New Mums Guide: 12 Best Breast Pumps For Easy Milking

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Whether you’re a first-time or experienced mum, breastfeeding your little one can easily take a toll on you. The frequent pumping hours (approximately eight times a day for newborns) and having to breastfeed on demand can cause fatigue and plenty of pent-up frustration. That’s why having a breast pump to rely on when expressing milk can help a ton to soothe frazzled nerves. If you’re on the lookout for breast pumps to help you conquer the nursing phase, read on for our lowdown on the best breast pumps in Singapore!

What are the types of breast pumps?

types of best breast pumps
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There are a wide variety of breast pumps available in Singapore and it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs. We’ve broken down the three main types of breast pumps available on the market: 

Manual Electric Hospital-grade
Price Most affordable Cheaper than hospital-grade breast pumps Most expensive
Noise level Quiet Varies Varies
Size Small, lightweight and portable Varies Bulky
How it works Hand-operated —  squeeze the pump repeatedly to create a suction Powered by a motor — simply place over breast and a suction will be created Powered by a motor and uses a closed-system with a barrier to prevent milk from entering the motor

How to choose the best breast pumps?

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There are plenty of factors and specifications to consider when choosing the best breast pumps in Singapore. If you’re wondering how to increase your milk supply when pumping, getting a suitable breast pump can help!

  • Frequency of use

When selecting breast pumps, consider how frequently you’ll be using them. If you’re only pumping occasionally, a simple manual breast pump may be all you need. However, if you will be pumping frequently, we recommend investing in a hospital-grade or electric breast pump to make the process faster and easier!

  • Cost

Another important factor to consider when picking the best breast pump in Singapore is your budget. Hospital-grade breast pumps are more powerful and effective, hence they tend to come with higher price tags, followed by electric and manual breast pumps. 

  • Open system vs closed system

To ensure tip top hygiene when breastfeeding, closed-system breast pumps are your best bet. Equipped with a milk barrier, closed-system breast pumps prevent milk from back flowing and entering the tubing, allowing milk to go straight from breast to bottle. This lowers the risk of mould or bacteria growing within. 

Open-system breast pumps come without the milk barrier, which means you have to pay extra care to cleaning the pump tubes. While risk of contamination is typically low, it is still a possibility to avoid. That said, do note that both closed and open-system breast pumps need to be washed after each use. Make sure that they are completely dried before use so your baby’s milk will be safe for consumption!

  • Breast shield size

Wondering how to increase milk supply when pumping? Invest in the best breast pump in Singapore with the right breast shield size! Ensure there’s adequate space around the nipple as it will be moving in and out of the flange center. This ensures comfort and allows for optimal flow of milk. There are plenty of sizes available so pick the one that fits you best as the wrong size can also lead to soreness and injury on the breasts! 

  • Weight and noise

Take the portability and noise of the model into account when looking for the best breast pumps in Singapore. If you’re pumping at work, a lightweight, quieter model will be ideal. For those pumping on the go, make sure that the model comes with an additional insulated bag to store your milk between commutes. 

How to clean a breast pump?

The key to ensuring your milk is safe to drink for your babies is to properly clean the breast pumps and tubes before and after every use. If you’re wondering how to best clean your breast pumps, here are some tips you can adopt: 

  • After expressing milk, all parts of the breast pump (including the bottles!) should be washed, dried and sterilised before your next session
  • Rinse milk from every part of the breast pump before washing with hot soapy water. Use dedicated cleaning sponges, brushes and cloths to scrub them well. If possible, use a dedicated washbasin so as to avoid any germs that may be lurking in the kitchen basin.
  • Air-dry the parts instead of using a towel as that may contain germs and bacteria

Best manual breast pumps in Singapore

1. Hegen PCTO Manual Breast Pump

Hegen manual breast pump best breast pump in Singapore
(Credit: Hegen Official Store)

Got your hands full with your little one? The Hegen PCTO Manual Breast Pump (available on Hegen Official Store) can be easily removed from the milk bottle single-handedly with a twist! With their unique single Press-to-Close and a Twist-to-Open mechanism, you can easily swap between the pump and Hegen PCTO Breast Milk Storage Lid (both available on Hegen Official Store) which can be bought separately. It’s no wonder that Hegen breast pumps get rave reviews from mums who have tried it. Pair it with Hegen PCTO Feeding Bottle and Hegen Feeding Collar (both available on Hegen Official Store) to enjoy the full seamless transition from pumping to feeding! This ensures minimal wastage and oxidation of your milk. 

2. Elvie Curve Wearable Manual Breast Pump

person pressing on elvie manual breast pump best singapore
(Credit: Hatchery Cribs)

For busy working mums who are always in between appointments, get the highly-reviewed Elvie Curve Wearable Manual Breast Pump (available on Hatchery Cribs) that’s designed to fit the curve of your breasts. It’s comfortable to wear without any protruding flanges, which allows it to be slotted seamlessly into your nursing bra. What’s more, it is relatively silent so you can discreetly pump milk while out and about. Made of soft-touch silicone and a valve, the Elvie breast pump is easy to control and assemble. The much dreaded part of cleaning and keeping them is also fuss-free with this simple breast pump. That’s why it is one of the best reviewed options that’s been approved by new and experienced mums alike! 

3. Pigeon Milk Saver Pump

transparent pigeon milk saver breast pump on a table
(Credit: Motherswork Official Store)

Looking to invest in a manual breast pump but not looking forward to the potential hand fatigue you may face? Pigeon Milk Saver Pump (available on Motherswork Official Store) boasts an ergonomically designed handle which makes expressing milk so much easier! Its unique flange shape helps create a good suction, and its arched shape prevents dirt from trapping which makes cleaning a breezy chore. Worried about the pump slipping down during use? The Pigeon manual breast pump sports an anti-slip hook that allows it to be attached to a lanyard. That’s why it is one of the best manual breast pumps in Singapore!

4. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

haakaa manual breast pump best breast pump in singapore
(Credit: Haakaa Singapore)

Looking for eco-friendly breast pumps in Singapore? We recommend the well-reviewed Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump (available on Haakaa Singapore)! Made of 100% silicone, the Haakaa silicone breast pump is a single-piece equipment that’s lightweight, compact and easy to use. Neither manual nor electric, this breast pump works by using powerful suction to draw the milk out while you’re breastfeedingTo use it, simply squeeze the base of the pump before placing the flange onto your boobs. The Haakaa breast pump will provide a constant gentle suction that will simulate your boob to release the milk. One breastfeeding tip is to place the Haakaa breast pump on one boob to capture any letdown during breastfeeding on the other boob. Once the pump is full or you’ve finished expressing, you can simply stick the suction base of the breast pump onto a flat surface while you finish redressing! 

Best electric breast pumps in Singapore

5. Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump

medela swing maxi double electric breast pump flat lay with glass of milk best singapore
(Credit: Medela Singapore Official Store)

Have your heart set on an electric breast pump? The Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump (available on Medela Singapore Official Store) is one of the best electric breast pumps that allows mums to pump more milk in a shorter time. The pump also simulates your baby’s sucking behavior, which makes it extra comfortable to use. It’s no wonder why the Medela breast pump is not only highly reviewed, but has won multiple design awards.

Pro-tip: Use a hands-free pumping bra for the pump and the in-built belt clip to attach the machine to your pants so you can pump comfortably while doing other activities. 

6. Philips Avent Premium Single Electric Breast Pump

phillips electric breast pump
(Credit: Philips Official Store)

The Philips Avent Premium Single Electric Breast Pump (available on Philips Certified Store) is one of the best breast pumps in Singapore to use for discreet pumping! The unique design of the breast pump allows your breast milk to flow easily from the pump to the bottle. Sit comfortably upright and allow this Philips breast pump to do all the work for you. Psst: use the backlit timer display so you can pump at night without turning on the lights and waking anyone!

7. Cimilre P1 Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

Cimilre P1 Portable Double Electric Breast Pump
(Credit: Trekvue)

Electric breast pumps tend to be larger in size, but the Cimilre P1 Portable Double Electric Breast Pump (available on Trekvue) sports a compact design that makes it the best portable option in Singapore! This lightweight model features an easy-to-use touchpad, which you can use to customise different modes to best suit your preferences. You can choose up to five massage modes and 10 expression levels for a better pumping experience!

8. Boboduck Single Electric Breast Pump

boboduck pastel pink breast pump singapore
(Credit: Boboduck Official Store)

If you tend to express milk during the wee hours of the night, get the Boboduck Single Electric Breast Pump (available on Boboduck Official Store). This pump has been well-reviewed for its built-in nursing lamp, a nifty feature that saves you the risk of waking your little one up. Equipped with nine gears, the Boboduck breast pump is one of the best options in Singapore that offers a one-stop solution for pumping, feeding, and storing! This battery-operated pump can also last up to an entire day after one full recharge, so you won’t have to worry about it running out of juice when you bring it out!

9. Imani i2 Handsfree Electric Breast Pump

imani electric breast pump
(Credit: Pupsik SG Official Store)

Buying a breast pump because you’ve been experiencing painful latches? The soft, silicone flanges of the highly-reviewed Imani i2 Handsfree Electric Breast Pump (available on Pupsik SG Official Store) will help to reduce your discomfort by a ton. Equipped with backflow prevention and breast shield, you can be assured that your milk will be free of contamination from each pump! The intuitive LCD display also makes the Imani breast pump easy to use, which is why this is one of the best breast pumps in Singapore!

10. Evorie Portable Single Electric Breast Pump 

evorie breast pump
(Credit: Evorie Official Store)

Been looking for ways to increase your milk flow? The Evorie Portable Electric Breast Pump (available on Evorie Official Store) is one of the best breast pumps in Singapore for the job. This electric breast pump features a Japan-made silicone cushion that mimics natural infant suckling to stimulate milk flow. At just 225g, this Evorie breast pump is also one of the most lightweight yet powerful breast pumps in the market! This makes pumping sessions when out and about all the more convenient.

Best hospital-grade breast pumps in Singapore

11. Spectra S1+ Breast Pump 

spectra s1 best breast pump in singapore
(Credit: Pupsik SG Official Store)

A hands-free breast pump is a convenient way to express milk while entertaining your older kids at the same time. We recommend the Spectra S1+ Breast pump (available on Pupsik SG Official Store) for its hospital-strength suction! Connect it to the Spectra Handsfree Accessory (available on and enjoy hands free convenience when pumping. The Spectra handsfree fits snugly into your bra with no weird protrusion at all. For better comfort, use this while wearing one of the best nursing bras whenever you’re pumping.

12. Cimilre S6+ Hospital-Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

cimilre hospital grade breast pumps
(Credit: Trekvue)

Boasting hospital-strength suction, the Cimilre S6+ Hospital-Grade Double Electric Breast Pump (available on Trekvue) has multiple suction levels so you can adjust based on your preference. It’s also a quiet breast pump so you can pump discreetly at night without worrying that you’ll wake your little one up. At a weight of merely 250g and rechargeable battery, this is one portable breast pump to bring around to work or on travels!

Pump with ease with the best breast pumps 

Lend some help from the best breast pumps in Singapore to make your breastfeeding journey easier! To prevent your baby from gassiness due to sucking ‘airy milk’, feed them using the best anti-colic bottles. For a peace of mind at night, get the best baby monitors in Singapore to stay connected with your little one! Join us at Shopee’s Mum’s Club for exclusive membership benefits and useful tips to help you along in this journey. 

This article was updated on 1 August 2022. Additional research done by Rachel Tan.