Go Matchy-Matchy This Hari Raya With These 11 Baju Kurung Family Sets

baju kurung family set singapore 2023

There’s no better time to show off family spirit than with some baju kurung family sets in Singapore this 2024. Imagine turning up at every house with your family members, dressed to the nines and in matching outfits – you’ll definitely be the talk of the town! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best-looking baju raya family sets to get you and the kids all prepped for the festivities!

Baju kurung family sets in Singapore (2024): Patterned

1. Lace Chiffon Set

black Lace Chiffon Set baju family set singapore
(Credit: Koleksipermatahatiintan)

Can’t stay away from your staple black outfits? There’s no need to avoid this colour with the Lace Chiffon Set (available on Koleksipermatahatiintan). Adorned with patterned lace details, this is one baju kurung family set in Singapore this 2024 that’ll surely brighten things up. We also love how understated this baju is, allowing the intricate lace patterns to speak for themselves.

2. Maroon Jacquard Set

Maroon Jacquard Set
(Credit: Loveaisyah Official Store)

You can’t deny that going atas is always a sure-win, especially when it comes to baju kurung family sets. This Maroon Jacquard Set (available on Loveaisyah Official Store) is made with a gorgeous jacquard fabric that feels absolutely elegant. We also can’t help but gush over how mummy will look extra divine with the complementing black and gold skirt! And it’s even more adorable when your mini-mes are dressed in the matching baju kurung for kids – perfect for impressing relatives at Hari Raya visits in Singapore!

3. Modern Lace Set

baju maroon Modern Lace Set
(Credit: naura999.sg)

Rope in the husband and son with another one of our favourite baju kurung family sets. The Modern Lace Set (available on naura999.sg) is perfect for both the ladies and the men in the fam. Intricate lace details pepper the baju kurung dresses, adding a lovely contrast while retaining the family colour – a deep red. On the other hand, the men will be suited up in red-coloured baju melayus that’ll make them look all dapper for Hari Raya this 2024!

4. Pearl Diamond Beaded Dress

Pearl Diamond Beaded Dress
(Credit: Loveaisyah Official Store)

Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend. So share the love with this baju kurung set in Singapore that you can match with your kids! The Pearl Diamond Dress (available on Loveaisyah Official Store) is embellished with shiny beads that look just like our favourite gem. The little ruffles on your mini-me’s baju kurung also amps up the entire ensemble, making it look extra bougie. But another element that really takes the cake is the satin emerald fabric, giving this baju kurung a beautiful sheen. Imagine gleams and sparkles as you and your little one spin around to show off the new outfit – totally IG-worthy!

5. Luxe Baju Kurung

baju kurung family set singapore 2023 Luxe Baju Kurung
(Credit: zoearissaluxe.os.sg)

Taking the sweet and simple route always pays off. Particularly, this lovely baju kurung is one of the best ways to dress the kids for Hari Raya in Singapore this 2024. This Luxe Baju Kurung (available on zoearissaluxe.os.sg) is truly the epitome of simplicity at its best. It’s made with organza, which is a plain weave fabric that gives the outfit a subtle textured look. Additionally, this baju kurung dress is especially lightweight and breathable, making it fuss-free and perfect for the little one! 

6. Rose Pink Jacquard

baju kurung family set singapore 2023 Rose Pink Jacquard
(Credit: Loveaisyah Official Store)

Thinking pink? Then this will be the baju kurung set in Singapore that’s perfect for your family this 2024! The Rose Pink Jacquard Set and Girl Pink Rose Baju (both available on Loveaisyah Official Store) is designed with a beautiful fabric that screams “elegance”. But what we really appreciate is the subtle rose flowers that adorn the entire baju kurung. They’re subtle and yet eye-catching when you notice them glimmer in the light. Your mini-mes are going to enjoy the surprise when they catch those patterns. And they’ll love it even more with the tiered dress and ruffles – no wonder it’s such a well-loved baju kurung for kids in Singapore!

Baju kurung family sets in Singapore (2024): Plain-coloured

7. Laurel Kurung Moden

Laurel Kurung Moden
(Credit: twearwt.sg)

Atas vibes are all we can think about when we see the Laurel Kurung (available on shawluver.co.sg). Other than its luxe material, this mother-daughter baju is designed with a cape. Yes, you heard that right. A cape! Not forgetting the embellished brooch-like addition that adds some subtle shine to the entire outfit, giving you a simple baju for the festivities that’s perfect for other days too.

8. Family Friends Of The Cognate Family Set 2nd Edition

Family Friends Of The Cognate Family Set 2nd Edition
(Credit: zaskiamecca.official.sg)

baju kurung family set singapore 2023 Endora In Salmon (Credit: Moff Collection)[/caption]

Go back to basics with some of the best-looking baju kurung family sets in Singapore this 2024. The Endora In Salmon (available on Moff Collection) comes in a lovely shade of nude pink that’ll complement any of your accessories. But what we particularly like about this baju kurung is its cape detail that your little one will surely appreciate. The cape drapes across your shoulders, giving any lucky one in this baju kurung princess vibes. Now all you’ll need is a matching necklace or a rhinestone headband to complete a look fit for royalty! 

10. Emerald Set

Pleated Emerald Set baju family set singapore
(Credit: bajuraya2024pg.sg)

Pleats, please. The Emerald Set (available on bajuraya2024pg.sg) is THE baju kurung family se that’s perfect for your kids. Though plain, this baju kurung elevates the entire look with its pleated design. And that’s thanks to the velvety smooth material which won’t irritate your little one’s skin – something all mummies will appreciate! On top of the fuss-free aspect, this baju kurung family set stands out because of the minimal patterns. It adds a slight contrast, amping things up so you’ll look your best this Hari Raya 2024.

11. Simple Ruffle Set

couple Simple Ruffle Set
(Credit: batikpekalonganofcfm.sg)

The Simple Ruffle Set (available on batikpekalonganofcfm.sg) is the way to go when you need a baju raya family set to match with your other half. Plus, your hubby won’t have any issues since it’s a plain and simple design. And this means he can always wear this on other occasions too. But our favourite part about this baju kurung family set is the draping ruffle and peplum detail that truly sets it apart from the rest. You’ll be exuding class and elegance as a family for sure!

Turn up in baju kurung family sets in Singapore for Hari Raya 2024

With all these best-looking baju kurung family sets in Singapore, it’s high time to get your new clothes for Hari Raya this 2024! If you need more options, don’t forget to also check out these modern baju kurung that will be perfect for your wardrobe. It’s also best to start stocking up on your favourite Hari Raya snacks for the upcoming festive season before they all run out!

This article was updated on 4 March 2024. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.