7 Steamboat Delivery Services In Singapore For CNY Reunion Dinner

steamboat delivery singapore cny reunion dinner vegetable meat seafood
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Chinese New Year reunion dinners are all about massive steamboat spreads. However, if you’ve ever gotten your hands dirty trying to prepare for a steamboat dinner, you’ll understand how tiring the whole process can be. From getting all the ingredients ready to setting the table, all the hassle can take the fun out of the occasion. Why not make life easier with these home delivery steamboat services in Singapore? Some deliver just the steamboat ingredients while others even provide hotpot equipment rental! So pick the best steamboat service for your family and kick back for the night!

Steamboat delivery in Singapore: Ingredients and equipment


steamboat delivery singapore cny reunion dinner mr steamboat
(Credit: MR STEAMBOAT 火锅先生 / Facebook)

Being the first to bring steamboat delivery onto our shores, MR STEAMBOAT is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to Chinese New Year reunion dinners. The company prides itself on providing flavourful soup bases with the freshest ingredients. Customise your hotpot with their list of more than 50 seafood and meat as well as four divine soup bases — pork bone, chicken herbal, spicy tom yum and spicy mala! 

In anticipation of the 2020 CNY reunion dinner, MR STEAMBOAT has launched three packages to cater to different group sizes. If you’re expecting around 10 guests, consider the Prosperity Premium Steamboat Package ($308) which comes with four types of premium meat, two boiled soup bases of your choice and 24 types of fresh seafood and vegetables! Don’t have the necessary hotpot equipment at home? Don’t worry! Purchase an induction cooker or even the yuan yang pot from MR STEAMBOAT and have them delivered to your house with your steamboat ingredients! 

CNY delivery surcharge: $30 after 8 January 2020
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2. Hotpot Master

steamboat delivery singapore cny reunion dinner hotpot master home
(Credit: HotPot Master Delivery / Facebook)

Hate cleaning up after a gathering? Well, you don’t have to do it if you engage HotPot Master steamboat delivery in Singapore for your CNY reunion dinner! Apart from delivering steamboat ingredients to your doorstep, HotPot Master goes a step further by providing table setup. Think silky tablecloth, high-quality ceramic tableware and a side stand to provide more dining space. To complete the luxurious restaurant-like experience, HotPot Master even provides cleaning services before and after dining. Say goodbye to dirty dishes!

At $288 for six pax, the Prosperity HotPot set entitles you two soup bases from eight different flavours. We suggest going for their must-try Superior Collagen or Sweet And Spicy Chili Crab flavours. The set also includes CNY delicacies such as gui fei abalone slices, snow crab sticks, shabu pork collar, signature drunken chicken and more than 18 other ingredients to spice up your dinner! Did we mention that the HotPot Master is providing a complimentary side dish and dessert for customers who purchase the 2020 Prosperity Hotpot Set? So act fast and place your reservation as soon as possible before the delivery slots are all filled up!

CNY delivery surcharge: Varies depending on date and service type, details here
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3. Haidilao Hot Pot

steamboat delivery singapore cny reunion dinner haidilao hot pot
(Credit: Haidilao Singapore / Facebook)

Are you a huge Haidilao fan? This CNY reunion dinner, you can enjoy the same great taste in the comfort of your home! Haidilao is a popular steamboat restaurant chain in Singapore, famous for its top-notch service and superb food quality. While you won’t get to enjoy the free manicure when you engage their steamboat delivery service in Singapore, you’ll definitely be able to skip the (crazy) queues! Plus, they will still provide complimentary cold dishes and snacks with the delivery. Customise your own reunion dinner menu by going a la carte or order their set meals for more value-for-money deals!

Haidilao provides four types of set meals for two to eight pax. Set B ($158) is perfect for a family of four, with two soup bases as well as pork, chicken, fish, meatballs and vegetables. Meanwhile, bigger families should opt for Set D ($328) which caters to eight pax and includes additional ingredients such as crispy fish skin, pork neck, seafood platter and mushroom combination platter. Cooker rental is free when you order the set meal but costs $20 for a la carte orders. Want your family members to dine like kings? Elevate everyone’s dining experience at home by hiring a Haidilao service personnel for three hours at $100!

CNY delivery surcharges: None
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4. Beauty In The Pot

steamboat delivery singapore cny reunion dinner beauty in the pot
(Credit: paradisegrpsg / Instagram)

Another famous steamboat chain restaurant that many Singaporeans are familiar with is Beauty In The Pot. Famed for its nourishing and rich soup bases that help to boost health and improve skin complexion, Beauty In The Pot is your go-to steamboat for food that warms your soul. The 2020 CNY reunion dinner is a great excuse to treat the family to Beauty In The Pot steamboat delivery in Singapore. 

All three steamboat sets come with the crowd-favourite beauty collagen broth and the spicy nourishing broth. The Beauty Pot Steamboat Set A ($238) for 5 pax is one of the most economical options with generous portions of sliced US beef, sliced lamb, sliced Toman fish, green mussels and more. If you’re ready to go all out this Chinese New Year, splurge on the Beauty Pot Steamboat Set C ($328) which comes with US wagyu ribeye, Nagano pork belly, US kurobuta pork, 10-head abalone, fresh red leg sea prawn and other premium delicacies. Beauty In The Pot also provides a complete set of crockery ware, steamboat pot, induction cooker and even disposable table cover so you can start the feast as soon as your order arrives!

CNY delivery surcharges: None
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Steamboat delivery in Singapore: Ingredients only

5. The Steamboat Specialist

steamboat delivery singapore cy reunion dinner the steamboat specialist ingredients
(Credit: The Steamboat Specialist / Facebook)

If you want the freshest ingredients for your steamboat, you’ve got to make a trip to the wet market and be skillful in your selection. While this may not be a challenging task for the older generation, it can prove otherwise for the younger ones. Thankfully, establishments like The Steamboat Specialist which will do the job for you! This steamboat delivery in Singapore provides an extensive range of ingredients to choose from, including meat, surimi, seafood, vegetables and noodles. Most of the ingredients have been washed and sliced so you can start cooking the moment your ingredients arrive. 

If you’re spoilt for choice, consider going for the five pax package which contains 10 fixed ingredients and five customisable ingredients. There’s also a 10 pax package ($208) for bigger families with 12 fixed ingredients such as scallop, lean pork, prawn and dory fish. On top of that, you can customise seven additional ingredients such as Fuzhou fishball and chewy fish roe dumplings that everyone’s bound to love! Do note that The Steamboat Specialist only delivers ingredients and not steamboat equipment so you’ll have to prepare those yourself!

CNY delivery surcharges: Varies depending on date, details here
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6. Zairyo 

steamboat delivery singapore cny reunion dinner zairyo japanese
(Credit: Zairyo / Facebook)

Who said you can only have traditional steamboat for CNY reunion dinner? Mix things up by ordering some fresh Japanese produce from Zairyo for a shabu-shabu party! As a trusted online supplier for imported food products ranging from seafood to condiments, Zairyo is your go-to grocer for superior air-flown ingredients such as Uni, Shiro Hamaguri Clams and Alaskan King Crab legs. Moreover, they also stock the highest grade Momoiro pork collar slices from Kagoshima and 100% purebred Japanese Waygu from Miyazaki — yum!

To make things easier for customers, Zairyo offers a Large Steamboat Pack ($126.50) that’s perfect for families with four to six members. You’ll find 12 items in the set, including 1KG worth of tiger prawn, two sets of Kurobuta pork belly slices, Asari clams and Momoiro pork collar shabu slices. Moreover, customers who order this set will also receive an exclusive Zairyo Fukunukuro Cooler Bag to hold all the delicious ingredients! While Zairyo does not provide steamboat delivery in Singapore during Chinese New Year, you can place your order in advance and keep the ingredients frozen until your CNY reunion dinner. Psst! Spend a minimum of $100 to enjoy free delivery! 

CNY delivery surcharges: None
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7. Savour Seafood

steamboat delivery singapore cny reunion dinner savour seafood
(Credit: Savourseafood / Facebook)

Turn your CNY reunion dinner into a seafood party with the freshest catch from Savour Seafood! As one of the best seafood suppliers in town, Savour Seafood has access to some of the highest quality products at competitive prices. 

Their six to eight pax steamboat bundle is surprisingly affordable at $60 and includes 10 essential steamboat ingredients such as pork belly, pork collar, prawns, tilapia fillet and even abalone slices! Meanwhile, the eight to 12 pax steamboat bundle will only set you back at $129 with 12 ingredients — think scallops, black mussels, abalone and slipper lobsters! To add something more meaty to the mix, we suggest ordering some chives and pork dumplings which the elderly will definitely appreciate. The best part about this steamboat delivery in Singapore is the ability to pay upon delivery! Moreover, Savour Seafood provides free delivery for orders $55 and above!

CNY delivery surcharges: None
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Get ready to have a blast this Chinese New Year!

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