63 Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 That Will Fit All Budgets

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We may be celebrating a very different Christmas this year but don’t let it be any less exciting. One way to make things extra special is by putting in more thought in your  Christmas gift ideas for 2020! Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge on someone dear, we’ve got you covered with our list of gift ideas for different spending appetites!

Our Recommendations

2020 Christmas gift ideas under $10

1.  Personalised Name Necklace ($8.76)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore personalised name necklace
(Credit: sgliao.sg)

Who doesn’t love a customised gift? This personalised name necklace (available on sgliao.sg) allows you to include the name of your loved one for a truly special gift. The necklace is also made from 304 stainless steel that is durable and resistant to rust so you can trust in its quality. Available in four chain lengths and three colours, this is a budget Christmas gift idea in 2020 that’s suitable for all your female friends and colleagues.

2. Xiang Piao Piao Assorted Milk Tea ($1.80)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore cheap xiang piao piao milk tea
(Credit: The food home)

If there’s one drink most Singaporeans adore, it’s definitely bubble tea! But what happens when you can’t get your bubble tea fix late at night? Then you’ve got to go for some instant milk tea alternatives such as the Xiang Piao Piao Assorted Milk Tea (available on
) which contains chewy nata de coco as a delicious alternative to pearls. Treat someone special to a cup of milk tea this Christmas!

3. Christmas Nail Strips ($5.03)

christmas gift guide budget singapore 2020 nail strip design
(Credit: Super gogo)

These cute  Christmas themed nail stickers (available on Super gogo) are bound to make anyone’s day and put a smile on their face! This budget Christmas gift idea for 2020 will make a great Christmas stocking stuffer too! It will also be a perfect bonding activity with your friends as you stick them on together during the Christmas gathering.

4. Baby Silicone Teethers ($5.32)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 baby silicone teether
(Credit: mamimamihome.sg)

These adorable Baby Silicone Teethers (available on mamimamihome.sg) are bound to brighten up any toddler’s day during Christmas! We suggest going for the gingerbread man baby silicone teether to keep to the festive theme! They also come with a clip to secure on your baby’s clothes so they remain within reach at all times.

5. Revolution Mini Brush Set ($7.74)

budget christmas gift idea singapore 2020 revolution mini brush set
(Credit: Laycy Official Store)

How pretty is this Revolution Mini Brush Set (available on Laycy Official Store)? These sparkly makeup brushes come in a set of three and is truly a steal at just $7.74! We especially adore the glitzy golden handles that screams Christmas! 

6. Avene Thermal Spring Water Face Mist ($8.59)

budget christmas gift idea 2020 singapore eau thermale avene spring water face mist
(Credit: Eau Thermale Avène Official Store)

The Avene Thermal Spring Water Face Mist (available on Eau Thermale Avène Official Store) makes for a great 2020 budget Christmas gift idea for your girl pals and your female colleagues (even your boss)! This face mist helps to soothe and moisturise sensitive skin and also acts as a quick makeup refresh after a long day in the office. Plus, the travel-sized can is perfect to throw into your handbag.

7. MyEureka Gourmet Popcorn ($8.70)

christmas gift ideas 2019 under $20 singapore myeureka gourmet popcorn dark chocolate
(Credit: S-Mart by Shopee)

When it comes to brainstorming for budget Christmas gift ideas in 2020, you can never really go wrong with food. MyEureka Gourmet Popcorns are one of the most popular snacks this year and it’s easy to see why. They come in an extensive range of flavours and boast irresistible crunchiness! This Christmas, try the MyEureka Dark Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn (available on S-Mart by Shopee) to have a taste of its chocolatey goodness!

8. Mini Jewellery Box ($9.43)

(Credit: lavi.sg)

Another great budget Christmas gift idea for 2020 is this multi-functional Mini Jewellery Box (available on lavi.sg). It’s able to store all sorts of accessories, from earrings, rings, bracelets, to even watches! The storage compartment within is adjustable, so you can arrange your accessories however you wish to. The best part? The size makes it super portable and would make a very useful gift for that friend who loves using accessories in their everyday look.

9. DRSKIN Men’s Real Compression Gym Tights ($9.99)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 drskin men real compression gym tights
(Credit: DRSKIN.kr)

It can be tricky coming up with a budget Christmas gift idea for 2020 for your fitspo friend. Fret not, the DRSKIN Men’s Real Compression Gym Tights (available on DRSKIN.kr) is a perfect Christmas present especially for those who gym, cycle or play ball games. It reduces muscle fatigue and enhances performance while on the field!

2020 Christmas gift ideas under $20

10. Ubersuave Original Hair Wax ($11.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 ubersuave original hair wax men
(Credit: SGPomades Mens Grooming)

Running out of budget 2020 Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend? Why not take this chance to stock up on his favourite hair wax! The Ubersuave Original Hair Wax (available on SGPomades Mens Grooming) is widely popular among Singaporean men thanks to its perfect matte finish and superb hold in our humid climate. 

11. MUJI Aroma Stone ($12.90)

budget christmas gift idea 2020 singapore muji aroma stone aromatherapy
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Know of someone who needs a little pick-me-up? Aromatherapy is a great method to elevate moods and calm the mind. The MUJI Aroma Stone (available on MUJI Official Store) is  an ideal budget Christmas gift idea for 2020. Simply drip a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the stone and the unglazed pottery will dissipate the scent subtly through your room. Meanwhile, check out other popular MUJI products to create a MUJI-style dream home!

12. The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA ($13.10)

budget christmas gift idea 2020 singapore the ordinary natural moisturising factors + HA
(Credit: NANA MALL)

Skincare products are always a good choice if you’re buying a Christmas gift for your girlfriend. But what happens when you’re unsure of her skin type? Fret not, you won’t go wrong with The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA (available on NANA MALL) which works for all skin types! This lightweight moisturiser will keep her skin hydrated and supple all day without feeling greasy.

13. Pritech Ionic Hair Brush ($13.36)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 pritech ionic hair brush
(Credit: PRITECH Official Store)

The Pritech Ionic Hair Brush (available on PRITECH Official Store) releases negative ions to create smooth and shiny locks. Whether it’s meant for your mother, wife or female colleague, this is one of the best budget Christmas gift ideas for 2020 that they will definitely love. 

14. Table Matters Ripple Collection Rectangular Plate ($13.60)

budget christmas gift idea 2020 singapore table matters ripple collection rectangular plate
(Credit: Table Matters Official Store)

While cookware and appliances are good 2020 Christmas gift ideas for the chef at home, they can get quite pricey. If you’re on a tighter budget but would still like to get a nice gift for the cooking enthusiast, consider tableware instead! The Table Matters Ripple Collection Rectangular Plate (available on Table Matters Official Store) will be a beautiful addition to his or her tableware collection. The larger-sized plate will also make for a great serving dish at the Christmas party!

15. Moving Peach Fitness Tank Top ($14)

2020 budget christmas gift idea singapore moving peach fitness tank top
(Credit: Moving Peach Official Store)

Made a friend at your HIIT class and would like to surprise her this Christmas? The Moving Peach Fitness Tank Top (available on Moving Peach Official Store) will fit the bill as a thoughtful yet budget-friendly 2020 Christmas gift idea! It can be worn two ways — as a loose tank top with a high-slit back or a cropped top by tying the back together. Check out other affordable activewear brands to work out in style without breaking the bank! 

16. MINISO Fairy Shoulder Bag ($14.23)

2020 budget christmas gift idea singapore miniso fairy shoulder bag scarf pink
(Credit: Miniso Singapore Official Store)

Similar to shoes and clothes, girls can never get enough of bags! If you’re looking for a budget Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend, you won’t go wrong with the MINISO Fairy Shoulder Bag (available on Miniso Singapore Official Store). Despite its relatively simple design, the matching scarf tied at the handle makes the bag stylish and sophisticated. Your girlfriend will definitely be impressed with your fashion taste! 

17. LEGO Friends Emma’s Summer Play Cube ($14.90)

budget christmas gift idea 2020 for kids lego friends emma's summer play cube
(Credit: Lego Official Store)

When it comes to buying gifts for kids, LEGO is a great place to start! The adorable LEGO Friends Emma’s Summer Play Cube (available on Toy Station Official Store) will definitely leave your little one squealing in delight with loads of pocket-sized fun! Unleash your child’s creativity with the complimentary stickers that can be used to decorate the Play Cube. With 51 brick pieces included, your child can learn how to construct the sand castle for Emma and her mystery sea creature friend!

18. Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag ($14.90)

budget christmas gift idea 2020 boyfriend husband anti-theft shoulder bag
(Credit: Spark HD)

The Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag (available on Spark HD) is one of the best budget Christmas gift ideas in 2020 for friends and family! The bag is designed with hidden zippers and made of cut-resistant fabric to keep your belongings safe no matter where you go. And when we’re allowed to travel again, you’ll find this bag is the perfect companion with its safety features and spacious interiors that can hold even your digital camera!

19. Perfect Diary Star Light Palette ($15.90)

budget christmas gift idea 2020 beauty perfect diary star light palette
(Credit: Perfect Diary Official Shop)

Get the limited edition Perfect Diary Star Light Palette (available on Perfect Diary Official Shop) in time for your girlfriend to doll herself up for your Christmas dinner date! The palette comes with six eyeshadow shades alongside a blush and a highlighter.If your girlfriend is a makeup junkie, consider getting other Perfect Diary and Zeesea makeup items!

20. Ultrasonic Air Humidifier ($16.72)

(Credit: uuqchrissie.sg)

Humidifiers are a wonderful 2020 Christmas gift idea for those on a budget! Your loved ones can place it in the office or next to their bedside to keep their skin moisturised in an air conditioned environment. The Ultrasonic Air Humidifier (available on uuqchrissie.sg) has seven different LED light colours that will create a warm atmosphere and serve as a pretty night light for bedtime. Check out some of the best humidifiers in Singapore that’ll help improve air quality in your homes and offices!

21. Grafen Root Booster Shampoo ($19.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 grafen root booster shampoo anti hair loss
(Credit: GRAFEN.kr)

Dying or perming your hair may cause damage to the hair follicles and result in hair loss. If you know of someone who suffers from hair loss, get them the Grafen Root Booster Shampoo (available on GRAFEN.kr) for Christmas! It contains 22 types of amino acids to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

2020 Christmas gift ideas under $30

22. The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal Card Game ($20)

2020 christmas gift idea the singaporean dream card game new normal
(Credit: The Singaporean Dream)

Are you and your friends huge fans of the original The Singaporean Dream Card Game (available on RPG – Right Place for Gadgets)? If so, you’ve got to get your friends the latest edition The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal Card Game (available on The Singaporean Dream)! This fun Christmas gift idea for 2020 makes reference to hilarious local jokes and is adapted to suit our new normal situation. You’ll find relatable characters such as the Safe Distancing Officer and interesting dreams like finding a vaccine and gathering with more than five friends. This game will definitely fill your Christmas night with hysterical laughter!

23. Bee Cheng Hiang Sliced Chicken Bakkwa ($21)

christmas gift idea bee cheng hiang sliced chicken bakkwa
(Credit: Bee Cheng Hiang Official Store)

One of the more unconventional Christmas gift ideas for 2020 is bakkwa, a well-loved barbequed snack for all ages. While bakkwa is more commonly seen during Chinese New Year, it doesn’t mean it won’t make a good Christmas gift! The Bee Cheng Hiang Sliced Chicken Bakkwa (available on Bee Cheng Hiang Official Store) are vacuum-packed to retain freshness and moisture. Additionally, they make for a healthier snack as they contain no artificial preservatives, colouring or MSG.

24. Disney The True Original Mickey Night Light ($23.70)


Diehard Mickey fans, rejoice! This cute Mickey Mouse Christmas Set (available on HOUSE OF MR POPCORN) is the perfect 2020 Christmas gift idea for Disney fans. While it can illuminate the room at night, it also serves as cute home decor when not in use. Looking for Christmas presents for your favourite couple? Why not get them the Mickey night light and the Minnie Mouse Christmas Set (available on HOUSE OF MR POPCORN) to go as a pair!

25. Mosimosi Air Purifier ($21.20)

christmas gift idea 2020 mosimosi air purifier
(Credit: S VIP)

Know of someone who’s prone to allergies and suffers from a stuffy nose? The Mosimosi Air Purifier (available on S VIP Store) will be a thoughtful Christmas gift idea this 2020! It contains a triple composite filter that can effectively remove airborne allergens, dust and pollutants. Enjoy better indoor air quality with an air purifier today!

26. Cornell Personal Blender On The Go ($28.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 cornell personal blender on the go
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official)

Know someone who’s all about healthy eating? Then, the Cornell Personal Blender On The Go (available on Cornell Singapore Official) is one of the most ideal Christmas gift ideas for 2020! Whether it’s a fruit smoothie or vegetable blend, you can create your own smoothie recipe with this blender. Additionally, it’s also a handy tool for parents who’re looking to make delicious and healthy baby food! For more blender recommendations, check out our list of best blenders for smoothies.

27. Retro Arcade Multi-Player Console ($29.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 retro arcade multi-player console
(Credit: Cool Stash)

What can be a better Christmas gift for an avid gamer than a Retro Arcade Multi-Player Console (available on Cool Stash)? Despite its low resolution and compact size, the console can store 360 fun retro games to keep you entertained for hours on end. Moreover, it comes with two additional consoles so the whole family can join in!

28. Gloria Earrings Set ($29.95)

christmas gift idea 2020 gloria earrings set swarovski her jewellery
(Credit: Her Jewellery Official Store)

Girls can never have enough accessories, which is why you won’t go wrong with this Gloria Earrings Set (available on Her Jewellery Official Store) that will make for a great Christmas present for your girlfriend, sister or Mom! The best part about this set of bling is that they can be mixed and matched to create different looks. Wear the Swarovski gemstones alone or slot them through the crystal floral plate for a completely different design! Additionally, the earrings are hypoallergenic so you need not worry about skin irritation.

2020 Christmas gift ideas under $40

29. Bath & Body Works Scented Candle ($37.80)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore bath and body works scented candles
(Credit: love.hair.spa)

Warm the hearts and home of your loved ones with these Bath & Body Works Scented Candles (available on love.hair.spa). Feeling stressed recently? These scented candles can also help you calm your mind, ease anxiety, and reduce stress. And if not for that then they can always be used as aesthetic home decor item. 

30. OZUKO Men Backpack ($32.99)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore ozuko men backpack
(Credit: P&D Bag)

If you’re on the lookout for a backpack replacement, the OZUKO Men Backpack (available on P&D Bag) is a great option. This stylish backpack may look like a typical bag from the outside but it has a useful anti-theft design and features like external USB charging. Made from water resistant material that is durable and lightweight, this spacious backpack is undeniably one of the best budget Christmas gifts in 2020!

31. Cat Scratching Post ($31.75)

christmas gift idea 2020 cat scratching post pet
(Credit: beautybuy.sg)

When it comes to collating a list of Christmas gift ideas for 2020, we must not forget our furry pals. Mr Whiskers will be delighted to receive a new Cat Scratching Post (available on beautybuy.sg) this holiday. This sturdy setup comes with a scratch post and a cute hanging mouse to keep your kitty occupied all day!

32. OSULLOC Lovely Tea Box ($32.99)

christmas gift guide osulloc lovely tea box jeju korea
(Credit: Tea from Jeju since 1979, marketkueen.sg)

A nice, hot cup of tea can boost your mood and warm up your heart! Make someone’s day this festive season with the OSULLOC Lovely Tea Box (available on marketkueen.sg)! Suitable for casual tea drinkers and even tea connoisseurs, this tea box set contains four varieties of Osulloc’s best teas. Namely Jeju Tangerine, Wedding Green Tea, Moonlight Walk and Jeju Orchid Aroma Green Tea. Plus, the set comes in a presentable pink gift box — a perfect last minute Christmas gift idea for 2020!

33. Anker Soundcore Ace A0 Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker ($34.30)

christmas gift guide anker soundcore ace a0 portable bluetooth mini speaker
(Credit: Anker Official Store Singapore)

Get the Christmas party started with this Anker Soundcore Ace A0 Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker (available on Anker Official Store Singapore)! Don’t judge a book by its cover, this tiny speaker features size-defying sound quality and volume. It also boasts a 4hour playtime so you can tune in to your favourite songs anytime, anywhere! 

34. Brewerkz Oatmeal Stout ($34.80)

brewerkz oatmeal stout craft beer christmas party
(Credit: Brewerkz Official Store)

Grab some Brewerkz Oatmeal Stout (available on Brewerkz Official Store) as a house gift to your friend who’s throwing a Christmas party for the crew! Brewerkz is known for their delicious craft beer and the Oatmeal Stout is no exception. Cheers to a burst of roasted coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours all blended into this silky smooth brew!

35. Metal Round LED Table Mirror ($37.67)

metal round led table mirror vanity
(Credit: Artboxmall)

Putting on makeup will never be the same again with the Metal Round LED Table Mirror (available on Artboxmall)! This mirror helps you apply your makeup flawlessly even in poor lighting conditions as it has its own LED built-in light. Additionally, you can flip the mirror around to reveal a five times magnified mirror for a more precise application. 

36. Philips Qi Wireless Charging Pad ($39)

christmas gift ideas 2019 philips qi wireless charging pad
(Credit: Philips Certified Sg)

A great accessory to have on the work desk or at home, the Philips Qi Wireless Charging Pad (available on Philips Official) is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for 2020 anyone will appreciate. Using Qi wireless technology, this charging pad is capable of 10W fast charging and keeps your devices running for hours on end!

37. Aroma Truffle Chips Bundle ($39.95)

christmas gift idea aroma truffle co. chips bundle
(Credit: Aroma Truffle & Co. Official Store)

Munching on the same pantry snacks can become boring after a while. Motivate your colleagues this Christmas by spicing up her personal snack collection with the Aroma Truffle Chips Bundle (available on Aroma Truffle & Co. Official Store)! Pick from a variety of flavours such as Original, Cheese or Honey Dijon. They are so crunchy and yummy, it’s almost impossible to stop snacking!

2020 Christmas gift ideas under $50

38. Herschel Roy Wallet ($43.11)

christmas present for brother boyfriend herschel roy wallet black
(Credit: Herschel Singapore Official Store)

Grab the classic Herschel Roy Wallet (available on Herschel Singapore Official Store) in black for your boyfriend or brother this Christmas! This simple yet functional design offers multiple card slots, perfect for storing cards and loose cash. It is also pocket size friendly and easy to bring around.

39. 3CE Multi Pot Palette ($44.10)

3ce multi pot palette eyeshadow blusher lip makeup
(Credit: 3CE Official Store)

Most boyfriends may not be certain about their girlfriend’s makeup preferences. Does she like neutral colours or brighter hues? Throw the guesswork out of the window with the 3CE Multi Pot Palette (available on 3CE Official Store)! This foolproof Christmas gift idea 2020 comes with six flattering shades ranging from nude pink to hot red. Moreover, this multi-purpose makeup palette can be used on the lips, cheeks and even as eyeshadow! 

40. Philips Sonicare Elite+ Sonic Electric Toothbrush ($43.40)

Philips Sonicare Elite+ Sonic Electric Toothbrush
(Credit: Philips Certified Sg)

Practical Christmas gift ideas are always a safe choice. The Philips Sonicare Elite+ Sonic Electric Toothbrush (available on Phillips Certified Sg) is made of ultra-fine soft bristles that are gentle on your gums. They can reach into the nooks and crannies between your teeth and together with the rapid sonic technology, can eliminate plaque to reveal a fresh and clean smile!

41. Braun Series 3 300s Electric Shaver for Men ($45)

christmas gift idea men braun series 3 300s electric shaver
(Credit: Impex SG)

Has dad been struggling with a manual razor? Help him maintain a clean shave with the Braun Series 3 300s Electric Shaver for Men (available on Impex SG) this festive season! This rechargeable shaver has a solid build with three pressure sensitive shaving elements for a comfortable yet precise shave. Best of all, it’s waterproof — perfect for using in the shower. 

42. Make Up Buddy ($48)

makeup buddy houze cosmetic organiser portable
(Credit: Houze Official Store)

Can’t stand the mess on your girlfriend’s vanity? Help organise her beauty products with the Make Up Buddy (available on Houze Official Store), a beautiful makeup organiser that comes with a single-tiered drawer and acrylic covered platform to display her beautiful fragrance bottles. This is one of the most useful Christmas gift ideas for 2020 as it has a large storage capacity to keep her vanity looking neat and clean. 

43. WHEELS Kinetic Lights Kids’ Scooter ($49.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 wheels kinetic lights kids scooter
(Credit: Juzz4Baby)

Has your little one been pestering you for a scooter for Christmas? Make your child’s dream come true with the WHEELS Kinetic Lights Kids’ Scooter (available on Juzz4Baby) which lights up as they scoot around! This scooter can be adjusted for children of age one to nine-years-old too so your little ones can share with their older siblings.

44. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest With Collagen ($49.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 kinohimitsu birds nest collagen
(Credit: Kinohimitsu)

Whether you’re pampering yourself or your mum, the Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest With Collagen (available on Kinohimitsu) is definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas for 2020. It targets signs of aging and promotes radiant complexion for a more youthful appearance. Moreover, it’s also beneficial for digestive and bone health.

Christmas gift ideas under $100

45. Skechers Women Bobs Flexpadrille 3.0 ($55)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore skechers women bobs flexpadrille 3.0
(Credit: Skechers Singapore Official Store)

This pair of Skechers Women Bobs Flexpadrille 3.0 (available on Skechers Singapore Official Store) is a great Christmas gift in 2020 for all busy mums. With air-cooled memory foam and a highly flexible midsole to provide all-day comfort, these comfortable and durable shoes are suitable for long walks. Combining fashion with function, your mum will surely love this budget Christmas gift. 

46. ADLV T-shirt ($69.70)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore adlv tshirt
(Credit: gumset_marhenj.kr)

Hop on to the latest fashion trend with this ADLV T-shirt (available on gumset_marhenj.kr) that has been spotted on many Korean celebrities. Thanks to its thick and superior quality, these comfortable and fashionable oversized T-shirts are loved by many. Suitable for both males and females, this is the perfect Christmas gift in 2020 if you want to transform into your favourite oppas and unnies!

47. Martell Tasting Kit ($78)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore martell tasting kit
(Credit: Pernod Ricard Official Store)

Looking for a gift for your drinking buddy? If they’re looking for something new to add to their alcohol collection then they’ll love this Martell Tasting Kit (available on Pernod Ricard Official Store)! Besides being a must-have 2020 Christmas gift idea for alcohol collectors, these 30ml bottles are also suitable for beginners to the world of whiskey and brandy.

48. PhotoCube ($79.88)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore photocube
(Credit: 3PM.SG 12BUY.SG)

Never deal with losing your precious photos with this handy Photocube (available on 3PM.SG 12BUY.SG) that auto backs up your pictures while charging your phone. Simply connect the PhotoCube to your phone or computer via a USB cable and your photos will be automatically saved into a microSD card reader that has a capacity of up to 2TB. Designed for both iOS and Android devices with a 12 months warranty, this is a practical Christmas gift idea in 2020 for anyone who loves snapping pictures!

49. Calvin Klein Men’s Faceted Buckle Belt ($60)

christmas gift ideas 2019 calvin klein men faceted buckle belt
(Credit: calvinkleinofficial.sg)

Show dad some love this Christmas with the fashionable Calvin Klein Men’s Faceted Buckle Belt (available on Calvin Klein Official Store). Whether he’s going to a work meeting or a family reunion, this belt will match all of dad’s outfits!

50. PROLiNK Full-HD Wireless IP Camera ($69)

christmas gift ideas 2019 prolink full hd wireless ip camera

With the ability to function both as a baby monitor and a home surveillance camera, the PROLiNK Full-HD Wireless IP Camera (available on PROLiNK OFFICIAL STORE) makes for one of the most useful Christmas gift ideas for your tech geek hubby. Enhance your home security system with its 130-degree wide-angle lens and smart motion detection. You can even connect it to your smartphone for remote surveillance.

51. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip ($79)

christmas gift ideas 2019 xiaomi amazfit bip smart watch
(Credit: CameraSG)

The Xiaomi Amazfit Bip (available on CameraSG) is a powerful smart watch that’s jam packed with many useful features such as GPS, heart rate monitor and various sports modes. But what makes this device different from other smart watches in Singapore is its superb battery life. The watch can last up to 45 days with every full charge, making this one of the most suitable Christmas gift ideas in 2020 for busy millennials.

52. Tefal Ingenio Expertise Wokpan ($79.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 tefal ingenio expertise wokpan
(Credit: Tefal Official Store)

The Tefal Ingenio Expert Wokpan (available on Tefal Official Store) is one of the most useful Christmas gift ideas in 2020 for cooking enthusiasts and new homeowners. Designed with a removable handle, you no longer have to worry about storing your cookware in awkward positions. Most importantly, with its Titanium Pro coating, you can be assured that the wok will last for many years to come!

53. YG-300 LCD Mini Projector ($99)

YG-300 LCD mini projector
(Credit: Sania.sg)

The YG-300 LCD Mini Projector (available on Sania.sg) will make a perfect 2020 Christmas gift idea for friends who are homebodies! Create a cinema-like atmosphere at home and gather your friends to come by and catch up on Netflix dramas or compete and see who can cook better over a game of Overcooked! Check out some other best projectors in Singapore to add to your entertainment room!

54. WONZOM Dumbbell Stool ($95)

gym buddy christmas gift wonzom dumbbell stool bench
(Credit: Wonzom Furniture Official Store)

Christmas is not a good reason to slack off from your fitness regime. However, it’s a good excuse to reward yourself with the WONZOM Dumbbell Stool (available on Wonzom Furniture Official Store)! Complete your home gym with this dumbbell stool and get all pumped up to do your bicep curls, bench press and bench jumps in the comfort of your own home. 

55. FILA Korea F Logo Side Split Midi Skirt ($69)

christmas present for her FILA Korea Collection F Logo Cotton Side Split Midi Skirt
(Credit: FILA Official Store)

As a fashionista, it may always be tempting  to update your wardrobe to the latest trending designs. Which is why you’ve got to get your hands on the latest FILA Korea F Logo Side Split Midi Skirt (available on FILA Official Store), especially if you’re into Korean fashion! Its simple yet stylish design means you can dress it up with a blouse or a go for the athleisure look with a hoodie.

56. Philips Moisture Protect Hairdryer ($109)

christmas gift ideas 2020 philips moisture protect hairdryer
(Credit: Philips Certified Store)

There’s no such thing as heat damage when it comes to the Philips Moisture Protect Hairdryer (available on Philips Certified Store). Designed with MoistureProtect technology which retains your hair’s natural moisture, your locks are guaranteed to look voluminous and shiny after a quick blow dry! For more recommendations, check out our list of best hair dryers for silky locks.

2020 Christmas gift ideas above $100

57. Timberland Men’s Brooklyn Boots ($174.30)

christmas gift ideas 2020 singapore timberland men's brooklyn boots
(Credit: Timberland Official Store)

Still looking for the perfect gift for your male friends this Christmas? This Timberland Men’s Brooklyn Boot (available on Timberland Official Store) is made from premium leather and is a practical gift that’s suitable for all men including those who have wider feet. With a rubber lug outsole and comfortable OrthoLite footbed, this is a firm under-tree favourite for anyone who likes to stay on top of the latest fashion trends.

58. Tamano Hikari Iwai “Celebrate” Junmai Ginjyo Sake ($128)

christmas gift idea tamano hikari iwai celebrate junmai ginjyo sake
(Credit: Sake Inn)

It’s always a good idea to give a bottle of premium sake as a Christmas present! The Tamano Hikari Iwai “Celebrate” Junmai Ginjyo Sake (available on Sake Inn) is brewed using Kyoto’s special Iwai sake rice. Its subtly sweet and elegant taste will make it the star of the Christmas feast!

59. OSIM uCozy 3D Neck And Shoulder Massager ($169)

christmas gift idea for parents osim ucozy 3d neck and shoulder massage
(Credit: OSIM Singapore Official Store)

Help to loosen the knots in your loved ones this Christmas with the OSIM uCozy 3D Neck And Shoulder Massager (available on OSIM Singapore Official Store). It features the new and improved 3D massage nodes that provides a deep tissue massage to effectively soothe any aches. While this product is designed primarily for neck and shoulders, you can also use it on your lower back, legs and arms to relieve any sores and pain! 

60. The Avengers Cosbaby ($170.91) 

the avengers cosbaby bobble head figurine marvel
(Credit: ActionCity Official Store)

Surprising a figurine collector for Christmas can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what characters he or she likes. But you probably won’t go wrong with The Avengers Cosbaby (available on ActionCity Official Store) — because who doesn’t like The Avengers? This figurine set contains six iconic characters from Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame movie including favourites like Captain America and Thor. Plus, there’s even an LED light up function in Iron Man! Did we also mention that these are bobble-head figurines? Showcase your powerful team on your car’s dashboard and watch as their heads jiggle to the speed of your vehicle! 

61. Apple AirPods Pro ($309)

apple airpods pro earpiece wireless headphones
(Credit: RPG – Right Place for Gadgets)

The Apple Airpods Pro (available on RPG – Right Place for Gadgets) is probably high up on many people’s wishlist this Christmas. Whether you’re out to pamper yourself or someone special, this smart gadget is a must-have for every Apple user! It connects seamlessly with most iOS devices and features the highly-raved noise-cancelling technology. Now you can drain out the commute noise and immerse yourself in your favourite tracks!

62. Dibea FC20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop ($333)

dibea fc20 cordless vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 vacuum and mop
(Credit: Dibea Singapore Official Store)

Lighten mum’s load for the new year by getting her the Dibea FC20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop (available on Dibea Singapore Official Store) for Christmas! This revolutionary cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a mop attachment and duo microfibre cloth powerful wiping system for spotlessly clean floor. 

63. Nintendo Switch Lite Console ($399)

christmas gift idea 2020 nintendo switch lite console
(Credit: RPG – Right Place for Gadgets)

The Nintendo Switch now comes in the lite version, perfect for handheld play. While it cannot be docked to the television, the Nintendo Switch Lite Console (available on RPG – Right Place for Gadgets) boasts a sleek design and is relatively lightweight compared to the Nintendo Switch. This is a great 2020 Christmas gift idea for anyone who’s an avid on-the-go gamer. Read more about this device on our Nintendo Switch Lite review and go the extra mile for your loved one by throwing in one of these best Nintendo Switch games as part of the gift!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

If you’ve yet to find the ideal present from our list of Christmas gift ideas 2020, why not treat your loved ones to one of these unique experiences for Christmas! Planning a secret santa party with your colleagues? Seek inspiration from our list of awesome secret Santa gifts that your co-workers will appreciate! Meanwhile, get the little ones involved in the festivities with these fun DIY Christmas card ideas for kids!

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