On Cloud Wine: 11 Best Wine Chillers For Refreshing Alcohol

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As Ernest Hemingway once said, wine and friends are a great blend. Wine is the superior choice when it comes to gatherings with family and friends, or as a nightcap after a long day. If you’re growing your wine collection, it’s high time to add a wine chiller to your crib to get the best out of every drip. Read on as we explain how wine chillers work, how to choose them, and our recommendations on the best wine chillers in Singapore! 

What is a wine chiller?

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The saying “ageing like fine wine” comes from the fact that wine tastes better over time. However, this only happens when wines are stored in an optimal environment with the right temperature, humidity level, and exposure to light. 

A good wine chiller helps you to achieve this optimal condition. A hallmark of a wine chiller is dark interiors and tinted glass. This helps to minimise exposure to UV rays which can alter the taste and aroma of wine. On the other hand, soft interior LED lights allow you to showcase your wine collection to guests without having to open your wine chiller unnecessarily, which can affect the constant temperature you’re trying to achieve.

The best wine chillers in Singapore are also equipped with wooden shelves, which absorb vibrations that can cause wine to separate into different layers. Wine fridges have built-in humidity-management systems like compressors or inverters. These help to keep humidity levels to 50 – 70% and create optimal air flow, which preserves the quality of wines by preventing mould and degradation.

How to choose a wine chiller?

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Not sure how to choose a wine chiller? Here are the key factors to look out for when shopping for one.

  • Size

Whether you’re just starting out to collect wine or you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur, there’s a wine chiller out there that’s suitable for you. Wine chillers come in a wide range of sizes, with small ones for eight to 30 750ml standard Bordeaux bottles, as well as large options that cater for massive collections up to 200 bottles. Apart from considering the space you have to spare, also think about how much your collection will grow over the years. 

  • Built-in vs freestanding

If you’re short on space, you can consider getting a built-in wine chiller instead of a freestanding one. Built-in wine chillers can be integrated into your kitchen shelves and cabinets, while freestanding ones will require a dedicated space either on the floor or countertop. 

  • Single vs multi-temperature 

Are you intending to use your wine chiller for long-term storage or for serving purposes? If you’re using it to age your wines for a long period, a single temperature wine chiller will suffice. If you’re using it for serving wines, we recommend buying a multi-temperature wine chiller that allows you to adjust it to the specific temperature for different varieties of wine.

What is the ideal serving temperature for different types of wine?

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Wine appreciation is all about the details. To make sure you’re getting the best flavour out of every sip, take extra note of its serving temperature! As a general rule of thumb, full-bodied red wines should be served at slightly below room temperature (17 – 21 ˚C) while lighter reds should be served cooler at 12 – 17˚C. On the other hand, white wines taste best at fridge cold temperatures (7 – 14˚C) – not too warm to lift its acidity, and not too cold such that flavours become muted. Champagnes like prosecco and rosé are most delicious when they’re icy cold (5 – 10˚C) for that pop of sparkle and flavour!

Type of wine Wine variety Temperature (˚C)
Red wine Pinot Noir 16
Merlot 17 –  21
Cabernet Sauvignon 17 –  21
Shiraz 18
White wine Sauvignon Blanc 9
Chardonnay 9
Pinot Grigio 9
Riesling 10
Champagnes All varieties 7

Best small wine chillers in Singapore (up to 30 bottles)

1. JVD Lifestyle Wine Chiller

JVD lifestyle black small wine chiller for 8 bottles best wine chiller singapore
(Credit: JVD Official Store)

If you’re intending to use your wine chiller for serving purposes or have a mini collection, a small one like the JVD Lifestyle 8 Bottle Wine Chiller (available on JVD Official Store) would suffice. Affordably priced below $200, this is one of the best wallet-friendly options in Singapore to consider for your abode. Its compact design allows it to fit neatly on your countertop or undercounter, and its sleek appearance makes it one that adds a touch of luxe to your kitchen. 

The JVD Lifestyle wine chiller features a digital temperature touch control and display so that you can view your wines easily. Those with kids in the household can also have a peace of mind with the lockout mode, which prevents accidental tampering.

2. PowerPac Wine Chiller

powerpac mini wine chiller best wine chiller singapore
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

Known for budget-friendly home appliances, PowerPac is the go-to brand for Singaporeans looking for value-for-money buys. Their PowerPac Wine Chiller PP515 (available on PowerPac Official Store) is one of the best entry-level wine chillers in Singapore that comes with an affordable price tag under $250. Sporting a compact design, this small wine chiller has a capacity for up to 15 bottles – which is just right for those who cycle their wines each time they have guests over. 

Equipped with a thermostat, constant temperature is maintained for every compartment. It offers a temperature range between 4 – 18˚C, which you can adjust with the touch of a button. The PowerPac wine chiller is also equipped with two wooden shelves to minimise vibrations. Furthermore, the built-in drainage holes at the bottom of each compartment makes cleaning and maintenance so much easier! 

3. Renmaz Wine Cooler

renmaz wine cooler
(Credit: Daiiak Lifestyle)

Wine chillers don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Case in point: the Renmaz Mini Constant Temperature Wine Cooler (available Daiiak Lifestyle) which lets you live your home bar dreams while on a budget! As one of the best wine chillers in Singapore, the Renmaz wine cooler boasts a 360° cooling system which stimulates air circulation for the best storage conditions for your wines. It also ensures constant humidity and a temperature range between 8 – 18˚C. It’s also equipped with an effective anti-UV panel as well as shock reduction to ensure minimal vibrations that might cause your wine to degrade over time. Operating at 70W, this is also one of the most energy-saving options you can get to save cost in the long run.

4. Aerogaz Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

aerogaz thermoelectric wine chiller best wine chiller singapore
(Credit: aerogaz Official Store)

Despite coming in at a fraction of the price of most of its competitors, the Aerogaz Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (available on aerogaz Official Store) holds its own with its highly-reviewed thermoelectric wine cooling system. This makes it the best energy-saving wine chiller in Singapore with a low power consumption of 50W – which is comparable to that of a standing fan. The Aerogaz wine cooler is also not short of essential features such as a triple-layered anti-UV glass door, LED control, and soft interior LED lights for display purposes. Its detachable air filter also makes it easy to maintain, and it also operates at a low volume of 38dB – the sound of whispering from 1.5m away!

5. Tecno Mini Wine Chiller

tecno mini wine chiller black
(Credit: Tecno Official Store)

Another frontrunner for the best wine coolers in Singapore is the Tecno Mini Wine Chiller (available on Tecno Official Store) which sports a small, minimalist design. Its sleek black exterior allows it to blend well into any home interior without taking too much space. In addition, this Tecno wine chiller boasts adjustable temperature settings for different types of wine. We also love its quiet, energy-saving compressor which ensures optimal air flow when storing wines over a long time. Furthermore, it comes with removable metal racks for easy cleaning and a double tinted tempered glass door for UV protection. 

6. Kadeka Medley Series Wine Chiller

kadeka medley series wine chiller for cans and bottles
(Credit: KADEKA Official Store)

We can’t write a list about the best wine fridges in Singapore without mentioning Kadeka wine chillers. As a leading brand in the wine chiller market, Kadeka is often regarded as the gold standard for wine chillers, with a wide range of options targeting different needs. For instance, the Kadeka Medley Series Wine Chiller (available on KADEKA Official Store) takes things up a notch by catering to both beer buffs and vino lovers at the same time. It features dual temperature zones with independent settings to cater to both alcoholic beverages, allowing you to store both beer and wine at optimal settings.

Furthermore, the Kadeka Medley Series Wine Chiller comes with charcoal filters which allows for slow yet constant renewal of air, preventing bacteria build-up and infiltration of bad odour. The door alarm feature also comes in handy for forgetful folks who might leave the door open by accident, ensuring that your booze collection is always well-kept. 

7. EuropAce 15 Bottles Wine Chiller

europace mini wine chiller in black
(Credit: EuropAce Official Store)

Europace is another household name that’s no stranger to Singaporeans. Apart from the best garment steamers and the best water heaters in Singapore, they also offer solid wine chiller options that are value-for-money. The EuropAce 15 Bottles Wine Cooler (available on EuropAce Official Store) sports a small, sleek design that won’t take up too much space on your kitchen countertop. In addition, the EuropAce wine cooler comes with telescopic sliding shelves which allow you to seamlessly slide your wines out to choose them. We also love its reversible door hinge which allows you to open it both ways, from both the left and right. 

Another unique feature that makes the EuropAce wine chiller stand out is the mirror glass, which doubles up as a mirror. When it’s time to showcase your wine collection, simply turn on the interior LED lights to illuminate them for a crystal clear view!

8. Aerogaz Built-In Wine Chiller

aerogaz built-in wine chiller with silver rims best wine chiller singapore
(Credit: aerogaz Official Store)

The Aerogaz Built-in Wine Chiller (available aerogaz Official Store) takes the cake for the ultimate space-saver. For those who don’t want to free up countertop space, this is one of the best wine coolers that can be integrated seamlessly with your kitchen cabinets. In terms of features, the aerogaz built-in wine chiller flexes a wide temperature range of 5 – 22˚C, allowing you to serve champagnes, white wines, and red wines at their ideal temperatures. The aerogaz wine chiller is also equipped with three wooden shelves that can fit up to 24 wine bottles, and an anti-UV glass door to keep them away from harmful rays. There’s also an internal lighting feature for you to view your collection at any time!

Best wine chillers in Singapore (up to 150 bottles)

9. Kadeka Signature 54 Bottle Wine Chiller

kadeka signature series wine chiller best wine chiller singapore
(Credit: KADEKA Official Store)

The model student in the world of wine chillers, there’s no hiding that the Kadeka Signature Wine Chiller (available on KADEKA Official Store) comes with a higher price tag. That said, wine aficionados would agree that the intricate details and robust features make it a worthy investment in the long run. It sports the largest temperature range of 5 – 22˚C, which makes it ideal for any type of wine. Built with inverter technology, it also ensures minimal movement, using an inverter compressor to stabilise temperature and save energy. 

While LED lights are a feature most wine chillers have, the Kadeka Signature Wine Chiller elevates its game with different light settings such as red, blue, and red and blue options. Its built-in fan and charcoal filters also ensure optimal air flow, and its label system allows you to pick your wines at a glance. With a deluge of nifty features, there’s no doubt the Kadeka Signature is one of the best wine chillers in Singapore.

10. Mayer 99 Bottles Wine Chiller

Mayer 99 bottle wine chiller in black with wooden racks
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

Decked with wooden shelves, white interior LED lights, and a triple-layered glass door for UV protection, the Mayer 99 Bottles Wine Chiller (available on Mayer Official Store) is worth a spot on this list of best wine fridges in Singapore. It can fit up to 99 bottles to cater to those who already have a large collection, or for those who intend to grow theirs in time to come. The Mayer Wine Chiller features a single temperature zone which is best for wine storage, allowing them to age over time in ideal conditions. We also love its additional touches such as carbon filters, frame-trimmed stainless steel doors, and LED interior touch control.

11. Chateau 151 Bottles Wine Chiller

chateau 151 bottles wine chiller best wine chiller singapore
(Credit: Casa Official Store)

Looking to size up your wine collection? The Chateau 151 Bottles Wine Chiller (available on Casa Official Store) is the best large-capacity wine fridge in Singapore that caters to that! It features dual temperature zones, with its upper section within the range of 5 – 18°C for champagnes and white wines, and the lower sections within the range of 10 – 18°C for your reds. Its ventilated circulatory system and charcoal filters also make the Chateau wine chiller ideal for long term storage. In addition, you can choose to opt for it to be built-in as a kitchen cabinet, or choose the freestanding option if space allows.

Overview of the best wine chillers in Singapore 

Wine chiller Capacity Dimensions W x D x H (mm) Temperature zones Temperature range (˚C) Price
Aerogaz Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 12 bottles 255 x 510 x 590 Single 12 – 15 $150
JVD Lifestyle Wine Chiller 8 bottles 252 x 500 x 453 Single 12 – 18 $188
PowerPac Wine Chiller 15 bottles 430 x 481 x 500 Single 4 – 18 $249
Renmaz Mini Wine Cooler 6 or 12 bottles 265 x 405 x 500 Single 8 – 18 $199 – $299
EuropAce Wine Chiller 15 bottles 430 x 480 x 520 Single 4 – 18 $312.90
Tecno Mini Wine Chiller 16 bottles 470 x 540 x 480 Single 5.5 – 19 $328
Aerogaz Built-In Wine Chiller 24 bottles 592 x 545 x 455 Single 5 – 22 $699
Kadeka Medley Series Wine Chiller 25 bottles and 54 cans 595 x 562 x 822 Dual 5 – 18 $1380
Kadeka Signature 54 Bottle Wine Chiller 54 bottles 595 x 570 x 813 Single 5 – 22 $1380
Mayer 99 Bottles Wine Chiller 99 bottles 595 x 590 x 1215 Single 5 – 18 $1399
Chateau 151 Bottles Wine Chiller 151 bottles 595 x 680 x 1767  Dual 5 – 18, 10 – 18°C $2188

Enjoy life’s finest things with the best wine chillers in Singapore

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