The Ultimate Downloadable Newborn Checklist All Mothers Swear By

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Whether or not you’re a first-time parent, it’s hard to ever be fully prepared for your baby’s arrival. With so much to do and buy, how exactly are you supposed to keep track of everything? Don’t sweat it, we’ve come up with a comprehensive newborn checklist to tide you through this overwhelming period. From baby clothes to nursery necessities, here’s an ultimate list of baby essentials you’ll want to stock up on before the arrival of your newest family member!

The newborn checklist in a snapshot

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Daddies and mummies, don’t forget to download a copy of our ultimate newborn checklist here!

1. Baby Clothes

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We won’t be surprised if you end up with several bag loads of teensy-weensy baby clothes — they’re too cute to resist! However, don’t miss out on these necessary clothing items in your shopping frenzy! 

  • Baby Rompers 

Baby rompers are a must-have in any newborn checklist. They’re a godsend for parents as they are easy to wear and undress. Moreover, baby rompers provide unparalleled comfort for your little bub! Check out these cute sleeveless baby rompers (available on Hellow) perfect for a hot summer day. 

  • Baby Clothes Sets 

Whether it’s for your baby’s full moon party or a simple family gathering, it’s always good to have a few dress-up outfits ready for your little one. For added convenience, shop for baby sets and bundles so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching your baby’s clothes! 

  •  Baby Sleepwear

Babies spend most of their time sleeping, which is why it’s important to pick out a few sets of snuggly and comfy baby sleepwear

  • Baby Mittens 

Although small, baby mittens are essential on every newborn checklist! These Newborn Protection Mittens (available on leadbon), cover newborns’ hands to prevent them from scratching themselves, especially in their sleep. 

2. Nursery

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Excited to build a nursery for your little one? Glean some decor inspiration from our list of beautiful baby room designs. Beyond aesthetics, a well-equipped baby room will ensure your little bub enjoys maximum comfort and security. Here are some must-have nursery furniture on your newborn checklist!

  • Crib

Before choosing your baby’s first bed, consider the amount of available space in the nursery. Some cribs may occupy more space but most of them can be converted to toddler beds when your baby grows up. If you’re really tight on space, we suggest going for a bassinet instead like this Lucky Baby Dreemee Side Sleeping Crib (available on Lucky Baby Official Store).

  • Crib Mattress

If you’ve decided to buy a crib, you’ll need a crib mattress. Buy a firm crib mattress like the 100% Natural Coconut Fibre Mattress (available on BabyLove Asia) and avoid one that’s too soft as it may increase the risk of suffocation. 

  • Crib Bedding Set 

Lay your precious little one to sleep in high-quality crib bedding set, which usually includes bed sheet, mattress protector, crib bumper, pillow and quilt. 

  • Baby Monitor

Worried about leaving your baby’s side? Then you’ve got to include a baby monitor in your newborn checklist. With a baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your little one remotely while you go about your daily tasks at home. Take a look at some of the best baby monitors in Singapore for greater peace of mind. 

  • Night light

A night light not only makes your baby feel more at ease but it’s also useful when you have to feed or change your newborn in the wee hours. 

  • Dresser

A dresser is a must-have in the nursery so there’s sufficient storage space for baby clothes and supplies. You can even create a baby changing station by laying a baby changing mat (available on Home and Baby) on top of the dresser.

  • Baby Safety Accessories

A common mistake many parents make is to baby-proof the house after your child starts crawling or walking. Instead, we recommend installing baby safety accessories such as cabinet locks and corner guards before the baby arrives to prevent any unwanted accidents. Read about how you can create a kid-friendly home for your little bub. 

3. Diapers

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Did you know that on average, a newborn baby uses about 10 disposable diapers a day? If you’re still trying to master the diaper change, these diaper hacks will help you get the hang of it! Meanwhile, remember to get the following diaper supplies ready for your baby’s arrival.

  • Changing Table

If your dresser doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a baby changing mat, you’ll need a baby changing table for a quick nappy change. We suggest getting the Cosatto Easi Peasi Changing Table (available on Jayanne Trading) which can be doubled up and used as a  baby’s bathtub too! 

  • Diaper Pail and Liners

The truth is, dirty diapers have a strong odour that regular dustbins can’t seem to trap. A diaper pail is a special sealed trash can designed to trap odour. Add the popular Ubbi Nappy Diaper Pail (available on Home and Baby) to your newborn checklist today!

  • Diaper Bag

Every parent needs a diaper bag — one that can fit all necessary items for both baby and mummy when out for the day. We highly recommend the ABOUTBABY Large Diaper Bag (available on aboutbaby) which features multiple compartments and sleek design. 

  • Diaper Rash Cream

Wet and dirty diapers can easily irritate a newborn’s skin and cause diaper rash. Try the Mustela Diaper Cream (available on T.R.U.E Beauty and Cosmetics) which remedies flare-ups and prevents diaper rash. 

  • Unscented Baby Wipes

You mustn’t forget to include baby wipes in your newborn checklist but avoid scented baby wipes which may irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

  • Disposable Newborn Diapers

New parents often find themselves out of diapers. Make sure to stock up on disposable diapers or keep a dozen cloth diapers on hand as backup!

 4. Bath 

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Your baby either loves bath time or hates it — there’s no in-between. Nevertheless, with the right bathing supplies in your newborn checklist, bath time doesn’t have to feel like wartime! 

  • Baby Bathtub and Bath Seat

A baby bathtub and bath seat are easy to clean and much safer than bathing your little one in a sink or a full-sized bathtub.

  • Baby Soap and Shampoo

Pick a baby soap with a gentle formula, such as the Johnson’s Baby Bath (available on Johnson & Johnson Official Store). Other recommended baby soaps include the Kodomo Baby Bath and Pigeon 2-in-1 Baby Wash (both available on Daily Mart SG).

  • Baby Towel 

It’s easy for your little one to catch a cold right after bathing. Hence, you need an absorbent yet gentle towel for the skin. Try the Hooded Baby Towels (available on babyworld) which are not only cute but also keep your baby warm and dry after a bath.  

  • Baby Hairbrush

Here’s an essential on the newborn checklist that many parents overlook. While your baby may not have much hair to groom, brushing their hair helps to generate blood flow, stimulate their scalp and prevent cradle cap. Besides a hairbrush, check out other unexpected products necessary for your newborn baby!

  • Baby Washcloth 

Use a soft baby washcloth to clean your baby’s face and body when bathing your child.

  • Baby Laundry Detergent

Newborn babies’ sensitive skin requires a gentle baby laundry detergent which will not cause irritation. One of the most popular detergents among parents is the Kodomo Baby Laundry Detergent (available on T.R.U.E Beauty and Cosmetics) that’s especially gentle on a baby’s skin. 

5. Feeding

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Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, add these must-have feeding supplies to your newborn checklist. 

  • Baby Bottles and Nipples 

It’s good to have a variety of four and eight-ounce bottles so you can cater to your child’s appetite. For starters, the Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle (available on bottlesandco) is a top choice for many parents. It has a soft nipple for easy latch and is designed to prevent excessive air from entering your baby’s tummy — the main cause for a gassy baby. 

  • Bottlebrush

This is essential to keep your baby bottles clean from leftover milk stains which if uncleaned, can potentially cause food poisoning. 

  • Bottle Steriliser

Bottle-boiling can be quite a hassle, especially when you have a crying baby demanding attention. A more efficient and effective method is to use a bottle steriliser! Not sure what these are, let alone which are the best ones? This guide on best baby bottle sterilisers should sort you out. 

  • Breast Pump (if you intend to breastfeed)

Not able to nurse as frequently as you would have preferred but still want to maintain the amount of milk produced by your body? The breast pump is your best friend! It allows you to store breastmilk for a later time and prevent engorgement. 

  • Milk Storage Bags (if you intend to breastfeed)

Milk storage bags are perfect for organising and keeping your breast milk sanitary for your baby. 

  • Bibs and Burp Cloths 

Bibs and burp cloths can help prevent unnecessary mess. Baby bibs protect your child’s clothes from milk stains. Meanwhile, burp cloths are laid over your shoulders to catch any vomit when you burp your baby. 

  • Pacifier 

Pacifiers are a great way to soothe a crying baby. However, it’s important to clean the pacifiers frequently to prevent bacteria build-up.

  • Milk Formula

Milk formula contains similar nutritional composition to breast milk and is a godsend for mums who find it challenging to breastfeed for various reasons. Choose from popular brands such as Enfagrow A+ or Dumex Mamil Gold for a strong, healthy baby.

6. Baby Gear

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When it comes to newborns, there are some key baby gears that you’ve got to get. Include them in your newborn checklist so you don’t miss out on any. 

  • Baby Car Seat

Excited to take your baby on their first car ride? Then, you’ve got to install a baby car seat. It’s against the law for anyone below the height of 1.35m to ride without an appropriate child restraint. 

  • Stroller

Strollers provide superior convenience for parents who enjoy taking their baby out and about. Your little bub can explore the world from the comfort of a baby stroller, saving you from achy arms. 

  • Baby Carrier

Sometimes, wheeling your baby around is not a good idea — think narrow walkways and stairs. In such cases, a baby carrier is a much better alternative. Check out our guide to the best baby carriers in Singapore before you make a purchase!

  • Baby Swing

You may think this is a frivolous item on a newborn checklist, but trust us when we say you’d be glad you’ve got a baby swing when the little monster is wailing non-stop. Need some recommendations? Why not invest in the Shears Baby Portable Swing (available on SHEARS SINGAPORE) which comes with toys to keep your little one entertained. 

  • High Chair

While your newborn will not be needing a high chair for the first six months, there’s no harm preparing early. We suggest getting an adjustable high chair, such as this 2-in-1 Baby High Chair (available on Teem Shop) which can be reassembled into a toddler chair when your baby grows up!

7. Health and Grooming

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Your newborn checklist will not be complete without some baby grooming tools and of course, health essentials in case your little one falls ill. 

  • Baby Nail Clippers

Trim your little bub’s nails with a pair of baby nail clippers (available on so they don’t accidentally scratch themselves.

  • Baby Thermometer

As the ‘touch test’ is not always reliable when it comes to your baby, using a baby thermometer allows you to get accurate measurements of your baby’s temperature. Try the LCD Baby Forehead Thermometer (available on bluebird888) or Baby Ear Thermometer (available on E-Lifestyle). 


Once you’re done ticking off all the items on this newborn checklist, you’re almost officially ready for your baby’s arrival! All that’s left is for you to join the Shopee Mum’s Club, where you can enjoy the best promotions on more baby and mother care products! You’ll also be generously rewarded with exclusive campaign and shopping vouchers to spend on all your essential baby products such as milk formulas.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out other baby products that may assist you in your first year of parenthood. To stay organised, download our ultimate newborn checklist here.