14 Tiong Bahru Cafes To Have Yummy Brunches And Hot Coffee

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From a bustling wet market to hipster cafes, the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood is a charming mix of old and new. We can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend, tucking into a hearty brunch or sipping slowly on a cup of coffee in one of the many Tiong Bahru cafes that have been steadily popping up. Check out our top picks on which Tiong Bahru cafes are perfect for coffee or brunch! 

Where is Tiong Bahru?

tiong bahru neighbourhood
(Credit: Choo Yut Shing / Flickr)

Tiong Bahru is the oldest housing estate in Singapore, located in the central region of the island. Constructed way back in the 1920s when Singapore was still under British rule, it consists of 30 apartment blocks with over 900 units of two to five room flats. In recent years, high-rise Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats and condominiums have been constructed along the roads which surround the main estate. The neighbourhood is also well-known for its trendy cafes and indie boutiques amid pre-war architecture.

Best Tiong Bahru cafes for brunch

1. Caffe Pralet By Creative Culinaire

Caffe Pralet By Creative Culinaire
(Credit: Caffe Pralet By Creative Culinaire / Facebook)

If you’re looking for a Tiong Bahru brunch cafe with hearty portions, Caffe Pralet by Creative Culinaire is a good start. It is mainly known for its fusion rice bowls such as Mentaiko Battered Fish and Sambal Matah Beef Gyudon. You can definitely expect a unique taste combining both Asian and Western cuisines! Drinks-wise, this cafe also offers some of the best coffee in Tiong Bahru. From flat whites to long blacks and even their popular hojicha latte, you can rest assured that the coffee here is made from the best coffee beans in Singapore!

Address: 17 Eng Hoon Street, Eng Hoon Mansions, #01-04, S(169767)
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am – 6pm

2. Forty Hands

40 hands tiong bahru cafe
(Credit: Forty Hands / Facebook)

Forty Hands is the cafe to go to if you’re looking for a good coffee or heavenly brunch in Tiong Bahru. Coffee-lovers can pick your choice of blend and have it black, or as a standard flat white. With your caffeine fix sorted, it’s time to move on to the mains. Recommended items include the Big Boy Breakfast and divine Eggs Benedict which can be paired with your choice of steak or bacon! Additionally, health-conscious foodies will be glad to know that this Tiong Bahru cafe also offers yummy bowls of salad, including the Julius Caesar Salad and Broccolini Quinoa Salad.

Address: 78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12, S(163078)
Check out their other outlets here
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 5.30pm
Sat – Sun: 7.30am – 6.30pm

3. Chapter 55

chapter 55 cafe
(Credit: Chapter 55 / Facebook)

Not in the mood for jostling elbows at some of the more popular Tiong Bahru brunch cafes? Then you should visit the Chapter 55 cafe, which has a spacious area with both indoor and outdoor seatings. It’s perfect for those looking for a cosy spot to people-watch over a cup of handcrafted tea. Food-wise, this Tiong Bahru Cafe serves a delicious spread of Italian fare including their signature pizzas. With generous toppings laid on top of a thin crispy crust, every bite is delizioso! Psst, if you’re in the area during lunch hours on weekdays, you can enjoy their 1-for-1 lunch promotion until 3pm!

Address: 55 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-37, S(160055)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm
Sat – Sun: 11.30am – 10.30pm

4. Flock Cafe

flock cafe in tiong bahru
(Credit: Flock Cafe SG / Facebook)

Unpretentious and tastefully decorated, Flock Cafe is yet another cosy space to enjoy  nice coffee in Tiong Bahru. The family-run Tiong Bahru cafe differs from the usual hustle and bustle we’re used to, allowing customers to truly kick back and soak in the heartwarming atmosphere. If you’re unsure what to order, we suggest getting their scrambled eggs with smoked salmon set. While the plating itself is a feast for the eyes, the soft and creamy scrambled eggs will certainly delight your taste buds too. Alternatively, there’s also all-day breakfast with popular dishes such as Eggs Sally and Cheeky Eggs!

Address: 78 Moh Guan Terrace, #01-25, Tiong Bahru Estate, S(162078)
Opening Hours: Daily, 8am – 8.30pm

5. PS. Cafe Petit Tiong Bahru

ps cafe petit tiong bahru cafe
(Credit: PS. Cafe Petit / Facebook)

Best known for their chic interiors and delicious food, PS. Cafe is no stranger to most of us. The PS. Cafe Petit Tiong Bahru outlet is a more intimate space with fuss-free service. For instance, there’s self-service water for diners and you can pick your own bottle of wine too. Menu-wise, expect to find popular favourites such as their crusty pizzas and garlic bread, along with decadent sweet treats such as toffee puddings and chocolate cakes. Enjoy these with a cup of coffee if you’re here for brunch at Tiong Bahru, or a glass (or two) of wine if you’re here for dinner. 

Address: 78 Guan Chuan Street, No. 41, S(160078)
Check out their other outlets here
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10am – 10.30pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 10.30pm

6. Merci Marcel

merci marcel tiong bahru cafe
(Credit: Merci Marcel / Facebook [cropped])

Whether you prefer to bask in the natural light at the courtyard or sink into the cushy couches indoors, Merci Marcel’s tastefully curated chic-bohemian spaces are bound to enhance your dining experience! Must-try brunch dishes include their homemade fries, beef tenderloin carpaccio and buckwheat noodles. Most of the food has been kindly divided into sharing portions so everyone can enjoy a bite. This Tiong Bahru brunch cafe also has an extensive collection of wine coupled with a cheese platter that’s milky and mild at the same time. Check out the best French crepe cafes in Singapore for other cafes with similar vibes.

Address: 56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-68, S(160056)
Check out their other outlets here
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 8am – 12am
Sun: 8am – 11pm

7. Privé 

prive tiong bahru cafe
(Credit: The Privé Group / Facebook [cropped])

Looking for a casual alfresco spot to kick back and relax? We suggest popping by for brunch at Privé, one of the newer Tiong Bahru cafes! With nine other outlets all over the island, Privé is a fail-proof spot to get your all-day breakfast fix even when the sun’s about to set. The cafe’s modern retro interior feels especially welcoming and will work as a great #OOTD background too! As for the food, we are in love with its Ultimate Big Breakfast which contains baked beans, roasted tomatoes and hash browns among other ingredients. You can also give their plant-based truffled mushroom swiss burger with fries a try – we promise it’s delicious!

Address: 57 Eng Hoon Street, #01-88, S(160057)
Check out their other outlets here
Opening Hours: Daily, 8am – 10.30pm

Best Tiong Bahru cafes for baked goods 

8. Tiong Bahru Bakery

tiong bahru bakery
(Credit: Tiong Bahru Bakery / Facebook [cropped])

No trip to Tiong Bahru is complete without popping into the famous Tiong Bahru Bakery. As one of the best bakeries in Singapore, it wows with a wide variety of pastries that will leave your stomach satisfied. In particular, we love their classic croissants which are made fresh daily. You can choose to have them plain or with fillings such as roast beef and roasted mushroom. And for those looking for the best Tiong Bahru coffee, you’ll be glad to know that Tiong Bahru Bakery offers a dozen different coffee options including the well-loved piccolo latte!

Address: 56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-70, S(160056)
Check out their other outlets here
Opening Hours: Daily, 7.30am – 8pm

9. Plain Vanilla Bakery

tiong bahru cafe brunch plain vanilla bakery cupcakes
(Credit: Plain Vanilla Bakery / Instagram)

Plain Vanilla Bakery is a quaint and simplistic bakery cafe perfect for a yummy breakfast! Launched by an ex-lawyer turned baker, it is perhaps one of the greatest blessings for Tiong Bahru residents thanks to its signature freshly baked cupcakes. All-time favourite flavours include red velvet and milk chocolate banana which are guaranteed to make the cupcake extra moist and fluffy. We suggest visiting this Tiong Bahru cafe on the weekdays to avoid the weekend queues!

Address: 1D Yong Siak Street, S(168641)
Check out their other outlets here
Opening Hours: Daily, 7.30am – 7pm

10. Drips Bakery Cafe

drips bakery
(Credit: Drips Bakery Cafe / Facebook [cropped])

Since its humble beginnings in 2010, Drips Bakery Cafe has been satisfying all our tart cravings! Boasting more than 15 types of tarts and a whopping collection of other baked goods, this Tiong Bahru cafe sure makes the perfect high tea spot! We recommend the Fresh Fruit Tart topped with a generous medley of fresh fruits for a healthier treat. Alternatively, the Lemon Meringue Tart is a good pick thanks to its thick lemon curd that has a zesty and refreshing burst of flavour. Did we mention that all-day breakfast is served here? Yes, that means you can have a Tiong Bahru brunch at any time of the day!

Address: 82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05, S(160082)
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 9am – 9pm
Fri – Sat: 9am – 10pm

Best Tiong Bahru cafes for desserts

11. Tiann’s 

tiann's cafe
(Credit: Tiann’s / Facebook)

Whoever said that cheat day can’t be done guilt-free obviously hasn’t been to Tiann’s. As one of the more popular Tiong Bahru cafes, it serves mouth-watering desserts (we are not complaining) that are absolutely gluten-free! Start off with their signature hazelnut cake that is filled with rich dark chocolate ganache. We can almost smell the ooze already! And if cakes aren’t really you thing, perhaps waffles might be up your alley. From strawberry cream to chocolate coconut, you will be spoilt for choice! Tiann’s also a great place for some Tiong Bahru coffee, with all their caffeine drinks priced affordably below $10! 

Address: 71 Seng Poh Road, #01-35, S(160071)
Opening Hours:
Tue – Sun: 8am – 4pm

12. Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee

(Credit: Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee / Facebook)

There’s honestly no better way to beat the heat than with a few scoops of cold ice cream! And when it comes to the best Tiong Bahru cafes for desserts, Creamier easily tops the chart. It offers many gelato flavours from bestsellers such as Rum Raisin and Cookies And Cream to unique ones like Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Blue Pea Lavender. Do yourself a favour and top up for a waffle stack to go with your ice cream. You can thank us later when you’re done savouring the fluffy yet crispy waffles which go perfectly well with any ice cream flavours. Additionally, Creamier has some of the best coffee in Tiong Bahru so you wouldn’t want to miss out on that too!  

Address: 78 Yong Siak Street, #01-18, S(163078)
Check out their other outlets here
Opening Hours:
Tues – Thurs: 12pm – 10pm
Fri – Sat: 12pm – 11pm
Sun: 12pm – 10pm

13. Little House of Dreams

tiong bahru cafe brunch little house of dreams animal cake cute flamingo bear whale
(Credit: littlehouseofdreams / Instagram)

As its name suggests, Little House of Dreams is a fun and whimsical Tiong Bahru cafe that’s not only adored by the little ones but also the young at heart. Step into this pastel pink wonderland and let the princessy decor sweep you off your feet! But that’s not all, you’ll be amazed at its food decor too. Their signature mini animal cakes easily fly off the shelves thanks to their cute designs. From endearing chocolate bear cakes to palm-sized vanilla sponge flamingo cakes, these desserts not only taste great but look even better on your Instagram feed! 

Address: 58 Seng Poh Road, #01-15, S(160058)
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 6pm

14. Binky Star

binky star cafe
(Credit: Binky Star / Facebook)

Located at the outskirts of Havelock Road lies Binky Star, yet another popular Tiong Bahru cafe for coffee and desserts. With a minimalist interior design, the tables here are mostly small and circular so we suggest going in a small group to keep it cosy – perfect for a chill hangout! Adding on to the chillness are the myriad of ice cream flavours offered, which includes bestsellers such as raspberry, blueberry and vanilla. You can add it on top of some handcrafted waffles, drizzled with manuka honey or maple syrup. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out other places to go to for the best waffles in Singapore too!

Address: 729 Havelock Road, S(169649)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 3.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat: 1.30pm – 9.30pm

Go cafe hopping at these Tiong Bahru cafes

In need of more brunch options besides the ones found in these Tiong Bahru cafes? We’ve got you covered with these Sunday brunch spots in Singapore that you can eat with your loved ones! And when night falls, head down to the best live music bars for a tipple and a song before you call it a day. If not, we’re sure other neighbourhoods have their own charm too. Check out these Haji Lane cafes and Holland Village bars for more suggestions on where to eat in Singapore!

This article was updated on 15 June 2022. Additional research done by Gabriel Choo.

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