8 Ways To Create A Kid-Friendly Home With These Essentials

Child Climbing Furniture

Creating a kid-friendly home environment can be a very challenging process. You have to be aware of all the potential dangers around your child when they’re out of sight. After all, children around the ages of 1 to 3 are incredibly curious!

What does that do? Can I eat this from the floor? Can I fly from the window like the birds do?

These statements can give parents the chills. But that doesn’t mean you should start restricting your child to their room! Even though a child’s curiosity can lead them to certain dangers, it’s also important for their mental development. That is why creating a kid-friendly home environment is an art. It’s an art, that if done well, allows your child to explore their home environment in safety.

Not sure where to start? Well, here’s a list of ways child proofing products will help you create a kid-friendly home environment with ease.

1. Door stoppers to avoid slams

kid-friendly door stopper
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Children who are beginning to walk tend to roam around like a drunk person. They are unstable, uncoordinated and a complete hazard to themselves. One of the most common obstacles a child will encounter is a door. To create a kid-friendly home environment, you must ensure that the doors are slam-proof.

This means that even if your child mishandles the door, they won’t hurt their fingers if the door slams. How to do this? Get a child proof door stopper to leave a gap between the door and the entrance so that your child’s fingers are safe. With a door stopper, you can rest easy whenever your child decides to take a tour across rooms.

2. Power outlet covers to prevent unfortunate incidents

kid-friendly power outlet cover
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It goes without saying that power outlets are dangerous! Unfortunately, children love to learn by example. After witnessing their parents use the ‘hole in the wall’ countless times, they want to try it too. But don’t worry! We have power outlet covers that allow you to seal off any power outlet from your child’s touch. They are even easy to install and remove whenever you need to use the power outlet.

3. Corner bumpers are key

kid-friendly corner bumper
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Children always get themselves lost in play. It makes them careless and they often get injured because of it. Even out of play some children lack the spatial awareness of their surroundings. They only begin to realise that there are objects around them once they bump into it. That is why corner bumpers are essential for a kid-friendly home environment. It may not completely cushion your child’s collision. But at least they won’t get cut by any sharp corners.

4. Don’t forget toilet hazards

kid-friendly toilet lock
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To maintain a kid-friendly home environment, you must lock the toilet at all times. Toilets are a buffet of child hazards. Slippery floors, shampoos and razors are a few of the many hazards to a child. You have to consider the toilet bowl too! Aside from the fact that it plays host to countless germs, it is also a potential drowning spot in the home. Fortunately, you can child proof the toilet bowl with toilet seat locks. This prevents your child from ever lifting up the lid.

5. Be wary of stairs and baby gates

stairs and baby gates
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Another obstacle in your child’s journey. The fall hazard from stairs is self-explanatory. But how will you prevent it from happening? Why not try baby gates? It is a quick and easy way to prevent your child from ever climbing the stairs while unsupervised. The baby gates are also made at a height that’s difficult for any child to climb over. With a baby gate, your child needs to wait for your help to get to another level even if they are impatient about it.

6. Lock those cabinets!

kid-friendly cabinet locks
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Kid-friendly home environments have an endless supply of cabinet locks and straps. Why? Because a child’s curiosity may lead them to open certain cabinets they are not supposed to. Imagine your child getting their hands on medication or cleaning detergent? Luckily, you can easily find various types of locks on Shopee Singapore. Do check it out if you’re looking to save on living essentials!

7. Guard the windows

kid-friendly window guard
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Windows should always be locked. But, nothing is going to stop a determined child from getting to a window when you are not around. That is why you need a child proof window guard. Why do you need it? Because it prevents windows from being fully open! Your child will never be able to climb out of the window if it can’t fit through it. But if you want to be reassured, keep climbable furniture away from windows. For instance, furniture like sofas or tables should never be beside a window.

8. Small toy parts are not innocent

Small Toy Crane
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Remember the part about children eating stuff? Well, meet the common culprit: toys. Children like to please their curiosity through their 5 senses. Unfortunately, one of them is taste and with taste comes the need to put things into one’s mouth. Small toy parts are a choking hazard to children if they put it into their mouths. Always keep an eye on your child’s toy when they play. After play, keep the toy parts in proper storage containers so that your child will not be able to retrieve the toy while you are away.

Create a kid-friendly home environment with Shopee Singapore!

In short, creating a kid-friendly home environment is like fighting your child’s curiosities. But at the same time, you can think of it as a way to give yourself a peace of mind. At least you know your child is in a safe environment whenever you are away from home.

If you are a new parent and are looking for more childcare products, do check out Shopee Singapore! If you need to enhance your child’s education, we have learning and educational products. What about other baby safety products? We have them too! We even have baby safety products for when you are travelling with your kids. Products such as anti-lost harnesses and baby car safety straps. You can even check out our article on the 10 things that makes a first year parent’s life a little easier.