From Below $10: 43 Ultimate Christmas Gift Ideas For 2019

christmas gift ideas 2019 philips hair dryer razer firefly apple airpods cat tree grafen shampoo myeureka popcorn
(Credit: Philips Official, Razer Official Store, RPG - Right Place for Gadgets, thejoyland,, S-Mart by Shopee)

Are the Christmas party invites flooding in already? That means it’s time to brainstorm some Christmas gift ideas for 2019! Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge on someone dear, we’ve got you covered with our list of gift ideas for different budgets!

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Christmas gift ideas under $10

1. MyEureka Gourmet Popcorn ($8.70)

christmas gift ideas 2019 under $20 singapore myeureka gourmet popcorn dark chocolate
(Credit: S-Mart by Shopee)

When it comes brainstorming for Christmas gift ideas in 2019, you can never really go wrong with food. MyEureka Gourmet Popcorns are one of the most popular snacks this year and it’s easy to see why. They come in an extensive range of flavours and boast irresistible crunchiness! This Christmas, try the MyEureka Dark Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn (available on S-Mart by Shopee) to have a taste of its chocolatey goodness!

2. The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA ($9.89)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 the ordinary natural moisturising factors
(Credit: CosBlah)

Skincare products are always a good choice if you’re buying a Christmas gift for your girlfriend. But what happens when you’re unsure of her skin type? Fret not, you won’t go wrong with The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA (available on CosBlah) which works for all skin types! This lightweight moisturiser will keep her skin hydrated and supple all day without feeling greasy.

3. Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag ($7.50)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 anti theft shoulder bag
(Credit: ladies bag)

The Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag (available on ladies bag) is one of the best Christmas gift ideas in 2019 for friends who’ve been bitten by the travel bug! The bag is designed with hidden zippers and made of cut-resistant fabric to keep your belongings safe while travelling. Despite its compact size, there’s plenty of space for all your valuables including your digital camera!

4. Baby Silicone Teethers ($5.32)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 baby silicone teether

These adorable Baby Silicone Teethers (available on are bound to brighten up any toddler’s day during Christmas! We suggest going for the gingerbread man baby silicone teether to keep to the festive theme! They also come with a clip to secure on your baby’s clothes so they remain within reach at all times.

5. DRSKIN Men’s Real Compression Gym Tights ($9.99)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 drskin men real compression gym tights

It can be tricky coming up with Christmas gift ideas in Singapore under $20 for your fitspo friend. Fret not, the DRSKIN Men’s Real Compression Gym Tights (available on is a perfect Christmas present especially for those who gym, cycle or play ball games. It reduces muscle fatigue and enhances performance while on the field!

6. Christmas Nail Stickers ($1.09)



What better way to welcome the festive season than to get some Christmas themed nail stickers for your friends? These cute designs are bound to make anyone’s day and put a smile on their face!  It will also be a perfect bonding activity with your friends as you put them on together during the Christmas gathering.

7. Makeup Brushes Beauty Tool Set ($5.80)



How pretty are these makeup brushes? These Kabuki makeup brushes comes in a set of 20, and at only $5.80, it is truly a steal, and we would say, a pretty (pun intended) nice Christmas present! There are also 6 different colour variations to choose from, and you will definitely be spoilt for choice~

8. Mini Jewellery Box ($8.28)



This multi-functional mini Jewellery Box is able to store all sorts of accessories, from earrings, rings, bracelets, to even watches! The storage compartment within is adjustable, so you can arrange your accessories however you wish to. The best part? The size makes it super portable, and would make a very useful gift for that friend who loves using accessories in their everyday look.

Christmas gift ideas under $20

9. Ultrasonic Air Humidifier ($12.35)



Humidifiers will be a wonderful gift especially in the hot and uncomfortable weather in Singapore. And since you are already planning to get it, why not invest your moolah in some adorable looking humidifiers? The diffuser has 7 different LED light colours that will create a warm atmosphere and serve as a night light in your room. Perfecto!

10. Pritech Ionic Hair Brush ($13.17)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 pritech ionic hair brush
(Credit: PRITECH Official Store)

The Pritech Ionic Hair Brush (available on PRITECH Official Store) releases negative ions to create smooth and shiny locks. Whether it’s meant for your mother, wife or female colleague, this is one of the best Christmas gift ideas in Singapore under $20 that they will definitely love. 

11. Grafen Root Booster Shampoo ($19.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 grafen root booster shampoo anti hair loss

Dying or perming your hair may cause damage to the hair follicles and result in hair loss. If you know of someone who suffers from hair loss, get them the Grafen Root Booster Shampoo (available on for Christmas! It contains 22 types of amino acids to prevent hair loss and promote better hair growth. 

12. Xiang Piao Piao Original Milk Tea Bundle ($15)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 xiang piao piao original milk tea bundle
(Credit: Prestigio Delights)

If there’s one drink most Singaporeans adore, it’s definitely bubble tea! But what happens when you can’t get your bubble tea fix late at night? Then you’ve got to go for some instant milk tea alternatives such as the Xiang Piao Piao Original Milk Tea (available on Prestigio Delights) which contains chewy nata de coco as a delicious alternative to pearls. 

13. Ubersuave Original Hair Wax ($11.50)

christmas gift ideas 2019 singapore under $20 ubersuave original hair wax men
(Credit: SGPomades Mens Grooming)

Running out of Christmas gift ideas in Singapore under $20 for your boyfriend? Why not take this chance to stock up on his favourite hair wax! The Ubersuave Original Hair Wax (available on SGPomades Mens Grooming) is widely popular among Singaporean men thanks to its perfect matte finish and superb hold. 

14. Etude House Play Colour Eyes Palette ($17.49)



Get the Etude House Play Colour Eye Palette just in time for your girlfriend to doll herself up for your Christmas dinner date! The palette comes in 6 variations, and we are honestly so in love with all the colours that we can’t make up our mind. Well, if you feel like pampering your girlfriend this Christmas, why not get all the palettes? We are pretty sure you will make her smile all night!

15. We Bare Bears Hooded U-Shaped Travel Pillow ($12.90)

(Credit: miniso_singapore)


Traveling overseas soon during the festive season? These We Bare Bears U-Shaped pillow will make a wonderful travel companion! On top of that, there is a hood attached to the pillow, which helps to block our sunlight and ensure you sleep tight and well throughout the plane ride.

Christmas gift ideas under $30

16. Retro Arcade Multi-Player Console ($24.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 retro arcade multi-player console
(Credit: Cool Stash)

What can be a better Christmas gift for an avid gamer than a Retro Arcade Multi-Player Console (available on Cool Stash)? Despite its low resolution and compact size, the console can store 360 fun retro games to keep you entertained for hours on end! Moreover, it comes with two additional consoles so the whole family can join in!

17. Deerma 4L Air Humidifier ($29.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 deerma 4l air humidifier
(Credit: Lifepro)

Working in an air-conditioned environment for prolonged hours may send your skin’s moisture balance out of whack. Increase the moisture level in the air with a powerful humidifier. The Deerma 4L Air Humidifier (available on can last up to 10 hours with every full tank and features double mist outlets to cover a wider area. 

18. Xishi Traditional Minced Bakkwa ($22.50)

christmas gift ideas 2019 xishi traditional minced bakkwa
(Credit: Xi Shi Bakkwa)

One of the more unconventional Christmas gift ideas for 2019 is bakkwa, a well-loved barbequed snack for all ages. While bakkwa is more commonly seen during Chinese New Year, it doesn’t mean it won’t make a good Christmas gift! Buy a pack of Xi Shi Traditional Minced Bakkwa (available on Xi Shi Bakkwa) which comes in yummy original and spicy flavours!

19. The Singaporean Dream Card Game ($20)

christmas gift ideas 2019 the singaporean dream card game
(Credit: RPG – Right Place for Gadgets)

Card games can be considered as one of the best Christmas gift ideas for 2019. While there are several popular card games for adults, we suggest gifting your friend a deck of The Singaporean Dream Card Game (available on RPG – Right Place for Gadgets) which makes reference to hilarious local jokes that add joy to the game! 

20. Dumpling Table Lamp ($20)



Who can resist not getting these cute lamps to put at your bedside? Retailing only at $20, these xiao long bao will be a perfect and thoughtful Christmas gift for your loved ones! We won’t be accountable if you get hungry looking at it at night though. In case you are not a xiao long bao fan, there are also bubble tea, sushi and even corgi lamps available in stores as well!

21. Cornell Personal Blender On The Go ($27.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 cornell personal blender on the go
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official)

Know someone who’s all about healthy eating? Then, the Cornell Personal Blender On The Go (available on Cornell Singapore Official) is one of the most ideal Christmas gift ideas for 2019! Whether it’s a fruit smoothie or vegetable blend, you can create your own smoothie recipe with this blender. Additionally, it’s also a handy tool for parents who’re looking to make delicious and healthy baby food!

Christmas gift ideas under $40

22. Bluetooth LED Makeup Mirror ($35)

christmas gift ideas 2019 bluetooth led makeup mirror
(Credit: Emplify Queen)

Putting on makeup will never be the same again with the Bluetooth LED Makeup Mirror (available on Emplify Queen)! This smart mirror acts as a portable charger to power up your devices and also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to play your favourite tunes or YouTube makeup tutorials online! 

23. Cat Condo Scratching Tree ($35)

christmas gift ideas 2019 cat condo scratching tree pets
(Credit: thejoyland)

When it comes to collating a list of Christmas gift ideas for 2019, we must not forget our furry pals. Mr Whiskers will be delighted to receive a new Cat Condo Scratching Tree (available on thejoyland) this holiday. This sturdy cat condo comes with a scratch post, hammock, cat bed and a cute hanging mouse to keep your kitty occupied all day!

24. Philips Qi Wireless Charging Pad ($37)

christmas gift ideas 2019 philips qi wireless charging pad
(Credit: Philips Official)

A great accessory to have on the work desk or at home, the Philips Qi Wireless Charging Pad (available on Philips Official) is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for 2019 anyone  will appreciate. Using Qi wireless technology, this charging pad is capable of 10W fast charging and  keeps your devices running for hours on end!

25. Anker Soundcore Icon Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker ($34.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 anker soundcore icon mini waterproof bluetooth portable speaker
(Credit: Anker Official Store Singapore)

Get the Christmas party started with this Anker Soundcore Icon Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker (available on Anker Official Store Singapore)! Don’t judge a book by its cover, this small speaker features size-defying sound quality and volume. Moreover, with an IP67 waterproof grade, you can tune in to your favourite songs anytime, anywhere!

26. Bundaberg Assorted Beer ($34.90)

(Credit: drinksrus)


Grab a rootbeer or two as a house gift to your friend who opened their house for the Christmas gathering! With 5 assorted flavours including blood orange, pink grapefruit, lemon bitters, original rootbeer and gingerbeer, there is bound to something that suits everyone’s tastes~

Christmas gift ideas under $50

27. Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush ($49)

christmas gift ideas 2019 xiaomi mi electric toothbrush
(Credit: MI Official Store)

Practical Christmas gift ideas for 2019 are always a safe choice. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush (available on MI Official Store) boasts rapid sonic technology and can be customised via the app to your preferred tooth brushing duration and strength for healthier gums and teeth!

28. Acrylic Multi-Storage Cosmetics Organiser ($44.39)

christmas gift ideas 2019 acrylic multi-storage cosmetics organiser
(Credit: Beauty Angel)

Can’t stand the mess on your girlfriend’s vanity? Help organise her beauty products with this Acrylic Multi-Storage Cosmetics Organiser (available on Beauty Angel) according to these genius makeup organiser ideas! This is one of the most useful Christmas gift ideas for 2019 as it has many compartments and large storage capacity to keep her vanity looking neat and clean. 

29. WHEELS Kinetic Lights Kids’ Scooter ($43.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 wheels kinetic lights kids scooter
(Credit: Juzz4Baby)

Has your little one been asking for a scooter for Christmas? Make your child’s dream come true with the WHEELS Kinetic Lights Kids’ Scooter (available on Juzz4Baby) which lights up as they scoot around! Moreover, this scooter can be adjusted for children of age one to nine years old. 

30. Braun Mobile Shave M-90 Pocket Shaver ($41.65)

christmas gift ideas 2019 braun mobile shave m90 pocket shaver
(Credit: Braun Official Store)

Has dad been struggling with a manual razor? Help him maintain a clean shave with the Braun Mobile Shave M-90 Pocket Shaver (available on Braun Official Store) this festive season! This travel-friendly shaver has a solid build and is waterproof — perfect for using in the shower. 

31. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest With Collagen ($49.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 kinohimitsu birds nest collagen
(Credit: Kinohimitsu)

Whether you’re pampering yourself or your mum, the Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest With Collagen (available on Kinohimitsu) is definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas for 2019. It targets signs of aging and promotes radiant complexion for a more youthful appearance. Moreover, it’s also beneficial for digestive and bone health.

32. Herschel Guy Wallet ($49.90)

(Credit: Herschelofficial)


Grab the classic Herschel wallet in black for your boyfriend this Christmas~ This simple yet functional design offers multiple card slots, perfect for storing cards and loose cash. It is also pocket size friendly and easy to bring around!

Christmas gift ideas under $100

33. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip ($89)

christmas gift ideas 2019 xiaomi amazfit bip smart watch
(Credit: CameraSG)

The Xiaomi Amazfit Bip (available on CameraSG) is a powerful smart watch that’s jam packed with many useful features such as GPS, heart rate monitor and various sports mode. But what makes this device different from other smart watches in Singapore is its superb battery life. The watch can last up to 45 days with every full charge, making this one of the most suitable Christmas gift ideas in 2019 for busy millennials. 

34. Tefal Ingenio Expertise Wokpan ($79.90)

christmas gift ideas 2019 tefal ingenio expertise wokpan
(Credit: Tefal Official Store)

The Tefal Ingenio Expert Wokpan (available on Tefal Official Store) is one of the most useful Christmas gift ideas in 2019 for cooking enthusiasts and new homeowners. Designed with a removable handle, you no longer have to worry about storing your cookware. Most importantly, with its Titanium Pro coating, you can be assured that the wok will last for many years to come!

35. Kettler 10KG Rubberised Dumbbell Set ($97.75)

christmas gift ideas 2019 kettler 10kg rubberised dumbbell set
(Credit: VITO Art of Fitness Official)

Christmas is not a good reason to slack off from your strict fitness regime. However, it’s a good excuse to reward yourself with the Kettler 10KG Rubberised Dumbbell Set (available on VITO Art of Fitness Official)! The kit includes various weight plates and allows you to adjust the dumbbell weight up to 10kg. 

36. PROLiNK Full-HD Wireless IP Camera ($75.60)

christmas gift ideas 2019 prolink full hd wireless ip camera

With the ability to function both as a baby monitor and a home surveillance camera, the PROLiNK Full-HD Wireless IP Camera (available on PROLiNK OFFICIAL STORE) makes for one of the most useful Christmas gift ideas for your tech geek hubby. Enhance your home security system with its 130-degrees wide-angle lens and smart motion detection. You can even connect it to your smartphone for remote surveillance. 

37. FILA Unisex Korean T-Shirt ($88)

christmas gift ideas 2019 fila unisex korean tshirt
(Credit: FILA Official Shop)

As a fashionista, it’s always important to update your wardrobe to the latest trending designs. Which is why you’ve got to get your hands on the hottest FILA Unisex Korean T-Shirt (available on FILA Official Shop), especially if you’re into Korean fashion! Its simple yet stylish unisex design means this can be a couple T-shirt for you and your partner.  

38. Portable Projector ($85)



The portable projector will make a perfect gift for friends who are homebodies! Create a cinema-like atmosphere at home and gather your friends to come by and netflix and chill, or compete and see who can cook better over a game of Overcooked!

Christmas gift ideas above $100

39. Calvin Klein Men’s Faceted Buckle Belt ($189)

christmas gift ideas 2019 calvin klein men faceted buckle belt

Show dad some love this Christmas with the fashionable Calvin Klein Men’s Faceted Buckle Belt (available on Whether he’s going to a work meeting or a family reunion, this belt will match all of dad’s outfits!

40. Philips Moisture Protect Hairdryer ($129)

christmas gift ideas 2019 philips moisture protect hairdryer
(Credit: Philips Official)

There’s no such thing as heat damage when it comes to the Philips Moisture Protect Hairdryer (available on Philips Official). Designed with MoistureProtect technology which retains your hair’s natural moisture, your locks are guaranteed to look voluminous and shiny after a quick blow dry!  

41. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cordfree Vacuum Cleaner ($799)

christmas gift ideas 2019 dyson cyclone v10 absolute cordfree vacuum cleaner
(Credit: Audio House Official Store)

Lighten mum’s load for the new year by getting her the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cordfree Vacuum Cleaner (available on Audio House Official Store) for Christmas! This revolutionary vacuum cleaner boasts 14 concentric array cyclones to generate intense force that effectively picks up all dust and dirt on the ground. With a suction power of 150AW, this is especially a  must-have for pet owners!

42. Apple AirPods With Charging Case ($239)

christmas gift ideas 2019 apple airpods charging case
(Credit: RPG – Right Place for Gadgets)

The Apple AirPods With Charging Case (available on RPG – Right Place for Gadgets) is probably high up on many people’s wishlist this Christmas. Whether you’re out to pamper yourself or someone special, this smart gadget is a must-have for every Apple user! It connects seamlessly with most iOS devices and features an ultra-fast charging system — giving you up to three hours of charge in just 15 minutes!

43. Nintendo Switch Lite Console ($319)

(Credit: gxshopee)


The Nintendo Switch now comes in the Lite version, perfect for handheld play. If your friend is an avid gamer, we are sure that he/she will appreciate this special gift! Psstt…you can also pay by instalments over 12 months, so you do not need to worry about paying a huge sum at one go. It’s nice to bless someone sometimes, and feel blessed in return isn’t it?

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

If you’ve yet to find the ideal present from our list of Christmas gift ideas 2019, why not check out Christmas gifts for different horoscope signs! Prefer to treat your loved ones to a memorable experience instead? These unique experiences for Christmas will definitely fit the bill. After which, settle in with your family and get into the holiday spirit with these heartwarming Christmas movies on Netflix!

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