7 Best Disposable Film Cameras To Get That Tinge Of Vintage

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It looks like we have come full circle. We are back to where it all began — film photography. The beauty of film photography lies in capturing moments as you see it and the element of surprise when developing your films. You’ll never know how the photos turn out until they’re printed! Interested in experiencing the beauty of film photography but not ready for the long-term commitment to a film camera? Why not get the best disposable film cameras for an affordable yet true film photography experience? 

What are disposable film cameras?

Point, shoot, throw — disposable film cameras are meant for single-use. Once the roll of film has been processed, the disposable camera case is often discarded. Disposable film cameras offer two film options: black & white and colour. They are also much simpler to operate compared to modern digital cameras

Before taking a picture, all you have to do is simply wind the gear to advance the film. Then look through a viewfinder and press the shutter and voila! Repeat the steps until you have used up the roll of film in the camera before developing your film.

Want to get a disposable film camera but unsure which to buy? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with a list of some of the best disposable film cameras to get.

Best disposable film camera for black & white film

1. Ilford XP2 Super Single-Use Film Camera

ilford xp2 super best disposable camera
(Credit: Film.Instax [Cropped])

The Ilford XP2 Super single use camera (available on iCm Photography) kickstarts our list of best disposable film cameras! The Ilford XP2 Super is pre-loaded with the ISO 400 XP2 film and promises sharp photo quality with great contrast and fine grains. If you are planning to shoot natural light portraits or cityscapes in daylight, this is the camera for you! The Ilford XP2 Super works best in daylight. However, if you’d like to shoot at night, the camera has a built-in flash as well!

ig photo ilford xp2 super best disposable camera
(Credit: wishbone.wolf [Cropped]/ Instagram)
Want to adjust your ISO? The XP2 Super can shoot from ISO 50 – 800 so you can adjust the speed rating as you please! Additionally, the XP2 film can be developed at most photo labs as it’s a C-41 film. C-41 processing is widely available, making it easier to develop your lovely films!

Aperture: f/9.5
Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 50 – 800, rated at 400
Lens: 30mm
No. Of Exposures: 27
Shutter Speed: approximately 1/100

2. Lomography Simple Use Film Camera

lomography simple use best disposable film camera
(Credit: iCm Photography [Cropped])

Another black and white film camera worth a shot is the Lomography simple use film camera (available on iCm Photography). This is the only black and white film camera in the Lomo Simple Use camera series. It’s loaded with ISO 400 Lady Grey black and white film and provides fine grains and rich monochrome tones to your shots. With flash, you can create your moody shots anywhere!

ig lomography simple use best disposable film camera
(Credit: tommylkj / Instagram)

You’ll be glad to know that the Lomography Simple Use camera is filled with 36 exposure, allowing you to take even more photos! Unlike the usual disposable cameras, this camera can be reloaded with a new film. If you are feeling brave, you can even try reloading by yourself! Or get your parents to help — they would have definitely used one back in the day.

Aperture: f/9
Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 400
Lens: 31mm
No. Of Exposures: 36
Shutter Speed: approximately 1/120

Best disposable film camera for colour film

3. Fujifilm QuickSnap Single-Use Film Camera

fujifilm quicksnap best disposable film camera
(Credit: iCm Photography)

Going on a road trip? Grab this little camera for the ride! The Fujifilm QuickSnap (available on Cameraphotofilm) is suited for taking landscape pictures. This camera is one of the easiest to disposable film cameras to use simply because it has a flash switch. Unlike other disposable film cameras where you have to charge the flash before each use, the QuickSnap’s flash can be kept on continuously! 

ig fujifilm quicksnap best disposable film camera
(Credit: mansfoto4741 / Instagram)

This camera produces finer grains on the film. It can be used in daylight without the flash or in low light conditions with flash! The QuickSnap camera also gives a slight hue of magenta to your images, adding a nostalgic twist to your shots.

Aperture: f/10
Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 400
Lens: 32mm
No. Of Exposures: 27
Shutter Speed: approximately 1/140

4. Kodak FunSaver Single-Use Film Camera

kodak funsaver best disposable film camera
(Credit: iCm Photography)

The Kodak FunSaver (available on iCm Photography) is one of the best disposable film cameras, having been around since the 1990s. The camera boasts a high ISO of 800 meaning it can capture more light in low-light conditions in comparison to other disposable cameras.

ig photo kodak funsaver best disposable film
(Credit: filmbyjieun / Instagram)

But that doesn’t mean it pales in increased light situations. It’s a very versatile camera and can shoot well under direct sunlight too. Going for fun outdoor activities with your kids? Bring the handy Kodak FunSaver along to capture vintage-hued memories with your family! 

Aperture: f/10
Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 800
Lens: 30mm
No. Of Exposures: 39
Shutter Speed: approximately 1/100

5. Agfa LeBox Disposable Film Camera

agfa lebox best disposable film camera
(Credit: silverphotosupplies)

Tired of waiting for your flash to charge on your disposable film camera? Worry no more with the Agfa LeBox disposable film camera (available on silverphotosupplies)! It has a flash switch with an auto-recharging function so you won’t ever have to worry about charging it! This disposable film camera is better for outdoor scenes. Just remember to turn on the flash for indoor scenes.

ig agfa lebox best disposable film camera
(Credit: legen_dani)

The Agfa LeBox film camera is lightweight and a must-have hand-carry essential for your travel adventures! 

Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 400
No. Of Exposures: 27

6. Holga Single-Use Disposable Film Camera

holga best disposable film camera
(Credit: iCm Photography)

Holga cameras are known for producing imperfect photos with its distortions, lens flare and vignettes. If you enjoy embracing and appreciating imperfections, consider Holga’s new range of Holga single-use film camera (available on iCm Photography)! This film camera revolutionises the disposable film camera market with its purple and yellow film filters. 

photo for holga disposable film camera
(Credit: iCm Photography [Cropped])

If you are looking to inject some fun or add a purplish or yellowish touch to your photos, try Holga’s single-use film camera!

Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 200 – 400
No. Of Exposures: 36

Best disposable film camera for underwater adventures

7. Kodak Sport Underwater Single-Use Camera 

kodak sport underwater best disposable film camera
(Credit: silverphotosupplies [Cropped])

This one is for all the adventurers! Want to capture your underwater moments with a film camera? Now you can! The Kodak Sport Underwater single-use camera (available on iCm Photography) is pre-loaded with the Kodak Ultra Max 800 film with 27 exposures. It’s waterproof down to approximately 15m and is fitted with a scratch-resistant lens! Combined with a shock-proof frame, it’s one of the best disposable film cameras to use for your snorkelling or even diving trips. 

ig photo kodak sport underwater
(Credit: robynposey / Instagram)

However, the Kodak Sport Underwater camera does not come with a flash, so expect it to produce better results for outdoor shoots, under daylight.

Film Format: 35mm
Flash: No flash
ISO: 800
No. Of Exposures: 27
Waterproof: down to approximately 15m (50 ft.)

Capture the moments you love and keep them forever

This list of the best disposable film cameras shows that #filmneverdies! Can’t wait to develop your films? Use instant cameras to shoot and print your photos immediately! Or print your photos from your phone using one of the best portable photo printers! If you are going on a trip, arm yourselves with one of these best action cameras to capture memorable moments! 

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