New Year, New Me: Planning Tips And 7 Best Planners For 2019

planner 2019 tips
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What better way to take on the new year than planning your days out on a 2019 planner! A planner is the best way to stay on track with your goals and to improve time management. Additionally, it can also be a space for more self expression and creativity! Read on for tips on choosing the right planner and discover the best planners for 2019!

How to choose a planner that’s best for you

  • Understand your lifestyle

The best trick to picking a suitable planner for 2019 is to decide how much time you’ll spend on it. If you can only allocate a few minutes a day to update your planner, opt for a pre-dated planner that requires little to no time setting up. For those with more time to spare, explore undated planners that allow room for creativity and experimentation!

  • Portability of your planner

Will you be leaving your 2019 planner on your desk or bringing it everywhere with you? If it’s the latter, avoid a bulky planner that takes up too much space! A pocket-sized planner for 2019 would be perfect for those always on-the-go.

  • Different types of layouts

Are you a detailed person who needs to have your days planned down to the hour, or are you just looking for a space to pen down upcoming appointments? The extensive range of layouts for 2019 planners can be overwhelming, but it’s necessary to begin your planning journey by deciding on a monthly, weekly or daily planner.

  • Other features you may need for your 2019 planner

Besides planning your time, your planner for 2019 can help to organise other aspects of your life such as finances and even meals! Figure out what other aspects you’d like to plan and find a planner that offers such options!

  • Your planner budget

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for a branded, fancy planner. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on your 2019 planner and source for one that falls within your budget! Don’t forget to factor in other costs such as stickers and planner add-ons you might want to get in the near future!

The 7 Best Planners For 2019

1. For the no-frills planner

daily planner 2019 basic
(Credit: To Get To You)

If practicality is your main priority, you will love a fuss-free basic planner for 2019 (available on To Get To You)! Featuring a monochromatic theme without any distracting or fancy graphics, this planner style is perfect for those looking for ample space to organise their schedule. Less is more when it comes to this planner for 2019, as the well-structured format provides an unobstructed view of your timeline! Choose from a daily, weekly or monthly planner format based on your needs to enhance your planning process!

2. For the absent-minded

to do list planner 2019

Never let an important task slip away again with this to-do list planner for 2019 (available on! Featuring attractive and unique cover designs as well as a straightforward to-do list format, you can stay ahead of your tasks effectively! If you’re new to the planning scene, this to-do list planner for 2019 is a great option to kickstart your planning habits! With a thin and compact size, it’s the perfect companion for on-the-go planning!

3. For the unstoppable hoarder

dokibook planner 2019 personal organiser wallet
(Credit: infinitelovecrafts)

Do you like the concept of a Filofax planner? If yes, you’ll find that the Dokibook planner for 2019 (available on infinitelovecrafts) shares many similarities with Filofax’s popular personal organiser wallets — at a fraction of the price! The best thing about Dokibook planner is its soft cushioned cover, which not only acts as a protector for your planner but also features several pockets and compartments to hold your planner accessories such as post-its, bookmarks, photos and stationery — hoarders, rejoice! What’s more, you can switch your planner content easily by removing or adding more daily, weekly or monthly inserts! A gentle reminder not to overload your Dokibook planner 2019 or it’ll start to feel a little too bulky in your bag!

4. For the diary writer

mini horizontal planner 2019
(Credit: plannerworldsg)

There’s no single right or wrong method when it comes to using a planner. If you’ve cultivated the awesome habit of keeping a diary, incorporate it into your planner with this mini horizontal planner for 2019 (available on plannerworldsg)! Featuring both a monthly and horizontal weekly layout, you have more than enough space to pen your daily reflections while keeping track of appointments! This planner also comes with an in-built sticker pack to transform your planner into a vibrant work of art!

5. For the talented freehand artist

bullet journal planner 2019
(Credit: THEBUJOCO by akamoments)

Do you have a flair for art? Why constrain yourself to a predetermined planner layout when you have the talent and ability to create a personalised bullet journal(available on THEBUJOCO by akamoments) from scratch! All you need is a bullet journal, which is a notebook filled with dotted pages, and some colour pens! Fill the pages with doodles, mood trackers and beautiful calligraphy — your creativity is the limit!


A bullet journal stencil is also a great tool to have on hand when journaling! Another great tip to keep in mind is to construct your planner month by month, don’t be in a rush to draw the entire year out. This allows time and space for you to figure out what works better for your planning! Find out more about bullet journaling and how it can help you achieve your new year’s resolutions!

6. For the sticker maniac

happy planner 2019 sticker
(Credit: plannerworldsg)

Remember how obsessed most of us were over sticker books when we were younger? Now you can bring that childhood obsession into your planner for 2019! Introducing the Happy Planner (available on plannerworldsg), which is famous for its high quality paper and stickers! The Happy Planner has taken the planner community by storm, thanks to its spacious vertical weekly layouts and unique sticker packs.

If you’ve OCD, you’ll appreciate having a Happy Planner for 2019 as its awesome materials are surprisingly forgiving when it comes to corrections! Stuck a sticker in the wrong place? Don’t fret, you can simply peel and restick the stickers without worrying they will rip or ruin your planner pages! While the planner itself comes with pre-packed stickers, you can purchase more Happy Planner stickers to spice up your 2019 planner!

7. For the bride and groom-to-be

bloom wedding planner 2019
(Credit: Craftforher)

If 2019 is a big year for you and your partner, congratulations! Planning for a wedding can be chaotic and nerve-wracking, so clear your mind by noting down all the important tasks and dates on this beautiful Bloom Wedding Planner 2019 (available on craftforher)! Besides helping to ensure everything is sorted out before your big day, this planner also doubles up as a perfect keepsake to look back on years after the wedding!

This wedding planner for 2019 boasts a standard 18 months undated monthly layout in addition to useful features such as vision boards, guest planning, vendor planning, wedding timeline and checklists as well as a section to record all your memories from this magical milestone of your life! Learn to appreciate the journey as your dream wedding approaches with this wedding planner for 2019!

Now that you’ve got the perfect planner for 2019, it’s time to stock up on cute planner stickers as well as markers and pens which will help spice up your planner spreads! Use your planner to guide you towards new goals, such as reading all the titles in our list of must-read books for 2019 and completing these 11 Netflix Asian dramas highly recommended for you!

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