolmates over for an exciting afternoon!

While the adults get the snacks and tea ready for the party, the children can try making their own tea set with polymer clay! Polymer clay comes in a wide variety of colours so your kids can create their dream tea sets, cakes and cookies! Bake the clay creations in the oven and transform them into unique charms and keychains for your little ones!

While the miniature cakes and tableware are baking, set up the dining table with a pretty tablecloth and an exquisite tea set. While the children get to know each other better over some sugary treats, the adults can unwind and chit chat over a cup of fragrant tea! What a great way to spend Children’s Day in Singapore!

12. Get active with an indoor sports day

indoor basketball
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Who said sports day has to be held under the scorching hot sun? This Children’s Day in Singapore, bring the event indoors without sacrificing the fun factor!

Get the kids to warm up with some basic stretches, before commencing the event with a short race. Have the kids race each other down the hallway and see who’s the first one to reach the finishing line! Keep track of victories with a point system to determine the final winner!

Next, fill 10 bottles with water and line them up like bowling pins. Substitute the bowling ball for a soccer or basketball, and get the kids to knock as many bottles down as possible from a distance. This simple game is great for kids of all ages!

Moving on, place empty buckets at different heights around the house. The kids have to shoot a basketball into each ‘goal’ for a point. To make things more challenging, get the kids to spin on the spot for 5 rounds before attempting to score! Be sure to station yourself near them in case they stumble from dizziness.

Even though it’s summer all year round in Singapore, the little athletes can always have an ‘ice skating’ race! Wrap their feet in dry wipes, and have them ‘skate’ across the room in a race against one another! Teach them the importance of teamwork in an ‘ice skating relay race’ against time! Most importantly, they are indirectly helping to clean the floor during the race!

There are many more indoor activities for kids which you can add to this indoor sports day. Some great ideas include magnetic fishing, hopscotch, arm wrestling, balloon volleyball, and tin can golf! With so many activities to compete in, your kids will never associate indoors with boring activities again!


Indoor activities for kids are great ideas for endless fun and laughter within the comfort of your home. We promise that the little ones will be so exhausted by the end of the day, they will never discover your ulterior motive for planning these indoor adventures!

While indoor activities for kids can be fun, your children should be given equal opportunities to explore the wonders beyond their home! Bring them to these free water parks in Singapore, or spend some quality time with them while doing these 11 fun family activities!