ZoukOut 2023: 15 Outfit Ideas That’ll Set The Beach Ablaze

zoukout outfit ideas

ZoukOut 2023 is back! And this time, it’s even bigger and better than before. It is their 20th year after all! From 2 to 3 December, festival-goers will be dancing from dusk to dawn with a star-studded DJ lineup featuring artistes like Martin Garrix, Illenium, Alesso, Joji and more. Apart from music and fun, ZoukOut is a playground for experimenting with different fashion styles and aesthetics. If standing out from the crowd is the name of the game for you, read ahead for a slew of ZoukOut 2023 outfit ideas to rock.

What to wear to ZoukOut 2023: Malibu barbie

There’s no better time than ZoukOut 2023 to bring out your West Coast attitude. If you’re into the California girl look, here are some beach party ensembles inspired by the iconic Malibu Barbie. These Zoukout 2023 outfit ideas feature dopamine-inducing hues that will instantly get you into the mood for partying!

1. Pink outerwear + bikini top + shorts

zoukout outfit ideas Pink outerwear
(Credit: Choco Clothing)

Malibu Barbie is all about colours that pop, and this Barbie pink Long Sleeve Top And Mini Shorts Set (available on Choco Clothing) fits the bill. It’s giving model off-duty vibes – effortless, pared-down, but stunning no less. There’s also an electric blue option available so you can go matchy with your BFF! We recommend pairing the bright outerwear with a neutral, muted bralette or bikini top to strike a balance.

2. Bright yellow ruffle slit dress

zoukout outfit ideas Bright yellow ruffle slit dress
(Credit: kliou Official Store)

Bold, vibrant hues like this Backless Ruffles Slit Dress (available on kliou Official Store) in bright yellow are back in full force. Featuring the backless detail, along with slits that add a ruffle detail, this dress screams “we’re ready to party”. Pair it with simple accessories and plain shoes with contrasting colours to let the dress do all the talking!

3. Amber ombre co-ord set

zoukout outfit ideas Amber ombre co-ord set
(Credit: RelaGala Official Store)

When it comes to what to wear to ZoukOut 2023, it’s impossible to not include a bright outfit. After all, it’s going to be a sunset to sunrise event, so why not dress in similar hues? Besides, the RelaGala Amber Printed Set (available on RelaGala Official Store) proves that you don’t have to spend a bomb to look good at a beach party. The flowy ends of the skirt also gives a relaxed silhouette, marrying comfort and style. If you’re all about a fuss-free ensemble, this ZoukOut 2023 outfit idea might just be it.

What to wear to Zoukout Singapore 2023: Boho chic

Inspired by the colourful bohemian fits seen at Coachella? ZoukOut 2023 is your chance to go all out with offbeat fits. From hippie patterns to free-spirited maxis, here’s our take on this timeless style that originated in the late 60s. 

4. Long cardigan + crop top + high waist shorts

zoukout outfit ideas boho Long cardigan
(Credit: Chew Chong01)

A long cardigan with eclectic prints, basic crop top and high-waist shorts – these make for the perfect recipe for a bohemian outfit idea for ZoukOut 2023. The Boho Women’s Vintage Floral Print Long Cardigan (available on Chew Chong01) will be a memorable addition to your music festival wardrobe. Although boots will be a great finishing touch, we don’t recommend wearing them as you’re probably going to dance barefoot in the end. 

Pro tip: Wear cheap shoes like flip flops to ZoukOut 2023 as they will be filled with sand or get stepped on. You might also end up taking them off and you don’t want to risk losing your Stan Smiths or ruining your Hermes.

5. Halter open dress + high waist shorts

zoukout outfit ideas relagala boho open dress
(Credit: RelaGala Official Store)

Ethereal goddess – that’s what came to mind when we saw this Boho Style Open Dress (available on RelaGala Official Store). The pleats and shank buttons show that beauty is in the details. Combined with the soft, flowy material, this boho dress embodies what the free-spirited hippie style is all about. Accessories are key to nailing your boho statement – add a fringe bag like the Carlo Rino Fringe Crossbody Bag (available on Carlo Rino Official Store) to tie in the look.

6. Co-ord set with prints

zoukout outfit ideas Co-ord set with prints
(Credit: annvee10og.sg)

If you’re too lazy to mix and match, you can’t go wrong with a co-ord set like this Beach Wear Set With Prints (available on annvee10og.sg). One set and you’re all decked from top to toe. If you want to take the outfit up a notch, throw in a straw hat for laid back beach vibes, and a mini crossbody to complete this ZoukOut 2023 outfit idea.

Pro tip: Pack as light as possible when heading to ZoukOut 2023 so you can dance hands-free and without burden. 

What to wear to Zoukout Singapore 2023: Flower power

Flowers are a girl’s best friend, and what better way to channel your feminine energy at ZoukOut 2023 with these outfit ideas that feature floral prints. From grunge to cheery colours, here’s what we have for flower child in you.

7. Vintage floral bandeau with jeans

Vintage floral bandeau

This sophisticated Floral Zipper Tank Top (available on LOVITO OFFICIAL STORE) is when blooms meet vintage. The flowers look oil-painted on a textured canvas, and the earthy colours make the reds pop. Be sure to pile on your favourite necklace so that the neck area doesn’t look empty. And for bottoms, throw on your most comfortable denim jeans or shorts!

Pro tip: If you’re worried about the tube top falling, try using fashion tapes to keep it in place. Buy good quality ones that won’t irritate your skin. We recommend jumping around at home to test the safety out to avoid any accidents at the actual event. Please abort mission if the top doesn’t fit snug enough.  

8. Floral backless A-line dress

Floral backless A-line dress
(Credit: RelaGala Official Store)

For a no frills ZoukOut 2023 outfit idea, this Floral Backless A-Line Dress (available on RelaGala Official Store) is a simple yet flattering piece to don for the beach party. We love how the little flowers look against the white dress, and the strappy features plus A-line cutting allow you to flaunt that summer bod without being too OTT.

What to wear to Zoukout Singapore 2023: Gothic girl

If you think that all-black outfits are boring, we’re here to prove that notion wrong. Enter the gothic fashion style, which is characterised by darkness and mystery. For Zoukout 2023 outfit ideas, here are ensembles you can consider.

9. Mesh crop top + half gloves + black shorts

gothic Mesh crop top
(Credit: CHUNGLO GOTH Store)

For a gothic outfit that can survive the heat of the beach, place your bets on this Gothic Mesh Crop Top (available CHUNGLO GOTH Store) that’s summer-friendly. While it’s good enough on its own with a pair of black shorts, you can spice up the all-black outfit with accessories like chain belts. You can also throw on a mesh shoulder shrug for a step up. 

10. Black dress + corset

black dress corset belt zoukout 2022 outfit idea
(Credit: myshopping.sg)

Gothic fashion borrows elements from the Victorian era, such as the corset. Pair this Gothic Lace Up Waist Corset Belt (available on myshopping.sg) with a little black dress, and accessorise with chunky necklaces and chokers to complete the look. For a more elaborate look, you can up the ante with fishnet leggings and black arm sleeves. 

What to wear to Zoukout Singapore 2023: Glam queen

If you’re ready to amp things up for the night, welcome to the atas side of style. We’re talking glitter bodycon dresses, flattering silhouettes and understated accessories!

11. Nude one shoulder dress 

nude one shoulder dress
(Credit: KEAIA.sg)

Looking chic can be effortless. Case in point: the Backless Street Dress (available on KEAIA.sg) that’s simple yet stunning. Its one-shoulder design instantly gives your style factor a boost. To jazz up this ZoukOut 2023 outfit idea, minimalist accessories are sure to work well. For shoes, pair it with comfortable slip-ons instead of heels for a comfortable night.

12. Glitter bodycon cowl dress

zoukout outfit ideas Glitter bodycon cowl dress

All that glitters IS gold! ZoukOut 2023 is the perfect time to rock that dress, so get it well washed and ironed! If you don’t already own one, cart out the Glitter Cowl Dress (available on LOVITO OFFICIAL STORE) to add to your party collection. It sports rhinestone straps and is available in blue and pink as well. 

What to wear to Zoukout Singapore 2023: Minimalist magic

If “less is more” is your mantra, these outfit ideas for ZoukOut 2023 might be right up your alley. Simple yet not losing out in style, we’ve curated these ensembles that you can take inspiration from.

13. Black tank top + denim shorts

black tank top and denim shorts
(Credit: printcess.sg)

It’s likely that you already have a basic Black Tank Top (available on printcess.sg) and a pair of denim shorts in your wardrobe. This ZoukOut 2023 outfit idea is for those who want to keep it simple, and deck themselves in whatever they already have. The classic tank won’t fail you for a beach party, and you can easily style this up with bucket hats and sunglasses for an effortless getup. 

14. Sleeveless one-piece romper with cutouts

zoukout outfit ideas Sleeveless one-piece romper
(Credit: ladyhouse2018)

Sometimes, simple is really best. And if black is your colour, you’re gonna kill it with this Sleeveless Romper (available on ladyhouse2018). Its soft, lightweight fabric will keep you feeling cool, and the cutouts will definitely help with comfort. You can also tie on a beach skirt if you’re up to spicing things up that day. We recommend throwing on minimalist accessories like a Sterling Silver Necklace (available on Sllxg Mall) to spice this ZoukOut 2023 outfit idea up. But of course, loud accessories like LED bracelets will always have its place on the dance floor of ZoukOut.

15. Plaid bikini set

plaid bikini set
(Credit: KEAIA.sg)

We can’t write a list of ZoukOut 2023 outfit ideas without including a bikini set – it’s a beach music festival after all! This Plaid Bikini Swimsuit (available on KEAIA.sg) is for those who have a penchant for the preppy style. The high-waisted bottoms make this the perfect fit for those who don’t want to show too much skin. You can also cover up further with this Hollow Blouse (available on demonlores)!

Flaunt these outfit ideas at ZoukOut 2023

Whether you’re into boho chic fits or glam dresses, we’re certain you’ll slay it at ZoukOut 2023 with these outfit ideas! Apart from what to wear to the beach party, what you bring is important as well. Be sure to pack along the best portable fans to beat the heat, and the best sunglasses in Singapore for when the sun comes up. And remember to check out our 11.11 Big Sale for more savings on the best hangover cures in Singapore and more!

This article was updated on 6 November 2023. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.