9 Best Perfumes For Men You Never Knew About

best perfume for men fragrance cologne eau de toilette
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Tired of wearing the same brand of men’s perfume? Then it’s time for an update! Perhaps the only thing that’s getting into your way of finding the right perfume is the many confusing elements that contribute to the final scent. No worries. We’ve compiled a quick guide to some of the best perfumes for men that you might not have known about! Who knows? You might just find your personal fragrance from this list.

1. Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau De Toilette Spray

perfume for men chanel allure homme sport
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Starting with one of the best perfumes for men who love the outdoors. Allure Homme Sport by Chanel provides an energising scent that complements an outgoing personality. We recommend the Eau de Toilette spray for its light but impactful touch — ideal for men who prefer frequent scented refreshments throughout the day. The Allure Homme Sport series is also an ideal men’s fragrance for daily wear.

2. Hermès Terre d’Hermès Eau de toilette

perfume for men hermes terre dhermes
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Not a fan of frequent refreshments? Then try on Hermès Terre d’Hermès Parfum which is a long lasting Eau de Toilette perfume for men. The scent of this unique men’s fragrance is defined by its bold citrus and woody ingredients — a great wear for folks who prefer a calming aroma. It’s also good for most occasions as the scent of this men’s perfume goes easy on one’s olfactory senses.

3. Davidoff Cool Water Man Eau de Toilette

perfume for men davidoff cool water men

If you want a men’s fragrance that is truly fresh, then Davidoff Cool Water Man is for you. The scent of this men’s perfume is dominated by marine and spicy ingredients that are best associated with a relaxing time by the beach. This is a perfume for men that has an average sillage so that it isn’t overbearing on people around the wearer. We recommend wearing this fragrance after sporting events for the added refreshment!

4. Coach For Men Eau De Toilette

perfume for men coach for men
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Although reviewers often criticise Coach for Men for being generic, it is a reasonably good choice for infrequent wearers. The scent is rich in several types of ingredients — most notably aromatic and citrus — and is a great start for those still looking for their personal style. Coach for Men is also a safe option for those new to buying perfumes as its moderate scent complements the wearer on most occasions.

5. Calvin Klein Eternity For Men EDT Spray

perfume for men CK calvin klein eternity for men
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Project your confidence with a strong fragrance when you wear Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Men. The impactful mix of ingredients in this perfume for men is made for those who need a hint of swagger. It is easily distinguished by its top note ingredients such as ginger pepper and sudachi. Try this scent on if you’re headed for social gatherings — it would help you ease up on the first impressions!

6. Police To Be Camouflage Eau De Toilette

perfume for men police to be camouflage
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Inspired by military elements, Police To Be Camouflage provides a unique take on masculine fragrances. This is a perfume for men that goes well with most men’s casual wear. Despite it’s aggressive-looking bottle, it’s a carefree scent that is a mixture of fresh and earthy notes. We recommend keeping a bottle at home for days when you’re having trouble deciding which scent to wear.

7. Versace Eros Eau De Toilette

perfume for men versace eros
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Eros by Versace is a men’s fragrance made for those who possess — or desire to have — an intriguing personality. Like most products by Versace, Eros is a perfume for men that offers a more romantic and mysterious vibe. It’s definitely a scent to wear if your goal is to impress. Intense at its high points, this EDT is the perfect fit for date nights or simply any occasion that may have you in the spotlight.

8. Burberry Brit For Him Eau De Toilette

perfume for men burberry brit for him
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Burberry Brit for Him is a popular choice among mature men. The fragrance is smooth, clean, and spicy. This is another perfume for men that is light yet impactful. Its notes feature a good mixture of amber, soft tonka bean, and woody fragrances. This perfume for men is also great on the skin and can last for a good few hours before another refreshing spray. Try this on if you’re up for an evening of friendly mingling.

9. Gucci Guilty Black Eau De Toilette

perfume for men gucci guilty
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Much like the advertising that promoted this perfume for men, Gucci Guilty presents itself as a seductive scent that’s intense and addictive. It’s best suited for a night filled with passion and definitely a great scent to enhance the wearer’s masculinity. The choice of ingredients are mainly aromatic, and green also presents the wearer in youthful bliss. It goes without saying then that Gucci Guilty is for those who love projecting an energetic aura.

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