11 (Non-Overly Patriotic) Red And White Outfits To Wear This National Day

red formal suit and red formal dress red and white outfit singapore national day
(Credit: Suit flagship store, Blair Wears Official Store)

Singapore National Day is just around the corner! While you might be watching the celebration from home this year, you can still express your pride by wearing red and white outfits. 

Don’t be mistaken though, we’re not referring to tacky outfits that scream “I Love SG”. Keep scrolling to find out how you can wear red and white outfits in a stylish and subtly patriotic manner. We will be taking you on a ride around our sunny island as we capture fashion inspiration from all things Singapore. 

Red and white outfits for this Singapore National Day

1. Haji Lane Hipsters

red and white outfit singapore national day
(Credit: Zalia & Lubna Official Store, happytao.sg)
red hooded sweatshirt grey joggers red and white outfit singapore national day
(Credit: Gildan Singapore Official Store , Under Armour Official Store)

Lined with colourful mural walls that make an awesome backdrop for your #OOTD photos, Haji Lane cafes and bars are one of the hippest places to be seen at in Singapore. Capture the area’s essence through bold and funky clothing designs this Singapore National Day! 

Girls, it’s time for parties and celebrations. Whip out a stylish red toga crop top (available on Zalia & Lubna Official Store) and ripped fishnet jeans (available on happytao.sg)! Guys, nothing screams ‘swag’ more than a red hooded sweatshirt (available on Gildan Singapore Official Store). Match it with a pair of grey joggers (available on Under Armour Official Store) from your favourite streetwear brands and get ready to charm the socks off your Instagram fans!

2. Kiasi Singaporeans

retro red neckline shirt white button down a line skirt red and white outfit singapore national day
(Credit: chancecatch.sg, coconut.sg)


red plaid flannel fila disruptor II leather sneakerssingapore national day outfit
(Credit: gzzh2015.sg, FILA Official Shop)

As one of the 5 ‘K’s (kiasi, kiasu, kiabo, kiabor, kiachenghu) used to describe the classic Singaporean, kiasi-ism refers to our risk-averse character. Playing it safe this Singapore’s National Day? You can’t go wrong with a simple red and white outfit. However, don’t mistake simplicity for tacky. 

Ladies, a plain and loose retro red neckline shirt (available on chancecatch.sg) paired with a white denim skirt (available on coconut.sg) can turn a simple outfit into something incredibly fashionable! Guys could opt for a red flannel button down shirt (available on gzzh2015.sg) with dark jeans and a pair of white FILA Disruptor II leather sneakers (available on FILA Official Shop) to keep to the theme!

3. CBD Parents

red blouse white high waist pantssingapore national day outfit
(Credit: Beloved.sg, SUPER HAPPY BUY FASHION)


red polo shirt white bermuda singapore national day outfit
(Credit: Fannai Official Store, Giordano Official Store)

We understand working parents don’t get to spend as much time with their kids. Well, Singapore’s National Day is a great opportunity for some family time at these outdoor playgrounds in Singapore! Go for a comfortable and fuss-free outfit so you can keep up with your little ones. 

Mums can wear a red blouse (available on Beloved.sg) with white high waist pants (available on SUPER HAPPY BUY FASHION) for a more put-together appearance! These also make great office wear for working mums and can be reworn for many occasions. Along with that, dads can go for a classic red polo shirt (available on Fannai Official Store) paired with a pair of comfy knee-length white bermudas (available on Giordano Official Store). This outfit will surely be a breath of fresh air from the office formal shirts and pants look!

4. Laid-back Heartlanders

singapore national day ndp red white casual home women camisole wide legged pants
(Credit: OHAYO Fashion, Felicelife)
havaianas flip flops white muscle tank singapore national day outfits
(Credit: Havaianas SG Official Store, FANNAI Official Singapore)

Want to sleep in on the public holiday? You can still stick to the patriotic theme in comfy loungewear!

Ladies, pull on a pair of slouchy red wide-legged pants (available on Felicelife) paired with a white camisole bra top (available on OHAYO Fashion) and you’re ready to while the day away in style! Gentlemen, wear a pair of comfy red flip flops (available on Havaianas SG Official Store) coupled with a white geometric bull tank top (available on FANNAI Official Singapore)! Being homebound doesn’t need to be boring. Challenge your partner to play some of the best couple online games!

5. ActiveSG Ambassadors 

red muscle tank black yoga pants singapore national day outfit
(Credit: Funfit Outlet Official Store)


white windbreaker red dri fit shirt singapore national day
(Credit: Luckysun Men Clothing, Sports-Zone Official Store)

If you love staying fit on your day off, why not hit the gym in a red and white sportswear outfit to show your love (and good figure) this Singapore National Day? 

For sporty girls, go for a loose fitting women’s activewear outfit, such as the red tank top (available on Funfit Outlet Official Store) and a pair of yoga pants (available on Funfit Outlet Official Store) to flaunt your toned body. On the other hand, muscular guys can wear a dry-fit shirt (available on Sports-Zone Official Store) with a white and red hooded windbreaker jacket (available on Luckysun Men Clothing) for that extra oomph

6. Cafe Hoppers

white ruffle dress red sun hat singapore national day
(Credit: Hervelvetvase Official Store, 3dmodule.sg)
white giordano button down shirt red liverpool baseball hat singapore national day outfit
(Credit: Giordano Official Store, Jersey Club)

If you’re celebrating this Singapore National Day cafe-hopping be sure to join the spirit by sporting red and white outfits! Check out our list of cafes near Lavender MRT and some of the best Singapore neighbourhoods for brunch plans!

For the ladies, a white ruffled dress (available on Hervelvetvase Official Store) would be perfect for a sweet date at a cafe! The loose and flowy cut of such dresses compliments any body shape. On top of that, you can pop on a red sun hat (available on 3dmodule.sg) for extra charm. For the guys, wear a white button down shirt (available on Giordano Official Store) with a Liverpool baseball cap (available on Jersey Club) to continue the team’s victory celebrations! 

7. Paiseh Patriotics

red petal earrings red fashion watch red hair bow red and white socks singapore national day outfit
(Credit: the92shop, Zeca Watches Official Store, Time Jewellery Store, luckyday.sg)

If you’re too paiseh (shy) to display your patriotism through your outfit, why not slip on some red and white accessories? Red and white striped socks (available on the92shop), red fashion watches (available on Zeca Watches Official Store), red rose petal earrings (available on Time Jewellery Store) as well as red ribbon hairbands (available on luckyday.sg) are great and subtle ways to show your love for the nation this Singapore National Day!

8. Tamchiak Foodie

red flats white ruffle dress singapore national day outfit
(Credit: PAZZION Official Store, Lixm.sg)
red floral shirt black jeans singapore national day outfit
(Credit: Men’s Fashion.sg, Denizen Singapore Official Store)

It’s no secret Singaporeans love food. If you identify yourself as a tamchiak (gluttonous) Singaporean, you’ll love a food baby-friendly outfit!

Ladies can don a cutesy white off-shoulder strawberry dress (available on Lixm.sg) decked with mini berries to keep to the red and white outfit theme. The cinched waist will emphasise your figure while the flared out cut helps to hide any food bellies! Don’t forget to throw on your comfiest pair of red flats (available on PAZZION Official Store) if you’re planning to stand in line like a good Singaporean for a National Day feast! Meanwhile, guys can go for this flashy red tropical shirt (available on Men’s Fashion.sg) matched with a pair of laidback black jeans (available on Denizen Singapore Official Store). 

9. Vintage Vanguard


red dress polka dot white scarf singapore national day outfit
(Credit: hhalzy.sg, Mint)
singapore national day red white ndp men vintage shirt suspenders
(Credit: Tide pants, crystal668.sg)

All about vintage fashion? This Singapore National Day gives you the perfect excuse to whip out your red and white retro get-up! Ladies can put on an old-school retro red dress (available on hhalzy.sg), accessorised with a white polka-dotted silk scarf (available on Mint).

Gentlemen can also pull off the red and white vintage style with an oversized black shirt (available on Tide pants) worn over a plain white T-shirt. Take the style up a notch with red suspenders (available on crystal668.sg) and you’d look like Jack from our all-time favourite movie, Titanic!

10. Modern Merdeka

red blouse black casual culottes singapore national day outfit
(Credit: matwsec, Dawn Exclusive)


white polo shirt red stripe loafers singapore national day outfit
(Credit: Under Armour Official Store, Hush Puppies Official Store)

In your 60s? You’re never too old to dress up for Singapore National Day! Upgrade your wardrobe with some of these modern and stylish red and white outfits.

For a chic yet age-appropriate attire, ladies can wear a red long sleeve blouse (available on matwsec) and a pair of black casual culottes (available on Dawn Exclusive). Meanwhile, men can opt for something more youthful, like a white short-sleeved polo shirt (available on Under Armour Official Store). Get in line with the latest fashion by slipping into a pair of red striped loafers (available on Hush Puppies Official Store) for a luxurious vibe!

11. Atas Asians

red formal dress gold pearl brooch singapore national day outfit
(Credit: Blair Wears Official Store, doreen.sg)


red suit white tie singapore national day outfit
(Credit: Suit flagship store, wgxundeluper.sg)

Seize the public holiday and take your date out to one of the most atas (sophisticated) rooftop restaurants in Singapore for an unforgettable night. Whip out your favourite gown or suit, it’s time to dress to the nines in red and white!

The ladies can accessorise this classy red midi dress (available on Blair Wears Official Store) with some fine jewellery. Don’t forget to pin on a pearl brooch (available on doreen.sg) for that extra bit of glam! As for the men, go bold or go home with this eye-catching red suit (available on Suit flagship store) and white tie (available on wgxundeluper.sg). With this ensemble, you’re guaranteed to look turn a few heads!

Show off your Singapore National Day pride in stylish red and white outfits!

To amp yourself up for National Day, why not head down to these historical places in Singapore? Alongside that, you can reminisce with your family during the long-weekend to this list of National Day songs! Check out our National Day Sale to enjoy unbeatable deals when you shop online this holiday! For those with overseas friends celebrating National Day for the first time, spread your patriotic pride with some cool Singapore gifts!

This article was updated on 9 July 2020. Additional research done by Rachel Tan.

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