7 Best Portable Aircons To Keep You Cool As A Cucumber

best portable aircon singapore midea honeywell
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Many Singaporeans have a love-hate relationship when it comes to our hot and humid weather. While there are many outdoor activities we can enjoy all year round, there are also times when the heat is simply too much to endure. If your fan is not doing enough to keep the heat at bay and you’re not keen to install a complete aircon system in your home, it’s time to consider other alternatives such as a portable aircon. Find out whether a portable aircon is suitable for your lifestyle and browse through our review of the best portable aircons in Singapore below!

How to choose the best portable aircon in Singapore?

If you’ve determined that a portable aircon is suitable for your needs, the next step is to consider the following factors when shopping for the best portable air conditioner in Singapore. 

  • Room size

bedroom room size comfortable luxurious white
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The best way to ensure your portable aircon is effective at cooling your space down is to pick one that can cater to your room size. Portable aircons are measured by the British Thermal Unit (BTU) to determine how powerful they are. The higher the BTU, the bigger the space that can be cooled down by the portable aircon. 

Room Size (sq m) 15 – 18 20 – 25 30 – 35 40 – 45 55 – 60
Required BTU 9,000 12,000 18,000 24,000 30,000
  • Energy consumption

midea best portable aircon singapore
(Credit: Midea SG Official Store [Cropped])
It’s important to pick the best portable aircon in Singapore with efficient energy consumption. This prevents a shock in your bills. You can assess this criteria based on the energy efficiency grade labelled on many portable aircons. Grade A signifies excellent energy efficiency, while grade B, C and D represent good to average energy efficiency. Aside from the labels, you can also opt to buy a portable aircon with automatic shut-off timers or thermostats so the appliance knows when to cut off without wasting energy. 

  • Ventilation

window open curtain flowy ventilation for portable aircon
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Portable aircons need to vent out hot air. Hence, they are usually placed near a closed window. However, if you’re hoping to keep your aircon further away from the window, you will need to check that its window kit provides sufficient length or get an extension hose to make your setup work! 

  • Portable aircon size

portable aircon air conditioner size hose window connection ventilation
(Credit: Mickeytool)

The size of your portable aircon is important as you don’t want it to take up too much space in your room. If you’re living in a studio apartment, opting for a small portable aircon would be a wiser option. Meanwhile, larger homes have more flexibility in choosing bigger units, but do keep in mind that the larger a portable aircon, the harder it is to move it around your home. 

Is it worth buying a portable aircon in Singapore?

Portable aircons can be a costly investment for your home. Hence, we’ve put together a comparison between portable aircons, split aircon systems and air coolers so you can decide if this cooling solution is right for you and your family.  

Aircon type Portable Aircon Split System Aircon Air Coolers
Portability Can be moved from room to room Fixed location, not portable Can be moved from room to room
Set up Easy to set up by yourself Must be professionally installed Easy to set up by yourself
Cooling Power At least 10 degrees cooler than the current temperature More than 10 degrees cooler than the current temperature At most 3 degrees cooler than the current temperature
Cooling Method Refrigerant Refrigerant Direct evaporative cooling (requires water)
Wind Reach Good for smaller rooms Good for bigger areas Good for smaller rooms
Noise 35 – 60 db 30 – 40 db 35 – 60 db
Maintenance Easy to clean Regular professional maintenance required Easy to clean
Energy Efficiency Not as efficient More efficient than portable aircons Most efficient
Cost Up to $1,000 per unit Up to $5,000 for multiple units Less than $500

Best portable aircons in Singapore

1. Novita Coolplus 3-In-1 Portable Air Conditioner

Novita Coolplus 3-In-1 Portable Air Conditioner best portable aircon singapore
(Credit: novita Official Store)

Equipped with the innovative Blue-Fin Cooling technology, the Novita Coolplus 3-In-1 Portable Air Conditioner (available on novita Official Store) boasts superb cooling efficiency. In addition, it also features self-cleaning and corrosion-resistant properties for enhanced durability. This makes the Novita Cooplus the best portable aircon in Singapore built to last! The impressive 12,000 BTU, also means you cancount on the Novita portable air conditioner to beat the heat in larger rooms up to 25sqm!

2. EuropAce 3-in-1 Portable Aircon

europace 3-in-1 best portable aircon singapore
(Credit: EuropAce Official Store)

Experiencing a space crunch but can’t live with the heat? The EuropAce 3-in-1 Portable Aircon (available on EuropAce Official Store) is as compact as a regular-sized CPU — which means it’s small enough to fit under your desk even! There are also wheels on the aircon so you can move it around to make space. This 3-in-1 best EuropAce portable aircon in Singapore also works as a fan and dehumidifier. Operate the aircon on smart mode and it will automatically determine when to switch to the fan when the desired temperature is achieved — this can help to save on electricity! 

3. Midea 12K BTU Portable Aircon

midea 12k btu portable airconditioner best small
(Credit: Midea SG Official Store)

Good air quality is important for the health of your family — especially for kids and those with allergies. The Midea Portable Aircon (available on Midea SG Official Store) doubles as an ioniser that helps to eliminate harmful bacteria in the air. This can effectively improve air quality in your home. We also appreciate that the Midea portable aircon comes with a filter alert function that alerts you when it’s time to replace the filter. While you can buy a new filter replacement, the filter is washable and reusable so all you have to do is to clean it and pop it back into this best portable air conditioner in Singapore!

4. Honeywell Portable Aircon

honeywell portable aircon best singapore black small
(Credit: Home101)

Not going to lie, the sleek black Honeywell Portable Aircon (available on Home101) is every modern homeowner’s dream come true. This sophisticated device features an R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential, auto evaporation system, three-speed fan and even dehumidifying function for optimum cooling. If you find yourself glued to your couch watching your new Chinese drama, just grab the full-function remote control so you can operate the device without moving an inch. Despite having only 10,000 BTU, the Honeywell portable aircon claims to be able to cover up to 37 square meters — more than sufficient from a 5-room flat’s living room!

5. SONA Portable Air Conditioner 

sona portable air conditioner best
(Credit: Sona_Official_Store)

There’s no use for a powerful portable air conditioner if it can’t blast air in the direction you want it to. Thankfully, the SONA Portable Air Conditioner (available on Sona_Official_Store) has an up-down oscillation so even the one sleeping on the upper deck of a loft bed can feel the cool breeze. This best portable air conditioner in Singapore produces a temperature range of 18 to 32 degrees celsius — perfect for tackling hot summer nights. The SONA portable aircon also has a maximum noise level of 54 decibels, similar to the noise of a slight drizzle, which is silent enough for the bedroom. 

6. TCL Portable Aircon Tac20cpadg

tcl portable aircon tac20cpadg white
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

The last thing you want after returning home from the heat is to wait for hours for your portable aircon to cool down the room. As such, the TCL Portable Aircon Tac20cpadg (available on Gain City Official Store) is equipped with the TITANGOLD nano technology that enhances the aircon’s efficiency for faster cooling. The titanium gold double condenser promotes rapid evaporation to produce cool air at an impressive 20,000 BTU, thus saving costs in the long run. In addition, this type of condenser is highly anti-corrosive and hydrophilic, making the device more durable and easier to maintain. It’s no doubt that the TCL portable aircon is a worthwhile investment for the years to come. 

7. JINQUANJIA Mobile Air Conditioner 42/CIH

jinquanjia mobile air conditioner 23/cih best portable aircon singapore

Not going to lie, the price tag for the JINQUANJIA Mobile Air Conditioner 42/CIH (available on INQUANJIA FURNITURE STORE) leans on the higher side when it comes to the best portable aircons in Singapore. But not without good reasons. Compared to the average 12,000 BTU models, this device boasts 14,000 BTU which can cater for a wider area of up to 30 square meters. In addition, the JINQUANJIA portable air conditioner does more than just cool down the temperature of your room — it also comes in handy during rainy days. Its dehumidifying function is strong enough to dry wet laundry to prevent them from turning musky when there’s no sun — how convenient!

Best aircon cleaners for portable air conditioners in Singapore

Even the best portable aircon in Singapore needs a thorough cleaning once in a while to operate to its best potential. If you’re not keen on hiring aircon cleaning services just for your portable air conditioner, we suggest employing the help of the following trusty aircon cleaner sprays to help you get the job done in a jiffy! Don’t forget to also remove the filter for a good wash. 

  • WD-40 3-In-One Pro Aircon Cleaner

WD-40 3-In-One Pro Aircon Cleaner
(Credit: Ohere!)

The WD-40 3-In-One Pro Aircon Cleaner (available on Ohere!) is a water-based aircon cleaner spray that works to dissolve grease, dirt, fungi and nasty build-ups in your aircon. Simply spray it on the cooling coil and allow it to sit for two minutes to work its magic. This rinse-free formula creates minimal mess and can be used for quick and fuss-free portable aircon maintenance!

  • Kinbata DIY Aircon Chemical Wash

kinbata diy aircon chemical wash
(Credit: MeowMeow 13 SG LOCAL)

Odour and nasty germs can develop if you don’t clean your portable aircon frequently. The Kinbata DIY Aircon Chemical Wash (available on MeowMeow 13 SG LOCAL) works well as a DIY maintenance in between your aircon serving appointments. It features a fine nozzle straw to direct the cleaning solution deep into the aircon for a thorough cleanse. This aircon cleaner spray also boasts a pleasant scent which is more preferable compared to ones with a strong chemical smell. Aside from portable aircons and split system aircons, this aircon cleaner can also be used on air coolers and fans!

  • Jackie Air Conditioner Cleaner

Jackie Air Conditioner Cleaner spray
(Credit: Jackie Singapore)

If your portable aircon no longer produces air as cold as it did before, it’s a sign that it needs a cleaning. The Jackie Air Conditioner Cleaner (available on Jackie Singapore) specifically targets salmonella, pseudomonas aeruginosa and other harmful bacterias that develop in the air conditioner. Not only do these build-ups reduce the effectiveness of your aircon, they can also contaminate the air emitted into your home and affect your health. This aircon cleaner spray contains benzalkonium chloride to refresh the machine. It comes out as foam to prevent a dripping mess and can be left on the coils to dissolve by itself. 

Overview of the best portable aircons in Singapore

Portable Aircon Size (cm) BTU Maximum coverage (sq m) Noise (db) Price
Novita Coolplus 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner 45 x 39.6 x 74.5 12,000 25 49 ~$800
EuropAce 3-in-1 Portable Aircon 48 x 27 x 69.5   12,000 16 50 – 54 ~$400
Midea Portable Aircon 43.5 x 34.2 x 72 12,000 18 50 ~$450
Honeywell Portable Aircon 46 x 38.5 x 74.6 10,000 37 50 ~$750
SONA Portable Air Conditioner  49 x 27 x 71 10,000 22 51 – 54 ~$450
TCL Portable Aircon 56.8 x 36.5 x 77.5 20,000 38 58 ~$1,200
JINQUANJIA Mobile Air Conditioner 47.5 x 41.7x 79.8 14,000 30 56 ~$1,000

Enjoy a cooling summer with the best portable aircons in Singapore

While portable aircons are one of the most shiok methods to beat the heat, there are other cooling alternatives that you can also consider. This includes the best air coolers and the best standing fans which may be more cost-effective for you and your family. And if you can’t tackle the summer heat, why not embrace it by indulging in some spicy instant noodles to sweat your worries away? Snag the best portable aircons in Singapore alongside other useful home appliances online during our 11.11 Big Sale, where awesome discounts await!

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