Durian Delivery Singapore: 13 Online Places To Get Your Durian Fix

durian delivery singapore
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It’s that time of the year again where Singaporeans rush to the other end of the island to get their hands on the freshest durian picks. However, this year may slightly differ from the past due to the stay-home period. Nonetheless, don’t let this hold you back from your mandatory durian indulgence! You can still enjoy a finger-pricking good time with online durian delivery in Singapore. Read on to discover some of the best places to order durian online and have high-quality fresh durians delivered straight to your doorstep for immediate indulgence!

1. Supreme Durian

supreme durian delivery singapore
(Credit: Supreme Durian)

Supreme Durian specialises in durians freshly sourced from Muar and Bentong in Malaysia. Choose your desired durian type from their wide selection, including Mao Shan Wang,  Champion and Old Tree Mao Shan Wang. Durians are pre-packed into boxes of 500g or 700g, with prices starting as low as $23/kg!

Take note that Supreme Durian is best suited for those who are alright with pre-ordering and waiting for their durian, as Supreme Durian does not provide same-day delivery — the vendor will inform you of the delivery date via PM on the Shopee app upon ordering. Additionally, to ensure every customer is happy with their purchase, delivery may be delayed if they find the current batch of durians unsatisfactory. 

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2. Durian Edition

durian edition delivery singapore
(Credit: Durian Edition Official Store)

Durian Edition is an artisan durian dealer which carries popular durian selections direct from their plantation in Malaysia. Varieties include Black Thorn, Mao Shan Wang, D13, D24 and Oolong in both fresh and nitrogen vacuum-packed versions. If kept frozen, the nitrogen vacuum-packed durians will be good to eat for 6 months — perfect if you want to enjoy the King of Fruits during off-seasons! 

Durian Edition also offers special premium bundles that you can get for your durian-loving family and friends! The premium fresh durian bundle (available on Durian Edition Official Store) comes with fresh black gold musang king, two packets of fresh Pahang musang king, durian omelette crisp and a nitro surprise pack! 

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3. Durian Plantation

durian plantation delivery singapore
(Credit: Durian Plantation)

With durian season upon us, why not make Durian Plantation your go-to online durian delivery service in Singapore? Durian Plantation is known for its wide variety and exceptional quality of durians. From Mao Shan Wang for the bitter lovers to Red Prawn for those with a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice here! Durian Plantation also sells durian puree (available on Durian Plantation) — perfect for making yummy durian cakes

Durian Plantation delivers throughout the week but they don’t do same-day delivery. Order your durians online 1-3 days in advance for quick delivery. Durian Plantation does quality control for each and every durian that they send out. Hence, there might be some delay if their current batch of durians are unsatisfactory. 

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4. Just Durian

durian delivery singapore just durian online order
(Credit: Just Durian / Facebook)

Love durians, but don’t fancy the ‘aroma’ it leaves behind in your car? Opt for durian delivery instead! Unlike many other online durian delivery services in Singapore, Just Durian owns their very own durian plantation in Malaysia for better quality control. Ripe durians are collected within 12 hours to guarantee unparalleled freshness. By harvesting their own durian plantation, Just Durian is able to keep prices affordable at $15 to $20/kg depending on the season. Many adore Just Durian for their wide variety of offerings, including XO, Mao Shan Wang and Red Prawn. They also provide durian export services worldwide for homesick Singaporeans!

5. SGDurian.com

durian delivery singapore online order sgdurian.com packed
(Credit: SGDurian.com)

Mao Shan Wang might be a top favourite, but why not jazz up your durian party and try other types too? SGDurian offers a great variety of lesser-known durians, such as Butter King and Red Prawn. Both the Butter King and Red Prawn are known to have a slightly bitter aftertaste when eaten ripe, a lovely contrast to the rich sweetness of Mao Shan Wang. You can even find rare species such as Black Thorn durians and Wang Zhong Wang durians from SGDurian!

If you’re planning a durian party with your family, SGDurian offers many durian combos that will guarantee there’s enough to go around for everyone. Choose from five boxes of Butter King durians at $99.90 or five boxes of Red Prawn at $139.90! SGDurian delivers daily and you can enjoy same-day delivery when you order their durians online before 1pm for day delivery and before 4pm for night delivery.

6. Durian Kingdom SG

durian delivery singapore durian kingdom sg six boxes mao shan wang red prawn
(Credit: Durian Kingdom SG / Facebook)

Consider Durian Kingdom SG one of the best-kept secrets among durian lovers! Promoting only via their Facebook page and word of mouth, Durian Kingdom SG is a durian delivery in Singapore that carries Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, Black Gold, Red Pearl, Hulu and lesser-known Xiao Feng durians online. Many of their customers can’t stop singing praises for the brand, complimenting their service and value-for-money durians. 

As slots are limited during this stay home period, be sure to check Durian Kingdom SG’s Facebook page for information about availability and the types of durians you can order online! Prices range between $12 to $20/kg with a minimum order of 6kg plus a $5 delivery fee. Alternatively, order more than 10kg to enjoy free durian delivery.

7. Ah Seng Durian

durian delivery singapore ah seng durian famous vendor mao shan wang sealed pack
(Credit: Ah Seng Durian / Facebook)

If you’re a hardcore durian lover, you’ll be familiar with Ah Seng Durian — one of the most renowned durian stores in Singapore. In light of the stay home period, Ah Seng Durian is now providing online durian delivery services so you can enjoy their fresh produce from the comfort of your home! They carry Mao Shan Wang and D13 durians at $40 and $25/kg respectively. On top of that, if you’re looking for premium durian puree for your baking needs (homemade durian puffs, anyone?), you can also find them at Ah Seng Durian! 

Ah Seng Durian is popular amongst Singaporeans, so make sure you reserve a week in advance to secure your durians! Islandwide delivery is available at $10 per location and is free of charge if you order $200 worth of durians or more online. While most of their durians are fully reserved until 17 May 2020, you can check Ah Seng Durian’s website for their daily supply of assorted durians. Updates are provided every morning — you know what they say, an early bird catches the worm!

8. Durian 36

order durian online delivery singapore durian 36 vacuum pack fresh same day shipping
(Credit: Durian 36 / Facebook)

Another reliable store to order online from is Durian 36, which has a loyal following on social media! The team behind Durian 36 has more than 22 years of experience in the durian industry, making them a group of durian professionals to trust. The store uses nitrogen freeze to retain the durian’s freshness and flavour. 

The best part about ordering from Durian 36 is the same day delivery — within three hours after you’ve placed your order! Check out their budget-friendly range of frozen durians including Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold Mao Shan Wang at about $40 to $45 per pack (400g). Order up to $80 to enjoy free delivery and make the most out of their buy 2 get 1 free promotion right now!

9. Durian Man 

durian delivery singapore order online durian man air tight packaging mao shan wang frozen
(Credit: Durian Man)

Here’s the good thing about staying home — it’s the perfect excuse to order your durians online and have them delivered straight to your doorstep! Start with Durian Man, where top quality durians await! 

Durian Man carries popular durian selections direct from the plantations. This includes D24 and Mao Shan Wang (available on Durian Man) in both fresh and frozen variations. We would recommend going for the frozen ones as they have a longer shelf life up to a year — which means you can enjoy your favourite durians even when it’s off-season! Make sure to keep a close eye on their stocks which may run out daily in a flash! Durian Man also carries special treats like their own house-made durian ice cream to help you beat the heat!

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10. Durian Express Delivery

durian express delivery singapore same day old tree mao shan wang pahang malaysia
(Credit: Durian Express Delivery / Facebook)

Still skeptical about online durian delivery in Singapore? Well, the number of five-star reviews from Durian Express Delivery’s satisfied customers will definitely set you at ease! Durians here are reasonably priced as they are sourced from the vendor’s solely-owned plantation in Pahang, Malaysia. Out of their extensive range of durian offerings, Durian Express Delivery is most famous for their signature Old Tree Mao Shan Wang. This type of durian has a rich and subtly bitter flavour that will have you coming back for more!

Not only are the durians here of superb quality, Durian Express Delivery is also your go-to online vendor for unparalleled delivery speed! Get your durians delivered to your doorsteps in three hours when you opt for normal delivery at $9.50 or free with every $80 spent. Those who really can’ wait any longer for their sinful indulgence can opt for the express 1-hour delivery at $13.50! Durian Express Delivery’s last order is 10.30pm, so do act fas.! These yummy fruits will definitely cheer your family up during this stay home period!

11. Sin Durian

singapore durian delivery sin durian aljunied chanee thai durian
(Credit: Sin Durian / Facebook)

Those staying in the east may have heard of Sin Durian, a neighbourhood durian and fruits stall in Aljunied. While you may not be able to pay their stall, you can still get your hands on their freshest picks via online durian delivery! Sin Durian is having an ongoing promotion for Chanee durians, one of the most popular Thai durians sold in Singapore. Many may be under the impression that Thai durians are not as flavourful as durians from Malaysia. But that’s not the case when it comes to perfectly ripe, premium Chanee which has a creamy and sweet taste similar to D24 or D13. Order 7kg of Chanee durians at $80 or 10kg at $108 and enjoy 2-hour express delivery!

Alternatively, you can try Sin Durian’s Thunder King durian at $15/kg, which has an intensely bittersweet flavour similar to that of the Musang King. Take this chance to enjoy other juicy fruits that Sin Durian has to offer, including jambu, mangosteen, watermelon and huge Australian mangoes!

12. Durian Hill

durian hill delivery singapore
(Credit: Durian Hill)

Want smooth, buttery and creamy durian? Durian Hill offers award-winning fresh durians harvested from their own plantations in Pahang. It was also awarded “Musang King Champion” for two straight years in 2018 and 2019 at the world durian championships in Malaysia. 

Do note that the current delivery time is one week. But their top quality durians are definitely worth the wait! They pride themselves in delivering unmatched quality durians to their customers. To ensure that you’re getting the best, these durians go through high-quality checks from the harvesting process till they’re delivered to your doorstep. 

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13. SLH Fresh Fruits

SLH Durian delivery singapore

Apart from selling fresh fruits, SLH Fresh Fruits also provides durian delivery in Singapore! You can choose from an extensive range of durian types including the well-loved Mao Shan Wang and D13 durian! Prices are kept reasonable and start from as low as $18 a pack. 

Want the freshest picks delivered to your doorstep quickly? Order your durians before 12 midnight and delivery will be made before 9pm the next day! Ordering your durians from SLH Fresh Fruits is a sure-fire way to satisfy your durian cravings ASAP! 

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The King of Fruits awaits

With so many durian delivery services in Singapore, all that’s left to do is to sit back and wait for the creamy goodness to arrive! Besides durians, you can also stock up on fresh seafood online from these reliable vendors during the stay home period. If you’re preparing to recreate some of these easy K-drama recipes, stay indoors and order your ingredients from these online meat vendors instead!

This article was updated on 12 June 2020. Additional research done by Simone Kow.