Here’s The Difference The Best Study Desks For Children Can Make

featured image children's study table
(Credit: Falaison Children Furniture)
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While regularly neglected in favour of colourful toys and comfortable beds, children’s study tables are essential furniture that should be a priority in your child’s bedroom or study room. From being a homework zone to a workbench for craftwork, a designated space for productivity can make all the difference! Keen on further understanding the necessity for a children’s study table? Read on as we uncover their benefits and some of the best children’s study tables for both toddlers and teens!

Why your children need a proper study table

posture children's study table
(Credit: JIJI.SG Official Store)

While it’s convenient to ask your children to use your home’s dining table as homework space, it can prove detrimental in the long run as these tables are not designed for studying. As kids have to strain their bodies to accommodate existing furniture, it can lead to poor posture and musculoskeletal disorders over time. To give your little ones the comfort they deserve, invest in a dedicated children’s study table that’s made to fit their sitting heights.

A separate children’s study table also helps your little ones to focus. By isolating them from toys and entertainment, the table becomes a place where they can zero in on their tasks without external distractions! 

Best children’s study tables for toddlers

1. M Series Children Study Table

m series children's study table
(Credit: JIJI.SG Official Store)

Is your little one an aspiring artist? Then you’ll want to consider the M Series Children Study Table (available on JIJI.SG Official Store)! From offering an 80cm wide table top to place stationery to adjustable legs that help to accommodate your child’s sitting height, this children study table focuses on maximising comfort and utility. This is so your children can solely focus on the creative aspect of drawing and painting. Did we also mention the table comes with a 60-degree angular tilt? Drawing on an elevated surface helps your children minimise visual distortion so the drawing surface matches the angle in which the subject is being viewed!

2. MUtable

adertek mutable children's study table
(Credit: Adertek Baby & Kids)

Adertek’s MUtable (available on Adertek Baby & Kids) takes the conventional roundtable idea and flips it on its head with playboard customisation. Beneath its unassuming table aesthetics lies a trove of interactive playboards for your little ones to discover! This Italian-designed children’s study table can be used  to suit any learning situation! From whiteboards to world landscapes, all you have to do is simply  swap out table tops to promote different learning opportunities for your little ones.

3. Puku Kids Table And Chair Set

puku kids table chair set children's study table
(Credit: BABYTODDLY Official Store)

Shopping on a budget for a toddler-friendly study table? Don’t fret — Babytoddly has you covered with this affordable Puku Kids Table And Chair Set (available on BABYTODDLY Official Store)! Despite being lightweight in nature, this table and chair set is durable and sturdy enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. This lets you easily shift the adorable set around for study or play time. At just $49, it’s certainly a bargain worth considering for the younger ones needing a personal table.

4. Cartoon Folding Study Table

cartoon folding table children's study table
(Credit: Falaison Children Furniture)

Are your little ones huge fans of cartoons like Peppa Pig and Doraemon? Then they’ll definitely love using these Cartoon Folding Study Tables (available on Falaison Children Furniture). Besides being easy to store away when not in use, these brightly coloured foldable study tables will capture the attention of your little ones. They’ll definitely look forward to study time with these tables! Apart from its aesthetic appeal, we also loved how the foldable study table comes with slots ready to hold cups and kids’ tablets.

5. Iloom Peanut Growing Desk

iloom peanut growing table children study table
(Credit: iloom)

How good-looking is this Iloom’s Peanut Growing Desk (available on iloom)? Korean furniture brand, iloom has designed this desk with an eco-friendly wood and premium low-pressure melamine finish for extra shine. The Peanut Growing Desk is a fine addition to any household and can easily pass off as a coffee table too. Upon close inspection, you’ll discover child-friendly additions that make this table a must-own children’s study table! These include polyurethane foam edges that protect against accidental bumps and adjustable desk legs. To complete the set, check out Iloom’s Picco chair that perfectly matches the table with its pastel colours and cute design.

Best children’s study tables for older kids

6. Minimalist Full Foldable Table

jiji full foldable table children study table
(Credit: JIJI.SG Official Store)

Struggling to fit a full-sized study table in your child’s room? Why not invest in a Full Foldable Table (available on JIJI.SG Official Store) instead! Thanks to its space-saving folding design, there’s no troublesome installation or setting up process. Your kids can simply unfold the legs and set up the table on their own! With its sleek carbon steel frame and slim compressed wood top, this children’s study table can fit into most room motifs and be easily stored away when not in use.

7. CIAXY Student Desk

ciaxy student desk children study table
(Credit: CIAXY-Furniture)

Nothing beats the reliability of a classic school desk and chair combo! With CIAXY’s Student Desk (available on CIAXY-Furniture), you can easily help your children recreate their school’s learning environment. CIAXY’s Student Desk comes with handy features for students to ace their homework. This includes a pen slot and mounted table edges that prevent anything from falling off the desk’s top. There’s even a 35kg-bearing side hook to hang school bags!

8. Bookshelf Combination Table

table with shleves children study table
(Credit: Falaison Children Furniture)

If you’re intending to give your kid’s room a Nordic vibe, look out for this Scandinavian-inspired Bookshelf Combination Table (available on Falaison Children Furniture)! With seven different colours to pick from, this children’s study table is perfect for any study room design thanks to its wealth of cool and warm colours. In addition to saving you from buying shelving units, the varied shelves and drawers allow your kids to get creative with how they want to decorate it. Thanks to its timeless design, you won’t have to fret about your kids growing out of this table as your kids can use it through their schooling years .

Create a conducive study space for your children 

From stylish furniture to minimalist foldable study tables, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice when shopping for children’s study tables! Didn’t find your preferred furniture from this list? Browse the collection of kids’ furniture or check out our array of dining chairs and office chairs to complement the new study desk! Want to cultivate healthy habits with that brand new children’s study table? Check out these best children’s books that your little ones are bound to love. Alternatively, try these sensory activities with your children to engage their five senses and boost motor skills!