Dive Into An Adventure With These 15 Best Action Cameras

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If skiing in the Alps and scaling volcanoes in Bali sound anything like your ideal vacation, you’d want to invest in an action camera. These ultra-compact cameras allow you to capture the key moments of any adventure without having to compromise on image quality. Keen on getting an action camera but not sure where to even start? Fret not, because we’ve compiled a list of the best action cameras you can find in Singapore! 

What is an action camera good for? 

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Action cameras are small, waterproof, and usually mountable digital cameras designed specifically for capturing immersive action shots. They’re the best camera option for those who want to capture every moment in high definition without being weighed down by a clunky DSLR. Built to withstand rough handling, action cameras can be used as a handheld device or mounted on a surface. Its relatively compact size makes it easy for it to be mounted on helmets, mountain bikes, and even selfie sticks – perfect for frequent travellers and adrenaline junkies alike! 

What are the features of an action camera?

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While action cameras can vary in terms of key functionalities, there are certain must-have features for anyone looking to invest in one. 

  • Durable

For starters, action cameras are known to be a lot more durable and shockproof than normal cameras. This makes the device suitable for use even under tough conditions. 

  • Waterproof

Most, if not all, action cameras can be expected to be waterproof or come with waterproof housing. This is a point especially important for those into water sports and other outdoor activities. However, not all action cameras are created equal. While the best action cameras in Singapore can be fully submerged in water for some cool underwater shots, some are only waterproof to a certain degree, and may require you to invest in higher-quality housing. 

  • Mountable

Most action cameras come with mounts. The best action cameras typically come with multiple camera mounts that allow you to attach the device to different surfaces – an essential for outdoor enthusiasts that are constantly on the move! 

  • Photo and videography

Another distinguishing feature of the best action cameras is the ability to capture photos and videos at a resolution comparable to traditional mirrorless cameras or DSLRs. They also typically come with image stabilisation to produce crisp shots, even for fast-moving objects. This makes it possible to capture truly immersive shots that land you right in the action! As a rule of thumb, your action camera should be able to shoot at least 1080p at 30fps. 

Can you use an action camera as a normal camera?

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(Credit: Frame Harirak / Unsplash)

Yes, you certainly can! The beauty of action cameras is that they’re suitable for everyone – from adventure-loving thrillseekers to casual vloggers. Despite their compact size, the best action cameras are capable of offering image quality to rival that of larger cameras. That’s on top of additional features such as image stabilisation, versatile mounting options, and unbeatable durability. Whether you’re planning for an outdoor adventure or looking to start an everyday vlog, there’s an action camera for your specific needs! 

Pro tip for the best action cameras in Singapore 2022: The audio quality of even the best action cameras can leave you wanting. Videographers intending to use their action camera for vlogging or filming YouTube videos should expect to invest in an external microphone! 

How do I choose an action camera?

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(Credit: Oliver Sjöström [Cropped] / Unsplash)
You’re familiar with the ins and outs of an action camera, but choosing between the different brands and models can still be a challenge. Here’s a rundown of some important factors to consider when choosing the best action camera in Singapore for your needs!

  • Video quality 

Arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing an action camera would be the video quality you’re gunning for. This is determined mainly by your resolution, frame rate, and image stabilisation. An easy way to answer this question would be to ask yourself what you’re planning to use your camera for. For example, an action camera capable of capturing up to 1080p would be the more prudent choice for the casual vlogger. However, if image quality is top priority for you, a 4K action camera can prove to be a worthy investment! 

  • Size and shape 

Going on an intense hike or bike ride? While action cameras are generally lightweight and compact, even a few grams can make all the difference when it’s mounted onto your person or mountain bike. Another factor to consider would be variations in shape of the action camera itself. Slim, pocket-sized action cameras are suitable for those planning to mount their device to a bike handlebar or a helmet. Meanwhile, bulkier, square action cameras tend to be the preferred option for those strapping their action camera to their chest. Wearable action cameras are also one of the best options for a truly immersive viewing experience! 

  • Durability 

The ability to withstand harsh environments and rough handling remains one of the most important features of action cameras. Most of the best action cameras are minimally able to survive some knocks and bumps, even on rocky terrain. They should be dustproof and waterproof to a certain degree. A decent action camera should also be able to function properly in harsh conditions, be it under direct sunlight or exposed to cold winds. 

  • Battery life and storage

To determine how much battery life and storage space you need for your action camera, consider the kind of footage you’re after. If you’re one for long hours of continuous footage or high-resolution content, it’s important to invest in an action camera able to tide you through.

Pro Tip: Not ready to splurge on a camera with supersized battery life? Consider purchasing add-on accessories like power banks and spare batteries for some extra juice! 

  • Accessories

Most of the best action cameras come with standard accessories such as helmet mounts, handlebar mounts, chest belts, and telescoping poles. If you’re into niche sports such as surfing or skiing, it’s important to check whether the accompanying accessories allow your camera to be attached to your gear. This helps you avoid having to buy additional compatibility accessories – or worse still, replace the device entirely! 

Best action cameras in Singapore 2022: Under $500

1. Akaso Brave 7 

akaso brave 7 best action cameras singapore
(Credit: Akaso Official Store)

Widely known to produce some of the best budget action cameras, Akaso should definitely be on your radar if you’re in the market for the best GoPro alternatives in 2022. Those inclined towards front-screen filming can consider the Akaso Brave 7 (available on Akaso Official Store). The nifty dual-screen system is perfect for vloggers or those who want to view their content as it’s being filmed. For just under $200, you get footage filmed up to 4K at 30fps, 20-megapixel images, and a powerful, six-axis image stabiliser. The Brave 7 even comes equipped with accessories like a spare battery, mounts, and waterproof housing for your wet activities! While it might not be as resistant to damage as higher-price alternatives, the Akaso Brave 7 is definitely one of the best entry-level action cameras available.  

2. Akaso EK7000


akaso ek7000 best action cameras singapore
(Credit: Akaso Official Store)

Looking for another simple-to-use action camera from Akaso for casual filming? Coming in at less than $100, the Akaso EK7000 (available on Akaso Official Store) is one of the best 4K action cameras you can find at the same price point. Boasting a 170-degree wide-angle lens, the Akaso EK7000 is capable of producing surprisingly sharp 1080p footage. It’s also waterproof up to 30 metres with waterproof housing. What’s more, you can transfer your files to your smartphone with ease using the AKASO Go app. For all its limitations on video resolution and stabilisation, the EK7000 is definitely still one of the best action cameras for those looking for maximum value!

3. Valore VMS65 

valore action cam best action cameras singapore
(Credit: Valore Official Store)

Another best-loved budget action camera to consider for your 2022 travels is the Valore VMS65 (available on Valore Official Store). Produced by US-based lifestyle goods brand Valore, the  VMS65 action camera is capable of shooting up to 4K at 30fps. Like most of the best action cameras, the VMS65 can be submerged up to 30 metres underwater with waterproof housing. Despite its competitive price point, this Valore action camera also features a 160-degree wide-angle lens and a Sony 175 LCD display. The camera comes with a host of nifty add-ons such as a handgrip, bicycle holder, mount, and adhesive tape, just to name a few!

4. Apeman A100

apeman a100 best action cameras singapore
(Credit: Apeman SG Official Store)

If you’re in the market for a no-frills action camera, Apeman A100 (available on Akaso Official Store) will be your best bet. The A100 boasts a surprisingly wide aperture, allowing for increased light intake, enhanced depth of field, and higher shutter speeds. This helps you achieve high-quality images, even in low light conditions! The 4K action camera also features an adjustable 170-degree wide angle lens, and is capable of filming up to 720 pixels in slow motion. Although the Apeman A100 is not waterproof, it comes with a top-quality waterproof housing that keeps the camera protected up to 30 metres underwater. With all the features you need to record your most precious memories, this Apeman action camera is definitely one of the best budget-friendly GoPro alternatives you can get in 2022! 

5. DJI Action 2

dji action 2 best action cameras singapore

When it comes to the best GoPro alternatives, there’s no brand that’s as highly-raved as popular drone camera producer DJI. The DJI Action 2 (available on DJI OFFICIAL STORE) is an ultra-compact modular action camera that holds its weight against larger alternatives. It often comes up in discussions pitting the GoPro MAX vs. DJI alternatives, and for good reason. The Action 2 is able to record up to 4K in 120fps, and boasts an ultra-wide 155-degree field of view that places it in the ring with the best GoPro alternatives. The small but hardy action camera is also dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof up to 10 metres. If you’re looking to travel light but still want all the features of a full-sized action camera and more, the DJI Action 2 is definitely one of the best, budget-friendly action cameras of 2022! 

6. Insta360 GO 2 

insta360 go2 best action cameras singapore

Touted as the world’s smallest action camera, Insta360 GO 2 (available on INSTA360 OFFICIAL STORE) is a pocket-sized option that packs a punch. The fun-sized 3K action camera is able to capture up to 2560 x 1440 resolution footage, up to 1080p slo-mo video at 120fps, and even comes with time-lapse functions! The small but powerful Insta360 camera packs in 32GB of in-built storage. It also offers WiFi exporting modes for you to access and edit your footage seamlessly. While not waterproof, the camera comes with high-quality waterproof housing that allows you to film up to 13 metres underwater. The Insta GO 2 is so lightweight, you can even wear it around your neck! Best part? The handy charging case serves as a portable power source and as well as a miniature tripod with its fold-out legs! 

Overview of the best action cameras in Singapore under $500 

Action camera Max video quality Camera field of view Waterproof Price Best for those looking for
Akaso Brave 7  4K video resolution at 30fps 170 degrees Up to 40m $189 Vloggers who need dual-screen action cameras
Akaso EK7000 4K video resolution at 30fps 170 degrees Up to 30m $89 Vlogging beginners
Valore VMS65  4K video resolution at 30fps 160 degrees Up to 30m $99 Those on a tighter budget
Apeman A100 4K video resolution at 50fps 170 degrees Up to 30m $146 Those looking for a budget action camera for fast-moving activities
DJI Action 2 4K video resolution at 120fps 155 degrees Up to 10m $499 Fast moving activities or nature videography
Insta360 GO 2  3K video resolution at 50fps 120 degrees Up to 45m $428 Those who need a wearable action camera

Best action cameras in Singapore 2022: Above $500

7. GoPro Hero 11

gopro hero 11 new action camera
(Credit: GoPro Official Store)

No list of best action cameras can be complete without mentioning the brand that defined the industry – GoPro. As GoPro’s latest flagship action camera, it’s no exaggeration to say that GoPro Hero 11 (available on GoPro Official Store) is one of the best all-in-one action cameras you need to get your hands on today. What stands out from its predecessors is its new 8:7 sensor, which is an almost-square aspect ratio that isn’t common on most action cameras. This lets you crop your video to 9:16 for TikTok, 1:1 for Instagram and 16:9 for YouTube with zero quality loss. We can totally see why the GoPro Hero 11 is extremely handy for content creators that use multiple platforms!

8. GoPro Hero 10 

GoPro Hero 10
(Credit: GoPro Official Store)

No list of best action cameras can be complete without mentioning the brand that defined the industry – GoPro. As GoPro’s latest flagship action camera, it’s no exaggeration to say that GoPro Hero 10 (available on GoPro Official Store) is one of the best all-in-one action cameras you can get your hands on today. Thanks to the new-and-improved GP2 processor, the 4K action camera now boasts higher resolution and frame rate of 120fps. It also features the brand’s best image stabilisation yet, providing ultra-smooth footage without the need for a gimbal! These improved features makes the GoPro Hero 10 the perfect option for those looking to produce slow-mo footage without compromising on quality. The latest addition to the GoPro Hero series might not be the most pocket-friendly option, but we’d say the fleet of new improvements definitely warrants the premium, especially for action cam aficionados. 

9. GoPro Hero 9 

gopro hero 9 best action cameras singapore
(Credit: camaccessworld)

If filming in 4K at 120fps isn’t top priority for you, the GoPro Hero 9 (available on camaccessworld) is one of the best GoPro alternatives you can get your hands on. While Hero 9 does lag behind the Hero 10 in terms of usability and variety of shooting modes, it boasts many similar top-tier features. These include the impressive 23-megapixel sensor that allows for crisp image capture even in low-light conditions, and HyperSmooth Boost, the brand’s most advanced image stabilisation. The camera also features nifty functions such as HindSight, allowing you to capture action happening up to 30 seconds before you even hit the shutter! Flagship model or not, the GoPro Hero 9 is definitely up there on the list of best action cameras. 

Pro tip for the best action cameras in Singapore 2022: Opt for the Hero 9 MEGA 1 bundle today to receive useful add-ons such as a 64GB SD card, a three-way monopod, silicone cover, screen protector, chest strap, head strap, GoPro lanyard, and Telesin battery – just to name a few! 

10. GoPro MAX 

gopro max best action cameras singapore
(Credit: Shutterbug)

Looking for a 360-degree action camera? You’ve probably already heard of the GoPro MAX (available on Shutterbug). As one of the best-known action cameras for shooting spherical footage, the GoPro MAX is perfect for vloggers looking to up their game. The 360-degree action camera boasts three cameras in one and is waterproof up to 16 feet. On top of crystal-clear 6K video, the camera is also capable of producing panoramic and time-lapse style footage. The premium 360-degree audio and 1080p live streaming function makes this one of the best action cameras in Singapore for filming truly immersive vlogs. The GoPro MAX also features voice commands so you don’t have to even lift a finger when on the road! 

11. Insta360 One X2 

insta360 one x2 best action cameras singapore


Fancy immersive, 360-degree footage but can’t be bothered with a clunky camera? Consider the Insta360 One XR (available on INSTA360 OFFICIAL STORE). Insta360 is known for producing high-performance action cameras at budget-friendly prices – almost unheard of in 2022! The pocket-sized action camera films up to 5.7K at 30fps, offering both 360-degree and single lens fields of view. The camera is fully waterproof up to a whopping 33 metres – no housing required! The One XR also comes with a nifty 47-inch selfie stick that “disappears” from videos. You can even control the camera via your Apple Watch! Best part? The camera’s in-built AI editing suite makes post-production a total breeze – it’s no wonder the Insta360 One XR is considered one of the best alternatives to the GoPro MAX! 

12. DJI Pocket 2

dji pocket 2 best action cameras singapore

Used to filming with just one hand? The DJI Pocket 2 (available on DJI OFFICIAL STORE) will be right up your alley. Designed for easy, singlehanded filming, the Pocket 2 is one of the best pocket-sized action cameras in the market. Despite its small size, this DJI camera is capable of capturing 4K at 60fps footage and crystal-clear 64-megapixel photos – even at eight times zoom. Save yourself the trouble of audio editing with the inbuilt four-microphone system located on the handle, which automatically turns up the volume when you zoom in on a subject. The Soundtrack feature is even capable of adjusting the direction of audio enhancement to wherever the lens is facing. With the DJI Pocket 2, you can focus on capturing your best memories – all from a device smaller than your palm! 

13. Insta360 One RS Twin Edition

insta360 one rs best action cameras singapore

Want more bang for your buck? Consider the Insta360 One RS Twin Edition (available INSTA360 OFFICIAL STORE), one of the best budget-friendly GoPro alternatives of 2022. The action camera features not one but two lens modules – one a 4K action camera module, the other a 360-degree one. The Insta360 One RS is known for its strong low-light performance, thanks to its one-inch sensor co-engineered with Leica. Its powerful 4K Boost lens is capable of capturing up to 6K widescreen videos with a truly immersive 2:35:1 aspect ratio. Like other Insta360 models, the One RS also comes equipped with nifty AI-powered shooting modes that help you pick out the most compelling moments in your footage. It boasts a whopping 21% higher battery capacity than the Insta360 One R, so you never have to worry about running out of juice while out and about!

14. Insta360 X3 

insta360 x3

Another frontrunner on our list of best action cameras from Insta360 is the Insta360 X3 (available INSTA360 OFFICIAL STORE) that wows with new Single-Lens Mode. This is perfect for immersive first-person 4K resolution views of action, especially chest-mounted shots. There is also a new extremely wide 170° MaxView at 2.7K for even more immersive POVs. What’s more, the Insta360 X3 delivers the most megapixels ever in a 360 action camera with 72MP photos for ultra-detailed stills. It’s also great for capturing 8K 360 timelapses of cityscapes and landscapes during your Krabi trip or Great Ocean Road trip!

15. Insta360 One RS

insta360 one rs

It may come with a hefty price tag but we assure you that the Insta360 One RS (available INSTA360 OFFICIAL STORE) is worth every buck! It comes with an all-new ONE RS core that boasts a new processor with up to 50% faster WiFi transfers, as well as an additional mic for improved audio. As one of the best action cameras in Singapore, you are promised ultra-detailed 6K footage that would look just like a Hollywood movie thanks to its classic 2.35:1 ratio for widescreen viewing. The Insta360 One RS also has a larger battery capacity and new mounting bracket that has been redesigned with a quick release button, a heat dissipating design and a built-in wind cover.

Overview of the best action cameras in Singapore above $500 

Action camera Max video quality Camera field of view Waterproof Price Best for those looking for
GoPro Hero 11 5.3K video resolution at 240fps 360 degrees 10m $740 Top-quality videos for social media
GoPro Hero 10  5.3K video resolution at 60fps 150 degrees 60m $740 High-quality videography
GoPro Hero 9  5K video resolution at 240fps 155 degrees 60m $780 Diving and other underwater filming
GoPro MAX  5.6K video resolution at 30fps 360 degrees 10m $740 Capturing 360-degree action 
DJI Pocket 2 4K video resolution at 30fps 110 degrees 60m $529  Travelling
Insta360 One X2  5.7K video resolution at 30fps 360 degrees 45m $566 Professional videographers
Insta360 One RS Twin Edition 6016×2560 video resolution at 25fps 360 degrees Up to 60m $746 Professional videographers looking for superb video quality
Insta360 X3 5.7K video resolution at 30fps 170 degrees 10m $699 Great for timelapses
Insta360 One RS 5.3K video resolution at 60fps 360 degrees $1,265 Widescreen viewing

Never miss a moment with the best action cameras in Singapore 

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This article was updated on 27 September 2022. Additional research done by Gabriel Choo.