Deep Clean Your Home With The 9 Best Steam Mops

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When you start having a crib of your own, optimising housework becomes one of your life missions. Brooms and dustpans are upgraded to cordless vacuum cleaners, and bamboo poles are upgraded to automated laundry racks. The next thing you need to boost cleaning efficiency and keep your home bacteria-free is a steam mop. This nifty appliance uses piping hot steam to eliminate germs and viruses from surfaces, and all it needs is tap water! Read on for our rundown of the best steam mops in Singapore. 

What is a steam mop?

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Unlike regular mops that require detergent, steam mops harness the power of heat to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. All you need to do is to fill the water tank with water (not exceeding the indicated limit) and start boiling it. Once done, the steam mop will produce steam from a steam jet to deep clean surfaces. Some of the best steam mops in Singapore can clean carpets, upholstery, and shower screens too. Apart from using heat to get rid of germs, steam mops also come with microfibre pads that help to trap dust.

Steam mops vs traditional mops: which is better?

steam mop vs regular mop with bucket
(Credit: Ohere! Official Store, JML Singapore Official Store)

Pros Cons
Steam mop
  • Effectiveness: with the use of heat, steam mops can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses
  • Efficiency: floor dries right after cleaning with no wait time
  • Effort: only requires one hand to manoeuvre
  • Eco-friendly: reduces water wastage
  • Cost: more expensive than regular mops
  • Safety: steam mops may not be suitable for some types of flooring such as laminate or vinyl
Traditional mop
  • Cost: regular mops typically cost about ⅕ the price of a steam mop
  • Safety: suitable for most floorings
  • Health: requires use of detergents which often contain harmful chemicals. 
  • Effectiveness: does not eliminate germs as well, while requiring more effort. Also reuses dirty water.

How to use a steam mop? 

person pouring water into water tank of a steam mop
(Credit: MegaHealthMart)

  • Step 1: Fill the water tank with water
  • Step 2: Attach a mop pad to the machine head, start boiling water
  • Step 3: After boiling is complete, unplug the steam mop and start steam-cleaning by moving the mop back and forth. It is recommended to do this in swift motions to avoid overheating a spot.

Best steam mops to buy in Singapore: Below $100

1. Bobbot Steam Mop

person cleaning floor with bobbot steam mop best steam mop singapore
(Credit: BOBBOT Official Store)

The Bobbot Steam Mop (available on BOBBOT Official Store) is one of the frontrunners for the best steam cleaners in Singapore. Priced below $100, it is one of the most affordable options in the market that has received glowing reviews. Despite its bargain price point, the Bobbot Steam Mop comes packed with impressive specifications such as its heating capabilities of up to 140°C within 15 seconds and its large water tank of 500ml which allows you to cover more area at one go. It also comes equipped with a digital real-time temperature display which takes away the guesswork. 

The Bobbot steam mop also boasts an ergonomic grip, which your arm will be thankful for in the long run. Whether your abode has hardwood floors, vinyl, tiles, or carpets, this mop is suitable for all of them and won’t cause heat damage.

2. Cornell Nano Steam Mop

cornell nano steam mop best steam mop singapore
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store)

The Cornell Nano Steam Mop (available on Cornell Singapore Official Store) is another wallet-friendly option that those on a budget can consider. Within 25 seconds, the steam mop will be all powered up and ready to clean. The Cornell steam mop also sets itself apart from other steam mops with its nano steam technology, which enables for optimal deep cleaning. You can toggle between nano steam and general steam, as well as attach a universal joint to help reach tighter areas easily. Coming in at 2.3kg, this best steam mop in Singapore is highly-reviewed as it is lighter than an average carry-on luggage and won’t make cleaning feel like a workout. 

3. Xiaomi Deerma Multi-Function Steam Cleaner

Xiaomi Deerma Multi-Function Steam Cleaner
(Credit: Deerma Singapore Official Store)

From the best robot vacuum cleaners to the best power banks, Xiaomi is known for its quality home appliances and gadgets that won’t break the bank. The Xiaomi Deerma Multi-Function Steam Cleaner (available on Deerma Singapore Official Store) certainly lives up to this. If you cook often with a stove, you’d most likely face issues of grease in the kitchen. That’s when the Xiaomi steam cleaner comes in handy with high-temperature steam that gently dissolves grease, leaving you with a clean and fresh kitchen to use. What’s more, the Xiaomi Deerma steam cleaner is capable of sanitising clothes and furniture as well using a detachable brush that sprays steam. That’s why it is one of the best multi-functional steam mops in Singapore with great reviews!

In terms of maintenance, the microfibre cloth is easy to clean due to its fine surface fibres. Simply soak it for 20 to 30 minutes for the dirt to come off. You can also purchase Xiaomi  Deerma Replacement Mop Cloths (available on Deerma Singapore Official Store) after they are worn out.

4. Shark Steam Mop

shark steam mop with white and blue body

Boasting a quick heating time of 15 seconds and high output power, the Shark Steam Mop (available on Ninja Kitchen Shark Clean Official) checks the boxes that we look for in a steam cleaner. What sealed the deal though, was that it’s lightweight at only 1.5kg – a featherweight relative to the other best steam mops in Singapore. We also love the clean, elegant aesthetics of this Shark Steam Mop, which features a white and sky blue body. You can easily detach the microfibre pad from the machine by stepping on it. However, do note to remove it with caution and ensure that it is no longer hot. We recommend wearing bedroom slippers when doing so! The microfibre pads are washable, but you can also replace them by purchasing Shark Steam Mop Cloths (available on when they are no longer suitable for use.

5. Winningway Steam Cleaner

winningway steam cleaner best steam mop singapore
(Credit: Winningway Official Store)

The Winningway Multi-purpose Pressurized Handheld Steam Cleaner (available on Winningway Official Store) is a sure standout amongst other best steam mops in Singapore with its unique nozzle spray design. That’s because it doesn’t just clean floors and surfaces, but also purifies the air and doubles as a humidifier too. The nozzle spray also makes it easy for cleaning home appliances such as air-conditioners, so you won’t have to call for maintenance too often. The Winningway steam cleaner is also extremely compact, and can be neatly tucked away in a cupboard. Those on a budget will also be glad to know that you only have to fork out a mere $40 for this nifty appliance!

Pro Tip: Do not tilt the steam cleaner too much to avoid water from spilling out.

Best steam mops to buy in Singapore: Below $200

6. Grunn Steam Cleaning Mop

grunn black steam mop with silver handle
(Credit: Metro Official Store)

The Grunn Steam Cleaning Mop (available on Metro Official Store) is a well-reviewed steam mop in Singapore which features a sleek, minimalist appearance. Matching its form is an impressive list of features that will make cleaning your abode less of a chore. This includes 12 minutes of continuous steam output that effectively santises floors and a quick 45 seconds heat-up time. The Grunn steam cleaning mop also makes reaching taller areas easy with an extendable pole that adjusts up to 30 inches. Apart from flooring, this steam mop can also be used for deep-cleaning sofas and bedding!

7. Karcher Steam Cleaner

person using karcher steam cleaner on tiled flooring
(Credit: Karcher Singapore Official Store)

Sporting a bright yellow exterior, the Karcher Steam Cleaner SC-1 Easy Fix (available on Karcher Singapore Official Store) instantly caught our attention. Upon scrutiny, it certainly made the mark for one of the best steam cleaners in Singapore. One of its greatest advantages is its compact size, which is great for those looking to save space in their household. Despite its size, the Karcher steam cleaner is a powerhouse that can get rid of grease, dirt, lime residue, and other nasties. Apart from flooring, the Karcher steam cleaner can also clean exhaust hoods, hobs, windows, mirrors, and sinks. To make cleaning hard-to-reach areas even easier, you can purchase the Karcher Extension Hose (available on Karcher Singapore Official Store) which helps you tackle corners and crevices.

Best steam mops to buy in Singapore: Above $200

8. Black & Decker 6-in-1 Floor Extension Steam Mop

black & decker best steam mop singapore in white and blue
(Credit: Black and Decker Official Store)

Versatility and efficiency are the two things we love about the Black & Decker 6-in-1 Floor Extension Steam Mop (available on Ohere! Official Store). From tackling stubborn grout in between floor tiles to cleaning mirrors, shower screens and upholstery, this best steam mop in Singapore can do it all. It comes with six different attachments that help you deal with different surfaces and grime, so you won’t have to buy additional home appliances for them. The Black & Decker steam mop also impressed us with its speedy heat-up time of only 15 seconds! The two microfibre pads that come with it also offer great pick-up performance, and can last over a hundred wash cycles. Another aspect we love about steam mops is that these microfibre pads are detachable, and can be replaced with compatible ones like the Black & Decker steam mop cloths when worn out. 

9. Leifheit CleanTenso Handheld Steam Mop

leifheit handheld steam mop in white
(Credit: Leifheit Official Store)

The Leifheit Handheld Portable Steam Mop Cleaner (available Leifheit Official Store) sports a humble appearance, but it’ll impress you with its stamina. Equipped with a large water tank, this steam mop can run non-stop for 40 minutes – you’ll probably not spend that much time cleaning your house, so you can be assured that it won’t die on you in the midst of cleaning. This best steam mop in Singapore is also well-reviewed for its adjustable temperature settings which make it suitable for a wide variety of flooring such as vinyl and tiled kitchen floors. In addition, the Leifheit steam mop is foldable, which allows you to put it away easily. 

Overview of the best steam mops in Singapore

Steam mop Weight (kg) Water tank volume (ml) Temperature (°C) Heating time (s) Suitable for Price
Bobbot Steam Mop 2.9 500 140 15 Hardwood, laminate, stone, tiles, carpet $98
Cornell Nano Steam Mop 2.3 600 120 25 Hardwood, laminate, vinyl, stone, carpet $89.90
Xiaomi Deerma 2.3 230 105 20 Wood, marble, ceramic tiles, basins, clothes, furniture $92.90
Shark Steam Mop 1.5 375 110 15 Wood, marble, ceramic flooring $89.90
Winningway Steam Cleaner 1.9 300 90 120 All surfaces, fabrics, and bedding $40.41
Grunn Steam Mop 1.9 320 98 45 Hard floors, carpets, sofa, bedding $169
Karcher Steam Cleaner 1.6 200 100 180 Hard flooring, exhaust hoods, hobs, windows, sinks, wall tiles, mirrors $158
Black & Decker Gen3 6-in-1 Steam Mop 2.4 500 120 15 Hard floors, tiles, shower screens, upholstery, stainless steel, mirrors $269.80
Leifheit Steam Mop 2.8 550 121 30 Wooden floors, laminate, vinyl, tiles, parquet, carpets $239.00

Keep your home clean with the best steam mops in Singapore

From the Xiaomi to Leifheit, the best steam mops in Singapore will ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is deep-cleaned. Before mopping your floors, we recommend ensuring that they are free of dust for optimal results. Lend some help from the best cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore or the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners in Singapore to make the chore a breeze! Snag them during our Shopee Home Appliance Sale to enjoy one-year warranty and 0% interest on instalment plans!