Beat The Heat: 18 Best Air Coolers To Stay Cool

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Hands up if you’ve found yourself plastered to the floor trying to cool off on a hot day! If anything, the weather in Singapore can really get us sweating buckets, even after a shower! And considering how most of us are working from home often these few years, it becomes even more necessary to equip your home with an air cooler. Here’s our rundown of the best air coolers in Singapore that will help turn down the heat!

Which is better: air cooler or aircon?

how to choose between air con and best air coolers singapore
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Before deciding on the best air cooler in Singapore for your home, you might want to know the difference between air coolers and air conditioners first. Generally, buying an air cooler is much cheaper (more than 70% cheaper) compared to installing an entire air conditioner in your room. Check out our comparison table of air coolers vs aircons to decide which is better for you!

Air conditioner Air cooler
Price From $1,000 per unit From $20
Portability Non-portable Portable options. Easy to move around from room to room.
Energy Efficiency High power consumption to generate greater cooling power Less power consumption — uses about one-fifth the electricity of an air conditioner
Refrigerant Uses chemical refrigerants such as R22, chlorofluorocarbons and hydro-chlorofluorocarbons Uses water as its only refrigerant
Humidity Dehumidifies air and reduces moisture Acts like a humidifier because of its evaporative cooling process
Cooling Power Can reduce surrounding temperatures by more than 10 degrees Celsius Can reduce surrounding temperatures by five to 10 degrees Celsius
Temperature Precision Can control the temperature of surroundings precisely Not as precise with the temperature it cools its surroundings to
Maintenance Requires hired specialists for maintenance at a fee Can be done by anyone

In short,
air coolers are your best bet if you’re looking for an affordable option that is also low maintenance and energy-efficient! Some things to look out for when picking the best air coolers are:

  • Size — portable air cooler that you can shift to different rooms when needed
  • Humidifying — helps to maintain moisture levels in the air
  • Ionising — purifies the air by removing particulates and odours
  • Large and small capacities — water tank refill rates are dependent on the capacity

With numerous advantages, you’ll be able to easily set it up for personal use or when you have friends or family over. Read on for our review of the best air coolers and pick out the model that’s the right fit for you!

Best portable air coolers in Singapore 

1. Tecno Turbo Fan Air Cooler (TAF2901)

best air cooler Tecno Turbo Fan Air Cooler (TAF2901)
(Credit: Tecno Official Store)

Homegrown appliance brand Tecno offers a functional and versatile air cooler that utilises a water cycling system. The Tecno Turbo Fan Air Cooler (TAF2901) (available on Tecno Official Store) sports a sleek LED display and has a timer with settings up to 7.5 hours. It also comes with three Wind Modes: Natural, Normal, and Sleep – you’ll no longer have to worry about naps being disrupted by whirring fan blades. For those that are allergy-prone, the Tecno TAF2901’s built-in dustproof filter and humidifier is great for keeping the air quality in your home clean and free of most pollutants.

2. AIRLEO Mobile Cooling System

AIRLEO Mobile Cooling System
(Credit: AIRLEO Official Store)

Regular upkeep is always needed when it comes to electronics. It always feels like a hassle but you won’t experience that with the AIRLEO Mobile Cooling System (available on AIRLEO Official Store)! The AIRLEO air cooler is fitted with filter covers that are snapped on easily. This means you can easily remove them for a quick rinse and reinstall them in a snap! Additionally, this AIRLEO air cooler sanitises the air while being extremely energy-efficient. It guarantees up to 80% reduction in electricity consumption as it blows cool air that’s also clean! 

3. Mistral Air Cooler (MAC001E)

Mistral Air Cooler (MAC001E) best air coolers singapore honeycomb cooling pad 10L capacity
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

This sleek Mistral Air Cooler (MAC001E) (available on Mayer Official Store) offers a solution for those looking for an air cooler with multiple features. It comes with user-friendly buttons, three different fan modes, a 15 hour timer and a 10L capacity. This value-for-money Mistral air cooler also packs an extra punch with its cooling capabilities. As one of the best air coolers in Singapore, it is built with a honeycomb cooling pad that better retains water and cools the room faster!

4. Mistral Air Cooler with HEPA Filter (MACF7)

Mistral Air Cooler with HEPA Filter (MACF7) best air cooler
(Credit: j_s_trading)

Another great alternative from Mistral is the Mistral Air Cooler with HEPA Filter MACF7 (available on j_s_trading) which is equipped with a HEPA filter to eliminate up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants. Additionally, it contains a built-in ioniser to further purify the air, making it one of the best air coolers in Singapore for your baby’s nursery room! Moreover, you need not worry that your little bub will be awoken by the noise of the portable air cooler as it comes with a sleep function to cool your baby’s room in silence.

5. Mistral Air Cooler with Ionizer (MAC1600R)

Mistral Remote Air Cooler with Ionizer (MAC1600R) white
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

The Mistral MAC1600R Remote Air Cooler (available on Gain City Official Store) is packed with handy features to combat the heat. It can keep a space of up to 25 square metres cool for up to 24 hours and will automatically switch off after that time. Its LED control panel lets you set six cooling speeds — three for regular use and three for sleep. This best air cooler in Singapore also has a built-in ioniser function that purifies the air of particulates and microbes, which helps maintain the quality of air circulating through your living room.

6. Sona Remote Air Cooler (SAC 6029)

(Credit: Sona_Official_Store)

As one of the best air coolers in Singapore, Sona Remote Air Cooler SAC 6029 (available on Sona_Official_Store) is an ioniser for purifying air with an infrared remote control that lets you switch between presets easily. This Sona air cooler has normal, natural and sleep wind modes and three fan speeds to toggle between. It also uses horizontal oscillation to deliver cold breezes further! Colour us impressed!

7. Cornell Air Cooler (CACE3001S)

Cornell Air Cooler (CACE3001S)
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store)

Have you ever heard of a swamp cooler? Well, if you’re looking to get an air cooler that’s able to give you a better respite on a hot day, try out Cornell’s Air Cooler (CACE3001S) (available on Cornell Singapore Official Store)! Through evaporation of water-saturated pads, this Cornell air cooler is able to quickly cool down the surrounding air and bring your home to cooler temperatures. Not only is the fan easy to manoeuvre around the house with its roller base, but it also doubles up as an air steriliser, using doctor aids cartridge to filter out pollutants and common allergens in the air.

8. Retro Personal Portable Air Cooler

retro personal portable air cooler with handle in green vintage best air cooler
(Credit: ZO Life House)

Think air coolers are not cool (pun intended) enough to match with your stylish home interior? Think again! This Retro Personal Portable Air Cooler (available on ZO Life House) boasts a vintage stereo design that will look fancy in any corner of your home. It also comes with a sturdy handle and is lightweight (less than 1kg) so you can easily carry the portable air cooler wherever you go — even on a picnic! Just remember to charge it via the USB port so it’s ready to go!

Best multifunction air coolers in Singapore 

9. Arctic Air Cooler

Arctic air cooler cube shape mini portable best air cooler
(Credit: First

If you’re looking for one of the best lightweight and portable air coolers in Singapore, then look no further! One of the many advantages the Arctic Air Cooler (available on First delivers is its petite cube shape, which makes it easy to place even on your coffee table. It also charges via USB, making it simple to power up whenever required! Additionally, it provides other forms of superior air quality such as refrigeration, humidification and air purification. What a steal!

10. JOMO Living Mini Air Cooler 

Mini Air Cooler with USB Cooler and Portable Aircon Fan
(Credit: JOMO Living)

Another recommendation for the best air coolers in Singapore is this JOMO Living Mini Air Cooler (available on JOMO Living). Perfect for placing on your work desk or bedside table, enjoy your own personal ‘air con’ with this portable air cooler! Choose the aromatherapy model as it comes with four features — cooler, humidifier, purifier and with an aromatherapy function that fills the room with cooling fragrance. 

Pro Tip: When the weather gets too hot, we suggest placing the detachable large 320ml water tank into the fridge or freezer before using it with your mini cooler for a blast of cold air!

11. Xiaomi Microhoo 3-in-1 Mini Air Cooler

Xiaomi Microhoo 3 In 1 Mini Air Cooler small compact white best air cooler

Another mini powerhouse is the Xiaomi Microhoo 3-in-1 Mini Air Cooler (available on As one of the best compact air coolers in Singapore, it does not take up much space and is convenient to carry to offices, bedrooms or wherever you need it! This Xiaomi air cooler comes with a detachable 1L water tank which is more than sufficient to last you a few hours. Add a few drops of essential oil into the water tank and the misty air would have a hint of fragrance. 

12. EuropAce 4-in1 Evaporative Air Cooler (4751V)

EuropAce 4-in1 Evaporative Air Cooler (4751V)
(Credit: EuropAce Official Store)

Enjoy purified air with your loved ones at home with the EuropAce 4-in1 Evaporative Air Cooler ECO 4751V (available on EuropAce Official Store)! Its built-in HEPA filter removes at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria, and other airborne particles, which is great for people susceptible to allergies. It boasts a thick honeycomb filter for stronger cooling efficiency. Did we mention it’s also one of the best air coolers in Singapore for its multi-functionality? In addition to being an evaporative air cooler, this EuropAce air cooler works as a humidifier, air purifier and fan all in one! Its built-in LED touch panel display gives it a sleek look and equips it with better functional efficiency.

13. EuropAce 5-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler (ECO 8401W)

best air cooler EuropAce 5-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler (ECO 8401W)
(Credit: Europace Official Store)

If you’re looking for one of the best air coolers in Singapore that can do it all, the EuropAce 5-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler Eco 8401W (available on Europace Official Store) has got you covered. This Europace air cooler with a 20L capacity works as a fan, air purifier and ioniser all-in-one! It also comes with a compartment for ice cubes and a thick honeycomb filter for better cooling efficiency.

14. ChiQ 9000 BTU 3-in-1 Air Cooler

ChiQ 9000 BTU 3-in-1 Air Cooler
(Credit: ChiQ Official Store)

The ChiQ 9000 BTU 3-in-1 Air Cooler (available on ChiQ Official Store) is another frontrunner in our list of best multifunction air coolers in Singapore. Thanks to its selection of three speeds that can reach up to 16 metres square, you can adjust the temperature however you prefer! This CHiQ air cooler is also easy to clean because of its removable cooling pads that can drain excess water. No more fretting over calling technicians or professional mechanics for help! 

Best air coolers in Singapore with more than 10L water tanks 

15. iFan Evaporative Air Cooler (IF7880)

iFan Evaporative Air Cooler (IF7880)
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

The iFan Evaporative Air Cooler (IF7880) (available on PowerPac Official Store) allows you to toggle between four fan speeds and comes with automatic oscillation control. That means, no more movie nights interrupted by fights over which direction the air cooler should face! Simply adjust its settings with the remote control without having to leave your seat. This PowerPac air cooler is also incredibly lightweight and comes with hidden wheels — making this one of the best portable air coolers in Singapore!

16. Maxcool MCI-CF10B Evaporative Air Cooler

Maxcool MCI-CF10B Evaporative Air Cooler 35L large capacity
(Credit: Maxcool)

Hate the hassle of refilling your air cooler’s water tank? We promise you those troublesome top up sessions will be few and far between with the Maxcool MCI-CF10B Evaporative Air Cooler (available on Maxcool). It comes with one of the largest water tanks we’ve ever seen — a whopping 35L which lasts up to six hours on the maximum setting! The Maxcool air cooler is definitely one of the best air coolers in Singapore for large homes or office spaces.

17. Blizzard Air Cooler (FKL-l35J)

best air cooler Blizzard Air Cooler (FKL-l35J)
(Credit: 2

We’ve another recommendation if your top priority is to reduce refill trips! When it comes to water storage, the Blizzard Air Cooler (FKL-l35J) series (available on 2 is the best choice by a long shot with up to 90L capacity – that’s hard to top! Coupled with its Axial Fan Technology, the Blizzard Air Cooler will definitely be keeping you cool with up to 3200 to 20000 m³/hr air volume. In fact, these appliances are 4-in-1 packages that function as an air cooler, air purifier, evaporator, and humidifier all at once. Getting this all-rounded air cooler is definitely ideal for a hot and dense climate like Singapore’s.

18. Mistral 35L Air Cooler (MAC3500R)

Mistral 35L Air Cooler (MAC3500R)
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

The last, but definitely not the least of our recommendations – the Mistral Air Cooler (MAC3500R) (available on Gain City Official Store) is a functional air cooler with a water storage of about 35L, including a water shortage protection function that helps you detect when to refill the appliance. Coupled with a power off memory function that’s available when plugged in, the remote-control powered cooler is sure to make life easier and more convenient. This Mistral Air Cooler also comes with a left-right auto oscillation and can be adjusted between low, mid, and high wind speeds to maximise its cooling effect!

Chill out with the best air coolers in Singapore

Singapore’s unforgiving weather can be just plain uncomfortable for everyone, so we hope this list of best air coolers in Singapore will make your day a little more bearable!For other cooling alternatives, check out the best standing fans and best portable aircons to keep you as cool as a cucumber. Otherwise, it’s also important to remember to keep the air quality in your home fresh. Not sure how? Get one of the best air purifiers which will remove all the impurities and dust particles in your home. Just remember to head over to our 6.6 Great Shopee Sale for hot deals on air coolers, aircons and more!

This article was updated on 8 March 2022. Additional research done by Gabriel Choo.

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