New Year, New Me: 13 Best Planners For 2023

2022 has been a whirlwind and we’re now ready to close this chapter and welcome 2023! Go into the new year with peace of mind as well as new goals you want to achieve — it helps to keep you motivated and focused. And what better way to do that than with a 2023 planner? A planner is the best way to stay on track with your goals and it is also the space for self-expression and creativity. Read on for tips on choosing the right planner and discover where to buy the best 2023 planners in Singapore!

How do I find a planner that works for me?

  • Understand your lifestyle

best planner 2022 where to buy singapore how to choose
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The trick to picking the best planner for 2023 is to decide how much time you’ll spend on it. If you can only allocate a few minutes a day to update your planner, opt for a pre-dated planner that requires little to no time setting up. For those with more time to spare, explore undated planners that allow room for creativity and experimentation.

  • Portability of your planner

Will you be leaving your planner on your desk or bringing it everywhere with you? If it’s the latter, avoid a bulky planner that takes up too much space! The best 2023 planners in Singapore you should consider are pocket-sized planners that are perfect for those on the go.

  • Different types of layouts

Are you someone who needs to have your days planned down to the hour or are you just looking for a space to pen down upcoming appointments? The extensive range of layouts for the best 2023 planners in Singapore can be overwhelming but it’s necessary to begin your planning journey by deciding on a monthly, weekly or daily planner.

  • Other features

Besides planning your time, your planner for 2023 can help to organise other aspects of your life such as finances and even meals! Figure out what other aspects you’d like to plan and find a planner that offers such options.

  • Your planner budget

The best 2023 planners are not determined by their price tags. Instead of forking out for an expensive branded planner, decide how much you’re willing to spend before deciding where to buy your planner Singapore. Source for one that falls within your budget and don’t forget to factor in other costs such as stickers and planner add-ons you might want to get in the near future!

Where to buy the best 2023 planners in Singapore?

1. For the no-frills planner

muji white monthly planner simple minimalistic
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

If practicality is your main priority, this MUJI White Monthly Planner (available on MUJI Official Store) is one of the best 2023 planners to get. Featuring a minimalistic theme without any distracting or fancy graphics, this Muji planner style is perfect for those looking for ample space to organise their schedule. Less is more when it comes to this monthly planner, as the well-structured format provides an unobstructed view of your schedule. The planner even comes with sleeves inside the cover for storing loose paper and cards.

2. For the absent-minded

365 days agenda 2023 planner best singapore where to buy

Never let an important task slip away again with this 365 Days Agenda 2023 Planner (available on! Featuring pastel-coloured pages and a straightforward to-do list format, you can stay ahead of your tasks effectively everyday of the year. If you’re new to the planning scene, this is one of the best 2023 planners to kickstart your planning habits as there are several assisted planner inputs. This includes a to-do list and date options which will make setting up your planner a breeze.

3. For the unstoppable hoarder

a5 binder planner 2023 pocket

Do you like the concept of a Filofax planner? If yes, you’ll find that the 2023 A5 Binder Planner With Pockets (available on shares many similarities with Filofax’s popular personal organiser wallets — at a fraction of the price! The best thing about this monthly planner is its soft cushioned cover, which not only protects your planner but also features several pockets and compartments to hold your planner accessories such as Post-it notes, bookmarks, photos and stationery — hoarders, rejoice! You can even slot important documents in this planner without worrying that they will fall out as each pocket comes with a zipper.

4. For the diary writer

starbucks x paper bunny 2023 planner in pink
(Credit: Starbucks Official Store)

There’s no right or wrong method when it comes to using a planner. If you’ve cultivated the awesome habit of keeping a diary, incorporate it into your planner with this Starbucks x Paper Bunny 2023 Planner (available on Starbucks Official Store)! Featuring both a monthly and horizontal weekly layout along with a fully lined page per week, this is one of the best 2023 planners that offer plenty of space for you to pen down your daily reflections while keeping track of appointments. It also contains monthly inspirational art and quotes to keep you going when it gets tough, and we love its hard cover that’s made of vegan leather.

5. For the talented freehand artist

Leuchtturm1917 120 GSM Edition Notebook Dotted
(Credit: Cityluxe)

Do you have a flair for art? Why constrain yourself to a predetermined planner layout when you have the talent and ability to personalise the Leuchtturm1917 120 GSM Edition Notebook Dotted (available on Cityluxe) from scratch! All you need is a bullet journal, which is a notebook filled with dotted pages and some coloured pens! Fill the pages with doodles, Basic V3 Washi Decorative Tapes (available on ACuteStreet), mood trackers and beautiful calligraphy — your creativity is the limit! A bullet journal stencil is also a great tool to have on hand when journaling! Another great tip to keep in mind is to construct your planner month by month, don’t be in a rush to draw the entire year out. This allows time and space for you to figure out what works better for your planning. 

6. For the sticker maniac

happy planner nope not today
(Credit: plannerworldsg)

Remember how obsessed most of us were over sticker books when we were younger? Now you can bring that childhood obsession into your new weekly planner! Introducing this Mini Happy Planner (available on plannerworldsg)! If you have OCD, this is one of the best 2023 planners you’ll appreciate having as each page is thick and surprisingly forgiving when it comes to corrections. Stuck a sticker in the wrong place? Don’t fret, you can simply peel and restick the stickers without worrying they will rip or ruin your planner pages! Most importantly, unlike regular ring planners which get in the way when you’re writing close to the binders, the Happy Planner pages can be detached and reattached easily from the disc as you please. Be sure to grab some Happy Planner stickers to go with your new planner!

7. For the bride and groom-to-be

pink wedding planner best 2023 planners singapore where to buy

If 2023 is a big year for you and your partner, congratulations! Planning for a wedding can be chaotic and nerve-wracking, so clear your mind by noting down all the important tasks and dates on a planner. But where to buy a planner in Singapore that’s specifically created for wedding planning? This beautiful Wedding Planner by Vola (available on is a godsend for couples like you! With a total of 200 pages, this wedding planner contains everything from budgeting, vendors, guest lists, wedding gowns, to your honeymoon planning! Learn to appreciate the journey as your dream wedding approaches with one of the best 2023 planners in Singapore for couples! Meanwhile, be sure to check out our wedding guides for ideas on wedding favours, affordable wedding dresses and more!

8. For the busy student

student study planner school kokuyo
(Credit: Miya Werkstatt)

Good planning is key when it comes to excelling in your studies and gearing up for exams. The Kokuyo Campus Study Planner (available on Miya Werkstatt) is the planner buddy you need to get your academic schedule sorted out. On first look, you’ll notice that the study planner comes with a unique page format that’s unlike any other regular planner. Each page begins with a goal and a total time tracker so you’re clear on what you want to achieve for the day and how long you expect to complete it. There’s also a schedule overview on each page where you can visualise your day and allocate specific durations (based on 10 minutes intervals) to the subjects you need to revise for the day. Now, all that’s left is to pick a quiet spot to study in Singapore and start mugging!

9. For the driven planner

project planner best 2023 planners

All pumped up for 2023 and determined to meet your goals in the new year? The 2023 Project Planner (available on will be your trusty companion as you set the new year ablaze! Designed with the same system as Excel, it’s easy to navigate large projects for your business with this planner. Each weekly spread comes with a timeline that you can use to write down and track your daily tasks as well. The front pockets for business cards also comes in handy when meeting stakeholders and clients! Make some stretched goals and plan for success with this beautiful project planner!

10. For the workaholic

klosh a3 monthly planner tear off pad desk calendar
(Credit: Klosh Official Store)

Spend the majority of your time working at your desk and prefer to have a quick overview of all your plans? This simple yet functional Klosh A3 Monthly Planner With Tear-off Pads (available on Klosh Official Store) will be right up your alley. This desk calendar provides ample writing space without occupying too much table space. Rip off the page when you’re done with the month — it doesn’t get any more satisfying than this! Furthermore, its botanical illustrations are pleasing to the eye, and definitely an aesthetic addition to your desk.

11. For the free-spirited planner

theimprint personalised saffiano leather a5 soft bound blank notebook best planner singapore personalised

Don’t like to be bounded by planner templates and formats? The THEIMPRINT Personalised Saffiano Leather A5 Soft Bound Blank Notebook (available on THEIMPRINT.SG) allows you to map out your planner freely with its blank pages. Switch up the format every month — you can do it however you like! We love how the planner cover is made from smooth saffiano leather and can be personalised with your initials. The leather is also scratch, tear, and abrasion resistant, so this best planner in Singapore will look good as new even at the end of 2023. It makes for a great secret santa or new year gift for someone dear too!

12. For the planner with a colourful life

korean colourful planner best 2023 planners

Opening a new planner is like unveiling an exciting surprise — what awaits you in these pages? The Korean Illustration 2023 Planner (available on is a great new year gift for yourself that keeps on giving. The set is packed with 12 mini calendar sheets, two sticker sheets and six illustrated postcards so you can decorate the planner however you like throughout the year. No two spreads are the same in this fully coloured planner peppered with adorable illustrations of a Shiba Inu and its owner — perfect for dog lovers!

13. For the budget barbie

best 2023 planners marble cover budget planner
(Credit: Royce_Publishing)

Have financial goals to hit in 2023? Stay on track with this Budget Planner (available on Royce_Publishing)! This undated planner helps you to track your expenses and bills easily, with pages that let you set your budget every month. You can easily section your spending to fixed expenses, other expenses, and also track your income, so that everything is clear at a glance. While there may be a deluge of digital expense tracking apps, nothing quite beats writing them down manually which makes you feel more on track towards your goals! 

Stay on track with the best 2023 planners

Now that you know where to buy the best 2023 planners in Singapore, it’s time to stock up on some cute planner stickers! Use your planner to guide you towards new goals, such as building your own mechanical keyboard and even for something fun like watching these best Chinese dramas that are highly recommended by drama buffs!

This article was updated on 27 October 2022. Additional research done by Liang Shi Nan.

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