Celebrate The Arrival Of Spring With These 29 Pretty Sakura Products

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Spring is one of the most magical times of the year – especially when there are cherry blossoms! Late March to mid-April marks the blooming season for these pretty pink blossoms. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, with streets peppered with pale blush petals and a light floral fragrance lingering in the air. While there are no cherry blossoms in Singapore (aside from the ones in Gardens By The Bay), you can still experience the sakura season without travelling overseas. Check out the following sakura collection for 2022, ranging from cups to stationery and makeup, to indulge in all the spring vibes that you need!

What are cherry blossoms?

cherry blossoms sakura collection 2022
(Credit: AJ / Unsplash)

Popularly known as sakura in Japanese, cherry blossoms are delicate pink flowers that grow on cherry blossom trees. These trees are commonly found in Japan, China, South Korea and many other parts of Asia. 

When do cherry blossoms bloom?

cherry blossom season river
(Credit: Mark Tegethoff / Unsplash)

The exact timing for the blooming of cherry blossoms may differ from place to place and is largely dependent on the weather and temperature. In general, cherry blossom seasons usually begin from mid-March to early May. However, they reach peak bloom during the last week of March and the first week of April. The sakuras bloom for about a week, but the temporary sight is surely one to behold.

Do cherry blossoms symbolise something?

cherry blossoms japan sakura night view river
(Credit: Sora Sagano / Unsplash)

Like many flowers, cherry blossoms are undeniably pretty to look at. But what makes the sakura so special? 

In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolise the arrival of spring and new beginnings. It also reflects the fragility of life. The blooming season of sakura is glorious but short-lived, usually lasting for only about two weeks. As such, sakura is regarded as a reminder for mindfulness and the importance of living in the present moment. To celebrate the spring season and commemorate life, the Japanese will gather under the cherry blossom trees (hanami) with their loved ones during this season, accompanied by various sakura-inspired food and beverages like sake and mochis! 

Cherry blossoms also hold an elevated status in China, although for different reasons. The flowers are associated with feminine beauty and represent love. This makes the cherry blossom season exceptionally romantic for couples. If you’re thinking about expressing your love to someone special this spring, a gift from the following sakura collection for 2022 will do the trick!

Sakura collection 2022: Cherry blossom kitchen essentials

1. Daiso Korea Sakura Tall Glass

daiso korea sakura tall glass beer mug cherry blossom collection cup
(Credit: NamsanbearOppa)

Similar to Japan and China, Korea is also big about the cherry blossom trend. Released in 2021 for the spring collection, Daiso Korea launched the whimsical Sakura Tall Glass (available on NamsanbearOppa) with gradient pink petals. This sakura cup will be perfect for a beer with its taller design and make for an aesthetic tableware in your flat lay photos for Instagram!  

2. Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection 2022

starbucks japan sakura collection 2022 cup mug tumbler cherry blossom
(Credit: Sakidori Japan)

We look forward to Starbucks’ sakura collection every spring, and this year is no exception! While we are pending the release of the Starbucks Singapore sakura designs for 2022, the Japanese side has released their upcoming sakura collection – and it’s nothing short of amazing! 

The latest Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection 2022 (available on Sakidori Japan) contains 23 items, including the ever so popular Starbucks sakura cups and tumblers. This year, the sakura collection comes in a colour theme of pale mint and pastel pink for a touch of soft romance. Our favourite has got to be the minimalistic gradient steel tumbler embossed with cherry blossom details which make for a beautiful water bottle for both hot and cold drinks!

3. Table Matters Sakura Pink Collection

table matters sakura pink collection plate bowl tableware
(Credit: Table Matters Official Store)

Love collecting cherry blossom inspired ceramics and tableware? We’re here to help add to your collection! The Table Matters Sakura Pink Collection (available on Table Matters Official Store) consists of plates and bowls with cute hand-painted sakura motifs. These earthenwares will surely add to the aesthetics of your Masterchef creations! Plus, they are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe and made of incredibly durable ceramic – a great addition to your kitchen. Psst, we also spy the Table Matters Sakura Ebony Bowl (available on Table Matters Official Store) for those who prefer darker themed tableware. 

4. Corelle 4pc Sakura Soup Plate Set

corelle sakura soup plate set 2022 collection cherry blossom
(Credit: OG Official e-Shop)

The Corelle 4pc Sakura Soup Plate Set (available on OG Official e-Shop) is a must-have for your 2022 sakura collection – especially if you prefer minimalist designs. The plate design isn’t over the top, with dainty cherry blossom details framing its sides. This set also makes for a good housewarming gift. The sakura plates are created via Corelle’s unique sandwich construction technology which bonds three layers of Vitrelle glass together. This results in a lightweight yet highly durable piece which is resistant to breaking, chipping or cracking. 

5. ARTBOX Korea Cherry Blossom Cat Tumbler Water Bottle

artbox korea cherry blossom cat tumbler water bottle

Marrying the love for both cherry blossoms and cats, the ARTBOX Korea Cherry Blossom Cat Tumbler Water Bottle (available on ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE) is simply too cute to pass on. Aesthetics aside, the sakura bottle proves to be practical with a choke-prevention filter within. This helps to prevent accidental spillage and can be useful for kids to prevent too much water from gushing into their mouths. 

6. La gourmet Cherry Blossom Thermal Food Jar 

la gourmet cherry blossom thermal food jar sakura
(Credit: Metro Official Store)

The La gourmet Cherry Blossom Thermal Food Jar (available on Metro Official Store) is sure to brighten up your day when you dig into your packed lunch. Decked in a lovely pink hue completed with cute cherry blossoms at the base, this lunch box is a dream come true for spring. Your packed meals are kept warm and fresh in this thermal food jar thanks to its double-walled stainless steel vacuum structure which boasts superior heat insulation. It’s also BPA free and made of high-quality food-grade material, making it one of the best lunch box options in the market!

7. Sakura Cookie Cutters

sakura cookie cutters baking needs
(Credit: CookingDay.sg)

If you’re baking some treats for a spring picnic, you will need these Sakura Cookie Cutters (available on CookingDay.sg). They come in a set of four with different intricate cherry blossom patterns to emboss stunning designs on your pastries. You can even use these sakura cutters to create cherry blossom shaped chocolates for bae!

Sakura collection 2022: Cherry blossom home essentials

8. Sakura Petal Cushion

sakura petal cushion pillow fluffy 2022 collection cherry blossom home decor
(Credit: 41689868ppp1.sg)

Snuggle up with this fluffy mochi-like Sakura Petal Cushion (available on 41689868ppp1.sg) while you binge-watch your favourite Chinese dramas or animes! This cuddly cushion comes in three designs – pink, yellow and blue – to match your home interiors. There are also two sizes to choose from. We highly recommend getting the larger size cushion for your 2022 sakura collection which scores higher in our huggability meter!

9. Disney Microluxe Cherry Blossom Bedsheet

eurotex disney microluxe cherry blossom bedsheet winnie the pooh
(Credit: Eurotex Official Store)

Wake up amidst a field of cherry blossoms with the Disney Microluxe Cherry Blossom Bedsheet (available on Eurotex Official Store)! Joining you on this wonderful spring adventure is Pooh, who’s ready to dig into his jar of honey under a sakura tree. At 900 thread count, this high-quality bedsheet is silky smooth and comfortable to sleep on. The set even comes with a summer quilt which is perfect for warmer nights in Singapore.

10. Cherry Blossom Fairy String Lights

cherry blossom fairy string lights home decor led
(Credit: Global Pro)

Bring the hanami to your home by hanging these Cherry Blossom Fairy String Lights (available on Global Pro) all around! They make for easy home decor for your garden, balcony or even in the bedroom. The sakura fairy lights span two meters with 20 LEDs. Aside from the battery pack, everything else is waterproof so you need not worry about the rain when you hang this fairy light outdoors. Light up your 2022 sakura collection with this cute fairy light today!

11. Cherry Blossom Black And White Colour Splash Poster

cherry blossom black and white colour splash poster home decor
(Credit: Poster Hub)

The Cherry Blossom Black And White Colour Splash Poster (available on Poster Hub) will instantly brighten up your space at home. With this cherry blossom poster, you can now enjoy the breathtaking view of sakura flowers any time of the year. While there is the option to purchase the poster by itself, we suggest topping up for a frame so you can hang this masterpiece up as wall decor easily. 

12. Cherry Blossom Wall Decal

cherry blossom wall decal home decor sakura
(Credit: fashionaltrip.sg)

There is no better way to usher in the springtime than to decorate your walls with these Cherry Blossom Wall Decals (available on fashionaltrip.sg). Depicting the sakura in full bloom, this cherry blossom wall decal can be easily attached to any smooth surfaces at home including ceramic tiles and glass. Be sure to eliminate dust and moisture from the surface before attaching the decal to ensure it adheres properly. 

13. Flower Foam Hand Soap Dispenser

flower hand soap foam dispenser sakura cherry blossom
(Credit: Ossayi Official Store)

Given the current situation, it’s always good to wash your hands frequently. So why not add a little fun to it? The Flower Foam Hand Soap Dispenser (available on Ossayi Official Store) pumps out soap in sakura shapes  – washing hands have never been so fun! This is also a great way to encourage the kids to wash their hands often. 

Sakura collection 2022: Cherry blossom stationery

14. ARTBOX Korea Cherry Blossom Index File Holder

artbox korea cherry blossom index file holder stationery school essential sakura

Whether for school or work, the ARTBOX Korea Cherry Blossom Index File Holder (available on ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE) will come in handy for sorting out your worksheets and documents. This cherry blossom file comes with five pockets so you can divide your worksheets according to their corresponding subjects. The index tabs are shaped prettily with cherry blossom petals so you can locate each pocket easily. 

15. ARTBOX Korea Erasable Cherry Blossom Pen

artbox korea erasable cherry blossom pen sakura 2022 collection

Looking for a pretty pen to go along with your new 2022 cherry blossom planner (available on DuruNaru.sg)? The ARTBOX Korea Erasable Cherry Blossom Pen (available on ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE) will be right up your alley with its adorable cherry blossom-shaped clip on the nib. But what we love the most about this cherry blossom pen is its erasable ink. Simply erase any writing mistakes with the eraser at the back of the pen – no more worrying about writing errors or sloppy handwriting! We’re certain you will want multiple of these cherry blossom pen in your 2022 sakura collection!

16. Deli Cherry Blossom Correction Tape

deli cherry blossom correction tape stationery sakura 2022 collection
(Credit: deli01.sg)

Correction supplies are essential in your pencil case so you can quickly edit your writing. Add the Deli Cherry Blossom Correction Tape (available on deli01.sg) to your 2022 sakura stationery collection to erase your mistakes in style! Unlike correction fluid pens, this correction tape requires no drying time and will not show up in your fax or photocopy results. However, do note that this correction tape is not refillable, so you may want to stock up on them in case you run out. 

17. ARTBOX Korea Premium Cherry Blossom Stickers

artbox korea premium cherry blossom stickers

There’s no way we’d leave out these cute ARTBOX Korea Premium Cherry Blossom Stickers (available on ARTBOX OFFICIAL STORE) in your 2022 sakura collection! These stickers are all you need to spice up your planner spread this spring! The stickers come in cluster blooms, single petals as well as pale and vibrant cherry blossom flowers to add variation to your pages.  

Sakura collection 2022: Cherry blossom accessories

18. Lush Addiction Sakura Necklace 

lush addiction sakura necklace 2022 collection cherry blossom jewellery
(Credit: Lush Addiction Official Store)

No 2022 sakura collection is complete without some bling. The dainty Lush Addiction Sakura Necklace (available on Lush Addiction Official Store) features six sparkly Swarovski crystals and sits stunningly below your collar bone. This 18k gold plated, hypoallergenic necklace comes in three colours – violet, pink and white. Regardless of the colour you pick, you will find yourself reaching for this beautiful cherry blossom necklace often because it goes well with every outfit! Add on a pair of Lush Addiction Sakura Earrings (available on Lush Addiction Official Store) to complete the set.

19. Auroses Cherry Blossom Open Ring

auroses cherry blossom open ring gift sakura
(Credit: Aurora Italia Official)

Be it for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a surprise gift to the special woman in your life, you will never go wrong with the Auroses Cherry Blossom Open Ring (available on Aurora Italia Official). This beautiful cherry blossom ring signifies the fleeting beauty of the sakura and acts as a gentle reminder to be appreciative and mindful every day. The ring comes in different sizes, so be sure to find our her finger dimensions before placing your order! 

20. CHOW TAI FOOK Disney Cherry Blossom Minnie 999 Pure Gold Earring

chow tai fook disney cherry blossom minnie 999 pure gold earring luxury sakura collection 2022
(Credit: Chow Tai Fook Official Store)

The luxurious CHOW TAI FOOK Disney Cherry Blossom Minnie 999 Pure Gold Earring (available on Chow Tai Fook Official Store) makes for a great present for a baby shower. But if you’re both a Minnie fan and a sakura lover, we won’t expose you for wanting to keep this accessory for yourself! However, do note that this earring comes as a single piece and not a pair. This makes it more flexible for those with only one ear piercing. You can also mix and match this earring with other cute CHOW TAI FOOK designs to complete the set!

Sakura collection 2022: Cherry blossom beauty products

21. Amino Mason Whip Cream Body Soap Sakura

amino mason whip cream body soap sakura cherry blossom
(Credit: A-style Japan)

Love sakura scents? Unwind with a relaxing bath after a long day with the Amino Mason Whip Cream Body Soap Sakura Edition (available on A-style Japan) that’ll fill your bathroom with a fragrant sakura scent! The sakura body soap pumps out as dense foam to deeply cleanse your pores and leave your skin feeling soft and supple. It contains super amino acid, ceramide and other botanical ingredients to protect the skin barrier and increase moisture density. 

22. AQUA SAVON Sakura Total Multi Moisturizer Cream

aqua savon sakura total multi moisturiser cream skincare
(Credit: CODIA Japan)

You can smell like sakura all day when you moisturise your skin with the AQUA SAVON Sakura Total Multi Moisturizer Cream (available on CODIA Japan). This non-greasy body moisturiser contains 34 natural plant-derived ingredients such as someiyoshino leaf extract, wheatgrass seed extract and perilla leaf extract. It is formulated without silicone, paraben, mineral oil, alcohol and synthetic colourant. As such, this is an essential in your 2022 sakura collection if you have sensitive skin!

23. Lishan Horse Oil Skin Cream Sakura Version

lishan horse oil skin cream sakura version cherry blossom pink
(Credit: CODIA Japan)

For centuries, horse oil has been known for treating various skin conditions such as burns, cuts and eczema. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to fortify the skin barrier for a healthier complexion. The limited-edition Lishan Horse Oil Skin Cream Sakura Version (available on CODIA Japan) is a highly recommended Japanese skincare product that contains horse placenta extract extracted from racehorses in Hokkaido. It contains a higher percentage of amino acids compared to pig placenta extract, boasting enhanced moisturising power for dry skin. 

24. Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Skin

innisfree jeju cherry blossom skin toner 2022 sakura collection
(Credit: Innisfree Official Store)

Aside from Japanese skincare products, Korean skincare brands have also been incorporating cherry blossoms in their products. One of the most popular products to add to your 2022 sakura skincare collection is the Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Skin (available on Innisfree Official Store). Containing Jeju cherry blossom leaf extract, this hydrating toner enhances skin vitality and promotes brighter, clearer skin.

25. L’OCCITANE Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

l'occitane cherry blossom hand cream moisturiser
(Credit: Strawberrynet SG Official Store)

Washing and sanitising your hands is vital, especially during this trying period. However, with the increased exposure to alcohol hand sanitisers, we can’t help but feel our hands getting drier with every cleanse. It’s time to moisturise our palms with the L’OCCITANE Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (available on Strawberrynet SG Official Store) which features a non-greasy texture and an invigorating cherry blossom scent. Enriched with shea butter and cherry extract, this hand cream helps to intensely moisturise and protect your hands. 

26. LUSH Sakura Bath Bomb

lush sakura bath bomb cherry blossom 2022 collection
(Credit: Lush Singapore Official Store)

Pop the LUSH Sakura Bath Bomb (available on Lush Singapore Official Store) in the tub and enjoy a hot bath filled with calming floral fragrance! While this bath bomb will not turn your bath water a pretty sakura pink (it is almost colourless), its combination of mimosa, jasmine oil, lemon oil and orange flower scents takes your mind and body on a spring vacation. 

Sakura collection 2022: Cherry blossom food and drinks

27. OSULLOC Cherry Blossom Tea

osulloc cherry blossom tea sakura jeju
(Credit: Tea from Jeju since 1979, OSULLOC)

Jeju is one of the best places to catch cherry blossoms. It is also the place for some of the best tea productions in the world. This explains the high quali-tea of the OSULLOC Cherry Blossom Tea (available on Tea from Jeju since 1979, OSULLOC). Made from Jeju’s cherry blossoms combined with sweet cheery and sour pineapple, this exotic fruity flavoured tea is perfect for spring. 

28. Lipton Sakura Tea

lipton sakura tea black tea
(Credit: CODIA Japan)

Prefer a richer tea flavour? The Lipton Sakura Tea (available on CODIA Japan) is a refreshing black tea with a hint of fragrant cherry blossom. Pair it with the sweet Sakura Mango Peach Cake (available on Divine Artisan Official Store) to balance out the bitterness. This makes for a great combination for a simple high tea at home. 

29. Sakura Mochi

sakura mochi snack japanese hanami cherry blossom
(Credit: Northsea Singapore)

Sakura Mochi (available on Northsea Singapore) is one of the most highly sought after snack during the cherry blossom season. Made from glutinous rice, this mochi has a chewy and sticky texture that’s incredibly appetising for both the young and old. Filled with subtly sweet red bean paste and wrapped in a salty pickled cherry leaf, enjoy the taste of spring without making a trip to Japan!

Celebrate new beginnings with the 2022 sakura collection

Experience the beauty of the cherry blossom season with these sakura collectables! While we look forward to visiting Japan soon, you can still live the Japanese way of life in Singapore. Spend a day at these onsens in Singapore and treat yourself to some of the most affordable omakase restaurants. Then, toast to the beautiful season with some of the best Japanese whiskeys before you call it a day!

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