11 Best Refrigerators To Keep Your Food Fresh

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Moving to a new place means you need a new refrigerator ASAP! Figuring out which refrigerator you should purchase for your new place isn’t easy, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner! It’s a huge investment since these large home appliances can last for about a decade. Need some help choosing the size and the type of fridge you should get for your humble abode? Take a chill pill and sit back as we share our recommendations for the best refrigerators in Singapore!

What to consider before buying a refrigerator?

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  • Kitchen space

You have to figure out where you’re placing your new refrigerator in your kitchen. These huge home appliances can last for about a decade, so it’s important to choose the right place for them. Make sure your refrigerator door will not be blocked by a wall or kitchen island when it’s open. You’ll also have to leave about an inch of space around the refrigerator for ventilation. 

Pro Tip: Measure and cut out a piece of cardboard that has the same dimensions as your preferred refrigerator. This is so you can check if the refrigerator can fit in the entryway of the kitchen and at the space you intend to place the refrigerator.

  • Storage capacity

You don’t always have to get the largest refrigerator for that space you’ve carved out. It all depends on how much storage you need. You can look at different types of fridges as they can offer various storage capacities. You don’t want to end up with insufficient space for all your fresh groceries. If you’re living with just another person, top and bottom freezer refrigerators would be just nice for your home. For households with four or more people, dual door refrigerators and French door refrigerators would be a better option.

Pro Tip: Get some fridge drawers to help organise your refrigerator into sub-sections and make full use of the space available! 

  • Energy Label

Have concerns about your electricity bill? Look at the Energy Label on your refrigerator to find out its energy efficiency rating! The Energy Label should have all the information you need to have an estimation on the energy consumption and energy cost of the refrigerator. 

Here are some features you need to take note of when you’re looking at the refrigerator’s Energy Label:

Feature Description
Energy efficiency rating
  • Rated in words and in ticks: Low to Very Good, between one and four ticks
  • Refrigerators with more ticks are more energy efficient
Annual estimated energy cost
  • The annual estimated energy cost takes into account the annual energy consumption
  • Annual estimated energy cost is based on 27 cents per kWh and on 24 hours daily usage
Annual energy consumption
  • The annual energy consumption is estimated based on 24 hours daily usage, expressed in kWh
Type of fridge
  • The label will show whether the model is just a refrigerator and if it comes with a freezer compartment
Size of fridge
  • Label will show the refrigerator’s storage capacity that is expressed in litres

What are the different types of fridges?

  • Top freezer refrigerators

You may have seen these top freezer refrigerators while growing up in your childhood homes. These refrigerators have freezers that are above the refrigerator section. These top freezer fridges are also best if you have to access the freezer section more often. 

  • Bottom freezer refrigerators

Bottom freezer refrigerators aren’t all that common in many households. These refrigerators are simply the opposite of their top freezer counterparts. The freezer compartment is at the bottom, so you’ll have to bend down to get your frozen food. These bottom freezer fridges would be best for those who access their fresh food regularly.

  • Dual door refrigerators

If you always reach for both frozen and fresh food for your cooking, then dual door refrigerators are the best for you. The refrigerator and freezer compartments are side-by-side, so you’ll have most of your food stash at eye level. 

  • French door refrigerators

Want to go for something more stylish? French door refrigerators would be the right fit! These may look similar to dual-door refrigerators but they are quite different. Instead of having your freezer and refrigerator section next to each other, the freezer compartment is usually at the bottom. 

Type of fridge Top freezer refrigerator Bottom freezer refrigerator Dual door refrigerator French door refrigerator
Storage capacity

– Smaller than other types of fridges

– Perfect for smaller families

– Storage capacity similar to top freezer refrigerators

– Perfect for smaller families

– Larger than top and bottom freezer refrigerators

– Perfect for larger families

– Larger than dual door refrigerators
Size  Takes up least amount of space as compared to other types of fridge Similar to top freezer refrigerators Takes up more space than top and bottom freezer refrigerators Takes up more space than top and bottom freezer refrigerators
Placement of freezer compartment Freezer is top compartment Freezer at the bottom The freezer takes up one side of the fridge, next to fresh food compartment The freezer can be at the top or bottom
Energy efficiency Most energy efficient type of fridge Most energy efficient type of fridge Consumes more energy but separate compartments improves organisation, reducing energy wastage Consumes more energy but separate compartments improves organisation, reducing energy wastage
Price Most affordable Most affordable Usually more expensive than top and bottom freezer refrigerators Usually  more expensive than dual door refrigerators


Best top freezer refrigerators in Singapore

1. EuropAce Deeper Depth Deluxe Fridge

europace best refrigerators singapore
(Credit: Parisilk Electronics & Computers)

Don’t want to burst your budget on a large refrigerator? The EuropAce Deeper Death Deluxe Fridge (available on Parisilk Electronics & Computers) is here to chill your food! The pull-out shelving gives you deeper depth to this best refrigerator in Singapore, so you’ll have more than enough space to organise your groceries. You’ll even get a free air fryer when you get this top freezer refrigerator – what a steal! 

2. Samsung Top Freezer Refrigerator

samsung top freezer refrigerator
(Credit: Audio House Official Store)

Getting a refrigerator is a huge investment, so it’s wise to keep things budget-friendly with the Samsung Top Freezer Refrigerator (available on Audio House Official Store). This Samsung refrigerator features Digital Inverter technology that involves sensors that track internal and external temperatures, humidity levels while keeping in mind your usage patterns. With such nifty technology in this best refrigerator in Singapore, your food will be preserved longer while keeping your electricity bills down. 

3. Hitachi Top Freezer Refrigerator

hitachi top freezer refrigerator
(Credit: Parisilk Electronics & Computers)

We love customisable shelving units in refrigerators and the Hitachi Top Freezer Refrigerator (available on Parisilk Electronics & Computers) does this really well! Whether it’s large cartons of milk or small bottles of Yakult, the pockets on the refrigerator doors can be adjusted to fit all sorts of different-sized items. 

The bottom compartment for your vegetables is one of the main highlights of this Hitachi refrigerator. This best refrigerator in Singapore includes a feature that will maintain optimum moisture levels for your fresh produce. There’s also a lever where you can choose between Vegetable Mode and Dairy/Meat Mode. These two modes will determine the internal temperature of the refrigerator’s bottom compartment. You can even use the Dairy/Meat Mode to thaw your frozen meats!

Best bottom freezer refrigerators in Singapore

4. Panasonic Premium Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

panasonic bottom freezer refrigerator
(Credit: Panasonic Singapore Official Store)

Want to keep your fresh produce for a longer period of time? The Panasonic Premium Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (available on Panasonic Singapore Official Store) has a Prime Fresh+ technology that will soft freeze your produce. This soft freezing maintains the freshness of your food for a week. You’ll never have to leave your raw food out for hours just to thaw them and risk introducing bacteria into your ingredients. This Panasonic refrigerator also has a really cool feature! This best refrigerator in Singapore has anti-bacterial properties where silver ions are present to prevent growth of bacteria.

5. LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

best refrigerators singapore LG
(Credit: LG Singapore Official Store)

Running out of chilled beverages in your refrigerator won’t ever be a problem again with the LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (available on LG Singapore Official Store). The ceiling vents located near the front will blow cold air directly onto the items at your fridge door. Chuck some soda into your LG refrigerator and you’ll have a cold beverage in just a couple of minutes! What used to take an hour to chill will only require about 40 minutes now. 

What’s even cooler is the bottom shelving of this refrigerator. This best refrigerator in Singapore features a two-step folding shelf that can be adjusted, so if you need to store tall and bulky items, slide the shelf back and you’ll have sufficient space. 

6. Electrolux TasteSeal Inverter Refrigerator

best refrigerators singapore electrolux tasteseal
(Credit: Electrolux Official Store)

Tired of boiling water to quench your thirst? This Electrolux TasteSeal Inverter Refrigerator (available on Electrolux Official Store) has a WaterStream so you can effortlessly have some cold water directly through the fridge door. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to carve out more cash for a water filter, then this Electrolux refrigerator is for you. 

This best refrigerator in Singapore also has a TasteSeal compartment that keeps your food safe from temperature fluctuations. You can leave your fresh meat in optimal conditions for up to a week, and this is without having to freeze them! 

Best dual door refrigerators in Singapore

7. Toshiba Dual Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators singapore toshiba dual door
(Credit: Toshiba Home Appliances Official)

Toggle the internal humidity levels for your fresh produce with the Toshiba Dual Door Refrigerator (available on Toshiba Home Appliances Official). Whether it’s fruit or vegetables, the control settings in this Toshiba refrigerator will allow you to adjust the settings to keep your produce crisp for longer periods of time. The dual alloy cooling in this refrigerator also means that your ingredients will be chilled faster. The metal material used allows for better thermal conductivity that will chill your items quickly and prevent temperature fluctuations after. 

8. Samsung SpaceMax Dual Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators singapore samsung dual door
(Credit: Monster923)

If you need tons of storage capacity then the Samsung SpaceMax Dual Door Refrigerator (available on Monster923) is the perfect one for you. The SpaceMax technology helps reduce the thickness of the refrigerator walls without compromising on this appliance’s insulation. You will be able to store all sorts of fresh ingredients without needing to carve out more space in your kitchen. Not to worry, this technology promises energy efficiency, so it’ll reduce your concerns over crazy electricity bills! 

Best French door refrigerators in Singapore

9. Bosch Home Connect French Door Refrigerator

best refrigerators singapore bosch french door
(Credit: Bosch Home Appliances Official Store)

Bosch produces one of the best refrigerators in Singapore and this Home Connect French Door Refrigerator (available on Bosch Home Appliances Official Store) is no different. The Dual AirCool system in this Bosch refrigerator keeps internal temperatures constant while preventing any odours from spreading between different compartments. There’s also a SuperCooling feature that allows you to quickly chill your drinks with just a push of a button – cheers to that! 

10. Hitachi French 4-Door Fridge

Hitachi French 4-Door Fridge
(Credit: dynamic.plus)

With technology being such a big part of our lives, who wouldn’t love having a LED Digital Control Panel on this Hitachi French 4-Door Fridge (available on dynamic.plus)! You don’t have to open your refrigerator and risk temperatures from fluctuating with this digital control panel. There’s also a child lock element so your curious kids won’t ruin any temperature settings if they were to fiddle with this control panel. 

You don’t have to worry about consuming too much energy with this Hitachi refrigerator. There’s an energy saving mode that can control how much chilled air is delivered to individual compartments, so there’ll be no energy wastage! 

11. Whirlpool 6TH SENSE French Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator
(Credit: Parisilk Electronics & Computers)

Got a sixth sense? Now you can have it with this Whirlpool 6TH SENSE French Door Refrigerator (available on Parisilk Electronics & Computers). The 6TH Sense Freshlock will help keep temperatures constant in your refrigerator. You don’t have to worry about fresh produce going bad because this feature will adjust internal temperatures to its original settings if there are any fluctuations. There’s also a feature in this refrigerator that can determine the optimal temperature needed to maintain the quality of your frozen food. If these aren’t enough to ease your worries, this Whirlpool refrigerator also has a feature where you can manually adjust its settings.

Chill out with these best refrigerators in Singapore

From bottom freezer refrigerators to French door refrigerators, you’ll never have to worry about food going bad again with these best refrigerators in Singapore! Need something more compact? Check out these best minifridges in Singapore and these other space-saving furniture. Looking for other home appliances to fill up your humble abode? Start with these best toasters in Singapore and awesome bread makers so you can have a hearty breakfast in your new home! Snag your desired appliances at great discounts during our Shopee Home Appliance Sale!

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