19 Modern Baju Kurungs To Show Off During Raya Visiting

baju kurung modern styles
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Apart from feasting and visiting family and friends, Raya is also a good time to dress up in your newest and fanciest bajus (or clothes)! If you’re scratching your head as to where to get 2022 baju raya outfits from in Singapore, we’ve got you covered. Switch things up with modern baju kurung this year! From lace baju kurung to whimsical floral and frill designs, we guarantee you’ll be raking in all those Instagram likes in your stunning Raya #OOTDs!

What is a baju kurung?

modern baju kurung
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A baju kurung is traditionally worn by ethnic Malay women. This costume originated in Sumatra and has become the national dress of Brunei and Malaysia. Baju kurungs tend to have a loose cut and are full-length. They usually come in a matching set of a blouse and skirt that can be made with different fabrics, colours, and patterns. 

What is baju kurung modern?

The influence of Western culture transformed the look of the traditional baju kurung. Bolder prints and a tighter fit are what define baju kurung modern. From prints and padded shoulders to sweetheart necklines and ruffles collars, the variations of baju kurung modern are endless. Combining the heritage of traditional baju kurung and the sophistication of Western fashion styles, it’s no wonder baju kurung modern are so unique and popular among the younger generations now. 

Modern baju kurung with lace

Exude unparalleled elegance and femininity with modern baju kurung with lace. These 2022 baju raya outfits in Singapore feature intricate lace designs that add a hint of sophistication to your overall look. 

1. Zanzea Lace Stitching Muslim Long Dress

lady wearing wine red lace muslim maxi dress modern baju kurung
(Credit: ZANZEA Official Store)

If you prioritise comfort above all else but still want to look on fleek this Hari Raya, cue the chic Muslim collection from ZANZEA. We absolutely adore the Zanzea Lace Stitching Muslim Long Dress (available on ZANZEA Official Store) that features intricate lace details on the waistline and near its hems. Moreover, it looks effortless enough to be worn on casual days out, yet put together at the same time for special occasions. 

2. Floral Texture Puff Sleeve Kurung

Floral Texture Puff Sleeve Kurung
(Credit: Zalora Singapore Official Store)

We love the relaxed and whimsical look of this Floral Texture Puff Sleeve Kurung (available on Zalora Singapore Official Store). The puff sleeves trend is here to stay, so you’ll want to expand your collection on puff sleeves modern baju kurungs this year too! The A-line top is flanked by voluminous puffy lace sleeves that cuff at your wrists while the maxi length skirt features a mermaid cutting that cinches near your knees before flowing out at your ankles. 

Style Tip: Slip on a pair of comfortable, closed toe heels to create the illusion of longer legs.

3. Loveaisyah Lace Abaya Baju Kurung

lace abaya modern baju kurung
(Credit: Loveaisyah Official Store)

Want something more sophisticated and glam? This Loveaisyah Lace Abaya Baju Kurung (available on Loveaisyah Official Store) is simply to die for! The intricate designs on the lace abaya add an elegant touch to your baju kurung. You should definitely wear this fashionable baju raya 2022 outfit in Singapore to make a statement! This outfit is also perfect for that smart casual dress code. Just pair this lace abaya with some black pants or a black skirt! 

Style Tip: Slip on some black heels to create an illusion of longer legs! 

Modern baju kurungs with floral designs

Even though not all baju kurung modern are made equal, we think floral designs are always a definite yes! Depending on the pattern, these 2022 floral raya outfits can either give you a sweet and minimalist vibe or an elegant and stylish look.

4. Hawa Set Printed Modern Kurung 

blue floral baju kurung modern updated
(Credit: Owl By Nora Danish)

Now, who said florals and prints don’t match? This Hawa Set Printed Modern Kurung (available on Owl By Nora Danish) stands out with its bold, streamlined silhouette that’ll hug your curves. Don’t forget to pay attention to the type of fabric used when choosing your 2022 baju rayas in Singapore. For example, this printed baju kurung is made from quality Italian crepe fabric that’s known for its high tear strength, resistance to shrinkage and smooth texture! 

Style Tip: Pair this with a light-coloured hijab like this Naelofar Linia Shawl (available on naelofar OFFICIAL STORE) so attention does not stray from the baju kurung!

5. ZANZEA Puff Sleeve Floral Muslim Long Dress

blue floral muslim maxi dress with ruffles
(Credit: ZANZEA Official Store)

The Zanzea Casual Puff Sleeve Ruffled Hem Muslim Long Dress (available on ZANZEA Official Store) is the piece to go for if you want to rock a boho-chic style. This maxi dress caught our eye with its dainty flower print all over and ruffled hems. You’ll definitely be a head turner in this Hari Raya with this dress – especially if you pair it with a rustic brown handbag and a pair of women’s sandals

6. Loveaisyah Modern Floral Baju Kurung

floral baju kurung
(Credit: Loveaisyah Official Store)

Mix your love for floral with this asymmetrical top! This unique Loveaisyah Modern Floral Baju Kurung (available on Loveaisyah Official Store) is the 2022 baju raya in Singapore if you’re after an Haute look. The fabric is beautifully peppered with delicate flowers and we can’t stop gushing over the cuffed sleeves! Although the top is boxier, the ivory satin skirt balances things out with a more sleek and chic look. We think this jacquard baju kurung will sit particularly well on mature women so nudge your mum or surprise her with it yourself!

Style Tip: Pair it with fine jewellery pieces like this stunning crystal Navette Bangle (available on Lush Addiction).

Korean-style modern baju kurung

Want to look as good as your favourite oppas and unnis? K-fashion has taken the world by storm and greatly influenced the way we dress — baju kurung are no exceptions! Featuring pastel colours and minimalist designs, modern Korean-style baju raya outfits are here to stay.

7. ZANZEA Elastic Waist Solid Color Loose Muslim Set 

pastel green ZANZEA Elastic Waist Solid Color Loose Muslim Set
(Credit: ZANZEA Official Store)

There’s a lot of feasting going on during Hari Raya, which is why wearing something loose-fitting or adjustable might be a wise idea. The ZANZEA Elastic Waist Solid Color Loose Set (available on ZANZEA Official Store) comes with an adjustable waistband that you can loosen when that food baby appears. Practicality aside, it’s a stylish piece that’s available in chic K-style colours like pastel green, nude, and light blue.

8. Zoe Arissa Zauliya Korean Baju Kurung

korean modern baju kurung
(Credit: zoearissaluxe.os.sg)

The Korean fashion trends of pleated skirts and ruffles have been adopted into modern baju kurung styles like this Zauliya Korean Baju Kurung (available on zoearissaluxe.os.sg). Designed with eyelet fabric that features small patterned cutouts, this is hands down one of the most fashionable baju raya 2022 outfits to get in Singapore! It’s also available in pretty pastel shades like emerald green, dusty pink and white for a soft, demure look. 

Style Tip: Pair with a sleek hijab style to show off the baju kurung in its full glory.

9. Zoe Arissa Pastel Baju Kurung

pastel modern baju kurung
(Credit: zoearissaluxe.os.sg)

Soft pastel colours never go out of style when it comes to Korean fashion, so this Zoe Arissa Pastel Baju Kurung (available on zoearissaluxe.os.sg) ticks all the right boxes! Made with high quality silk, the embroidered patterns add on to the simple and minimalistic look. The A-line cut to this modern pastel baju kurung will give you a wispy and elegant vibe, while also helping you hide your food baby. 

Style Tip: Wear some nude ballet flats to add to the minimalist look.

Sophisticated modern baju kurung

You’ll always need to have a sophisticated baju kurung handy in case last-minute formal events pop up! Think weddings, ceremonies and more. Sophisticated modern baju kurung tend to look more glamorous and have a more atas vibe compared to your usual baju kurung modern.

10. Loveaisyah Maroon Baju Kurung 

sophisticated maroon baju kurung modern
(Credit: Loveaisyah Official Store)

Of a striking maroon shade, an asymmetrical satin lace top and French lace skirt, this Maroon Baju Kurung (available on Loveaisyah Official Store) is not for the faint hearted. It comes with a free self-tying fabric waist belt to cinch in the waist for a more flattering fit. This modern baju kurung also includes six additional brooches that you can pin on the top or the belt for a bling effect!

Style Tip: Go for a matte makeup and shimmery eye look with one of these glitter eyeshadow palettes (psst, we included step-by-step guides on how to use the shadows too!).

11. Zalia Sleeved Baju With Belted Skirt

Sleeved Baju With Belted Skirt
(Credit: Zalora Singapore Official Store)

Turn to luxe pieces like this Zalia Sleeved Baju With Belted Skirt (available on Zalora Singapore Official Store) for a subtle dose of shimmer. The floral textured kurung top with bishop sleeves give off a nice, vintage look that is complemented by a matching mermaid skirt. This luxe look is finished off with a thick belt to cinch your waist, adding a subtle definition to your figure and giving you an overall sophisticated look. Not a fan of prints? This Solid-Coloured Zalia Sleeved Baju (available on Zalora Singapore Official Store) is a great alternative! 

Style Tip: Pair this with a single shoulder bag (available on IELGY Official Store) in brown to go with this gorgeous baju kurung!

12. Loveaisyah Galaxy Glitter Modern Baju Kurung

Loveaisyah Galaxy Glitter Modern Baju Kurung
(Credit: Loveaisyah Official Store)

You don’t have to fuss over your bejewelled accessories with this Loveaisyah Galaxy Glitter Modern Baju Kurung (available on Loveaisyah Official Store). This baju kurung modern features intricate floral designs on the fabric but the glitter is what steals the show here! Embellished with little shiny beads, this modern baju kurung takes atas to the next level.

Style Tip: Accessorise with some simple pearl earrings and a low ponytail for a chic look. 

Everyday modern baju kurungs

Want to refresh your constant go-to and get a new staple baju kurung modern? These versatile 2022 baju raya outfits in Singapore are not only great for your Hari Raya visits. They’re also minimalist enough that you can wear them every day — even to the office! 

13. Cowl Neck Baju Kurung

cowl neck baju kurung dress
(Credit: Zalora Singapore Official Store)

Are cowl necklines your thing? This Cowl Neck Baju Kurung (available on Zalora Singapore Official Store) is one of the most fashionable 2022 baju raya outfits in Singapore! With the rounded folds that drape across your shoulders, this modern baju kurung will accentuate your collarbone and give you a flattering look. The main highlights of this baju kurung is its subtle shimmery fabric and the lace panel that’ll give a classy vibe – perfect for formal occasions or work! 

Style Tip: Make a statement with a slicked-back hairstyle and dangling earrings

14. Zoe Arissa Tyesha Suit Pants Baju Kurung

suit pants modern baju kurung
(Credit: zoearissaluxe.os.sg)

Extend the use of your baju kurung post-Hari Raya festivities and wear it again for casual wear or even to work! This Zoe Arissa Tyesha Suit Pants Baju Kurung (available on zoearissaluxe.os.sg) features a top that is combined with structured outerwear which works well in an airconditioned environment. This 2022 Singapore baju raya is perfect for your everyday office.

Style Tip: Pair with matching straight-cut pants and accessorise with a statement necklace to add subtle bling.

15. Plus Size Flare Sleeve With Tulip Skirt Kurung

Plus Size Flare Sleeve With Tulip Skirt Kurung
(Credit: Zalora Singapore Official Store)

Looking for a plus size baju kurung modern? You’ll fall in love with this Plus Size Flare Sleeve With Tulip Skirt Kurung (available on Zalora Singapore Official Store)! This baju kurung can take you from raya visiting to a cafe date with your friends and still be restyled for everyday wear! Simply pair the top with your favourite pair of denim jeans for a casual day out. Or match the tulip skirt to a Muslimah blouse of your choice to create a different look.

Modern baju kurungs with ruffles

Get all cute and girly with ruffly modern baju kurungs! These baju kurungs are embellished with frill trims to create a unique silhouette that’s fitting for any occasion. If you’re looking for a modern baju kurung for a first date outfit, you won’t go wrong with this look!

16. Lubna Ruffles Dress

ruffled dress modern baju kurung
(Credit: Zalora Singapore Official Store)

Ditch the traditional baju kurungs in favour of a bright and cheery Lubna Ruffles Dress (available on Zalora Singapore Official Store). This modern baju kurung is cinched at the waist before flaring out into tiered ruffles at the bottom  — perfect to hide your food belly after munching on addictive Hari Raya snacks! Importantly, we guarantee you’ll be on the receiving end of many compliments in this fun outfit while visiting relatives.

Style Tip: Put on a thin hairband like this Retro Rhinestone Leaf Headband (available on Huaimei Fashion Accessories Shop) for a neat and chic look.

17. ZANZEA Long Sleeved Ruffled Hem Tiered Muslim Maxi Dress

lady wearing brown ruffled maxi dress with belt and long sleeves modern baju kurung
(Credit: ZANZEA Official Store)

Channel your inner girl boss with the ZANZEA Long Sleeve Ruffled Hem Tiered Muslim Maxi Dress (available on ZANZEA Official Store) this Hari Raya! This dress will make you look like a million dollars without breaking the bank with its lovely silhouette and belted detail. We reckon it’d also be great as an office outfit for ladies – especially if you have an important in-person presentation. 

18. Babydoll Top With Frill Wrap Skirt Set

Babydoll Top With Frill Wrap Skirt Set
(Credit: Zalora Singapore Official Store)

Crazy about frills? This Babydoll Top With Frill Wrap Skirt Set (available on Zalora Singapore Official Store) is a classy option. This modern baju kurung’s unique feature is its puffy sleeves that are sure to make you stand out in the crowd! We love the ruffled details with the peplum top because they give off the appearance of a slimmer waist. The skirt has a cascading ruffle that provides a nice contrast.

Style Tip: Carry this Crimson Red & White Clutch Bag (available on GIFT by Changi Airport Official Store) for a pop of colour against the pastel pink.

Bonus: Kebaya-inspired modern baju kurung

We may know kebayas because they’re usually worn by Peranakan women as traditional outfits, like in the television series The Little Nyonya. Did you know that they’re also commonly worn among many other ethnic groups? Kebayas are actually top garments and are usually made with lightweight fabrics like cotton or lace, filled with intricately embroidered designs. The bottom garment is known as the sarong, and the actual name of this traditional outfit is the sarong kebaya.  

19. Zoe Arissa Batik Kebaya

batik kebaya modern baju kurung
(Credit: zoearissaluxe.os.sg)

The batik design is what makes this Zoe Arissa Kebaya (available on zoearissaluxe.os.sg) so special. Batik is an ancient tradition that originated in Indonesia, where fabric is dyed in a way that results in these intricate designs. This batik baju kurung is made with a pearl crepe fabric that is extremely lightweight and soft, making it one of the best 2022 baju raya outfits for this Singapore weather! Above all, this modern baju kurung is great for both casual and formal occasions.

Style Tip: Put on a pearl brooch to add a subtle bling to this gorgeous baju kurung.

Which modern baju kurung are you going for this Hari Raya 2022?

Remember to pick your 2022 baju raya in Singapore early so that you can plan your outfit in advance. Apart from baju kurungs, these abayas and jubahs may inspire you to wear something different this year! Complete your look with some of the hottest Korean bag brands! Once you’ve sorted your apparel, turn to these best long-lasting women’s perfumes that will make you smell just as good as you look. Snag great bargains as you shop for your Hari Raya essentials at our Hari Raya Sale!

This article was updated on 8 April 2022. Additional research done by Jamantha Lim.

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