15 Best Blankets That Works In Our Singapore Weather

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The comforting feeling of being tucked under a blanket is truly second to none, even in Singapore’s perpetual summer climate. Pillows, bolsters and bedsheets are often the top-of-mind products when it comes to bedding but blankets play an insurmountable role in one’s sleep quality. While it might seem pretty straightforward, having the right type of blanket that is catered to your personal needs is pivotal in having a restful sleep. From the best kind of weighted blankets to combat anxiety to summer blankets apt for Singapore’s weather, here is a comprehensive guide to buying the best blankets in Singapore!

How do I choose a blanket?

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There are several things to take note of before making your blanket purchase for those looking to invest in a long-lasting one that’s catered to your needs. Consider the following factors when finding the best blanket for you in Singapore’s weather! 

  • Blanket size

For practical reasons, you would want to have an appropriately-sized blanket that suits your bed. Unlike pillows and bolsters, blankets come in different sizes to suit the various bed sizes that one can own at home. In general, you should be purchasing a blanket that is a couple of inches larger than your mattress. Although the sizes definitely differ slightly depending on manufacturers, the general mattresses sizes are as follow:

Single bed: 91 x 190cm
Super single bed: 107cm x 190cm
Queen bed: 152cm x 190cm
King bed: 183cm x 190cm

  • Blanket material

There are all sorts of fabrics to choose from when shopping for the best blanket in Singapore. This factor is also important to consider as it directly affects the way the blankets will feel on your skin. Here are some of the most common types of fabrics used for blankets in Singapore.

Cotton: Good breathability and especially suitable for Singapore’s climate as it does not trap much heat. Hypoallergenic quality makes it one of the best blanket options for children or people with sensitive skin.

Wool: Soft fabric with small pockets of air within the fibre itself to maintain warmth. Naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking, but it may be slightly rough and itchy against the skin for some people.

Microfiber: Affordable yet very durable as they are made up of synthetic fibre blends such as polyester or nylon. Tightly woven and not prone to trapping dirt, hence good for sensitive skin. 

Fleece: Knitted fabric with a ‘fuzzy’, brushed side. Made of insulating polyester fabric or cotton fabric, and is one of the best blankets for summer as they are thinner, breathable, lightweight and easy to maintain.

  • Weighted vs non-weighted blanket

Weighted blankets have been gaining popularity in Singapore and are quickly becoming a good alternative to regular summer blankets. As its name suggests, a weighted blanket is filled with glass beads or plastic pallets to make it heavy. This puts pressure on the user and provides deep pressure stimulation – almost like a warm hug! As a result, weighted blankets are highly recommended to insomniacs or people who have issues with falling into deep sleep. When choosing a weighted blanket, pick one that ranges between 5% to 12% of your body weight. 

While weighted blankets can provide several benefits to improve your sleep quality, they may not be suitable for everyone. This is especially true for those who sleep without aircon because weighted blankets tend to provide more warmth than regular summer blankets.

Which type of blanket is the best? 

Choosing type of blanket bedroom interior singapore
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One of the most important considerations when it comes to purchasing the most apt blanket would be the type of blanket. There are multiple types of blankets available that differ greatly on thickness and style, and depending on personal preference, some may find a particular type of blanket unsuitable for them. Understanding the distinction between the kinds of blankets is essential for you in choosing the best blanket for your home in Singapore!

Types of blankets What is it Pros Cons
Comforters Made from two large pieces of fabrics filled with various kinds of warm materials such as cotton or polyfill
  • Light and soft
  • Warm protection due to its thickness
  • May be too warm for Singapore’s weather
  • Some comforters require dry washing and cannot be machine-washed
Duvets A type of comforter, but with an extra duvet sheet
  • Thick and very insulated
  • Duvet covers are changeable and can be washed regularly without washing the entire comforter inside
  • As the thickest of all blankets, these may be too warm for Singapore’s weather
Quilts Three-layer blanket with a thin filling usually made from wool or cotton
  • Thinner and cooler than comforters
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Need to be dry-cleaned due to the heavy stitch works
Throw blankets A single, thin layer of fabric typically made of cotton, polyester, wool, or a blend of such
  • Very cooling
  • Thin and can be folded to a very compact size
  • Can be used as decorative fabric
  • Typical throw blankets may be too small for adults
Weighted blankets Heavy blankets that are stuffed with either glass beads or plastic pallets to provide pressure
  • educe stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality
  • Warm 
  • Not easy to carry around
  • Washing can be challenging

Best summer blankets in Singapore for aircon rooms

1. Epitex Basic Living Quilt

Epitex summer quilt shopee singapore
(Credit: Epitex Official Store)

If you are looking for one of the best quilts in Singapore that can keep you warm at night, the Epitex Basic Living Quilt (available on Epitex Official Store) might just be your best bet. This quilt is made fully with microfibre, thus making this the best blanket in Singapore that’s super fluffy and soft, while keeping you cosy warm. Moreover, this Epitex blanket is anti-dustmite and anti-bacterial, so it’s a great choice for anyone with allergies, asthma or simply particular about hygiene!

2. Cooling Ice Silk Summer Blanket

Cooling Ice Silk Summer Blanket
(Credit: CUDDLE Beddings)

The Cooling Ice Silk Summer Blanket (available on CUDDLE Beddings) is the best at helping us fall asleep during those warm, humid nights. Although this best cooling blanket is made with silk, the mint fibre ensures that it’s cold to the touch. Moreover, the blanket is filled with cotton, thus ensuring maximum breathability so you won’t start to sweat in the middle of the night! Even if you do, the silk material easily absorbs moisture and the mint fibres will come into action to cool you back down. Unlike other silk blankets that require washing by hand, this blanket is machine-washable, thus making it one of the best in Singapore!

3. Novelle Home Comfort Hotel Collection Anti Dust Mite Quilt

novelle summer quilt hotel collection
(Credit: Jean Perry Official Store)

Nothing beats getting cosied up under a thick comforter in an air-conditioned room. The Novelle Home Comfort Hotel Collection Quilt (available on Jean Perry Official Store) is the best blanket in Singapore that doubles up as a duvet insert. With a good thickness that’ll give you an ultra-comfortable night’s sleep, this is definitely one of the best quilts in Singapore. In addition, the Novelle bedding is available in various sizes, so fret not if you’re worried about having an overly-large comforter for a single bed!

4. Beancurd Summer Blanket

Beancurd Summer Blanket
(Credit: CUDDLE Beddings)

The best summer blanket in Singapore has got to be this Beancurd Summer Blanket (available on CUDDLE Beddings)! Incorporating soy protein fibres, the Beancurd Summer Blanket is the epitome of au naturale. The soy protein fibres are sandwiched between two layers of anti-bacterial fabric that keeps your blanket clean. Even though the blanket is made up of three layers, overall it still maintains a good thickness for warm summer nights. This blanket is soft and gentle on your skin, and it’s extremely absorbent. Any little amount of sweat will be absorbed by the Beancurd Summer Blanket, and you won’t feel clammy at all thanks to how breathable this blanket is! 

5. Alshone Home Ultra Soft Down Quilt Lightweight Comforter

alshone home down summer blanket comforter singapore
(Credit: Alshone Home Official Store)

This comforter-quilt by Alshone Home is one of the most affordable and comfortable blankets that you can find. In particular, the Ultra Soft Down Quilt Lightweight Comforter (available on Alshone Home Official Store) is one of the best blankets in Singapore if you’re constantly sleeping in an air-conditioned room. The velvet filling is layered with 100% polyester fabric, making this Alshone blanket very soft and fluffy! Moreover, this is the best comforter in Singapore since it’s extremely breathable. You won’t feel too overwhelmed despite how thick this comforter is!

Best summer blankets in Singapore for non-aircon environments

6. Komano Premium Fleece Blanket

Komano Premium Fleece Blanket Singapore Summer Bedding
(Credit: Komano / Cropped)

It can get quite chilly at night even if there isn’t an aircon. Your sleep quality may be affected if it gets too cold as you’ll be tossing around to find an optimal position to feel warm. For those sleeping with a fan or window open, the Komano Premium Fleece Blanket (available on Komano) might just do the trick! This silky fleece blanket is one of the best of its kind to give just enough insulation without causing you to feel overly warm as it’s not too thick. With sporadic changes in temperature, this Komano blanket is therefore the best in Singapore! The fleece material also means this is a very soft blanket that will be gentle on your skin.

7. Alshone Soft Cotton Summer Duvet

Alshone Soft Cotton Summer Duvet down blanket best singapore
(Credit: Alshone Home Official Store)

For warm nights in humid Singapore, having a summer blanket that is aptly thick yet does not compromise on breathability is crucial for a good sleep. We highly recommend the Alshone Soft Cotton Summer Duvet (available on Alshone Home Official Store) which is made of ultra soft washed cotton. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and is one of the most breathable materials, so this is the best blanket that will give you a perfect balance between warmth and coolness in Singapore’s heat. Furthermore, this cotton blanket comes in a variety of colours and designs so you can take your pick to see which suits your preference!

8. Japanese-Style Three-Layer Thin Summer Blanket

Japanese-Style Three-Layer Thin Summer Blanket minimalist zen bedroom
(Credit: Comfy Beddings)

All about the minimalist, zen aesthetics? This Japanese-Style Three-Layer Thin Summer Blanket (available on Comfy Beddings) is equally pleasing to the eye as it is to the skin. This beautiful blanket is made with 100% cotton and comes with intricate light grey stripes. Not only is it perfect for both warm and cold nights, it’s also one of the best summer blanket choices for households in Singapore who are going for a simple look! To perfect your setup for optimal sleep quality, go for a Bamboo Charcoal Cooling Ergonomic Contour Pillow (available on CUDDLE Beddings). This ergonomic pillow is designed to follow your natural body contours to perfectly cradle and support the head, neck and shoulders. We especially love the inner cooling gel layer that quickly brings the temperature down to help you fall asleep quicker!

9. Blaki Microfibre Summer Blanket

Blaki Microfibre Summer Blanket
(Credit: mooZzz Official Store)

Microfibre is one of the best materials for blankets in this humid, Singapore weather. The Blaki Microfibre Summer Blanket (available on mooZzz Official Store) is where you’ll not only be able to get the best sleep, but also the best bang for your buck! This mooZzz summer blanket is the best in Singapore thanks to its thickness that’s just right. It makes sure that you’ll be kept warm during those random chilly nights and it isn’t too thick that you’ll feel warm and stuffy. The Blaki Microfibre Summer Blanket will help regular body temperature by removing any heat and sweat, so you’ll always get a good night’s sleep with this best summer blanket in Singapore! 

Best weighted blankets in Singapore for deep sleep

10. CUDDLE Cool 2.0 Weighted Blanket

CUDDLE™ Cool 2.0 Weighted Blanket
(Credit: CUDDLE Beddings)

Need a good night’s sleep? The CUDDLE Cool 2.0 Weighted Blanket (available on CUDDLE Beddings) is the best quilt in Singapore that’ll finally remove those sleepless nights! Most weighted blankets are only suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms as they’re rather thick and not very breathable. But this CUDDLE weighted blanket is made with bamboo fibre that’s cooling and silky to touch! The bamboo fibre will cool down your body faster, thus helping you fall asleep quicker. This bamboo fibre material is naturally breathable, so you won’t have to worry about the rising temperature when tucked into this weighted blanket.

11. Komano Premium Weighted Blanket

Komano Premium Weighted Blanket japanese best blanket singapore
(Credit: Komano)

When it comes to the best weighted blankets in Singapore, you cannot go wrong with the Komano Premium Weighted Blanket (available on Komano). This five-layered weighted blanket is one of the best-selling blankets in Singapore and it is not difficult to understand why. The blanket is designed with smaller compartments to ensure that weight is distributed evenly across your entire body. It’s made to feel as if you are being hugged to sleep, so that’ll definitely up the cosiness level! This Komano weighted blanket also has options that cater to single-person usage as well as for sharing, where the weight within the blanket will be adjusted accordingly. 

12. Cuddle Beddings Premium Weighted Blanket

Cuddle Beddings Premium Weighted Blanket for insomnia deep therapy
(Credit: CUDDLE Beddings)

You can bet that you are in for the real deal when the blanket is specifically engineered to combat insomnia and restless nights. The Cuddle Beddings Premium Weighted Blanket (available on CUDDLE Beddings) comes with seven different layers. This includes repeated layers of spray bonded cotton, polyester as well as one layer dedicated to free glass microbeads. Each layer serves its own purpose such as adding weight, maintaining warmth and ensuring that the blanket is soft to the touch. This is truly one of the best weighted blankets that you can lay your hands on in Singapore to fight poor sleep quality!

13. Weavve Weighted Blanket

Weavve Weighted Blanket black thick comforter singapore
(Credit: Weavve Home Official Store)

Another option that’s worth considering would be the Weavve Weighted Blanket (available on Weavve Home Official Store). This is quite possibly one of the best choices for weighted blankets in Singapore as it is made of excellent quality cotton fibre for the outer layers and 100% polyester and glass bead filling. Moreover, this weighted blanket has carved out individual compartments to evenly distribute the glass bead filling. You won’t experience any unevenness with this best weighted blanket in Singapore! Also, Weavve Home offers two different weight options with a difference of 2kg for each sizing option, so you may decide based on your personal preference.

14. Hugzz Adult Weighted Blanket

Hugzz Adult Weighted Blanket super single queen king size comforter online
(Credit: Bumwear Official Store)

While there are recommended weights for weighted blankets to use based on individuals’ weights, finding one that suits your personal preferences can be quite difficult. You’d be glad to know that the Hugzz Adult Weighted Blanket (available on Bumwear Official Store) has three different weight options! Choose between the lightest 6.8kg, the medium-weight 9kg or the heaviest one at 11.4kg. The best weighted blanket in Singapore is one that should be at least 10% of your body weight. Do note that these weighted blankets are specifically made for adults so if you’d like to get one for your kids, we recommend going for the Hugzz Kids Weighted Blanket (available on Bumwear Official Store).

15. Sonno Weighted Blanket

Sonno Weighted Blanket Singapore Deep Therapy types of blanket
(Credit: Sonno Official Store)

Clock in a restful night’s sleep by tucking yourself under a Sonno Weighted Blanket (available on Sonno Official Store). This 9kg blanket is designed to cater to adults above 45kg and has been formulated to replicate the feeling of being hugged. Layered with polyester wadding and glass beads within 100% cotton covers, you can count on this best weighted blanket in Singapore to aid you in falling into deep sleep! Besides, purchasing this huggy blanket by Sonno comes with additional perks like free delivery and a 90-day warranty! Not sure if this is the right weighted blanket for you? Sonno provides a free 30-day trial so you can experience a good night’s sleep yourself!

Have a good night’s sleep with the best blankets in Singapore

From weighted quilts to summer comforters, we hope that our guide to buying the best blankets in Singapore has helped you in understanding what bed toppers you should be getting! On top of getting the right kind of blankets, having the best bedsheets and the right kind of pillows to combat neck pain is also of paramount importance to having a restful sleep. If you need to sleep with cooler temperatures, check out these best ceiling fans and best air coolers in Singapore! Constantly feeling groggy after waking up? This guide on how to improve sleep quality should help you raise concentration and productivity levels in the day. Check out other high quality furniture that you can snag at great discounts from our Shopee Home furniture sale!

This article was updated on 5 July 2022. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.

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