9 Best Action Cameras In Singapore For Your Next Trip

best action camera singapore
(Credit: Gerson Repreza / Unsplash)

Investing in an action camera is a great idea if you travel often or love extreme sports. These devices allow you to capture key moments of your adventures in high definition. The best part is that you can record your wildest precious memories in many ways! Thanks to the small size of action cameras, you can easily mount the device on most surfaces like a bicycle, helmet, selfie stick and more!

Keen on getting an action camera but not sure which is the best for you? No worries! Here’s our list on some of the best action cameras you can find in Singapore!

1. GoPro Hero 7

best action camera gopro hero 7
(Credit: rockmall.sg, bestzoned.sg, 4P Store)

Of course, we had to begin our list of the best actions cameras in Singapore with the brand that has defined the action camera industry — GoPro. The latest GoPro Hero action camera is a gem for folks who love capturing their adventures in clarity.

The GoPro Hero 7 comes in three variants: Hero 7 Black (available on rockmall.sg), Hero 7 Silver (available on bestzoned.sg) and Hero 7 White (available on 4P Store).

The Hero 7 White — the most affordable in the series — provides the most basic features of the Hero 7 series like a 10-megapixel camera with the ability to record videos at 1080p. It’s waterproof to 10-metres and even has voice control which is perfect for when you want to record personal stunts. You can also view your recordings on the spot with its rear touchscreen!

best action camera gopro hero 7 touchscreen
(Credit: rockmall.sg)

But if you’re a professional, then get the Hero 7 Black! It’s the premium option of the three variants. It offers additional features like GPS, HDR recording and even live streaming for the avid vlogger! Another notable upgrade is its 12-megapixel camera that’s capable of recording your footage in 4K along with 1080p!

2. Yi Discovery Action Camera

best action camera yi discovery
(Credit: CameraSG)

Need a budget-friendly option? The Yi Discovery (available on CameraSG) is one of the best value for money action cameras! It’s a lot more affordable compared to the Hero 7 and still packs a punch when it comes to performance. Geared with the Sony IMX179 image sensor, this is an action camera that will deliver some of the clearest footage you’ll find on the market.

best action camera yi discovery rear touchscreen
(Credit: CameraSG)

The Yi Discovery also provides its user with several image capturing functions like Burst Mode, Time Lapse Mode and even Timer Mode for that wefie! For its price, you can also get 4K resolutions of up to 20 frames per second. With all these benefits, what’s more to prove? Get a Yi Discovery if you’re looking to get the best value from your action camera purchase!

3. Sony FDR-X3000R

best action camera sony fdr x3000r
(Credit: ahgogo)

Fan of Sony? You might want to consider one of the best action cameras they have available — the FDR-X3000R (available on ahgogo)! It’s small, light and offers a range of mounts to suit most scenarios. Our favourite is the Finger Grip which allows you to not only mount the action cam on just one finger but also view the real-time footage via the Live-View Remote.

best action camera sony fdr x3000r accessories
(Credit: ahgogo)

The Live-View Remote is a small screen that allows you to check the footage of your action cam on-the-go! If you’re an avid videographer, you’ll also appreciate this action camera’s ZEISS lens that’s responsible for producing the crystal clear images this Sony action camera is known for!

4. MADV Madventure 360 Waterproof Camera

best action camera MADV madventure 360
(Credit: CameraSG)

Now here’s a brand you don’t hear of very often. The Madventure 360 (available on CameraSG) is an action camera that has a 360-degrees recording angle. What’s that? Well, ever tried Google Street View? Something like that! It’s perfect for when you’re travelling to places packed with attractions on every corner.

best action camera MADV madventure 360 selfie stick
(Credit: CameraSG)

The best part is that this action camera greatly reduces the selfie stick mark at the base of its recording — which is the large blurry mark in most 360 camera recordings. The Madventure 360 also boasts an excellent stabilisation feature to prevent shaky recordings that are the bane of older action cameras.

5. GoPro Fusion 360 Camera

best action camera gopro fusion 360
(Credit: reddotphoto)

But hey, don’t let us stop you if you’ve got money to splurge! GoPro’s Fusion 360 (available on reddotphoto) action camera is one of the best when it comes to recording panoramic and 360-degree footage. Not only does this action camera provide a 360-degree camera angle, but it also comes with spherical surround sound — perfect for audiophiles who love to recreate the experience of their trip with accurate sound reproduction.

best action camera gopro fusion 360 accessories
(Credit: reddotphoto)

Do you love virtual reality (VR) experiences? Then you’ll also love the fact that the Fusion 360 offers VR footage recordings at 5.2K video quality. It’s quite a step up on the immersive experience. Aside from the hardware, you can also upload your footage onto the GoPro Fusion Studio that allows you to edit videos like a pro to create your visual masterpiece.

6. Yi 360 VR Camera

best action camera yi 360 VR camera
(Credit: yi_official)

The Yi 360 VR Camera (available on yi_official) is another one of the best value-for-money action cameras — this time with a 360-degree camera angle! Aside from the basic features of most 360 action cameras, the Yi 360 VR Camera also offers multiple ways to view your footage. For example, you can have your recording in a Little Planet view where your recordings resemble the shape of a spherical planet. Or if you’re looking to film something for virtual reality recordings, you can try it’s Dual VR view that lets you enjoy an immersive experience!

best action camera yi 360 VR camera accessories
(Credit: yi_official)

The Yi 360 VR camera also comes with a decent battery life of up to 60 minutes when recording 4K images at 30fps. This is also one of the best action cameras when it comes to video stitching as it has an in-camera stitching application that allows you to produce seamless recordings that can be shared on-the-go!

7. Sony HDR-AS50

best action camera sony hdr as50 accessories
(Credit: M S Color)

Here’s the affordable alternative to the FDR-X3000R. The Sony HDR-AS50 (available on M S Color) Action cam offers just the right balance of features to provide a satisfactory recording experience at a reasonable price! Much like it’s sister product, you can easily mount this action camera on any surface like bicycles, helmets, tripods and more! Its Live-View Remote even has a wristband mount that allows you to monitor your live recordings on your watch!

best action camera sony hdr as50
(Credit: M S Color)

The HDR-AS50’s on-camera screen features a simple user interface that’s easy to operate with a few button presses. You can even control this action camera via the PlayMemories Mobile app that lets you operate the device via your smartphone! For its affordable price, you can also enjoy stunning clarity from its ZEISS Tessar Lens that’s perfect for landscape, aerial and panoramic recordings! We believe that this is probably one of the best entry-level action cameras in the market!

8. Insta360 One X

best action camera insta360 one x
(Credit: Natural Brand Trading)

The Insta360 One X (available on Natural Brand Trading) is quite a contender in the action camera scene. One of its best features includes the Insta360 Drifter that enables the action camera to record a drift shot. Basically, the action camera is affixed to a dart-shaped device that can be thrown by the user. With this unique accessory, you get to record truly dynamic footage as the action camera travels through the air along with the subject of focus — which can range from anything like bicycle stunts or a frisbee throw.

best action camera insta360 one x accessories
(Credit: Natural Brand Trading)

The Insta360 One X also boasts an impressive invisible selfie stick function that removes the unsightly selfie stick that shows up on most recordings of old action cameras. Other features of this amazing action camera include GPS, HDR shooting and FlowState stabilisation which creates the illusion of gliding through the footage eliminating any hint of shakiness. If you’re looking for a unique brand, try the Insta360 One X out! It sure makes for one of the best action cameras available!

9. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

best action camera garmin virb ultra 30
(Credit: pearlblue tech Pte Ltd)

Better known for their GPS devices, Garmin is now a maker of some of the best action cameras too. The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 (available on pearlblue tech Pte Ltd) offers most of what other action cameras offer like water resistance, long battery life, HDR shooting and more. But what stands out for us is the device’s level of compatibility with other Garmin devices.

best action camera garmin virb ultra 30 accessories
(Credit: StarGaze)

You can easily pair the camera with Garmin watches and automotive GPS systems to remotely control them. Being a Garmin product, this action camera expectedly boasts amazing GPS features like sensors to calculate your G-force and altitude at any one point in time. Once you’re done with recordings, simply upload the footage and use the VIRB Editing software to craft some of the most spectacular montages of your trip!

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