The Gift Of Time: 15 Best Couple Watch Brands For Valentine’s Day

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Gifting a watch to your significant other on Valentine’s Day can symbolise your timeless love for each other. With so many couple’s watch brands out there, you’re bound to find one that perfectly captures the essence of your relationship. We’ve curated the best couple watches in Singapore so you can find the ideal gift for your partner! 

Best couple watches in Singapore for Valentine’s Day 2024

Style Brand Features Price (SGD)
Atas Daniel Wellington
  • Rain-resistant
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Shock-resistant with luminous watch dials
$45.56 – $53.97
  • Water resistant to 100M
  • Hardlex crystal glass
  • Analog watch display with quartz movement
  • Stainless steel Italian design
  • 10 ATM water resistance
Fitspo Samsung
  • Smartwatch
  • Group challenges
  • Body-fat percentage calculator
$421.12 – $468.12 per watch
  • Clock display
  • GPS
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep monitor
  • Water resistance
$799.00 – $879.00 per watch
  • Built-in GPS
  • Active zone minutes
  • Sleep tracking and sleep score
  • 6+ days long battery charge
$268.00 per watch
  • Calorie tracker
  • Clock display
  • GPS
  • Heart rate tracking
$298.00 per watch
  • Clock display
  • Distance tracker
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Notifications
  • Pedometer
$37.56 per watch
  • Oxygen level monitor
  • Temperature monitor
  • App notifications
  • HR/BP monitor
$59.99 per watch
Stylish August Berg
  • Anti-reflective, single-domed sapphire crystal glass
$269.25 – $291.75 per watch
  • Clean classic shape, wrapped in an acetate finish for a textured, marbled appearance
$245.00 per watch
  • Clean designs featuring sapphire glass embellished with crystals
Calvin Klein
  • Ionic thin gold plated 1 steel with black silicone or leather straps
$178.50 – $247.00 per watch

Best couple watches in Singapore for the atas couple

1. Daniel Wellington Couple Watch Set

daniel wellington best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Daniel Wellington Official Store)

Daniel Wellington offers some of the best couple watches in Singapore. Their simplistic, yet iconic design sets them apart from other watch brands. This Daniel Wellington Gift Set (available on Daniel Wellington Official Store) is the perfect matching watch set for the atas couple. The stainless steel straps on this branded couple watch set add an air of class and elegance while keeping it simple. This branded couple’s watch makes for the perfect wedding gift to that OTP in your friend group!

  • Brand: Daniel Wellington
  • Features: Rain-resistant, Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Price (SGD): $568.00

2. NAVIFORCE Couple Watches

naviforce best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Naviforce Authorised Mall)

For the couple who wants a matching watch set that’s classy, and timeless but affordable, the NAVIFORCE Couple’s Watch Set (available on Naviforce Authorised Mall) is a great option. These stainless steel watches come in a variety of colours, but stay true to their minimalist design that goes well with any matching outfit. They’ll make great accessories to complement your Valentine’s Day couple’s OOTD!

  • Brand: Naviforce
  • Features: Shock-resistant with luminous watch dials
  • Price (SGD): $45.56 – $53.97

3. Seiko Couple Watch Set

best couple watch singapore seiko
(Credit: Kai Joo TP)

The renowned Seiko is another one of Singapore’s best couple watch brands to turn to when it comes to class, quality and reliability. Their name, Seiko, is a Japanese word that means “exquisite” and it truly shows in the details of this branded couple watch series, Seiko Neo Classic (available on Kai Joo TP). Its dial boasts a charming sunburst blue shade and is furnished with LumiBrite hands and markers. Coupled with a compact day and date window at 3 o’clock, rest assured that you’ll never forget your date with bae

  • Brand: Seiko
  • Features: Water resistant to 100M, Hardlex crystal glass
  • Price (SGD): $590.00

4. Titan Branded Couple Watches

titan best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Titan Singapore)

With 150 years of watch-making experience under their belt, Titan is the brand to go for when you’re searching for the best branded couple watches in Singapore. The Titan Bandhan Analog Watch (available on Titan Singapore) exhibits the finest workmanship that will impress your partner for Valentine’s Day!  The watch features a light, rose gold strap made of stainless steel, making it a great accessory for your suit or dress and you’re ready for a 4-course meal at Singapore’s most romantic restaurants!

  • Brand: Titan
  • Features: Analog watch display with quartz movement
  • Price (SGD): $228.00

5. Maserati Couple Watch Set

maserati best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Maserati Watches SG Official Store)

A brand name associated with elegance and the upper class, Maserati watches are now gaining traction in the high-end fashion world for their high quality and sleek designs. If you’re looking for the best couple watch brand in Singapore, consider gifting the Maserati Epoca 42mm+34mm Case Special Pack Couple’s Quartz Watch R8853118523 (available on Maserati Watches SG Official Store). This analogue watch has a classic aesthetic and is regarded as one of the most stylish pieces for the ambitious. The feminine version, on the other hand, is smaller and daintier. Together, they create a matching yet distinctly sporty look that most couples will appreciate. These are the best couple watches in Singapore to give as wedding gifts to the perfect couple and make great gift ideas for parents and in-laws as well!

  • Brand: Maserati
  • Features: Stainless steel Italian design with 10 ATM water resistance
  • Price (SGD): $508.70

Best couple watch brands in Singapore for the fitspo couple

6. Samsung Smartwatch

samsung smartwatch best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Samsung Official Store)

You can take on the universe with your partner when both of you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (available on Samsung Official Store). With Group Challenges available on this Samsung smartwatch, you and your partner can compete and motivate each other on your daily workouts! Not to mention, it’s fairly easy to track your progress with its body fat percentage feature – shedding those few extra kilos on the best treadmills can now be a breeze. If you’re looking for the best smartwatch for Valentine’s Day 2024, Samsung is definitely the way to go! 

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Features: Smartwatch with group challenges and body-fat percentage calculator
  • Price (SGD): $421.12 – $468.12 per watch

7. Polar Smartwatch

polar smartwatch best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Polar_SEA)

Take on a challenge at the best pilates studios with the Polar Vantage V3 Smart Watches (available on Polar_SEA)! This sweatproof multi-sport GPS watch was designed with the athlete in mind – lightweight and comfy, you can now switch poses with ease. The V3 features advanced tech compared to its V2 counterpart, enabling you to do more with your sports watch. Using a combination of sensor technologies to produce accurate heart rate measurements, you can count on Polar to track the heart-fluttering moments when your date makes your heart skip a beat!

  • Brand: Polar
  • Features: Clock display, GPR, heart rate tracking, sleep monitor, water resistance
  • Price (SGD): $799.00 – $879.00 per watch

8. Fitbit Smartwatch

fitbit versa 4 best couple watch singapore
(Credit: Fitbit Official Store)

Fitbit can make some of the best couple watches in Singapore when it comes to workout fanatics. With a commitment to health and fitness, their smartwatches are designed to revamp your daily routine. The Fitbit Versa 4 (available on Fitbit Official Store) provides detailed data on your workout sessions and stress levels – you’ll be able to know the intensity of your favourite spin classes and/or whether your body can take a gym session tomorrow. It’s the best watch in Singapore for starting your new fitness goals with your partner! Psst… if you ever need extra assistance, be sure to engage the best personal trainers too.

  • Brand: Fitbit
  • Features: Built-in GPS, active zone minutes, sleep tracking and sleep score, 6+ days long battery charge
  • Price (SGD): $268.00 per watch

9. Garmin Smartwatch

garmin venu sq 2 best couple watch singapore
(Credit: Garmin Official Store)

If you and bae are into running, you’ll need to equip your wrists with the Garmin Venu SQ 2 (available on Garmin Official Store). With almost 30 years of experience in GPS navigation products, Garmin is definitely the best couple’s watch in Singapore for the avid runners! Look forward to every run with music downloaded on your watch and take a peek at your performance with the Always-On LCD display on the Venu SQ!

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Features: Calorie tracker, clock display, GPS, heart rate tracking
  • Price (SGD): $298.00 per watch

10. VOARCH Smartwatch

voarch smartwatch best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Naviforce Authorized Mall)

If you’re searching for a sports watch that will motivate bae to get active, VOARCH is one of the best couple watch brands to look at in Singapore. The VOARCH Smart Watch (available on Naviforce Authorized Mall) features several functions to help you with your fitspo couple goals. Equipped with heart rate tracking and a pedometer, this affordable smartwatch will be able to properly monitor your workouts at home. Even when desk-bound at the office, it also has a sedentary reminder to get you standing and clock in a good stretch. Let this smartwatch get you and your partner moving towards the best versions of yourselves in 2024! 

  • Brand: VOARCH
  • Features: Clock display, distance tracker, heart rate tracking, notifications, pedometer
  • Price (SGD): $37.56 per watch

11. Blackdot GT1S Smartwatch

blackdot smartwatch best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Blackdotsg)

Look sleek and stylish while working out at the best 24-hour gyms with this Blackdot GT1S Smartwatch (available on Blackdotsg)! Equipped with a fitness tracker with 20 sporty modes, this watch will motivate you to conquer and smash those HIIT workouts. Moreover, with the ability to sync your messages and calls, you’ll never have to worry about missing bae’s calls even between your workouts!

  • Brand: Blackdot
  • Features: Oxygen level monitor, temperature monitor, app notifications, HR/BP monitor
  • Price (SGD): $59.99 per watch

Best watch brands for the stylish couple

12. August Berg

august berg indigo rose gold pimpernel perlon watch best couple watch singapore
(Credit: August Berg Official Store)

If you lovebirds like dramatic yet stylish wrist pieces, check out the August Berg Indigo Rose Gold Pimpernel Perlon Watch (available on August Berg Official Store). This unisex watch features curvy acanthus leaves and climber willow designed by British Heritage Artist and Designer, William Morris. It also offers a single-dome sapphire crystal glass for easy time-telling and looks especially stunning with delicately woven nylon straps. It’s the perfect couple watch in Singapore, adorned with the caption “Love is Enough.” 

  • Brand: August Berg
  • Features: Anti-reflective, single domed sapphire crystal glass
  • Price (SGD): $269.25 – $291.75 per watch

13. Nixon Branded Couple Watch

nixon best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Nixon Singapore Official Store)

For the couple with style and a flair for the contemporary, the Nixon Time Teller in Rose Gold and Tortoise Shell Watch (available in the Nixon Singapore Official Store) is the one for you! This ultra-fashionable watch will be the highlight of your couple’s date night outfits as it features an elegant rose gold bezel surrounded by a strap in tortoise shell design. It’s a bold statement piece for the couple that’s anything but ordinary!

  • Brand: Nixon
  • Features: Clean classic shape, wrapped in an acetate finish for a textured, marbled appearance
  • Price (SGD): $245.00 per watch

14. Bering Branded Couple Watch

bering best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Cocomi Singapore Official Store)

There’s a fine line between being corny and being sweet when it comes to matching couple’s items. This is why it is important to find the best couple watches in Singapore that will show off your style and your relationship as a couple! Bering watches offer various options for couples who enjoy subtle timepieces with vintage yet quintessential aesthetics such as the Bering Ceramic Watch pair (available on Cocomi Singapore Official Store). This couple’s watch brand features watches in clean, minimalist designs that are meant to blend with your outfit, so you can enjoy wearing your watches throughout the day!

  • Brand: Bering
  • Features: Clean designs featuring sapphire glass and embellished with crystals
  • Price (SGD): $450.00

15. Calvin Klein Matching Couple Watches

calvin klein best couple watches singapore
(Credit: Cocomi Singapore Official Store)

You can always count on Calvin Klein to provide you with the most timeless and elegant of pieces! This couple watch brand offers different designs for that stylish power couple, featuring clean aesthetics that won’t distract you from each other! The Calvin Klein Timeless Mesh Champagne Women’s Watch and the Calvin Klein Fearless Black Men’s Watch pair well together to form a powerful statement match that goes with any outfit. It’s the best couple watch in Singapore that you can gift this Valentine’s Day!

  • Brand: Calvin Klein
  • Features: Ionic thin gold plated 1 steel with black silicone or leather straps
  • Price (SGD): $178.50 – $247.00 per watch

Is a couples watch a good gift for Valentine’s Day?

couple with matching watches at the beach best couple watch singapore
(Credit: Yoab Anderson / Unsplash)

You may be wondering whether couple watches make great gifts for Valentine’s Day. Watches are timeless and elegant pieces that make for practical gift sets. While not all partners might enjoy getting a watch as a gift, getting the best couple watches in Singapore can be a sweet gesture for couples who love spending time together! Not to mention, your S/O will certainly think of you every time he or she checks the clock – it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Express love this Valentine’s Day with quality timepieces

Whether you’re atas, sporty, or super stylish, we hope you’ll have the perfect gift of quality time(pieces) for your partner with these best couple watch brands in Singapore! Why not check out some of the best men’s perfumes to freshen up his fragrance selection? If you’re still clueless about what to get for your loved ones, you could also arrange a thoughtful weekend getaway at these best glamping spots in Singapore. Don’t forget to surprise bae with some Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Snag the greatest deals when you shop during our Valentine’s Day Sale!

This article was updated on 15 January 2024. Additional research done by Janica Ng.