21 Personalised Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For Team Bride

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When you’re almost ready to walk down the aisle, it’s good practice to show your appreciation to the girlies supporting this new chapter in your life with these best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore! From organising your bachelorette party to being part of the iconic bouquet toss, your bridesmaids are the ones there for you at every step of your wedding journey. And there’s no better way to show your appreciation for your bridal squad than to prepare some thoughtful gifts. Need some bridesmaids gift ideas? Check out our roundup of the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore for every budget!

Overview of the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore (2024)

Category Item Personalised Price (SGD)
Under $5 Personalised Makeup Bag Yes $2.75
Custom Coasters Yes $2.78 – $10.51
Wooden Hair Comb Yes $2.83 – $3.79
Matching Passport Holders Yes $4.14 – $5.46
Under $15 Personalised Compact Mirror  Yes $14.90
Personalised Jewellery Box Yes $6.01
Personalised Trinket Tray Yes $12.38 – $14.30
Personalised Fabric Tote Bag Yes $14.40
Under $35 Engraved Name Light Yes $27.84
Personalised Glass Cup with Straw Yes $19.90 – $26.90
Matching Shoulder Bags No $23.81
Personalised Photo Reel Yes $11.74 – $32.40
Personalised Luggage Tag Yes $15.90
Under $50 Customised Floating Frame Print Yes $35.00
Personalised Wine Glasses Yes $19.90 – $25.90
Personalised Leather Pouch Yes $42.80
Preserved Flower Bouquet with Light No $11.89 – $24.90
Bridesmaid Gift Boxes Phoebe Jewellery Case Gift Set Yes $34.90
Bridesmaid Gift Box Set w/ Aroma Reed Diffuser No $25.80 – $34.80
Changjiu Personalised Bridesmaid Gift Box Yes $37.34
Flower Knows Chocolate Wonder-Shop Gift Set No $141.70

Best bridesmaid gifts Singapore: Gifts under $5

1. Personalised Makeup Bag

personalised makeup bag bridesmaid gift singapore
(Credit: kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg)

What’s a wedding without dolling up with your girls? With all the outfit changes and shuttling from place to place, a Personalised Makeup Bag (available on kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg) is one of the most useful bridesmaid gifts in Singapore to add to your bridesmaid gift box, or as a gift on its own. The option to add a personalised touch by way of your bridesmaids’ initials is a definite plus point! This canvas makeup bag also comes with a zipper to keep all their barang barang in place. 

2. Custom Coasters

Custom Coasters bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: alskar)

Don’t skip over this bridesmaid gift in Singapore! These Alskar® Custom Coasters (available on alskar) may seem like a simple bridesmaid gift idea, but it’s a practical gift that’s great for parties (and hens night!). With customised coasters, you’ll always know whose drink is whose. Plus, they’re cute additions to any personal drink stations and home bars!

3. Wooden Hair Comb

Wooden Hair Comb bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: Harbour Life official Store)

Your girlies will love this cute bridesmaid gift in Singapore! Personalise these Wooden Hair Combs (available on Harbour Life official Store) with your bridesmaids’ names or nicknames for a meaningful yet functional gift. Go on with your wedding without a hair out of place!

4. Matching Passport Holders

Matching Passport Holders bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: CEXIKA Official Store)

All packed for that pre-wedding trip with the girls? Surprise your bridesmaids with these matching Passport Holders (available on CEXIKA Official Store) before your trip to make it an even more memorable one! There are nine colours to choose from, so you can even get one for yourself to match with Team Bride.

Best bridesmaid gifts Singapore: Gifts under $15

5. Personalised Compact Mirror 

personalised compact mirror bridesmaid gift singapore
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

Another practical bridesmaid gift idea suitable for bridesmaid gift boxes is a Personalised Compact Mirror (available on Misty Daydream)! Not only is this compact mirror totally gorgeous, it’s bound to serve your bridesmaids well in terms of mid-banquet touch-ups. You even get to choose between silver, gold, or rose gold finish. To top it off, you can also have the names and initials of your bridesmaids emblazoned over the cover, making the gift that much more meaningful! 

6. Personalised Jewellery Box

personalised jewellery case bridesmaid gift singapore (1)
(Credit: kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg)

It’s not a wedding without some bling! Help your bridesmaids stay organised with a handy Personalised Jewellery Box (available on kfcjunjun2018.sg.sg). Available in pearl white or pink, this PU-leather accessories box comes with multiple velvet-lined compartments to keep jewellery organised. Whether you think your girls would prefer simple initials or abstract floral print, there’s a wide range of designs to choose from for the customised name printing. Functional yet stylish, this is definitely one of the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore for the practical at heart! 

7. Personalised Trinket Tray 

trinket tray bridesmaid gift singapore

Another cute yet practical bridesmaid gift idea would definitely be a Personalised Trinket Tray (available on BLACKMINK). These handy trinket trays can not only be used to hold earrings, rings, and necklaces, but can also double up as holders for household knick-knacks like car keys. Best part? Everything from the plating to the font of the customised name is fully customisable! This makes this trinket tray one of the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore in terms of both sentimental value and style. 

8. Personalised Fabric Tote Bag

Personalised Fabric Tote Bag bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: Curated Company)

Your shopaholic bridesmaids will love this practical yet classy gift! These Personalised Fabric Tote Bags (available on Curated Company) can be fitted with vinyl lettering to customise them for each of your bridesmaids. Plus, the eco-friendly tote bags are convenient to carry around on shopping trips and can fit laptops as big as a Macbook!

Best bridesmaid gifts Singapore: Gifts under $35

9. Engraved Name Light 

Engraved Name Light bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: Curated Company)

What better way to tell your friends they light up your life than with these Engraved Name Lights (available on Curated Company) that would fit right in their minimalist homes? Made of acrylic panels with an LED light base, this night light will transform their bedrooms into cosy nooks! It’s the best bridesmaid gift for girlies who are always staying up scrolling through reels on their phones.

10. Personalised Glass Cup with Straw

Personalised Glass Cup with Straw bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: AWT – Personalised Gifts)

If you’re on the hunt for the best bridesmaid gift in Singapore for your girlies, this Personalised Glass Cup with Straw (available on AWT – Personalised Gifts) is a great option! This 450ml tumbler comes in a long, slim design, making it the ideal size for work totes. The frosted glass flask even comes with its own reusable straw, straw brush, and pouch. And of course, there’s also the option to have your bridesmaids’ names emblazoned over the exterior for a sweet, personalised touch!

11. Matching Shoulder Bags

Matching Shoulder Bags bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: IELGY Official Store)

Thinking of a unique bridesmaid gift for your squad? These cute Matching Shoulder Bags (available on IELGY Official Store) come in seven colours, and feature a unique triangular design that’s sure to be a showstopper. With its interesting shape and roomy interior, these bags make ideal bridesmaid gifts in Singapore!

12. Personalised Photo Reel 

personalised photo reel
(Credit: Happytimebuy)

If you’re looking for a truly memorable gift to add to your bridesmaid gift boxes, this Personalised Photo Reel (available on Happytimebuy) is one of the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore that you can prepare! Simply choose 10 to 45 different photos, which will then be printed onto a photo reel inspired by film negatives – talk about a walk down memory lane! The reel will then be wound inside a film case, which you can customise using another photo of choice. To make the gift even more special, add a heartfelt message to the reel for each one of your bridesmaids. Not preparing bridesmaid gift boxes? Fret not, because the photo reel comes with its own wooden box

13. Personalised Luggage Tag

luggage tag bridesmaid gift singapore
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

It’s official – overseas travel is back. So what’s a better bridesmaid gift idea than a Personalised Luggage Tag (available on Misty Daydream)? These shiny acrylic luggage tags are one of the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore for those who always can’t seem to locate their luggages at the conveyor belt. Moreover, the customised name element makes this luggage tag a good placeholder for your bridesmaids at the wedding banquet. You can even make these tags a wedding favour to give out to all your guests! 

Best bridesmaid gifts Singapore: Gifts under $50

14. Customised Floating Frame Print

Customised Floating Frame Print bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: Atelier SG)

This one’s for the astrology girlies who can’t resist a good star chart (or moon chart!). This decorative Customised Floating Frame Print (available on Atelier SG) shows the phases of the moon on your bridesmaids’ birthdays, making it an interesting conversation piece. It’s one of the most unique bridesmaid gifts in Singapore that’s sure to be a crowd favourite!

15. Personalised Wine Glasses 

personalised wine glasses
(Credit: Misty Daydream)

It’s not a party without some alcohol. Surprise your girls with one of the most fun yet practical bridesmaid gifts in Singapore – Personalised Wine Glasses (available on Misty Daydream). Available in champagne flute or wine glass form, these dreamy glasses are great gifts for bridesmaids who enjoy their liquor. Whether your bridesmaids prefer a robust red or a bubbly, these iridescent personalised glasses are one of the most eye-catching things you can add to your bridesmaid gift boxes! 

16. Personalised Leather Pouch 

personalised leather pouch

Another gender-neutral bridesmaid gift idea is a Personalised Leather Pouch (available on THEIMPRINT.SG). Made from cruelty-free Saffiano leather, this pouch is one of the most useful bridesmaid gifts you can get in Singapore. Choose from a range of understated yet timelessly elegant colours such as black, navy, and burgundy, and have your bridesmaids’ names or initials embossed in subtle gold. Beyond serving as a makeup bag, this pouch can also serve as an everyday bag for quick errands! 

17. Preserved Flower Bouquet with Light

Preserved Flower Bouquet with Light bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: bagbar.sg)

Skip the fuss and treat your girls to a Preserved Flower Bouquet with Light (available on bagbar.sg)! This full-sized flower bouquet is one of the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore for flower-loving girls. One of the best things about this artificial flower bouquet is how it is fully customisable. From the flower shade to the wrapping paper, you have full control over how you want the bouquet to look! Who says you need a man to buy you flowers? 

Best bridesmaid gifts Singapore: Gift boxes

18. Phoebe Jewellery Case Gift Set

Phoebe Jewellery Case Gift Set bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: Kraftology)

Don’t have time to put together bridesmaid gift boxes in time for your wedding? This Phoebe Jewellery Case Gift Set (available on Kraftology) will be right up your alley! Pamper your bridesmaids with this all-in-one, pink-themed bridesmaid gift box. The gift box features cute wedding favours such as a personalised jewellery box, satin scrunchies, and a scented candle. Psst, take the gift further with a little surprise – a personalised necklace, ring, or bracelet!

19. Flower Gift Box Set w/ Aroma Reed Diffuser

Flower Gift Box Set w Aroma Reed Diffuser bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: ONE2WORLD Official Store)

Want to prepare a bridesmaid gift box that’ll leave an impression? This Flower Gift Box Set w/ Aroma Reed Diffuser (available on ONE2WORLD Official Store) is one of the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore for the job. This personalised gift box comes in three different variations – French Block, Tresor In Love, and English Pear and Freesia. The box includes a scent diffuser with wooden reeds, and the eco-friendly packaging is adorned with flowers for an extra coquette touch!

20. Changjiu Personalised Bridesmaid Gift Box

changjiu bridesmaid gift box
(Credit: Changjiu SG Chinese Wedding Shop)

Planning to ‘propose’ to your bridesmaids before your wedding preparations go into full swing? This Changjiu Personalised Bridesmaid Gift Box (available on Changjiu SG Chinese Wedding Shop) will make for one of the best bridesmaid gifts you can get in Singapore! Apart from a stylish yet functional personalised metal tumbler and drawstring pouch, the set also comes with a sweet bridesmaid invitation card. This definitely deserves a spot on the list of fuss-free yet thoughtful bridesmaid gift boxes to surprise your girls with! 

21. Flower Knows Chocolate Wonder-Shop Gift Set

Flower Knows Chocolate Wonder-Shop Gift Set bridesmaid gifts singapore
(Credit: Flower Knows Official Store)

Match your bridesmaids’ D-day makeup with this gift set from Flower Knows! The Flower Knows Chocolate Wonder-Shop Gift Set (available on Flower Knows Official Store) features deliciously-themed makeup palettes, lip tints, mascara, and makeup accessories that suit most skin tones. There’s two gift sets to choose from, with shades ranging from milk chocolate to dark chocolate notes. It’s an ideal bridesmaid gift in Singapore for girlies who love getting dolled up for photo ops!

What’s the purpose of bridesmaids?

bride and bridesmaid holding bouquets
(Credit: Katelyn MacMillan / Unsplash)

Before getting into the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore, let’s delve into why it’s so important to prepare gifts for your bridesmaids. Traditionally, a bride chooses a maid of honour, who is in turn supported by a group of handpicked bridesmaids. Together, they support the bride in all things wedding related. This includes everything from organising popular pre-wedding rituals such as the hen’s night and gate-crashing, to registering and ushering guests to their seats on the day itself. Aside from assisting logistically, your bridesmaids also serve as a source of much-needed emotional support through the hectic planning process! 

While most brides in Singapore don’t designate their maid of honour anymore, it’s without a doubt that the bridal party, should you choose to have one, still plays a huge role in your wedding. Between chipping in for your hen’s night to investing large chunks of their time to assist you in wedding preparations, there’s every reason to show your heartfelt appreciation for your girls as you move onto the next chapter of your life! 

How much should you spend on bridesmaids gifts?

back view of bridesmaids holding bouquets
(Credit: Andre Hunter / Unsplash)

When it comes to picking out bridesmaid gifts in Singapore, you can expect to spend anywhere between $30 to $150 on each bridesmaid. This excludes costs that are courtesy for the couple to cover, such as dress rental, hairstyling, and makeup! 

However, take note that these costs are only a rough estimate. They should not be taken as a hard and fast rule on how much to spend on bridesmaid gifts. Just like regular gift-giving, we recommend picking out gifts for your bridesmaids based on your own preferences, and what you think they’d appreciate most! 

Pro tip for the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore: Set aside a larger budget for gifts for your bridesmaids by doing away with the matching dress tradition, and allowing your bridesmaids to wear whatever they want. This is especially suitable for smaller, more intimate weddings! 

What do you give bridesmaids as a gift?

wrapped gifts on table
(Credit: Wijdan Mq / Unsplash)

You know how important it is to prepare gifts for your bridesmaids. But what exactly can you give them? The truth is there are no hard and fast rules in terms of gifts for bridesmaids. It all depends on your own budget, and the kind of people you’re inviting to be part of your bridal party. Do most of your bridesmaids exercise regularly? Prepare gifts that will come in handy during a workout, such as a headband or tumbler! Are many of your bridesmaids mothers with not much time to themselves? A handpicked skincare set for each one of them is a super thoughtful bridesmaid gift idea to consider! 

If you’re spoilt for choice, all-in-one bridesmaid gift boxes are an increasingly popular bridesmaid gift in Singapore to consider. This is because bridesmaid gift boxes offer both value and variety. Not only are you able to offer a wider range of gifts for different bridesmaids, you’re also more likely to enjoy bulk discounts for a set of high-quality gifts. 

Pro tip for the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore: The best kind of gifts for bridesmaids are those that show you’ve put in effort to make each one feel special. That’s why personalised bridesmaid gifts are one of the best bridesmaids gifts to get in Singapore! 

Thank your bride tribe with the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore 

Whether you’re into bridesmaid gift boxes or personalised gifts for bridesmaids, we’re sure we’ve given you more than a few ideas on what to prepare for your girls! Whatever you choose to settle on, keep in mind that the best bridesmaid gifts in Singapore are valued not by how much they cost, but the heart with which they are given. For more lobang for your bridesmaids, check out our article on the best affordable bridesmaid dresses you can buy online! Want to tone up a bit more before your big day? Check out some trainer-recommended workouts to prepare for your wedding! 

This article was updated on 27 June 2024. Additional research done by Janica Ng.