These Soft Bedsheets Are What Dreams Are Made Of

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Hustling in the day is no easy feat. We get it. That’s why there’s no better feeling than sinking into slumber with silky, soft bedsheets after a long day’s work. The question is — how do you pick the best bedsheet in Singapore given our humid weather? Toss out those thick bedsheets that wrinkle easily and trap heat. Here’s our roundup of the best bedsheets in Singapore that will have you drifting off to dreamland in no time!

What to consider when choosing the best bedsheet in Singapore

  • Thread count

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When shopping for bedsheets, you’ll often find a thread count number stated on the packaging. But what does thread count mean? This refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. In general, the higher the thread count of your sheets, the softer it’ll feel on your skin. Many 5 star hotels use bedsheets with 600 to 1000 thread count — which is probably why we never want to get out of bed during our stay! However, for regular sleeping, a common option that many Singaporeans go for would be sheets around 300 to 400 thread count. These are decently soft and easy on the wallet. 

  • Bedsheet size

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If you don’t already know, bedsheets come in various sizes to cater to different mattress dimensions. A queen bed will need a queen size bedsheet while a king bed will need a king-size one. So next time you go shopping for the best bedsheet in Singapore, be sure to check your mattress dimensions first!

  • Colour of your sheets

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Picking your favourite colour for your bedsheet is often not the best decision, and here’s why. Your bedsheet colours can not affect your sleep quality, but also how you feel when you wake up and can affect your emotions when you spend time in the bedroom. Loud and bright colours (think neon pink and yellow) are not the best colours for your sheets as they can be overstimulating and can tire your eyes. This can make it hard for you to fall asleep. In addition, bedsheets with too many colours or patterns can make your space appear cluttered — quite the opposite of what you want your bed to look like. Instead, go for neutral tones like beige or dusty blue sheets. You can also opt for darker hues like navy blue to enhance the relaxing vibe in your room. 

  • The best material for bedsheet

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Last but not least, the material of your bedsheet is also crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. But with so many different types of fabric to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice. Fret not, refer to our table below to figure out the best material for your bedsheet!

Material Pros Cons
Egyptian cotton Luxurious, breathable, pill-free, super soft, and smooth Can be expensive, wrinkle-prone
Supima cotton Luxurious, breathable, durable, soft, and smooth Can be expensive, wrinkle-prone
Upland cotton Most common bedsheet material, breathable, affordable Not as soft as Egyptian cotton
Tencel Made of eucalyptus wood pulp, soft, breathable, durable, and antimicrobial Can be expensive
Silk Luxurious, soft, cooling, and hypoallergenic Expensive, slippery, and tricky to care for
Polyester Dries quickly after wash, durable, wrinkle-resistant, and affordable Scratchy, stiff, and stains easily
Bamboo Breathable, soft, durable, and eco-friendly Can be expensive, wrinkle-prone
Blend Durable, wrinkle-resistant, affordable Scratchy


Best bedsheet in Singapore for our tropical climate

1. Balmain Essentiel 980TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Bedset

balmain bedsheet egyptian cotton metro dark navy blue
(Credit: Metro Official Store)

Not going to lie, a $200 bedsheet isn’t for everyone. But one touch of the Balmain Essentiel 980TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Bedset (available on Metro Official Store) and you’d be sold. Designed by the famous French luxury fashion brand, this Balmain bedsheet fulfils everything we look for in good bedding. It’s made from 100% Egyptian cotton which feels incredibly soft and silky smooth on the skin. With ultra-breathable fibres, these bedsheets make for the perfect choice in hot and humid Singapore. When your bedsheet feels this good, there’s honestly no need to go for a staycation at a five-star hotel.

2. MUJI Triple Gauze Fitted Sheet

best bedsheet singapore material cooling muji triple gauze fitted sheet
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Sink your body into the plush MUJI Triple Gauze Fitted Sheet (available on MUJI Official Store) to experience unparalleled softness! This revolutionary bedsheet is made of 100% cotton woven into three gauze layers. Its unique design allows the bedding to hold air between its layers to boost the sheet’s overall fluffiness. Despite being three layers thick, you need not worry about heat retention. That’s because the cotton fabric is highly breathable and moisture-absorbent, making it one of the best cooling bed sheets in Singapore for warmer nights. 

3. Epitex 1200TC Premium Supima Cotton Bedsheet 

best bedsheet singapore material cooling epitex 1200 thread count premium supima cotton bedsheet white
(Credit: Epitex Official Store)

Turn your bedroom into a five-star hotel room with the Epitex 1200TC Premium Supima Cotton Bedsheet (available on Epitex Official Store)! With a whopping 1200 thread count, this is one bedsheet you’ll want to sink into. Made from supima cotton, one of the most superior grades of cotton, this Epitex bedsheet is extremely durable and gets softer with every wash. In addition, Supima cotton is the best material for bedsheets for those who sleep without air conditioning at night as the fabric is lightweight and breathable. We also love its natural sheen that instantly makes the bed more inviting than it already is! 

4. Epitex Nutex Bamboo Solid Dobby BA5807 Series 1200TC Fitted Sheet Set

best bedsheet singapore material cooling epitex nutex bamboo solid dobby series 1200 thread count fitted sheet set eco-friendly
(Credit: Epitex Official Store)

Looking for an eco-friendly bedding option for your home? The Epitext Nutex Bamboo Solid Dobby BA5807 Series 1200TC Fitted Sheet Set (available on Epitex Official Store) is one of the best bed sheets in Singapore for those who care for the environment. Made of 100% bamboo fibers, the hypoallergenic bedding comes with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties so you need not worry about dust mites and allergens. It’s undoubtedly the best material for bedsheets for those with allergies. In addition, the 1200 thread count sateen weave ensures this bedding is soft and delicate on the skin. Did we also mention that this bamboo bedsheet is stain-resistant, durable, and easy to care for? It’s definitely a fuss-free option for families!

5. Epitex 100% Tencel Printed 1000TC Bedset

best bedsheet singapore cooling material epitex tencel printed 1000 thread count bedset floral design
(Credit: Epitex Official Store)

We admit, the Epitex 100% Tencel Printed 1000TC Bedset (available on Epitex Official Store) isn’t the most affordable bedding out there with a nearly $300 price tag. But hear us out and you’ll understand why this is one of the best bed sheets in Singapore that deserves a splurge. 

This premium bedding is made from 100% Tencel, a fibre extracted from the eucalyptus tree. The fibres are then spun into yarns and woven into incredibly soft textiles that have superb strength and durability. This will be a set of bed sheets that you can use for years to come with minimal wear and tear. In addition, it has a soft and smooth hand-feel that will not irritate your skin. The fabric also boasts the ability to regulate your body temperature through the absorption and release of moisture. This makes it the best material for bedsheets, especially for our warm Singapore nights. Annoying static sensations are nowhere to be found when you use this Tencel bedding. And for those with OCD, this Epitex bedsheet will be your favourite one as it is wrinkle-resistant and drapes well for a flawless look!

6. Epitex 1600TC Extra Cooling Cryocool Wrap-Fit Collection CY3303 Bedsheet

best bedsheet singapore cooling material epitext 1600 thread count extra cooling cryocool wrap fit collection bedsheet
(Credit: Epitex Official Store)

Do you often kick your blanket away in your sleep? This could be a sign that the temperature in your bedroom is too warm for deep sleep. However, what happens when you’ve already turned the aircon on? Our suggestion is to use a cooling bedsheet, such as the Epitex 1600TC Extra Cooling Cryocool Wrap-Fit Collection CY3303 Bedsheet (available on Epitex Official Store). 

As its name suggests, this bedsheet is a godsend for hot summer nights. It’s made from Japan’s innovative cooling fibers that feel cold to the touch. As you lay in bed, the fabric works rapidly to lower your body temperature for a better sleeping experience. Additionally, it’s also treated with Vio, a Swiss textile technology, which provides the fabric with antiviral and antibacterial protection. 

7. M. Maison London Bedset

m. maison london bedsheet metro cooling bedsheet
(Credit: Metro Official Store)

We love the M. Maison London Bedset (available on Metro Official Store) for its subtle yet modern and sophisticated design. This is one of the best bed sheets in Singapore that will have no problem fitting into your bedroom theme. But beyond the appearance, the M. Maison London Bedset is made of ultimate quality cotton that’s fitting for its price tag. The soft and breathable textile is naturally hypoallergenic and made for easy care. Cotton is also one of the best bedsheet materials for hotter weather so you can enjoy a comfortable afternoon nap even when the sun is at its highest point. 

8. Ai by AKEMI Lovesome – Toini (Fitted Sheet Set)

best bedsheet singapore ai by akemi lovesome toini printed bedding design
(Credit: AKEMI Official Store)

Make AKEMI your go-to store for cute bedding designs! The Ai by AKEMI Lovesome – Toini (Fitted Sheet Set) (available on AKEMI Official Store) features quirky patterns and fun colours to spice up the look of your bedroom. Made of 100% MicroXT, AKEMI’s innovative synthetic fibre, you get to enjoy the best of all worlds with this bedding set. The unique fabric blend provides ultimate softness found in silk, excellent breathability found in cotton, and superb durability seen in polyester fabric. In addition, the MicroXT fabric is designed for colour fastness so that the colours on your sheets remain vibrant even after repeated washes. 

9. MAKKO Fitted Bedsheet Set

(Credit: spaceinput)

If you’re looking for something affordable without compromising on the quality, you won’t go wrong with Makko — one of our preferred sellers on Shopee. The MAKKO Fitted Bedsheet Set (available on spaceinput)offers five different designs for you to choose from, according to your personality. Unlike regular cotton sheets, the Makko bedding is much more durable thanks to its 100% Polyester Microfiber Fabric, treated with aloe vera, making to make it soothing for the skin. These microfiber, 100 percent polyester bed sheets are also hypoallergenic, blocking out dust mites. Plus, they stay soft and dry at night for comfortable rest.

Catch some Z’s with the best bedsheets in Singapore

We hope our comprehensive guide to the best bed sheets in Singapore has helped you in picking the most suitable bedding for a good night’s sleep. To learn about other ways to sleep better at night, check out our guide to improving sleep quality. Sometimes, your pillow and mattress can also affect your sleep. Upgrade your bedding essentials to the best pillows for neck pain and choose the right mattress after you familiarise yourself with different mattress materials. Say goodbye to insomnia once and for all today!

“This article was updated on 16 July 2021. Additional research done by Jamantha Lim.

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