24 Popular Durian Delivery Places To Order From [2022]

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It’s that time of the year again when Singaporeans rush to get the top pick of the King of Fruit — durian! Instead of queueing up at the durian stalls, why not order the durians home without having to leave the house? Here, we round up the best places for durian delivery in Singapore in 2022 for all you durian lovers! Psst, some of these durian vendors even offer same-day delivery so you don’t have to curb your cravings for too long!

Fresh vs frozen durian: Which is better?

durian delivery singapore husk opened
(Credit: Jim Teo / Unsplash)

When you order durians online, you may notice that not all durians are delivered fresh. Some of them are frozen durians — especially when you’re buying durians during off-season periods. While some may be under the impression that frozen durians are not as yummy as fresh ones, others enjoy the convenience and longevity of frozen durians. 

Frozen durians can last up to three months in the freezer while fresh durians can only last up to five days in the fridge. In addition, frozen durians are available throughout the year due to their long shelf life, whereas fresh durians depend highly on the durian season. Due to the accessibility and additional processes put in to preserve the frozen durians at their best quality, frozen durians are usually slightly more expensive than fresh ones. Hence, we’d recommend buying fresh durians when they are in season and opting for frozen durians off-season! 

2022 average durian market prices

types of durians mao shan wang d24 price hanging at stall
(Credit: Tom Frisk / Pexels)

While we love our durians, we also want to make sure we’re getting the best deal in the market. Durian prices may fluctuate quite a bit throughout the season, but here’s the average market price for popular durian types as a reference. 

Type Of Durian Average price per kg
Old Tree Mao Shan Wang ~$19
Black Gold ~$25
Mao Shan Wang ~$21
Golden Pheonix ~$17
D13 ~$16
Red Prawn ~$15
D24 ~$15

Same-day durian delivery in Singapore

1. Hock Chew Tee (HCT) Durian

hock chew tee hct durian delivery singapore mao shan wang msw durian
(Credit: HCT Durian)

Skip the middleman and head straight to HCT Durian, a major distributor of premium durian in Singapore. This ensures you have first dibs on the best quality durians at good prices! HCT Durian first started more than 30 years ago as a humble durian stall in Jalan Besar founded by three brothers. Over the years, this best durian delivery vendor in Singapore expanded into full-fledged fruit stores at Tampines and Geylang, bringing durians closer to its customers. Talk about being one of the best places in Singapore for durian delivery in 2022 and HCT Durian is sure to be top-of-mind!

You can now enjoy the superb taste of HCT Durian with the 2kg MSW Durian Pulp (available on HCT Durian) in the comfort of your home with their same-day durian delivery service! The durians are kept fresh through a quick freeze procedure and are individually vacuumed packed. Make delicious and indulgent durian desserts, such as durian pengat, durian sago and more – the possibilities are endless! 

Place your order here.

2. Durian Express Delivery

durian delivery singapore durian express delivery order online
(Credit: Durian Express Delivery)

Still skeptical about online durian delivery in Singapore? Well, the number of five-star reviews from Durian Express Delivery’s satisfied customers will set you at ease! Durians here are reasonably priced as they are sourced from the vendor’s solely-owned plantation in Pahang, Malaysia. Out of their extensive range of durian offerings, Durian Express Delivery is most famous for its signature Old Tree Mao Shan Wang (available on Durian Express Delivery). This type of durian has a rich and subtly bitter flavour that will have you coming back for more!

Not only are the durians here of superb quality, but Durian Express Delivery is also your go-to online vendor for unparalleled delivery speed! Order durians online and get them delivered in three hours when you opt for normal delivery at $9.50 or free with every $80 spent. Those who really can’t wait any longer for their sinful indulgence can opt for the express 1-hour same-day durian delivery at $13.50! Durian Express Delivery’s last order is 10.30pm, so do act fast! These yummy fruits will make for a great late-night supper party with the family!

Place your order here.

3. Zeng Zu Fu

durian delivery singapore zeng zu fu old tree mao shan wang xo
(Credit: Zeng Zu Fu)

Zeng Zu Fu, meaning great grandfather, is another remarkable brand for durian delivery in Singapore. This durian business was passed down for generations ever since the 1950s. Till today, the brand still retains its strong belief that a durian business should be run based on honesty and trust. This is why you can always trust Zeng Zu Fu to be transparent with the quality and price of their durians. They promise to provide a one-to-one replacement for unsatisfactory durians and assure that all the durians are delivered fresh from their farm every day! Try Zeng Zu Fu Old Tree Mao Shan Wang and other types such as red prawn or XO with their same-day durian delivery now!

Place your order here.

4. Durian Kingdom SG

durian delivery singapore durian kingdom sg six boxes mao shan wang red prawn
(Credit: Durian Kingdom SG / Facebook)

Consider Durian Kingdom SG one of the best-kept secrets among durian lovers! Durian Kingdom SG is a durian delivery in Singapore that promotes only via their Facebook page and word of mouth. They carry Mao Shan Wang, Red Pearl, Hulu, and lesser-known Xiao Feng durians amongst other varieties online. Many of their customers can’t stop singing praises for the brand, complimenting their service and value-for-money durians. They leave little to wonder as to why they are one of the best places for durian delivery during the 2022 durian season in Singapore.

As same-day durian delivery slots are limited, be sure to check Durian Kingdom SG’s Facebook page for information about availability and the types of durians you can order online! Prices range between $12 to $20/kg with a minimum order of 6kg with free delivery.

5. SGDurian.com

durian delivery singapore online order sgdurian.com packed
(Credit: SGDurian.com)

Mao Shan Wang might be a top favourite, but why not jazz up your durian party and try other types too? SGDurian offers a great variety of lesser-known durians, such as Butter King and Red Prawn. Both the Butter King and Red Prawn are known to have a slightly bitter aftertaste when eaten ripe, a lovely contrast to the rich sweetness of Mao Shan Wang. You can even find rare species such as Black Thorn durians and Wang Zhong Wang durians from SGDurian!

If you’re planning a durian party with your family, SGDurian offers many durian combos that will be a crowd-pleaser for sure. Choose from three boxes of Butter King durians at less than $90 or five boxes of Red Prawn at less than $120! SGDurian delivers daily and you can enjoy same-day delivery when you order their durians online before 1pm.

6. Durian 36

order durian online delivery singapore durian 36 vacuum pack fresh same day shipping
(Credit: Durian 36 / Facebook)

Another reliable store to order online from is Durian 36, which has a loyal following on social media! The trusty team behind Durian 36 has more than 22 years of experience in the durian industry. The store uses nitrogen freeze to retain the durian’s freshness and flavour. 

The best part about ordering from Durian 36 is the same-day delivery — within three hours to any location in Singapore after you’ve placed your order! Check out their budget-friendly range of frozen durians including Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold Mao Shan Wang at less than $40 per pack (400g). Order more than $100 to enjoy free delivery! Don’t be surprised to hear that this is now where many people go to buy their durian dose!

7. Sin Durian

singapore durian delivery sin durian aljunied chanee thai durian
(Credit: Sin Durian / Facebook)

Those staying in the east may have heard of Sin Durian, a neighbourhood durian and fruits stall in Aljunied. While the Easties will have no issue traveling down to the stall for some fresh indulgence, what happens to our friends in the west? Thankfully, Sin Durian provides same-day online durian delivery in Singapore so no one needs to feel left out from this delicious feast! 

Have a go at some of the less conventional durians that Sin Durian carries — such as the Chanee durians! Many may be under the impression that Thai durians like Chanee durians are not as flavourful as the ones from Malaysia. However, that’s not the case when it comes to perfectly ripe, premium Chanee. This breed has a creamy and sweet taste similar to D24 or D13. You’ll be able to find good quality Chanee durians here at Sin Durian which will change your mind! And for durian lovers who are not too adventurous in their picks, fall back on the Black Gold Mao Shan Wang for guaranteed satisfaction!

8. Teo Teo Soon Long

Vacuumed Packed durian singapore teo teo soon long
(Credit: Tresbon.sg)

Psst… Did someone say same-day durian delivery for free?! Teo Teo Soon Long is devoted to delivering their fresh durians within the same day for orders that are sent in before 6pm! For orders that come in before 11am, you can expect to receive them by 5pm. Meanwhile, orders that arrive from 11am to 6pm will arrive by 10pm that very same day! 

Order your durians online from Teo Teo Soon Long where you can enjoy a variety of Fresh Durians (available on Teo Teo Soon Long). Think premium mao shan wang, wang zhong wang, and D24 durian types amongst others. However, do note that stock availability varies according to the season! This is truly one of the best sites to visit for durian delivery in Singapore and now you know where to buy durians to satiate your sweet durian tooth!

Place your orders here.

9. Durian Delivery Singapore

Durian Delivery Singapore fresh durian vacuum packed
(Credit: Durian Delivery Singapore / Facebook)

Hankering after quality durians and cannot wait for long to satiate your cravings? You can count on Durian Delivery Singapore, one of the few durian stores in Singapore that replace unsatisfactory durians. This trusty site ensures that their durians are delivered within twelve hours to maintain freshness and quality. Also, they offer loads of durian products including fresh durians and durian cakes and pastries! Looking forward to using your baking equipment and tools at home? You’d be glad to know that Durian Delivery Singapore even sells durian puree for you to use for your recipes!

Durian Delivery Singapore offers same-day delivery for free for orders above $100. If you’re looking to spend a smaller sum, their same-day delivery is chargeable at $9.70 per location. We reckon that this is rather reasonable considering that these are on fleet directly from their plantation!

10. Ah Huat Durian

ah huat durian delivery singapore 2022
(Credit: Ah Huat Durian)

Check out this humble store that provides same-day durian delivery service on Shopee Singapore! Curb your durian cravings and order either the Premium Grade Pahang King or the Black Gold Musang King Durians (both available on Ah Huat Durian). Both durians are sold at 500g, although the former can go up to 550g depending on the seller’s judgement of the durian seeds. The best part about ordering durians from Ah Huat Durian on Shopee Singapore is that you can get your durians by 11pm so long as you place your orders before 7pm. Now you know where to buy and order durians online in Singapore for super-efficient delivery to instantly curb your cravings!

Place your orders here

11. Vlack

vlack singapore durian delivery same day shipping
(Credit: VLACK.)

Lay your hands on the best King of fruits this 2022 with same-day durian delivery services in Singapore by VLACK! VLACK delivers fresh durians right to your doorstep within the same day so you don’t have to wait too long for your durian party. Check out their Blackgold MSW Fresh Durian (available on Vlack) which you can expect to have delivered to you by 10pm on the same day if you order them online before 5pm. Can’t wait to get to these durians or wish to save up on some of the delivery fees? You can even opt for a store pickup option!

Place your orders here.

12. Melvin’s Durian

melvins durian singapore same day delivery 2022
(Credit: Melvin’s Durian / Facebook)

Thinking of hosting a durian party? You’re looking at the right place when it comes to the best durian delivery in Singapore in 2022! Melvin’s Durian is focused on selling the best of durians during the 2022 durian season with unbeatable delivery services in Singapore. They list their items and prices almost daily on their Facebook page, and prices differ on a day-to-day basis according to seasonality and availability. Prices are much lower when purchased in bulk — Melvin’s Durian also caters to companies and large-scale events! 

Place your orders here.

Next day durian delivery in Singapore

13. Durianmon 

durianmon durian delivery singapore frozen mao shan wang msw
(Credit: Polarmart by Iceman)

For impatient durian lovers, you won’t have to wait long to indulge in the king of fruit. That’s because Durianmon provides next-day delivery! Place your order for the Frozen D13 Durian 400g (available on Polarmart by Iceman) today and receive it tomorrow. While the MSW needs no introduction, some may not be familiar with the D13. D13 durians are one of the most budget-friendly yet tasty durians available on the market. It’s known as a kampung breed and is identified from its distinctive orange hue. This is the durian for those who prefer something mildly sweet and less pungent! Durianmon is one of the best options for durian delivery in Singapore in 2022 for its consistent quality and reasonable prices.

Place your order here.

14. Durian Man 

durian delivery singapore order online durian man air tight packaging mao shan wang frozen
(Credit: Durian Man)

Stay home, stay safe — order your durians online with Durian Man and have them delivered to your home! Durian Man carries popular durian selections direct from the plantations. This includes D24 and Mao Shan Wang (available on Durian Man) in both fresh and frozen variations. We would recommend going for the frozen ones as they have a longer shelf life of up to a year. This means you can enjoy your favourite durians even when it’s off-season. Make sure to keep a close eye on their stocks which may run out daily in a flash! Durian Man also carries special treats like their own house-made durian ice cream to help you beat the heat!

Place your order here.

15. TAC Food

(Credit: TAC food)

TAC Food aka The Agriculture Company is a company that supplies seafood and seasonal goods like durian. They import durians from Raub, Pahang, and offer wholesale prices to maximise your savings so you get the best prices for durian delivery during the durian season in 2022! Their Mao Shan Wang (AAA+) Grade (available on TAC food) are dehusked and vacuum-sealed – making enjoying this delight fuss-free! Get 400g starting from $36, with either same-day delivery depending on the time that you order!

Place your order here.

16. Golden Moments

goldenmoments durian delivery singapore
(Credit: Golden Moments Singapore)

When shopping for trusted sellers who offer durian delivery in Singapore, you’ll want to seek out like-minded durian aficionados! This way, you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality durians that have been skillfully handpicked by them. Ask any durian-lover now on where they would recommend buying their durian products from and Golden Moments is bound to be within the list

As an expert in handcrafted quality durian delicacies, Golden Moments stands out from the competition with their sumptuous desserts that’ll leave you hankering for more! Their Premium MSW packed durians (available on Golden Moments Singapore) are the same ones featured in their decadent desserts. Featuring tinier seeds and an authentic Pahang hilltop taste, these durians are lovingly packed for your convenience so you can indulge without worry! This is undoubtedly one of the best options for durian products in Singapore in 2022 that have delivery options!

Place your order here.

17. Just Love

just love gloal singapore vacuum packed durian delivery
(Credit: Just Love Global)

For fresh frozen durians, check out the variety of durian types on Just Love. Their Nitro Freezed Premium Durians (available on Just Love Global) are well-loved by their customers, who have left very positive reviews regarding the quality and delivery speed of their fruits.

There are a handful of durian types that you can choose from for this product, from the crowd-favorite Mao Shan Wang to the relatively more affordable D24. Each box comes in 400g to 450g packs and there is a minimum order of two boxes required before you’re eligible for check out. The owners state that delivery will be done within three days but reviews from their customers in Singapore know them best for their speedy durian delivery service that’s done typically within a couple of hours!

Place your order here.

18. Dukrian

dukrian singapore vacuumed sealed durian mao shan wang 2022
(Credit: Dukrian!)

Durian is serious business here at Dukrian, a durian specialty store that focuses on delivering the best of durians to their customers in Singapore. Make no mistake and grab their Fresh Pahang BlackGold MSW Durian (available on Dukrian) that comes in many different options in terms of quantity. Needless to say, the more you purchase, the lower the price per kg would be — so you know that you’re in for one of the best deals when it comes to durian delivery in Singapore this 2022.

They guarantee the quality of their durians as they are sourced from only the best trees in Pahang, and the sellers here describe their beloved mao shan wang durians as ones with milky texture, high intensity, rich and bittersweet! Because they are particular about the quality of durians they sell, quantity is limited daily. Be sure to make early reservations with them!

Place your order here.

2-4 days durian delivery in Singapore

19. Durian Fantasy

singapore durian fantasy delivery 2022
(Credit: Durian Fantasy by Raising Trading / Cropped)

If you aren’t the sort to skimp on quality when it comes to indulging in the King of Fruits, then you ought to get these premium quality Mao Shan Wang durians from Durian Fantasy. The Fresh Pahang MSW Durian (available on Durian Fantasy) promises only the best of top-grade Mao Shan Wang Durians that are sourced from mature trees in the mountains of Pahang, Malaysia.

The amazing quality of their durians has been so consistent over the years that they have even been appointed by Changi Airport as the official seller to retail durians to both locals and tourists alike! Order them online and you’d receive them within three days from the date of purchase — a loyal following of customers is a testament to why they are one of the best places in Singapore for durian delivery in 2022. Now you know where to buy the best of durians if you’re hankering after quality-assured durians!

Place your order here.

20. Durian Edition

durian edition delivery singapore
(Credit: Durian Edition Official Store)

Good news for all durian lovers — Durian Edition is now also available on Shopee Supermarket! This artisan durian dealer is well-loved by locals for their popular durian selections that come directly from their plantation in Malaysia. Varieties include Black Thorn, Mao Shan Wang, D13, D24, and Oolong in both fresh and nitrogen vacuum-packed versions. If kept frozen, the nitrogen vacuum-packed durians will be good to eat for 6 months — perfect if you want to enjoy the King of Fruits during off-seasons! Enjoy the convenience of buying durians online and having them packed neatly and delivered to your door!

Durian Edition also offers special premium bundles that you can get for your durian-loving family and friends! The Durian Edition Premium Nitro Musang King Bundle (available on Shopee Supermarket) comes with nitrogen fast-frozen Musang king from Pahang. This is one of the best options for durian delivery in Singapore in 2022 for those of us who are unable to finish them all in a single sitting.

Place your order here or at Shopee Supermarket.

21. Durian Plantation

durian plantation delivery singapore
(Credit: Durian Plantation)

With durian season upon us, why not make Durian Plantation your go-to online durian delivery service in Singapore? You can count on them for their wide variety and exceptional quality of durians. From Mao Shan Wang (available on Durian Plantation) for the bitter lovers to Red Prawn for those with a sweet tooth, you’ll be spoilt for choice here!

Durian Plantation delivers throughout the week but they don’t do same-day delivery. Order your durians online before 5pm to enjoy next-day delivery in Singapore (this does not apply to weekends). Durian Plantation does quality control for every durian that they send out in Singapore to ensure that the best durians are sent out for delivery. Hence, there might be some delay if their current batch of durians is unsatisfactory.

Place your order here.

22. Huat Yuan

durian delivery singapore order online huat yuan affordable
(Credit: Qi fruit llp)

We admit durians can sometimes be a costly indulgence especially when the season’s supply is relatively low. However, you’ll always be able to find affordable prices here at Huat Yuan! Although not as well known as its counterparts, Huat Yuan carries a variety of durian types including Pahang Mao Shan Wang (available on Qi fruit llp), Black Gold, and Sultan King. Prices are kept well below $40 for 400g and free delivery is available when you spend $50 and above. This is a much easier target to hit if you’re only ordering durians online to reward yourself!

Place your order here.

23. Treasure Gourmet & Grocer

treasure gourmet durian delivery singapore

Throwing an intimate durian party with your loved ones? Then, you’ll need to find a trustable durian vendor for good quality durians that won’t disappoint your crowd. Thankfully, you can always turn to the Treasure Gourmet & Grocer for some of the best durian delivery in Singapore! All their durians are sourced from Pahang or Penang, Malaysia. They go through stringent selection after harvesting to ensure only the best is presented to customers! Ranging from conventional Mao Shan Wang and D24 to rare durians such as Genting XO, Treasure Gourmet & Grocer will have you spoilt for choice!

Place your order here.

24. Durian 36 

durian 36 best durian delivery in singapore
(Credit: Durian 36)

If you prefer your durians from the comfort of home, Durian 36’s got you covered with their convenient, fuss-free delivery service! Aside from fresh, top-shelf Mao Shan Wang variants like Old Tree Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold, Durian 36 offers nitrogen-frozen Golden Phoenix for those who prefer keeping their durian treat fresh for days on end. Looking for rarer durian varieties to try this season? Try the bittersweet, fine-textured Hulu Wang, or Green Skin King, a sweet durian variant known for its thick, creamy consistency! Having been in the trade for almost 20 years in 2022, it’s no surprise that Durian 36 is considered one of the best durian delivery services in Singapore. 

Place your order here.

Sinful indulgence made convenient with durian delivery services in Singapore

While waiting for your durian delivery in Singapore, why not curb your cravings temporarily with the best durian puffs? These yummy pastries make for a great tea-time snack, and are just the right touch of indulgence without being too jelat! If you prefer going out to stalls and having them freshly opened, check out our list of best durian stalls in Singapore! You can find both durians and other baking ingredients online at Shopee Supermarket. But don’t forget to check out Shopee’s Durian Big Sale to enjoy more savings on this King of Fruits!

This article was updated on 12 April 2022. Additional research done by Jamantha Lim.

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