Huat Into The New Year With These 43 Mahjong Gifts

best mahjong gifts singapore

Nothing sounds more like Chinese New Year than the midnight shuffling of mahjong tiles, the yelling of ‘HU’ from the winner, and the loud sighs of those who have to pay up. If you know how that sigh feels all too well, chances are you’ll probably need more luck this year. Don’t lose hope just yet, we’re here to lift your spirits up with quirky mahjong-themed items you can buy to usher in some luck from the mahjong gods. So get ready to huat this CNY with these mahjong gifts that you can get for yourself and your kakis!

Mahjong gifts ideas: Clothing

1. Mahjong Shirt

mahjong gifts - shirt
(Credit: Men’s and women’s clothing)

You’ll never go wrong with getting a Mahjong Shirt (available on Men’s and women’s clothing) for your mahjong lover friends. While it might seem like a basic idea for a gift, you’ll be looking like a walking mahjong set so we’re almost certain you’ll get all the huat you can get! Additionally, this mahjong shirt is fitting for both genders so it serves as a great couple outfit for those who want to bai nian in style.  

2. Mahjong T-Shirt

Mahjong T-Shirt
(Credit: qualiteessg)

Never got a ‘Da San Yuan’ in your life? Well, maybe you finally will when you get some of these Mahjong T-Shirts (available on qualiteessg) which are imprinted with the symbols of all the big cards in mahjong. With nine different designs available in seven sizes, this T-shirt is the perfect mahjong gift for mahjong lovers regardless of their size or favourite tile! 

3. Mahjong Hoodie

Mahjong Hoodie

If you have a fashionable mahjong lover friend, getting them a Mahjong Hoodie (available on as a gift would be a great idea! After all, you can never go wrong with hoodies. Not only is it stylish, but it might also just be that lucky piece of clothing they need this CNY 2024. Additionally, the inner material of this mahjong hoodie is made of terry cloth which is soft and absorbent – comfy even in our sunny Singapore weather!

 4. Mahjong Hat

bucket Hat
(Credit: the92shop)

If you know of a friend who plays mahjong only on days that end with “Y”, then this Mahjong Bucket Hat (available on the92shop) would be a fitting mahjong gift. They get to show off their love for the game when they wear this hat, and get some extra huat this CNY 2024 while doing so!

5. Mahjong Socks

Mahjong Socks

Some believe that if you want to win big at mahjong, you need to have lucky charms from head to toe. That’s why Mahjong Socks (available on are another great gift idea for your mahjong pals. This is especially so if you usually play in an air-conditioned room, so wearing mahjong socks will definitely keep you warm and comfy too.

6. Mahjong Slippers

mahjong slippers
(Credit: 欢乐一家亲家居旗舰店)

When it comes to the best mahjong gift ideas for CNY 2024, it’s always good to walk the talk with these cute Mahjong Slippers (available on 欢乐一家亲家居旗舰店)! Suitable for home use, these mahjong slippers come in three different colours and will be your lucky charm for sure. What’s more, it can be folded when not in use to save space – how practical!

7. Mahjong Jibbitz

mahjong jibbitz
(Credit: DIDOU)

Own a pair of crocs? Then you’ll want to accessorise them with some Mahjong Jibbitz (available on DIDOU) which literally screams huat! There are nine different designs of lucky tiles to choose from and you can buy a few of these mahjong jibbitz to slay the game. Priced affordably below $1 each, this is the perfect mahjong gift idea for those on a budget! 

8. Mahjong Dog Costume

mahjong dog costume

Searching for mahjong gifts for your mahjong lover friends who are also pawrents? Then this Mahjong Dog Costume (available on would be right up your alley! With eight sizes available, this Mahjong dog costume can fit any doggo from small poodles to large golden retrievers. Here are other CNY dog costumes you can dress your pup with! 

9. Mahjong Disposable Mask

mahjong mask

Since wearing masks has been made quite the norm over the last two years, getting your mahjong lover friend a Mahjong Disposable Mask (available on greytrees) as a gift is an apt choice. In basic mahjong shades, this mahjong mask can match almost any outfit for both genders and especially goes well with red outfits – definitely a sign of good luck! 

Mahjong gifts ideas: Jewellery

10. Mahjong Ring

(Credit: 【玛琪雅朵曼妙屋配饰店】女配饰 首饰 女妆)

Getting a ‘Shi San Yao’ in mahjong is like finding a needle in a haystack – there is a possibility of it happening but the odds are extremely slim. But we bet that chance is higher when you are armed with this Mahjong Ring (available on【玛琪雅朵曼妙屋配饰店】女配饰 首饰 女妆) which boasts its own set of 13 wonders in gold or titanium. This unisex ring also works as a great couple gift for mahjong lovers.

11. Mahjong Stud Earrings

Mahjong Stud Earrings

If your girlfriend is an avid mahjong player, then getting her a set of Mahjong Stud Earrings (available on as a gift would definitely put a smile on her face. These cute mahjong earrings are available in 12 different designs including that of the big cards and tiles with the number ‘8’, which is believed to be extremely auspicious in Chinese culture. 

12. Mahjong Necklace


Another great gift idea for your mahjong lover companions this CNY 2024 would be this Mahjong Necklace (available on that adds extra bling to your game. This mahjong necklace is plated with a platinum and zircon pendant of either the ‘hong zhong’ or ‘fa cai’ tile – definitely a prized gem in our eyes!

13. Mahjong Bracelet

mahjong bracelet
(Credit: Luxury

Made of titanium steel that is waterproof and sweat-resistant, this Mahjong Bracelet (available on Luxury definitely makes a great mahjong gift idea suitable for all your female friends. After all, which girl doesn’t love a piece of beautiful jewellery on her wrist? This mahjong bracelet comes in shiny streaks of silver and gold, featuring the coveted set of 13 wonders’ tiles – everything you’ll want in a good luck charm! 

Mahjong gifts ideas: Accessories

14. Mahjong Headband

Mahjong Headband

When it comes to the best mahjong gift ideas for CNY 2024, you can hardly go wrong with hair accessories like mahjong headbands. Case in point: this Mahjong Headband (available on which comes in an adorable range of designs that boast irresistible cuteness! Kawaii!

15. Mahjong Pouch

Mahjong Pouch
(Credit: the92shop)

This Mahjong Pouch (available on the92shop) has got to be one of the most personalised mahjong gifts yet! You have the option to customise the name of your giftee with the use of embroidery under the design of the three great scholar tiles. What’s more, this drawstring canvas mahjong pouch is of the perfect size to store all your barang and winnings! 

16. Mahjong Nail Stickers 

 Nail Stickers

Some people just can’t get through a day without getting their hands on mahjong tiles. Thankfully, with these Mahjong Nail Stickers (available on, they’ll be able to literally have those tiles on their fingers 24/7! Whether it’s meant for your mahjong-loving mother, wife, or female colleague, these DIY adhesive nail stickers are a mahjong gift idea they will definitely love.

17. Mahjong Beauty Puff 

Mahjong Beauty Puff

Glam up in luck with these Mahjong Beauty Puffs (available on that are truly an ingenious invention! Not to be mistaken for actual tiles, all you have to do is soak this mahjong beauty puff in water before using it so that it becomes bigger and easier to apply your makeup. Definitely a great mahjong gift for CNY 2024 for a makeup junkie! 

18. Mahjong iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases

Mahjong iPhone Cases (available on serve as another great gift idea for mahjong lovers. It’s especially so when these iPhone cases have incorporated the quicksand-like design with tiles like hong zhong’ and ‘fa cai’! Material-wise, these mahjong iPhone cases are made of silicone which is dirt-resistant. For other alternatives, check out our list of best iPhone cases!

19. Mahjong AirPods Cases

AirPods Cases
(Credit: GeGa Apple Airpods Cases Covers)

Tune-up in style (and luck) with these Mahjong Airpods Cases (available on GeGa Apple Airpods Cases Covers) which are sure to send some extra huat along the way! With a dust-proof cover and a handy hook, these cute mahjong Airpods cases sure make some of the best mahjong gifts you can find for your kakis.  

20. Mahjong Dumpling Bag

Dumpling Bag
(Credit: Peekabook.Sg)

Talk about a themed accessory that’s suitable for any occasion. The Mahjong Dumpling Bag (available on Peekabook.Sg) isn’t just trendy; it’s also perfect for Chinese New Year. It can fit more than just oranges; we’re talking about those ang baos too!

21. Mahjong Hair Scrunchie

Mahjong Hair Scrunchie
(Credit: Peekabook.Sg)

A girl never leaves her house without a hair tie. And what better way to complement your CNY outfit this 2024 than with a Mahjong Hair Scrunchie (available on Peekabook.Sg)? Even if you’re not using it, this hair scrunchie serves to be the perfect accessory for your CNY OOTD!

22. Mahjong Hair Clip

Hair Clip

All about the messy hair look? You’ll need the Mahjong Hair Clip (available on for that! We’re sure you’re going to huat your way through all the winds of the mahjong game, especially when your hair is out of the way.

Mahjong gifts ideas: Home items

23. Mahjong Pillow

Mahjong Pillow
(Credit: Milorhome Official Store)

There are plenty of mahjong-themed home items that can be used as gifts this CNY 2024. For starters, a Mahjong Pillow (available on Milorhome Official Store) would prove to be beneficial for families who need that extra bit of huat this new year. The mahjong pillow is also the perfect decor for your sofa or bed which would appeal to both young and old mahjong lovers alike! Be sure to check out our roundup of the best pillows in Singapore for more cosy options. 

24. Mahjong Coffee Mug 

 Coffee Mug
(Credit: That Home Store)

Does dad keep winning during family mahjong sessions? Then maybe it’s time to distract him with this Mahjong Coffee Cup (available on That Home Store) where he can drink his brewed morning coffee from. Designed with a wide array of mahjong tiles, this ceramic mahjong coffee mug isn’t just adorable but also practical. It’s large enough for soup too!

25. Mahjong Tumbler

Mahjong Tumbler

If you drink water regularly, then perhaps investing in a Mahjong Tumbler (available on might be a good choice! Coming in 11 different lucky designs and two sizes, this tumbler is definitely a hit among students and office workers alike. Additionally, it comes with a special tea compartment for those who like to keep their morning drink warm and fresh. Check out our list of best coffee tumblers and best water bottles for more suggestions! 

26. Mahjong Night Light

Night Light

Suffering from nightmares after losing to your aunties at mahjong during CNY? Then maybe you should equip yourself with a Mahjong Night Light (available on that can literally lighten the mood a little. These adorable mahjong night lights are 12.5cm tall and radiate either a white or yellow light.

27. Mahjong Silicone Mould 

Mahjong Silicone Mould
(Credit: Sweet Confessions)

Legend has it that grandmothers always win at every mahjong game. To stop your wallet from being burned even more, maybe you should give grandma a Mahjong Silicone Mould (available on Sweet Confessions) so that she’ll be too busy to come near the mahjong table. These mahjong silicone moulds can be used to make jelly or chocolate in the shape of mahjong tiles – how adorable! 

28. Mahjong Floor Mat

Floor Mat

While giving carpets to others as a gift might be inauspicious, you can always buy one for yourself for more luck in the upcoming new year! We recommend these Mahjong Floor Mats (available on that can be used in your living space or bedroom. You’re bound to huat your way through all games this year!

29. Mahjong Bedsheets

(Credit: the dream home)

You’ll never have to leave your favourite game. Roll around and snuggle with these Mahjong Bedsheets (available on the dream home), and you’ll be blessed with all the qing yi se, shi san yao and man tais!

Mahjong gifts ideas: Food

30. Mahjong Birthday Cake 

Mahjong Birthday Cake
(Credit: Yours Sincerely Bakery)

All mahjong lovers will definitely appreciate a mahjong cake for their birthday cake. After all, who can resist a beautifully decorated cake with the best 13-tile combination ever! In particular, we love this Mahjong Birthday Cake (available on Yours Sincerely Bakery) that is beautifully coated in white fondant with gold splashes. You can choose between the vanilla, lychee rose or mango flavours which all pack a punch. 

31. Mahjong Mooncakes

Mahjong Mooncakes
(Credit: jeanlim117)

Who says you can only eat mooncakes during Mid Autumn? With these Mahjong Mooncakes (available on jeanlim117), you can indulge in them even during CNY 2024! These mahjong mooncakes are perfectly carved with delectable fillings such as homemade custard, lotus with melon seeds, cranberry rose, and gula melaka with coconut flakes. Made in the shape of bite-sized mahjong tiles, this is truly one of the best food gifts you can get for your mahjong lover pals. 

32. Mahjong Chocolates

Mahjong Chocolates
(Credit: Chocoelf)

Calling all chocolate lovers! These Mahjong Chocolates (available on Chocoelf) are as addictive as the game itself. Shaped in the semblance of mahjong tiles and made with indulgent dark chocolate covered in vanilla white, these mahjong chocolate pralines make the perfect gift for your mahjong kakis with a sweet tooth. Boy, we’re hungry already!

Mahjong gifts ideas: Miscellaneous items

33. Mahjong Mechanical Keycaps

Mahjong Mechanical Keycaps

If you’re a fan of custom mechanical keyboards, then you should definitely consider these Mahjong Mechanical Keycaps (available on as a mahjong gift idea this CNY 2024. Other than their lucky aesthetics, you’ll love the oh-so-satisfying ASMR click-clack sounds you get while typing on these mahjong keycaps. Be sure to check out the different types of keycaps too! 

34. Mahjong Rubik’s Cube

Mahjong Rubik’s Cube
(Credit: giftswonderland)

Solving the best Rubik’s cubes is no easy feat. But with this Mahjong Rubik’s Cube (available on giftswonderland) you might just get motivated to actually learn to solve it! Just like the mahjong game itself, solving a Rubik’s cube will keep your mind active and improve your reflexes. This mahjong Rubik’s cube is available as a three by three or four by four. 

35. Mahjong Notebook 

(Credit: Royce Publishing)

Despite its plain design, this Mahjong Notebook (available on Royce Publishing) is sure to bring you lots of good luck as you enter the new year! As a great mahjong gift idea, your giftee can use this notebook as a planner for 2024 or even record their mahjong winnings. Here are more options for the best new year planners you can use in 2024!

36. Mahjong Keychain

Mahjong Keychain
(Credit: The Sweet Stories)

Need a new good luck charm? This Mahjong Keychain (available on The Sweet Stories) might just be that perfect mahjong gift this CNY 2024! The metal key holders are flat and stay securely closed, so it is not easy to fall off. Additionally, this mahjong keychain serves as a good decor for your keys to add a touch of personality and it is durable with long service life.

37. Mahjong Red Packets

Mahjong Red Packets
(Credit: Magic Shop)

Just got hitched and it’s your turn to give out ang paos this CNY 2024? Why not impress your relatives with these adorable Mahjong Red Packets (available on Magic Shop)! Designed with cute little mahjong tiles, we’re sure recipients of these mahjong red packets will feel extra lucky. Be sure to check out other creative CNY red packet designs too! 

38. Mahjong Cards

mahjong cards
(Credit: SGPomades Mens Grooming Official Store)

Can’t afford an entire mahjong set? No worries! Simply get your mahjong lover friends these travel-friendly Mahjong Cards (available on SGPomades Mens Grooming Official Store) which can be carried around with ease. What’s more, these mahjong cards are some of the best adult card games which preserve the traditional rules while featuring English translations and numerical digits so that anyone can play.

39. Mahjong LEGO


You may be a fan of the best LEGO sets but have you seen such adorable CNY Mahjong LEGO (available on bricks before? Featuring different zodiac animals, these mahjong LEGOs will be a beautiful masterpiece in your living room once completed! We are totally loving this mahjong gift idea!

40. Mahjong Temporary Tattoo

Temporary Tattoo
(Credit: The Ink Book)

Flex your god-like mahjong status with some temporary tattoos (available on The Ink Book). They’re adorable, minimalistic and perfect for those endless rounds of tile shuffling!

41. Mahjong Tissue Pack

Tissue Pack
(Credit: Peekabook.Sg)

Know someone who needs to wipe up beads of sweat at mahjong games? Gift them with these cute Mahjong Tissue Packs (available on Peekabook.Sg) that they’ll definitely appreciate.

42. Mahjong Tissue Pouch

Tissue Pouch
(Credit: DaintyGlam)

You’ll need a pouch to keep those tissues handy. Cue the Mahjong Tissue Pouch (available on DaintyGlam) that’s entirely handmade. They’re also available in two designs, so have your pick or just go for both!

43. Mahjong Set

Mahjong Set
(Credit: SGDOLLAR)

But of course, the best mahjong gift idea would be an actual set of mahjong. This Mini Mahjong Set (available on SGDOLLAR) isn’t just portable and travel-friendly, but also entirely customisable. Just send in your orders to create a mahjong set your friend will adore!

Bless your pals with mahjong gifts this CNY 2024

We hope this list of mahjong gifts has made your day a little luckier! Of course, Chinese New Year isn’t all just about luck and gaming. Indulge in some of the best love letters and best pineapple tarts for a sinfully yummy treat! Additionally, don’t forget to adorn your home with these fancy CNY decor ideas for some extra huat. Snag all your other CNY essentials at awesome discounted prices at our Shopee CNY Sale!

This article was updated on 30 January 2024. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.