8 Online Durian Delivery Services In Singapore For The Lazy Foodie

durian delivery singapore
(Credit: Gliezl Bancal / Unsplash)

Singaporeans seem to have a thing for home delivery services, especially when it involves food. Why stop at fast food and hotpot deliveries when you can enjoy durian delivery in Singapore too? Think high-quality fresh durians delivered straight to your doorstep for immediate indulgence — yumm! Read on to discover some of the best online durian delivery services in Singapore for a finger-pricking good time.

1. Durian Garden

durian delivery singapore durian garden vacuum pack
(Credit: Durian Garden / Facebook)

Dying to sink your teeth into some creamy durians but finding yourself disappointed with the quality at physical stores? That’s exactly what Melvin Chua, founder of Durian Garden, experienced. His dissatisfaction spurred him to start his own durian delivery in Singapore, known as Durian Garden.

At Durian Garden, you can choose from an extensive range of durian species including the all-time favourite Mao Shan Wang and Sultan D24! Prices are kept reasonable and range from $12 to $25/kg. The brand prides itself on delivering the freshest picks so you don’t have to worry about the quality of durians. In fact, Durian Garden is so confident in their durian quality that they even offer a 1-to-1 exchange for spoilt or unripe durians. Do note that a minimum order of $120 is required for free delivery.

2. Just Durian

durian delivery singapore just durian husk mao shan wang
(Credit: Just Durian / Facebook)

Durians can be aromatic to some and completely off-putting to others. This is why durian delivery services are a great way to avoid stinking up your vehicle or any public transportation.

Unlike many other online durian delivery services in Singapore, Just Durian owns a mega durian plantation in Malaysia for better quality control. Ripe durians are collected within 12 hours to guarantee unparalleled freshness. Many adore Just Durian for their wide variety of offerings, including XO, Mao Shan Wang and Red Prawn durians. By harvesting their own durian plantation, Just Durian is able to keep prices affordable at $18 to $32/kg depending on the season. Most importantly, they also provide durian export services worldwide for homesick Singaporeans!

3. Durian Delivery

durian delivery singapore online husk fresh d24 mao shan wang
(Credit: Durian Delivery Singapore / Facebook)

Still sceptical about online durian delivery services in Singapore? Well, the number of five star reviews from Durian Delivery’s satisfied customers will definitely set you at ease! Durian Delivery is one of the most trusted delivery services in Singapore, famous for its top-notch durians at affordable prices. Gone are the days where you have to endure long queue hours just to bag home mediocre durians that are either too tough or watery.

You can choose to order durians with the husk for extra freshness or get them to repackage the fruit in vacuum packs. Vacuum packed durians remain freshly frozen and have absolutely no odour, making them the perfect gifts for your loved ones heading abroad! At the moment, Durian Delivery only carries Mao Shan Wang and Red Prawn durians but stay tuned this durian season for other species. Durian Delivery has also implemented a 100% money back guarantee policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

4. Durian Papi

Often have durian cravings during non-durian seasons? With Durian Papi in town, you can enjoy yummy durians all year round! Durian Papi’s offerings are hand-picked by durian experts who can recognise the quality of the fruit by its shape, smell and colour. Musang Kings are the brand’s main speciality, boasting sweet flavour and a hint of bitterness that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Thanks to its vacuumed packaging, Durian Papi’s Musang Kings can be kept up to a year in your freezer without losing freshness and taste. Each vacuumed pack contains 400g worth of irresistible Musang Kings for $45. We think the price is worth it for the superb durian quality and overall convenience.

5. SGDurian.com

durian delivery singapore sgdurian.com box sealed
(Credit: SGDurian.com)

Your durian party should not only consist of Mao Shan Wang durians but include other species such as Golden Phoenix and Green Bamboo durians too! When it comes to durian variety, many online durian delivery services in Singapore pale in comparison to SGDurian.com which stocks more than nine types of durians. You can even find unconventional species such as Black Thorn durians and Wang Zhong Wang durians from their online store!

Aside from variety, what makes SGDurian.com stand out among other online durian sellers is their affordable prices. Three boxes of AAA+ grade Mao Shan Wang durians will only set you back $99.90 while five boxes of premium Golden Phoenix durians cost less than $110 — what a steal! With so many attractive deals in-store, you’re bound to be spoilt for choice. SGDurian.com delivers daily and you can enjoy same day delivery for orders placed before 1pm.

6. Durian Kingdom SG

durian delivery singapore durian kingdom sg online fresh
(Credit: Durian Kingdom SG / Facebook)

You may not have heard of Durian Kingdom SG, but that’s because it’s one of the best kept secrets among durian lovers! Promoting only via their Facebook page and word of mouth, Durian Kingdom SG is a durian delivery in Singapore that carries Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, Black Gold, Red Pearl and lesser known Xiao Feng durians online. Many of their customers can’t stop singing praises for the brand, complimenting their service and value-for-money durians.

Take advantage of their attractive weekday durian set promotion (available on cassendratay), where you can get 3kg Red Prawn and 3kg Mao Shan Wang durians at $88 with free delivery. Prefer to order a la carte? Prices range between $12 to $20/kg with a minimum order of 6kg plus a $5 delivery fee. Alternatively, order more than 10kg to enjoy free durian delivery.

7. #GrabDurian

durian delivery singapore grabfood grabdurian
(Credit: GrabFood / Facebook)

Our list of online durian delivery in Singapore wouldn’t be complete without mentioning #GrabDurian, a special delivery service provided by GrabFood during the peak durian season. All lazy foodies can now expect to receive the best Grade A Mao Shan Wang directly from Sagil in Tangkak, Johor without stepping out of the house!

GrabFood transports these fresh, husked durians daily to Singapore. The durians are then hand-packed into boxes for customers’ convenience. They are never stored for more than a day and GrabFood strives to deliver your durian orders within 35 minutes for the best quality. The durians are priced as a bundle of two boxes (about 800g) and prices vary on a weekly basis. If the durians delivered do not meet your expectations, you can apply for a refund via the in-app Help Centre and use the promo code ‘GRABDURIAN’ for free returns!

8. Mr Bazaar

durian delivery singapore mr bazaar online fast
(Credit: 【Mr Bazaar 八宝先生 】)

Mr Bazaar may be your go-to online store for grocery shopping but did you know they also provide durian delivery in Singapore? Choose your desired durian type from their wide selection, including AAA+ grade Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, D13, Golden Pheonix and Sultan D24 durians. Mr Bazaar’s durians (available on 【Mr Bazaar 八宝先生 】) are sold at 400g or 800g, with prices starting from as low as $11.90!  

However, do note that Mr Bazaar does not provide same day delivery. Instead, all orders placed by 8pm will be delivered the following day. There’s no delivery on Sunday, so plan your durian party accordingly to avoid disappointment! Additionally, Mr Bazaar may choose to delay delivery if their current batch of durians is unsatisfactory. This is to ensure every customer is happy with their purchase!

With so many durian delivery services in Singapore, all that’s left to do is to sit back and wait for the creamy goodness to arrive! Meanwhile, discover other places to get the best durians in town if you prefer to touch and feel before buying. Not a fan of durians? Fret not, try some of the best ice cream shops in Singapore instead!

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