9 Best Air Coolers So You Won’t Feel The Heat At Family Gatherings

europace and powerpac best air cooler
(Credit: Europace, PowerPac)

The best air coolers can do more than just cool a room! Some can humidify and purify the air while others are portable enough to place anywhere in the home! It also helps that air coolers are a more affordable option compared to installing an entire air conditioner unit. Plus, it delivers more cooling power than a simple standing fan. Not convinced? Here are some reasons for you to make the leap of faith!

How do air coolers work?

Air coolers pull in hot air from your surroundings and send it through cooling pads before blowing out much cooler air. Unsure of the differences between an air cooler and an air conditioner? Here’s a comparison table to make things clearer!

Air conditioner vs air cooler

Air Conditioner Air Cooler
Price Higher price range Lower price range
Refrigerant Uses chemical refrigerants (including environmentally harmful ones like  R22, chlorofluorocarbons and hydro-chlorofluorocarbons) Uses water as its only refrigerant
Humidity Dehumidifies air and regulates humidity Acts like a humidifier because of its evaporative cooling process
Cooling Power Can reduce surrounding temperatures by more than 10 degrees Celsius Can reduce surrounding temperatures by five to 10 degrees Celsius
Temperature Precision Can control the temperature of surroundings precisely Might not be precise with the temperature it cools its surroundings to
Maintenance May require hired specialists for maintenance at a fee Maintenance is easily done by anyone
Portability Installed units are not portable Easy to move around to different locations 
Energy Efficiency Higher power consumption to compensate for greater cooling power Consumes an average of 1/5th the electricity of a normal air conditioner

Air coolers are a favourable option if you’re looking for a low maintenance and energy efficient option! With its numerous advantages, you’ll be able to easily set it up as and when your family decides to meet up at your home!

If you’re not sure which model is right for you, read on for a guide to the best air coolers and eradicate the heat at home once and for all!

Best air coolers under $200

1. iFan Evaporative Air Cooler (IF7310)

powerpac ifan evaporative air cooler
(Credit: PowerPac)

The iFan Evaporative Air Cooler IF7310 (available on PowerPac) allows you to toggle between three fan speeds and comes with automatic oscillation control. That means, no more movie nights interrupted by fights over which direction the air cooler should face! Its attractive price point also makes it a clear winner. It’s also incredibly lightweight and comes with castors attached, making it easy to lift and transport from room to room. A newbie to air coolers? You won’t go wrong with this budget-friendly option!

2. JML Arctic Air Cooler

jml arctic air cooler best air coolers
(Credit: forevergo.sg)

If you’re looking for an extremely lightweight and compact air cooler, then look no further! One of the many advantages the JML Arctic Air Cooler (available on fashionshop333.sg) delivers is that it’s cube-shaped, which makes it easy to place even on your coffee table! It also charges via USB, making it simple to power up whenever required!

3. Aerogaz 5L Air Cooler 

aerogaz 5l air cooler best air coolers
(Credit: aerogaz)

The Aerogaz 5L Air Cooler (available on aerogaz) offers a value-for-money solution for those looking for an air cooler with multiple features. It comes with a handy touch switch and three different fan modes including a sleep mode if you choose to use it for bedtime. This air cooler also packs an extra punch with its cooling capabilities. It’s built with a honeycomb pad that retains water better and cools the room faster!

Best air coolers that ionise and humidify the air

4. 4-in1 EuropAce Evaporative Air Cooler 

4-in-1 europace evaporative air cooler best air coolers
(Credit: Europace)

Enjoy purified air at your next family get-together with the EuropAce Evaporative Air Cooler ECO 4751V 4-in1 (available on Europace)! It boasts a thick honeycomb filter for stronger cooling efficiency. Did we mention it’s also one of the best multi-functional air coolers around? In addition to being an Evaporative Air Cooler, the EuropAce Evaporative air cooler works as a humidifier, air purifier and fan all in one! It’s built-in LED touch panel display gives it a sleek look and equips it with better functional efficiency.

5. iFan Mist Fan Air Cooler With Ionizer 

ifan mist air cooler with ionizer
(Credit: PowerPac)

The iFan Mist Air Cooler With Ionizer (available on PowerPac) might just be one of the best evaporative air coolers out there. It’s misting function emits continuous mist for up to seven hours to cool down your living space. Its built-in ionizer function purifies the air of particulates and microbes, which helps maintain the quality of air circulating through your living room.

6. Cornell Air Cooler with Dustproof Filter

cornell air cooler with dustproof filter
(Credit: Cornell)

Although the Cornell Air Cooler with Dustproof Filter (available on Cornell Official) has a slightly smaller water tank of four litres, it makes up for this with a powerful ioniser function. The ioniser function can remove electronically-charged molecules such as unpleasant odours from your environment! It also comes with a water pump protection system that ensures the health of your air cooler so it will not require much maintenance. You’re also able to set an automatic timer that lasts anywhere from one to nine hours.

Best air coolers with more than 10L water tanks 

7. Honeywell Air Cooler 

honeywell air cooler best air coolers
(Credit: Home Life)

If one of your top priorities when it comes to looking for an evaporative air cooler is to reduce refill trips, then look no further! The Honeywell CL151 (available on Home Life) might just be the best air cooler for your needs as it delivers with a 15L water tank. That’s not all! It also comes with a fully functional remote control as well as two years of warranty for cautious buyers. You’ll also enjoy a powerful airflow of 206 cubic feet per minute making it perfect for sweltering hot days.

8. TOYOMI Air Cooler AC 1953 

toyomi air cooler best air coolers
(Credit: Audio House)

Its remote control isn’t its only handy feature — the Toyomi AC 1953 Air Cooler (available on Toyomi Singapore) also comes with a water tank that holds up to a whopping 20 litres so that you can use it continuously for 24 hours — perfect for those family gatherings that go late into the night! You can trust the honeycomb system to deliver purified and humidified air. Additionally, its auto-swing window is designed with a net to keep mosquitoes away from entering the cooler’s vents.

9. Mistral MAC1600R Remote Air Cooler

mistral mac1600r remote air cooler best air coolers
(Credit: Home Life)

The Mistral MAC1600R Remote Air Cooler (available on Home Life) boasts 15L of capacity that can keep a space of up to 25 square metres cool for an extended period of time. We also like how it raises an alarm to remind you to fill it up with more water when needed!

Sit back, relax and chill out with an air cooler

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