27 Jolly Christmas Costumes For A Ho-Some Time

girl in santa claus costume holding binoculaurs

Halloween may be over but if you can’t get enough of dressing up, Christmas jamborees are your next opportunity. As we countdown till the days when Santa Claus comes to town, spice up your wardrobe with festive costumes that’ll bring you joy. From iconic characters to festive legends we’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up these Christmas costume ideas that will make an entrance when you arrive at the party. Psst, we’ve included costumes for your kids and fur pals as well!

Christmas costume ideas in Singapore: Festive legends and icons

1. Santa Claus

man in santa claus costume and a boy
(Credit: __ drz __ / Unsplash)

“You better watch out, you better not cry. Better not pout I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town!” Parents, dress up in this Santa Claus Costume (available on CATZSG) to let your kids revel in the magic of Christmas and its festive legends. While you might not be able to come down through the chimney, presents are a must in this season of giving! Apart from a fake white beard, wear a pair of Thin Framed Glasses (available on hailie.sg) to complete your Santa Claus costume! It’s one of the most classic Christmas costume ideas to try in Singapore.

2. Christmas elves

christmas elf costume for men and women
(Credit: Fighting1983)

No matter how efficient, Santa Claus won’t be able to make it in time for Christmas without his trusty elves! This Yuletide, dress up in this Christmas Elf Costume (available on Fighting1983) which is in the most Christmassy shade of green, red, gold, and white! We also love the candy cane buttons that absolutely tie in the look. With this Christmas costume idea, you can match with your kids as well with this Christmas Elf Costume For Kids (available on MKids Paradise) as you celebrate the season as a family!

3. Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer

christmas costume ideas reindeer outfit
(Credit: yade.sg)

And for transport, Santa needs his beautiful reindeers! And there’s no reindeer more iconic than Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. If you love this Christmas icon, wear this Reindeer Onesie (available on yade. sg) and a red clown nose (available on dijonfg.sg) to get the perfect DIY Rudolf getup. The onesie itself is super soft and comfortable as well! But do you know what would be absolutely adorable? It’s if you get your children to twin with you in this Rudolph Reindeer Costume For Kids (available on Absolute Costumez) as well! 

4. The Grinch

the grinch costume with mask christmas costume ideas
(Credit: OEBLD Factory)

Not interested in dressing up as a conventional character? Ramp up the fun and excitement at your Christmas party with this classic festive costume idea! Cue The Grinch costume (available on OEBLD Factory) – the character from the iconic Dr Seuss book How The Grinch Stole Christmas. This The Grinch Costume is complete with the face mask as well, so you won’t have to buy it separately. You can even have a themed party with the book’s plot as a backdrop, and let your participants play games to protect their Christmas!

5. Christmas tree

christmas costume ideas christmas tree costume
(Credit: wunit.sg, Lolanta.sg)

On a typical day, “you dress like a Christmas tree” may not be meant as a compliment. But that won’t be the case during this jolly season! It’s time to go all out with colourful costume ideas like this Christmas Tree Costume (available on wunit.sg) that comes with a mistletoe hat, and sizes for both kids and adults too. If you really want to make an entrance, then we suggest opting for this Inflatable Christmas Tree Costume (available on Lolanta.sg) that’ll definitely be the centre of attention at any party. There’s also funny Christmas tree costume ideas for kids like this Christmas Tree Kids Costume (available on Absolute Costumez) for a matchy family outfit!

6. Festive food

lady in rainbow cake costume and man in beer costume
(Credit: yade.sg)

Festive lights, tunes, and gifts may be amazing enough, but Christmas is never complete without a huge feast. And if you’re looking for Christmas costume ideas, here’s a costume that will make you a snacc, literally. Whether you choose the Beer Costume or this Rainbow Cake Costume (both available on yade.sg), these funny food-related Christmas costume ideas are OTT but definitely worth it for the laughs. 

Christmas costume ideas in Singapore: movie characters

7. Rise Of The Guardians: Jack Frost

christmas costume ideas jack frost from rise of the guardians
(Credit: Jack Frost / Facebook, fxxtory3q.sg)

Rise Of The Guardians is one of the most iconic Christmas movies which follows Jack Frost’s adventures with Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny to protect the world against evil and darkness. This Christmas, take a leaf out of this magical story with a DIY Jack Frost costume idea. All you need is a plain Blue Hoodie (available on GSMILE SHOP) and a pair of skinny jeans. If you’re game, splatter some white paint on your hoodie to recreate Jack Frost’s outfit to a T. The trick to do this is to dip a used toothbrush in white paint and use your fingers to brush through the bristles for a splatter effect. And to tie in this DIY Christmas costume idea, don this Short White Hair Wig (available on lifestone.sg) which is meant for Gojo Satoru – but it works for Jack Frost too.

8. Frozen: Princess Elsa (for kids)

frozen elsa blue gown with white fur collar
(Credit: seawolf012.sg)

It may not be a white Christmas here in Singapore, but you can let your little ones live their snowy, Disney princess dreams in this Elsa Party Dress (available on seawolf012.sg). The intricate snowflake details on this dress are mesmerising, to say the least, and the white fur collar will make your kids feel like they’re in winter wonderland. For the finishing touch, braid your girl’s hair the way Elsa did! There’s no question that this is one of the most popular Christmas costume ideas in Singapore.

9. Frozen: Olaf

christmas costume ideas olaf snowman onesies
(Credit: Costume Boutique, PATRIZIA)

Frozen’s Olaf is the new Frosty. He might be made of snow, but his personality is full of warmth – just like this Olaf Onesie (available on PATRIZIA) that would be perfect for a sleepover party this Christmas season! And of course, we’ve not forgotten the kids. If you have young ‘uns in the house, get the fuss-free Olaf Costume For Kids (available on Costume Boutique) or the Comfy Olaf Costume For Kids (available on Absolute Costumez) as a 2023 Christmas costume idea!

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Sally

sally costume the night before christmas costume ideas
(Credit: hananna.sg)

What would happen if Halloween and Christmas collided? Well, that’s what you’d find out if you watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. For a Christmas costume idea inspired by this 1993 film, we’d say go for skeletal reindeer Sally with the Sally Dress Costume (available on hananna.sg). It is colourful and festive, which totally fits the Christmas mood. For a more elaborate look, throw on a pair of black pointed boots, and use black face paint to recreate the stitches on her body. 

11. Harry Potter: Hogwarts student

harry potter costume hogwarts college uniform
(Credit: animes.sg)

Christmas is truly a magical season. And what better way to celebrate it than with a Harry Potter-themed party! Potterheads can don this Harry Potter College Uniform (available on animes.sg) to live their Hogwarts dreams. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw – take the sorting hat quiz to decide which house you belong to and choose your colours accordingly! In terms of costume size, you can pick options for kids 115cm and above as well, so your entire family can dress up in this Christmas costume idea together. 

12. The Incredibles: Frozone

frozone costume idea
(Credit: Pixar / Facebook, Bodycarver.sg, plaincampaign, Blinkvision.sg, 2019QZQ.sg, youbyeolna.kr)
While Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, and their family might be at the centre of The Incredibles franchise, the ice-spewing hero Frozone is equally as iconic. His “chill” personality and strong morals easily earned him a place in the hearts of fans. Not only is he a great character, but he also inspires an easy DIY Christmas costume idea for Singapore’s weather! Unlike Elsa’s dress or Santa Claus’ robes, this one isn’t heavy or thick enough to make you break out in a sweat. 

You simply need a thin, blue yoga jumpsuit (available on Bodycarver.sg) and blue long sleeve T-Shirt (available on plaincampaign), futuristic sunglasses (available on Blinkvision.sg), and a pair of white Chelsea boots (available on youbyeolna.kr). Complete the entire set with a pair of white gloves (available on 2019QZQ.sg), and you’re good to go!

13. Smallfoot and Abominable: Yetis

yeti costume idea
(Credit: SMALLFOOT Movie / Facebook, Anime cosplay shop, Nubworkz.SG)

This next DIY Christmas costume will need you to get your hands a little dirty – don’t worry, it’s not actual dirt. But you will need to prepare a gorilla costume (available on Anime cosplay shop) and white primer spray (available on Nubworkz.SG) to achieve the look. Inspired by recent Yeti animations like Smallfoot and Abominable, this DIY project requires you to spray down the black gorilla suit and turn it white. Then, you just need to growl at anyone who looks your way to play the part! This is one Christmas costume idea that allows you to embrace the wintry holiday spirit, albeit in a tropical country.

14. Home Alone: Kevin and the Wet Bandits

home alone kevin and the wer bandits
(Credit: Home Alone, Home Alone / Facebook)

Home Alone is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and beloved Christmas films of all time! Whether it’s the Tom-and-Jerry style humour or the emotional scenes, it’s a show that can be enjoyed by all ages. In fact, we’ve got just the idea for a parent-child Christmas costume – Kevin McCallister and the Wet Bandits! The daddies can dress up as Marv, the taller of the two – he’s usually seen clad in a brown wool coat (available on Zekai Fashion Men’s Wardrobe). On the other hand, the mommies can slap on a black trench coat (available on sevencolorslife.sg) to start on the Harry look. You can even stick some white feathers (available on OhhWoo.sg) onto a black beanie (available on bloods.marketplace.sg) to recreate the hilarious blowtorch scene from Home Alone 1!

Now, it’s the kiddos’ turn. To DIY a Kevin McCallister Christmas costume, you simply need a kid’s red sweatshirt (available on H&M Official) and kid’s cargo pants (available on Hoholla). Together with the all-new ‘Wet Bandits’, reenact the antics from the Home Alone movie as a family – we’re sure this Christmas costume idea’s going to give you a good laugh. 

Christmas costume ideas in Singapore: TV shows

15. Game of Thrones: The Night King

christmas costume ideas the night king
(Credit: HBO Asia / Facebook, Wu Ke Mana’s store, Staybb.sg, Art Friend SG Official Store)
Winter is coming. One of the most recognisable and chilling characters in the famed Game of Thrones series, the Night King rules the nightwalkers and aims to create “an endless night”. Not only is this one of the coolest Christmas costume ideas, but it’s definitely one of the more unconventional ones. However, if you have the guts to put on this guise, here’s how you can DIY this Christmas costume idea. 

Start with The Night King mask (available on Wu Ke Mana’s store), the most integral part of the entire outfit. It’s got just the right amount of rough ridges and a pale blue hue to make you look exactly like a white walker. Pair this with medieval armour (available on Staybb.sg) and you’ll be looking as fearsome as the Night King riding Viserion at the end of GOT Season 7! Of course, you can also get some blue body paint (available on Art Friend SG Official Store) to match the rest of your appendages and neck to the colour of the mask

16. Batman: The Animated Series: Mr. Freeze

christmas costume ideas mr freeze
(Credit: Art Friend SG Official Store, Batman: The Animated Series / Facebook, Wylde’s Shop, NickBigSaleShop.sg, yatingshop.sg)yatingshop.sg)

(Credit: Art Friend SG Official Store, Batman: The Animated Series / Facebook, Wylde’s Shop, NickBigSaleShop.sg, yatingshop.sg)

Want to find a Christmas costume idea with a sinister twist? Mr. Freeze is the villain of this holly jolly Christmas! Although it might have been a bit of a challenge initially, we’ve come through with a list of ingredients you’ll need. To replicate the suit that keeps Mr. Freeze at sub-zero temperatures, the closest thing you’ve got is a blue space suit (available on NickBigSaleShop.sg). Ironically, we’re quite sure that you’ll probably be sweating buckets inside. 

DIY the rest of this Christmas costume idea with a pair of red round sunglasses (available on yatingshop.sg) and a water pistol (available on Wylde’s Shop) to spray your enemies with! To top it all off, emulate this DC villain’s icy skin with metallic face paint (available on Art Friend SG Official Store) and you’re all set!

17. Adventure Time: Ice King

christmas costume ideas ice king
(Credit: Matt Hassler / Facebook, visiontecphty.sg, Alasuo1.sg, Art Friend SG Official Store, Multi Stationery)

Known for its whimsical and surreal humour, Adventure Time is an animated series that’s watched by kids all over the world. In fact, we’re sure you’ve heard of or at least seen the Ice King before. This eccentric character can be brought to life with the help of a blue medieval wizard cloak (available on visiontecphty.sg), a fake white beard (available on Alasuo1.sg), and some metallic face paint. But this DIY Christmas costume idea won’t be complete without the heavy crown that the Ice King wears! Simply fashion a makeshift crown out of some red and yellow A4 construction paper (available on Multi Stationery). 

Christmas costume ideas in Singapore: Video games

18. Genshin Impact: Kaeya

kaeya costume idea
(Credit: Barflin Fashion)

If you’re a fan of the highly popular Genshin Impact, you’ll definitely be familiar with the character, Kaeya. The outwardly confident and charming cyromancer is one of the first few characters to be unlocked in the video game. He’s usually seen with a light fur coat, long blue locks, and a lone patch over his right eye. You can also look exactly like him for this year’s Christmas parties with this Kaeya costume (available on Barflin Fashion). But fair warning – we can’t guarantee that this skin-tight Christmas costume is made for Singapore weather. However, our weather is typically cooler around this time of year!

19. Genshin Impact: Qiqi

qiqi costume idea
(Credit: Eatop2)

(Credit: Eatop2)

For those who think Genshin Impact’s Qiqi looks like a jiangshi or Chinese vampire, you’re not wrong! She looks just like one with this Qing Dynasty uniform and the talisman stuck to her head. Other than the fact that Qiqi’s undead, she’s also known for being a great healer and Cyro character in the game! Fans of Qiqi can cosplay as her with this Qiqi costume (available on Eatop2) this Christmas. It’s definitely going to be a hauntingly adorable Christmas outfit to wear in Singapore!

20. Mortal Kombat: Sub-Zero

sub zero costume idea
(Credit: Mortal Kombat / Facebook, jizhidi.sg, taogai.sg)

Inspired by Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat is an electronic fighting game that’s known for it’s brutal and gruesome finishing moves, known as “Fatalities”. In fact, the game’s signature character, Sub-Zero has one of the best Fatalities, including moves like “The Spinal Rip” and “Taking Out The Entire Skeleton”. Dress up as Sub-Zero and practice some of his chilly stances with this Sub-Zero suit (available on taogai.sg) and Sub-Zero mask (available on jizhidi.sg). It’s one of the easiest Christmas costume ideas in Singapore!

21. Final Fantasy XIII: Snow Villiers

christmas costume ideas snow villiers
(Credit: leonchiro / Instagram, Musion.sg, befoyis.sg, lloyd.sg, targetshoecenter, Dawner.sg)

Another video game character that you can dress up as for this Christmas would be Snow Villiers. While he might look a lil’ rough around the edges, Snow is said to be overly upbeat and virtuous. He also happens to be one of the best and most helpful sentinels from the Final Fantasy games franchise! 

Make an entrance at the next Christmas party with this unique costume idea. You’ll need a black bandana (available on Musion.sg), blonde wig (available on lloyd.sg), beige trench coat (available on befoyis.sg), neutral-coloured trousers (available on Dawner.sg), and some black military boots (available on targetshoecenter)! Simply wrap the bandana around your blonde hair and you’ll be good to go.

Christmas costume ideas in Singapore for babies

22. Newborn rompers

newborn christmas costume ideas elf, santa, and snowman
(Credit: ESugarのStore)

Apart from Halloween, Christmas is the best time to dress your newborn up in adorable or funny baby Christmas costumes and snap endless pictures for the memories. This Newborn Romper Costume (available on ESugarのStore) offers designs for the Christmas elf, snowman, and Santa Claus. How cute would it be to have your little bubs pose as Santa, or Frosty? We’re definitely not missing the chance to try out these adorable Christmas costume ideas!

23. “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Rompers

christmas costume ideas ugly sweater romper

Ever heard of the “ugly Christmas sweater” tradition? It’s a seasonal Christmas joke where families battle out with one another on who wears the most aesthetically loud sweaters. These sweaters typically sport excessive or clashing Christmas patterns but have become a costume idea that people have now grown fond of. This Christmas, your little babies can also join in on the festive cheer with these ugly Christmas rompers (available on SANLUTOZ SG)!

BONUS: Christmas costume ideas in Singapore for your fur kids

24. Pet Christmas hats and bibs

teddy pomeranians in christmas and reindeer hats
(Credit: volcanic.sg)

Let your fur pals join in the festive fun as well with funny Christmas costumes for pets! This Pet Hat And Towel Bib (available on volcanic.sg) has both red reindeer designs and green Christmas tree designs. It is perfect for Teddy Pomeranians as the hats would fit nicely on their small heads. It’s the perfect Christmas costume idea for miniature pets in Singapore!

25. Pet Christmas cloaks

dog in red santa cloak and cat in christmas tree cloak
(Credit: mocho.sg, TAMMY.sg)

Cloaks are another popular pet costume option for Christmas as they are easier to put on than a shirt and don’t feel too tight on them! This funny and adorable Christmas Tree Cape (available on TAMMY.sg) and the Red Cloak and Santa Hat Set (available on mocho.sg) works for both felines and canines alike! Try out this Christmas costume idea for pets this 2023!

26. Pet Christmas cosplay suits

christmas costume ideas cosplay costume
(Credit: doreen1.sg)

By now, we’re sure that you’ve seen those viral TikToks where people dress their pets up in Halloween Chucky costumes to scare the hell out of their friends. Well, we’ve got something just like that for Christmas this year! Transform your lovely pups and kitties into Santa Clauses and Christmas elves with this pet Christmas cosplay costume (available on doreen1.sg). We guarantee that they’ll look both hilarious and adorable running around in these humanoid costumes!

27. Pet Christmas bandanas

christmas costume ideas pet bandana
(Credit: ILOVEDIY:SuperMarket)

Tis the season to go all out for pet costumes! While this next Christmas costume idea for pets isn’t as creative or impressive, it’s definitely going to make you fall in love with them all over again. Get your pets to look their best with this assortment of Christmas-themed bandanas (available on ILOVEDIY:SuperMarket) – it’s so that they can join in on the holiday magic too!

Sleigh your party getup with these Christmas costume ideas

Whether you’re eying the adorable Olaf costume or the funny Christmas tree costume, put together your favourite dress-up ideas that’ll bring joy to any gathering. Meanwhile, deck your homes with these Christmas decoration ideas and shake up the festive mood with the best instant hot chocolate in Singapore! Don’t forget to shop early for your gifts as well. Need inspiration? Check out our list of the ultimate Christmas gift ideas and Secret Santa gift ideas! Just remember to cop deals on all you need for your home during our 11.11 Big Sale this year!

This article was updated on 3 November 2023. Additional research done by Foo Pei Shi.