Roll In Huat With These 13 Creative CNY Red Packets

creative red packet designs

Tired of using the same few ang baos every Chinese New Year? We’ve got you covered with some of the most creative red packet designs in 2024! It’s no longer just plain red paper with gold writings. These days, there are CNY red packets made of silk and even some designed with the zodiac of the year and more. So read on to get a look at how unique these red packet designs can be!

Creative Chinese New Year red packet designs (2024): Shape

1. Red Envelope Fan

dragon Red Envelope Fan
(Credit: Kids Fashion)

Impress your parents with one of the most creative Chinese New Year red packet designs! The Red Envelope Fan (available on Kids Fashion) is sure to put a bright smile across their faces. They can literally fan themselves in wealth! It’ll definitely create a lovely breeze that’ll keep you cool as you mingle with your relatives. Just remember to remove the contents first before all your ang bao money flies away!

2. Cute Dragon Red Packet

Cute Dragon Red Packet
(Credit: Tlee Jewelry (TLEE))

Entice your little nephews and nieces with this cute red packet design in 2024. Little cartoon dragons are dressed in all sorts of costumes this year! These Dragon Red Packets (available on Tlee Jewelry (TLEE)) even have auspicious sayings at the back. Whoever’s receiving your ang bao is sure to huat throughout the Year of the Dragon!

3. Dragon Pearl Red Packet

Dragon Pearl Red Packet
(Credit: Lucky_SG)

Nothing says happy Chinese New Year better than this red packet design! With a pearl in its mouth, this Dragon Pearl Red Packet (available on Lucky_SG) is sure to bring happiness and good luck to anyone. After all, the image does signify prosperity, wisdom and power. There’s no doubt you’re going to have a smooth-sailing year ahead!

4. Demon Slayer Red Envelope


creative red packet designs Demon Slayer Red Envelope

Preparing an ang bao for an anime fan? Stock up on the Demon Slayer Red Envelope (available on! This is one creative red packet design that’s sure to wow anime lovers in 2024. Cut in the shape of Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, this red packet features him with some Chinese sayings like “The God Of Wealth is here”, “Welcoming Wealth” and more! There are also other characters like Nezuko and Inosuke making a guest appearance, so keep your eyes out for them!

5. Dragon Folding Red Envelope

Dragon Folding Red Envelope
(Credit: Ossayi Official Store)

The Folding Red Envelope (available on Ossayi Official Store) is another red packet that rivals that of the Ang Bao Fan (#1). While both are foldable, this particular CNY red packet stacks up into multiple thick layers – a good sign for a red packet! It also features an adorable dragon that’s just as impressed with all the dollar bills in the ang bao.

6. Bamboo Steamer Red Packet

Bamboo Steamer Red Packet
(Credit: Have What Store)

Not all red packet designs are created equally. And the Bamboo Steamer Red Packet (available on Have What Store)proves how it’s a mark above the rest! Shaped like dim sum baskets that are stacked on top of one another, this CNY red packet also hides a surprise. Instead of actual dim sum items, this red envelope opens up to reveal adorable animals harbouring well wishes for the new year. What a great way to start the year right!

Creative Chinese New Year red packet designs (2024): Material

7. Silk Embroidery Red Packet

Silk Embroidery Red Packet
(Credit: HLLEE)

The Silk Embroidery Red Packet (available on HLLEE) speaks atas in volumes! The material, coupled with its intricate embroidery patterns, isn’t just elegant. They’re giving sophisticated, refined and stylish vibes! Moreover, this Chinese New Year red packet design is one of our favourites because it doesn’t wear down easily. Unlike paper, the silk material maintains the integrity of the ang bao’s structure. This silk red packet is crease resistant as well, so it’ll always be in pristine condition for use next year!

8. Satin Red Packet

Satin Red Packet
(Credit: Craftwerkz Pte Ltd)

Another one of the most creative red packet designs is one that’s made with brocade fabric. This Satin Red Packet (available on Craftwerkz Pte Ltd) in particular was made entirely by hand and sport delicate embroidery patterns.  It may be slightly more costly, but we’re sure the intricate details on this red packet will prove to be worth the price!Whoever’s receiving your ang bao is going to be in for a treat with receive these satin red packets

Creative Chinese New Year red packet designs in 2024: Size

9. Mini Red Packet

creative red packet designs Mini Red Packet

Red packets can be a hassle to carry around, especially when you’ve got some mandarin oranges in tow. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the tradition! Keep CNY alive with creative designs like this Mini Red Packet (available on You can still fit dollar bills in, but why not print out a QR code so people can access their ang bao via e-payment methods!

10. Big Red Envelope

Big Red Envelope

Got relatives that are asking for a bigger ang bao this year? Fulfil their wishes with this Big Red Envelope (available on! We’re sure this is one creative red packet design that will blow their minds. Fill it with more money, some greeting cards and maybe even little pieces of candy for your adorable nieces and nephews. We’re sure your loved ones will be more than delighted with this big red envelope!

11. Blind Box Red Packet

Blind Box creative red packet designs 2024
(Credit: LHSG.SG)

While many are into collecting blind boxes like the best POP MART figurines, you can also create your very own this Chinese New Year! These Blind Box Red Packets (available on LHSG.SG) are a great way to inject some fun into CNY gatherings. Place different amounts of money into each red packet and fan it out in your hand. Then, let everyone take turns to pick one red packet and whichever they choose is what they’ll end up with! But what we love most about this creative red packet design is how there’s no need to think about how much money you have to give each person. It saves you more time to dress up and look good as you head out for visitation!

Creative Chinese New Year red packet designs (2024): Others

12. Animated Red Packet

Animated creative red packet designs 2024

We never knew red packet designs could be moving till we saw this. The Animated Red Packet (available on has a small window that features animation that “moves” across a lantern. However, there isn’t a need for batteries. The illustration is animated depending on your viewing angle and how you tilt the red packet. So tilt it back and forth to see the animations. Choose from creative CNY red packet designs that bring wishes of prosperity and wealth, or go for one with a rabbit hopping away!

13. Surname Red Packet


Surname Red Packet
(Credit: Yiren Shopping Store)

Want others to remember who gave them that big fat ang bao? Make sure to give yourself credit by having your surname printed on one of the most creative red packet designs! Each Surname Red Packet (available on Yiren Shopping Store) is embossed with wishes of luck. And right in the middle is where your surname takes centre stage. So there’s no way anyone would forget that you’ve brought them tons of fortune and wealth in the new year!

What are the different types of creative CNY red packet designs?

types of creative CNY red packet designs
(Credit: CHUTTERSNAP / Unsplash)

There are all sorts of red packets in different shapes, sizes, colours and more. But here are some of the main types of creative red packet designs: 

  • Shape

Red packets are usually square or rectangular, but more creative designs have taken on unique shapes. For instance, you’d see some red packets shaped like Zodiac animals or some items that symbolise prosperity – such as gold ingots, flowers, and more! 

  • Material

Instead of paper, creative red packets these days are designed using cloth too. Some common types of cloth fabric include silk and satin. These are soft and smooth, adding a glowy sheen to red packets.  

  • Size

You may wonder about this but there is a very obvious size difference when it comes to certain red packet designs. While most red packets fit just right in your palm, there are some that are larger than that. Read on to see these creative Chinese New Year red packet designs for yourself! 

Flaunt the huat with creative CNY red packet designs (2024)

Leave an impression on others this CNY with the most unique and creative red packet designs! Remember to check ang bao rates and also dress the part in the best modern cheongsams. It’s also time to whip out your best steamboat pots and get ready to organise your hotpot gathering. Head over to our CNY sale to catch festive promotions too!