Congrads! 37 Graduation Gift Ideas For Your Friends (2022)

best graduation gift ideas for friends

Celebrate milestones with your friends by getting them some of the best graduation gifts in Singapore! If you’re completely clueless on what to surprise them with, check out some of these graduation gift ideas for your friends who are graduating from junior college, polytechnic and university! 

When is the graduation season?

when is graduation season
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The graduation ceremony for Junior colleges in Singapore are usually a one day affair and happens aroundmid-October. With polytechnic and university students, the ceremonies are spread out over a week or more since the cohort is a lot larger. The polytechnics in Singapore tend to hold graduation ceremonies during the first week of May and this spreads out across a week. On the other hand, universities organise convocation ceremonies according to faculties. These ceremonies take place somewhere between the end of July to the beginning of August. 

What is a good gift for someone graduating?

best graduation gift for friend
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While most of your friends may say that it’s the intention that matters, we know that you’d also want to get the best graduation gifts for them. Think about what your friends need now and what they could need in future. If they’re about to further their education, perhaps a new laptop would help with their studies. Alternatively, those who are about to head into the workforce could want some new outfits to look presentable in the office. There are tons of graduation gift ideas for your friends and we’ve laid them out according to your budget below.

Best graduation gift ideas below $50

1. Graduation Card 

Graduation Card graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Papermarket Offiical Store)

No celebration is complete without some heartfelt messages. Get a Graduation Card (available on Papermarket Official Store) for your friend so you’ll be able to pen down some words for them. Perhaps even collate a couple of messages from everyone to make this graduation gift idea the perfect one for your friend to always look back on! 

2. Planner

Planner graduation gift ideas

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead. Getting this Winzige Planner (available on as a graduation gift idea is the best way to help your friend organise their schedules. Moreover, this planner has tons of empty space so it’ll be like a bullet journal as well. Your friend will be able to pen down their goals and objectives for the week, and decorate the planner as they please. Maybe get some stickers for them as well so they can really call this planner their own!  

3. Memory Foam Cushion

Memory foam cushion graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Dansunreve Official Store)

This DansUnReve Memory Foam Chair Cushion (available on Dansunreve Official Store) is one of the best graduation gift ideas for your friends who often burn the midnight oil. It provides a soft and supportive surface they can settle into when they work on their desk. Additionally, a good back support cushion can improve one’s posture, thus helping them focus better on their work too!

4. Laptop Sleeve 

Laptop sleeve graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Baseus Official Store)

The Baseus Laptop Sleeve (available on Baseus Official Store) is the best graduation gift idea for your friend! While it’s as slim as other laptop sleeves, this Baseus laptop sleeve is a lot better due to its useful compartments. There are four compartments where your friend can store their charging cables, a mini tablet and even their phone. With everything vital in one place, your buddy will thank you for helping them organise their essentials! 

5. Graduation Photo Album 

Graduation Photo Album graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Ossayi Official Store)

It’s always a great idea to commemorate the milestone with some photos, but why not amp it up with a photo album! This Ossayi Graduation Photo Album (available on Ossayi Official Store) also doubles as a scrapbook where your friend can collect polaroid photos from the big day itself and jot down some words. They’ll also be able to collate messages from their classmates and personalise the scrapbook. It’s one of the best graduation gift ideas that your friend will thank you for! 

6. Tote Bag 

Heylook Waterproof Tote Bag graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Heylook Official Store)

A tote bag makes a great graduation gift for your fashionista schoolmates, but what’s even better is a waterproof tote bag that will brave all weather with them! This Heylook Waterproof Tote Bag (available on Heylook Official Store) makes a handy accessory for your friends who will have to carry important items everyday. From laptops to tablets and even their mobile phones, a waterproof tote bag will keep all these essentials protected from any external elements. Moreover, your friend will thank you for giving them this tote bag on graduation day as they won’t have to struggle with holding on to all their gifts!

7. Men’s Business Blazer

Men's Business Blazer graduation gift ideas
(Credit: INCERUN Official Store)

Whether your friend’s heading to university or joining the workforce, a business blazer is always a staple they should have in their wardrobe. This INCERUN Men’s Business Blazer (available on INCERUN Official Store) is one of the best graduation gift ideas for your guy friends. They’ll look presentable and professional for academic presentations and work events, so they’ll most definitely appreciate this graduation gift idea! 

8. Graduation Duck 

Graduation Duck graduation gift ideas
(Credit: sgsuntoys Official Store)

Tired of those graduation bears? Let your gift stand out from the sea of graduation bears with this Suntoys Graduation Duck (available on sgsuntoys Official Store)! Not only is this different, this plushie is actually a beanie that’s soft and squishy. It’s also of a sunny yellow hue, so it’ll definitely be an extraordinary graduation gift idea to cheer up your friends on gloomy days! 

9. Graduation Bear Coffee Tumbler Gift Set 

Graduation Bear Coffee Tumbler Gift Set graduation gift ideas
(Credit: WeCare Pack Official Store)

If you’re sticking to the classic graduation bears, why not get this Graduation Bear Coffee Tumbler Gift Set (available on WeCare Pack Official Store) to be different! Apart from the cuddly graduation bear, this gift set includes an anti-fall suction thermal tumbler that can be personalised. Moreover, this graduation gift idea will be great for those friends who love keeping their hot drinks warm. Did we mention that there’s also a coffee sachet? Your friend can immediately make a drink with the brand new tumbler! What a deal! 

10. LIGE Luxury Watch

LIGE Luxury Watch graduation gift ideas
(Credit: LIGE Official Store)

A watch is another staple that everyone should have. The LIGE Luxury Watch (available on LIGE Official Store) is one of the best graduation gift ideas that’s extremely affordable. Coming in at $25, this luxurious looking watch can add an atas vibe to their looks. It’ll transform their outfits as they gear up for the next phase of their lives! 

11. Bear Bouquet With Snacks

Bear Bouquet With Snacks graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Joy Snack Floral)

Flowers are some of the more common graduation gift ideas. However, you can spice things up with this unique Bear Bouquet With Snacks (available on Joy Snack Floral)   Blooming with yummy snacks, this edible bouquet is the perfect graduation gift idea for your friends who cannot stop snacking!  

12. Perfume

Jenny Glow Berry And Bay Perfume
(Credit: Aurel Official Store)

Has your friend been wanting to switch up their fragrances? The Jenny Glow Berry And Bay Perfume (available on Aurel Official Store) is one of the best-smelling fragrances, making it a great graduation gift idea for your female friend! It carries notes of fruit, floral, wood and musk, so it’s a perfect women’s perfume for those who love sweet fragrances! 

13. Laptop Stand

ULTi Ergonomic Laptop Stand
(Credit: ULTi Official Store)

A laptop stand may not seem necessary for now, but your friend will definitely find it useful for studying or work. This ULTi Ergonomic Laptop Stand (available on ULTi Official Store) is adjustable so your friend will be able to adjust the height at which they’ll face the screen. Moreover, this stand allows the laptop to be elevated, so it’ll be more comfortable for your friend’s wrists as they type on the keyboard

Best graduation gift ideas below $100

14. Film Camera 

Kodak M38 Reusable Film Camera graduation gift ideas
(Credit: standardphoto_sg)

Help your friends fill their photo albums with beautiful shots taken by the Kodak M38 Reusable Film Camera (available on standardphoto_sg)! Photos taken with this film camera have a vintage sort of feel that gives off those old-timey vibes. Pinning these photographs in a scrapbook like the Graduation Photo Album (#5) will be absolutely perfect! Additionally, this Kodak camera is reusable, so it’s time to forgo those disposable ones for good – literally!

15. Coffee French Press 

Bialetti Coffee French Press
(Credit: Bialetti Official Store)

Is your friend a coffee connoisseur? The Bialetti Coffee French Press (available on Bialetti Official Store) can’t be anymore perfect as a graduation gift idea for your friend! Using a French press is the best way to brew coffee as no filters are used. This means that the coffee will be filled with all the essence from the beans since filters would usually absorb some of those aromatic oils. The Bialetti Coffee French Press is thus the best graduation gift idea for your friend to stay caffeinated!

16. Mug

Hydro Flask Mug
(Credit: Hydro Flask Singapore Official Store

The Hydro Flask Mug (available on Hydro Flask Singapore Official Store) provides insulation that makes sure hot drinks are kept warm and cold drinks cool. This is the best graduation gift idea for your friend who loves having drinks without having to constantly reheat it or add more ice. In addition, this Hydro Flask Mug comes with a lid, so there’s no need to worry about spillage if the mug accidentally falls over! 

17. Digital Lunch Box 

Digital Lunch Box graduation gift ideas
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

A warm meal is an awesome graduation gift idea, but what better way to always give your friend a hearty lunch than with this Digital Lunch Box (available on PowerPac Official Store)! Apart from keeping food warm, this digital lunch box can also reheat meals. With three different layers, you can store different food items separately. Fried food can be kept away from steamed vegetables so each will retain its crispiness and moisture respectively! 

18. Necktie 

Blue Tone Woven Necktie graduation gift ideas
(Credit: The Shirt Bar Official Store)

Help your friend get ready for schoolor work interviews with a necktie! This Blue Tone Woven Necktie (available on The Shirt Bar Official Store) is one of the best graduation gift ideas for your friend to amp up their work outfits. In addition, the blue tone to this necktie means that it can easily compliment any outfit! 

19. Xiaomi Maimo Premium Smart Watch

Xiaomi Maimo Premium Smart Watch graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Maimo Official Store)

Smart watches are getting popular, so this Xiaomi Maimo Premium Smart Watch (available on Maimo Official Store) is one of the best graduation gift ideas! Apart from tracking one’s heart rate and stress levels, this Xiaomi Smart Watch is also waterproof, so it’s perfect for your sporty friends. Moreover, this Xiaomi Maimo Premium Smart Watch has a battery life that ensures it’ll last for up to three weeks. Your friend will thank you for having thought of this graduation gift idea!

20. Thermal Bottle

Viida Wasser Thermal Bottle
(Credit: Kinder Dreams Official Store)

A thermal bottle as a graduation gift idea can’t be anymore perfect! The Viida Wasser Thermal Bottle (available on Kinder Dreams Official Store) won’t just keep drinks well-insulated, it also has a removable straw that makes drinking easier. Your friend can easily sip on their favourite beverages without having to worry about spilling it all over them. 

21. Champagne 

Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

There’s no better way to celebrate years of hardwork than by popping some champagne! The Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV (available on Shopee Supermarket) is a yummy bubbly that carries aromatic notes of apples and peaches. It’s extremely palatable and refreshing, and goes well with seafood and cured ham. This champagne is therefore one of the best graduation gift ideas for your friends to celebrate their milestones with loved ones! 

22. Graduation Bear Flower Bouquet

Graduation Bear Flower Bouquet graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Pte Ltd Official Store)

You can never go wrong with a classic. This Graduation Bear Flower Bouquet (available on Pte Ltd Official Store) is a special graduation gift idea. Instead of the usual flowers, this bouquet features cotton flowers and dried blooms as the star of the show! Your friends need not worry about the flowers withering and dried flowers last for up to a year. What’s even better is how you’re technically getting two gifts for the price of one with this bouquet. Give your friend the graduation bear before the cotton flower bouquet to really surprise them! 

23. Wireless Charging Pad

UNIQ Aereo Wireless Charging Pad graduation gift ideas
(Credit: UNIQ Official Store)

Have friends who can’t live without their phones? Perhaps they are glued to their earphones and smart watch too! This UNIQ Aereo Wireless Charging Pad (available on UNIQ Official Store) is the perfect graduation gift idea for techy friends like yours. It can charge three devices at the same time: a phone, smart watch and earphones. You’ll just have to make sure that your friend’s devices are able to charge wirelessly and this should be the best graduation gift idea for them! 

24. Portable Laptop Charger 

Aukey Portable Laptop Charger graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Aukey Official Store)

Books, lecture notes, a heavy laptop and on top of that, a bulky laptop charger? Things can’t get any worse, but at least they’re finally looking up with the Aukey Portable Laptop Charger (available on Aukey Official Store)! The best thing about this graduation gift idea is how it can also be used to charge other devices. Your friend will appreciate this graduation gift idea since they’ll no longer need to pack multiple different chargers for all their devices!

Best graduation gift ideas below $300

25. Wireless Headphones

Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Headphone graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Sprint-Cass Official Store)

Wireless headphones are one of the most convenient devices ever created. The Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones (available on Sprint-Cass Official Store) boasts a superb noise cancelling feature that ensures all external sounds can’t be heard. This feature can come in handy for your friends who need to focus on their studies or work. Moreover, the Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Headphone has intuitive touch control settings where one can simply tap to skip tracks. This is definitely the best graduation gift idea for your friend to groove to their favourite tunes!

26. Back Massager 

OSIM uJolly Back Massager graduation gift ideas
(Credit: OSIM Singapore Official Store)

The OSIM uJolly Back Massager (available on OSIM Singapore Official Store) is the best graduation gift idea for your friend to unwind after a long day. This OSIM back massager can fit on any chair or sofa, so it’s easy to move around to fit anywhere! Moreover, this back massager boasts innovative technology that pinpoints specific areas while providing a warm sensation to soothe muscles. Your friend will really thank you for this graduation gift idea that’s perfect for at-home spa experiences! 

27. Ebook Reader

Kobo Clara HD graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Sprint-Cass Official Store)

Travelling to and fro work or school can be rather draggy. The Kobo Clara HD (available on Sprint-Cass Official Store) is the best graduation gift idea for your friend to stay occupied during their commute! With the Kobo Clara HD, your friend will be able to enjoy high loading speeds for their ebooks and read with ease thanks to the high resolution. Our favourite thing about this best ebook reader is how it comes with Overdrive, so your friend can borrow ebooks from the library on the go! 

28. Porsche Design Business Cardholder 

Porsche Design Business Cardholder graduation gift ideas
(Credit: The Planet Traveller Official Store)

A cardholder is a must when one is stepping out into the workforce. The Porsche Design Business Cardholder (available on The Planet Traveller Official Store) is the best graduation gift idea for your friends who are heading into their new jobs. This business card holder is slim enough to fit into one’s back pocket and comes with four compartments. Apart from business cards, your friend can store their credit cards in this Porsche card holder. Moreover, this card holder comes with RFID protection to ensure vital information doesn’t get stolen! 

29. PRISM+ Monitor 

PRISM+ Monitor graduation gift ideas
(Credit: PrismPlus Official Store)

If your friend is going to spend a lot of time facing his laptop screen, why not make things easier and get him a monitor instead? The PRISM+ C240 (available on PrismPlus Official Store) is the best graduation gift idea since it’s a curved monitor that comes in at 24 inches. Being curved, this means that users will have a more immersive experience when they’re viewing the screen. It makes things a lot easier since your friend won’t have to move their head to see what’s on the left or right side of the screen! Your friend will be so grateful for your splurge!

30. Squirrey Height Adjustable Desk

Squirrey Adjustable Height Desk
(Credit: Daiiak Lifestyle)

The Squirrey Height Adjustable Electric Desk (available on Daiiak Lifestyle) is the best graduation gift idea that your friend will definitely love. This adjustable standing desk is perfect for those who prefer working while standing up. Moreover, this Squirrey Electric Desk has four different presets where users can store their preferred heights. Gift your friend the best standing desk so they’ll be able to adjust its height easily with a push of a button! 

Best graduation gift ideas above $300

31. Laptop Briefcase 

Knomo Hanover Slim Briefcase
(Credit: KNOMO Flagship Store)

A briefcase is essential for keeping laptops safe from damage. This Knomo Hanover Slim Briefcase (available on KNOMO Flagship Store) doesn’t just protect the laptop, it also sports a fancy aesthetic that’s perfect as a graduation gift idea! The KNOMO Laptop Briefcase is also waterproof thanks to the nylon material, thus giving your friend’s gadget an extra protection from weather elements. 

32. Prada Belt

Prada Belt graduation gift ideas
(Credit: YC Boutique)

A men’s belt is a great accessory that’ll elevate any of your guy friends’ looks. This Prada Belt (available on YC Boutique) looks simple but the buckle is where all the intricacy is! In addition, this belt is made with leather so you can be assured that the quality is top-notch, making it the best graduation gift idea for your friend to amp up their outfits! 

33. Harman Kardon Speaker 

Harman Kardon Speaker graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Harman Kardon Official Store)

Harman Kardon is known for its speakers, which makes it a no brainer that the Harman Kardon Citation One (available on Harman Kardon Official Store) is the best graduation gift for your friend to tune in to their favourite music. The Harman Kardon Citation One is a smart speaker that’s small enough to fit on one’s desk. It’s compatible with Google Home, so your friend can easily connect this speaker with other devices to create a well-rounded sound system! 

34. ASUS Vivobook Go 12

ASUS Vivobook Go 12 graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Asus Official Store)

The ASUS Vivobook Go 12 (available on Asus Official Store) is the best graduation gift idea for anyone who needs a new laptop! This ASUS laptop is available in three beautiful colours that complements any of your friend’s work outfits. Additionally, the ASUS Vivobook Go 12 is a budget laptop that’s also lightweight. Weighing about 1kg, the ASUS Vivobook Go 12 won’t make carrying it around such a chore. Your friend will finally be able to catch a breather from lugging their heavy laptops around!

35. Microsoft Surface Go 3

Microsoft Surface Go 3 graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Microsoft Authorized Store)

A tablet that doubles as a laptop is one of the best graduation gift ideas! The Microsoft Surface Go 3 (available on Microsoft Authorized Store) is a handy device that’s also perfect for desktop use. With the Microsoft Surface Go 3, your friend can easily move his work station from the desk to the bed!

36. Staycation

2D1N Oasia Hotel Staycation graduation gift ideas
(Credit: Far East Hospitality)

Now that school’s out, why not treat your fellow graduates to a staycation where they can truly unwind and relax! This 2D1N Oasia Hotel Staycation (available on Far East Hospitality) is the best graduation gift idea for your friend to enjoy themselves away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Your friend will be able to access the club lounge and enjoy all-day refreshments and beverages. This staycation package also includes evening cocktails for two and a late check-out so your friend can relish in this paradise longer! 

37. Ergotune Ergonomic Chair 

Ergotune Ergonomic Chair graduation gift ideas
(Credit: ErgoEdge Official Store)

Regardless of the new phase of life your friend is heading towards, an ergonomic chair is definitely a must-have! The Ergotune Ergonomic Chair (available on ErgoEdge Official Store) is the perfect graduation gift idea for your friend to settle in comfortably as they spend hours on work. This Ergotune chair provides great lumbar support to ensure that the user is maintaining proper posture. In addition, the Ergotune Ergonomic Chair comes in three beautiful colours your friend can choose from! 

Celebrate milestones with these graduation gift ideas for your friends

We hope you’ve managed to pin down what you’ll be getting after checking out these graduation gift ideas for your friends! If you’re looking for somewhere to hang out and celebrate the joyous occasion, head to one of the best Chinese restaurants with private rooms or Haji Lane cafes for a feast! Still up for round two? Head over to one of the best Holland Village bars or visit these late night dessert spots in Singapore