Cook Up A Storm With The 13 Best Induction Cookers

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Induction cookers, also known as induction hobs, stoves, or cooktops, are fast becoming a mainstay in any modern kitchen. Between its faster cooking times, energy efficiency, and sleek design, induction cookers are primed to win over any home cook. Still wavering between an induction cooker and a conventional gas stove? Good news – we review some of the best induction cookers in Singapore to help you make your decision! 

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Is it worth getting an induction cooker? 

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Compared to conventional gas stoves, induction cookers generally come at a higher price tag. This is due to everything from higher unit and installation costs, to extra costs for induction hob-friendly cookware. Before you decide to invest in an induction cooker, it’s important to understand what sets them apart from gas stoves. Read on to find out! 

  • Induction cookers boast faster cooking times

One of the key differentiators between induction cookers and traditional gas stoves is cooking time. A 2021 study comparing some of the best induction and gas hobs on the market found that a pot of water boils in half the time needed for the former! This is because induction cookers rely on electrical rather than thermal conduction to heat up cookware. This allows for quicker and more even heat distribution compared to gas stoves. 

  • Induction cookers are more energy-efficient 

A common misconception about induction cookers is that they consume more energy than gas stoves. As induction cookers are able to transfer heat directly to the pan, less heat is lost to the surroundings. In fact, up to 71.9 percent of the energy generated by the best induction hobs is used to heat your food, compared to a measly 43.9 percent for gas stoves!

  • Induction cookers offer more control 

Another benefit of induction cookers is that they offer superior control over the temperature. The best induction hobs allow you to set a specific temperature with just a touch of a button. Gone are the days where you’d crouch over your gas stove, trying to get the flames to just the right level of heat. With an induction cooker, you’d be able to achieve the exact same temperature, every single time! 

  • Induction cookers are safer 

When it comes to safety, induction stoves will definitely be your best bet in Singapore. Unlike gas stoves, heat is directly transferred from the induction cooker to the pan. This means that only the base of the pan gets hot, leaving the surface of the hob and even the walls of the pan safe to touch. This lowers the risk of young children accidentally burning themselves, like they can with the naked flames produced by gas stoves. Moreover, induction stove owners can rest a little easier without the threat of gas leaks! 

  • Induction cookers are easier to clean 

Always loathed having to scrub down the nooks and crannies of your gas hob? The flat design of the best induction hobs greatly simplifies the post-meal cleaning process. Just wipe the induction cooker down with a wet cloth and you’re good to go! 

  • Induction cookers offer a more sleek look 

Depending on your personal preferences, the flat, minimalistic design of the best induction hobs make them the obvious choice. This is especially true for those going for a clean, modern aesthetic for their home! 

What kind of pans can you use on an induction cooktop? 

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(Credit: Cooker King / Unsplash)

As a rule of thumb, only cookware made of magnetic materials can be used on induction cookers. These include cast iron, stainless steel, and stainless steel-plated aluminium. Cookware made of glass, ceramic, or non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium will not work on induction cookers, as electrical currents cannot pass through such materials.

Pro Tip: A quick way to test whether your cookware is suitable for induction is to use a magnet. If the bottom of your pan is able to attract the magnet, it will work on an induction cooker! 

How do I choose an induction cooker? 

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(Credit: cottonbro / Pexels)

Before you begin comparing the best induction cooker brands in Singapore, here are some guiding questions to help you choose the best one for your needs! 

  • How much power do you need?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the best induction cooker in Singapore for your home is the wattage or power level. In general, the higher the power level, the faster the cooking time. The average power level of the best induction hobs range from 1500 to 3000 watts. 

However, high maximum power level is by no means a must-have feature. An induction cooker with a low maximum power level can have the same temperature output as one with a higher maximum power level. This means using an induction cooker at low power levels for long durations can incur the same costs as using one at a high power level for shorter periods of time! 

Our advice? Pick an induction cooker with a power level that matches the kind of meals you cook regularly. For instance, if you use your stove mostly for quick meals like instant noodles or oatmeal, it might be wiser to invest in an induction cooker with a lower power level!

  • How many burners do you need? 

The best induction cookers in Singapore can have up to five hobs or burners. The number of burners you require depends largely on how frequently you cook, and the kind of meals you prepare.

  • What safety features do you need? 

Those with young children at home should take into account the range of safety features offered by an induction cooker. Most of the best induction stoves in Singapore offer features such as auto shut-off, which shuts heating off once a pan has been removed from the hob for a period of time, or a child lock to prevent unwanted use by children. 

  • How easy is it to clean the induction cooker? 

Due to their flat design, induction cookers are generally much easier to clean than conventional gas stoves. Edgeless induction cookers without crevices are a great option for those who engage in heavy cooking. However, even the best edgeless induction hobs are prone to cracks from accidental slamming of heavy cookware against the surface! 

  • What kind of control systems do you prefer? 

There are three main types of control systems for the best induction cookers in Singapore – rotating knob, press button, and touch sensor. While touch sensors tend to be the most user-friendly, they generally come at a higher cost than the other two variants. Other features, such as the number of preset cooking modes, timers, and temperature settings should also be taken into consideration when choosing the best induction stove in Singapore for your home! 

  • Do you need the induction cooker to be portable?

Portable induction cookers differ from freestanding induction cookers in that they generally come with only one burner and are more lightweight. However, the best portable induction cookers in Singapore can serve double duty as freestanding cookers – it all depends on how comfortable you are bringing it out of the kitchen!

Portable induction cookers are the best option in Singapore for those with limited countertop space in their kitchen. Simply shift it around when not in use and you’re good to go! Additionally, they’re not only useful for steamboat gatherings, but can also come in handy during long vacations or camping trips! 

Which type of induction cooker is best?

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(Credit: Cera [Cropped] / Unsplash)
Still not sure which induction cooker to get your hands on? Here’s a breakdown of the most popular types of induction cookers in Singapore! 

Types of induction cookers What is it Pros Cons
Built-in induction cooker
  • Installed in a recessed space (usually kitchen countertop)
  • Usually requires professional installation
  • More durable 
  • Sleeker look  
  • Costlier (installation fees, running costs) 
Freestanding/Countertop induction cooker
  • Powered via electrical cord 
  • Typically larger and has more burner zones than a portable induction cooker
  • Affordable 
  • Takes up less space than built-in induction cookers 
  • Allows for rearrangement of kitchen layout
  • Not as easy to store or lightweight as portable induction cookers
Portable induction cooker
  • Powered via electrical cord
  • Comes with only one burner zone
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to shift to other areas of the house
  • Allows for rearrangement of kitchen layout
  • Least durable 
  • Least efficient  

How do I protect my induction cooker? 

silicone mat best induction cooker singapore

Although the best induction hobs are made from a durable glass-ceramic material, it is not invulnerable to scratches or even cracks over time. Here are some tips to avoid damaging your induction cooktops! 

  • Use liners, mats, and paper towels

Even if you’ve got the best induction hob, lining it with heat-safe silicone mats before cooking can go a long way in preventing scratches. Alternatively, you can use paper towels or parchment paper – just be careful not to go over a medium heat setting! 

  • Use induction-friendly cookware

While regular cast iron and stainless steel pans can work on induction cookers, we recommend only using induction-friendly cookware. This is because such pans come with flat bottoms and have smoother surfaces that are less likely to damage your induction hobs. 

  • Wipe down after every meal

It’s a total pain, but a little goes a long way in protecting your best induction hobs from long-term damage. Making sure to clean the surface of your induction hob after you use it can help prevent the formation of hard-to-remove stains. 

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents 

To avoid leaving scratches or clouding the surface of your induction cooker, use only soaps and detergents that are safe for use on induction cookers! We recommend the Weiman Cooktop Cleaner (available on NS Hardware Pte Ltd), a biodegradable cleaning detergent formulated specially for ceramic and glass surfaces. 

Best built-in induction cookers in Singapore

1. Tecno TIH2882 Induction Hob

best induction cooker
(Credit: Tecno Official Store)

The Tecno TIH2882 Induction Hob (available on Tecno Official Store) is a sleek, 2-zone built-in induction hob with intelligent power sharing technology. Coupled with 12-level power controls, one can easily adjust the heat, making cooking a safer and more energy efficient affair. The Tecno TIH2882 is also equipped with a child safety lock, residual heat warning display, and overflow protection function – features that help to keep accidents to a minimum if you have a little one running around at home! Overall, the Tecno TIH2882 is a user-friendly cooker suitable for most meals, including warming and stir-frying.

2. Rinnai RB7012H-CB Induction Hob

rinnai built in induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: Asia Excel Pte Ltd)

If safety is top priority for you, consider the Rinnai RB7012H-CB Induction Hob (available on Asia Excel Pte Ltd). Designed by one of the best induction cooker brands in Singapore, this high-powered Rinnai induction cooker boasts a nifty child-lock function that prevents young children from accidentally switching the appliance on. This is especially useful during cleanup time and your attention is divided! This best-loved Rinnai induction hob also comes with a residual heat indicator to further protect your tots from kitchen mishaps. To top it off, the induction cooktop comes with an auto-pan recognition sensor able to detect the size of your pan before heating its base – no more second-guessing the temperature setting! 

3. FUJIOH FH-ID5125 Induction Hob 

fujioh built in induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: Asia Excel Pte Ltd)

If you’re new to the world of induction cooking, the Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob (available on Asia Excel Pte Ltd) is one of the best induction stoves you can get in Singapore! The control panel boasts a user-friendly touchscreen interface that even older folks will be able to operate with ease. This Fujioh induction cooker has a long, rectangular design also makes it a great built-in induction hob option for tighter spaces! Best part? It looks as good as it performs. The bevelled edges of this sleek black induction hob is guaranteed to fit into any contemporary kitchen! 

4. Tecno TIH648 Induction Hob

tecno four zone built in induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: Tecno Official Store)

If the kitchen is your happy space, consider investing in the Tecno TIH648 Induction Hob (available on Tecno Official Store). This 60cm induction cooktop from one of Singapore’s best-loved induction cooker brands, Tecno, comes with no less than four burner zones, so that you can live your MasterChef dreams! Each zone boasts a power rating of 1400 to 1800 watts to cater to your different cooking needs. The Tecno induction cooker also comes with nine power setting levels for those who need more precise control over their heat. Together with the convenient touchscreen control system and child lock safety feature, it’s no wonder this four-zone induction cooker is considered to be one of the best in Singapore! 

5. Bosch PIB375FB1E Domino Induction Hob

bosch built in induction hob best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

Another frontrunner in the lineup of best induction cookers in Singapore is the Bosch PIB375FB1E Domino Induction Hob (available on Gain City Official Store). Named after lookalike domino pieces, this induction hob boasts two burner zones, with 17 different power settings for each one! The Bosch induction cooker’s relatively slim 30cm width makes it a great option for those thinking of adding more hobs to their countertop down the road. It also comes with a handy timer function that turns off the heat after a predetermined time. The Bosch PIB375FB1E is definitely one of the best induction stoves for avid home cooks in Singapore! 

6. Fujioh FH-ID5120 Induction Hob

induction hob
(Credit: Parisilk Electronics & Computers)

If the standard 2-zone burners are not enough for you, try the Fujioh FH-ID5120 Induction Hob (available on Parisilk Electronics & Computers). This induction cooker’s three burners vary in size, so you can use either according to the size of your cooking ware. Its surface is also made of Schott Ceran ® Ceramic Glass, which means that burns on your pots will be minimised, while cleaning will remain fuss-free. The Fujioh FH-1D5120 also comes with safety features like a residual heat indicator and an auto-switch off function to prevent accidents and waste of electricity. With this induction hob, there’s no need to worry about accidental burns or accidentally leaving the gas stove unattended while you’re out of the house.

Overview of the best built-in induction cookers in Singapore

Best built-in induction cooker in Singapore Dimensions Number of temperature/power settings Maximum power level (per zone) Number of cooking zone(s) Best for those looking for
Tecno TIH2882 Induction Hob 730mm x 430 mm x 54mm 12 2800 watts 2 Reliable cooker with 2 burner zones and safety features
Rinnai RB7012H-CB Induction Hob 710mm x 410mm x 58mm 9 2100 watts 2 High-powered cookers with child-safe features
FUJIOH FH-ID5125 Induction Hob  288mm x 520mm x 60mm 9 2000 watts 2 Vertically-long cookers
Tecno TIH648 Induction Hob 560mm x 490mm x 58mm 9 1800 watts 4 Cookers with four burner zones
Bosch PIB375FB1E Domino Induction Hob 306mm x 57mm x 527 mm 17 3700 watts 2 Cookers with more power settings
Fujioh FH-ID5120 Induction Hob 590mm x 520mm x 60mm 9 2300 watts 3 Versatile cookers with three burner zones

Best freestanding or countertop induction cookers in Singapore

7. Mayer MMIC1619 Induction Cooker

mayer countertop induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly induction stove, the Mayer MMIC1619 Induction Cooker (available on Mayer Official Store) will be right up your alley. Designed by homegrown home appliance brand Mayer, the Mayer MMIC1619 is one of the best, fuss-free induction cookers you can find in Singapore. This compact Mayer induction cooker features an intuitive knob control system that makes it easy for every member of the household to use. The quick-start heating function lets you get down to business right away. Simple as it may be, this induction cooker also comes packed with important safety features, such as auto-switch off in the case of overheating. Best part? You even get a free stainless steel pot with every purchase! 

8. Amzchef Double Induction Cooker

amzchef countertop induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: amzchef Cooker Store)

Want the flexibility of a freestanding induction cooker but like having the efficiency of double burners? The Amzchef Double Induction Cooker (available on amzchef Cooker Store) is one of the best options in Singapore! This countertop induction cooker comes with two independent heating zones that you use together to reduce cooking time. It boasts 2800 watts of power, with up to 10 different temperature and power levels for each burner. Each side also features a digital countdown timer for any duration between one minute to three hours! This best-loved Amzchef induction hob proves that you don’t have to invest in a built-in induction stove to enjoy the benefits of induction cooking in Singapore! 

9. Philips HD4911/62 Induction Cooker 

phillips countertop induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Those looking for reliable kitchen appliances are guaranteed to find satisfaction with those by Philips – and this Philips HD4911/62 Induction Cooker (available on Shopee Supermarket) is no exception! With 2100 watts of power and five different power settings, the HD4911/62 is one of the best induction stoves in Singapore when it comes to fast heating. This Phillips induction cooker also stands out for its five locally-relevant menus to aid the aspiring home cook. The Phillips HD4911/62 doubles up as a portable induction cooker, making this a great option for budget Barbies who love hosting steamboat parties! 

Overview of the best freestanding or countertop induction cookers in Singapore

Best freestanding induction cooker in Singapore Dimensions Number of temperature/power settings Maximum power level (per zone) Number of cooking zone(s) Best for those looking for
Mayer MMIC1619 Induction Cooker 300mm x 290mm x 70 mm 8 1600 watts 1 Easy-to-use cookers with minimal functions
Amzchef Double Induction Cooker 580mm x 360mm x 68mm 8-10 2800 watts 2 Freestanding cooker with more than one burner zone
Philips HD4911/62 Induction Cooker  212mm x 332mm x 392mm 5 2100 watts 1 Touchscreen cookers

Best portable induction cookers in Singapore

10. Toyomi Portable Induction Cooker

toyomi portable induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: Toyomi Singapore Official Store)

Hosting a dinner party? You’d want to get your hands on a Toyomi Portable Induction Cooker (available on Toyomi Singapore Official Store)! Never be caught with a tepid hotpot again, because this ultra-slim portable induction hob boasts an impressive maximum power consumption level of 2000 watts. This Toyomi induction cooker is also able to detect if a pan has been placed on its surface, thanks to the black vitro ceramic plate designed with cutting-edge German technology. This ensures maximum energy efficiency, as the hob will only heat up detected areas of the pan! The portable induction cooker even comes with a stainless steel pot so you don’t have to splurge on induction-friendly cookware – all for under $100. It’s definitely not hard to see why this is considered one of the best portable induction cookers in Singapore! 

11. Rommelsbacher CT 2010IN Induction Cooker  

Rommelsbacher CT2010IN portable induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: Rommelsbacher Official Store)

Rommelsbacher might be better known for baking appliances such as ovens and bread makers, but their portable induction cookers are definitely some of the best you can get your hands on in Singapore! We love the sleek, edgeless Rommelsbacher CT 2010IN Induction Cooker (available on Rommelsbacher Official Store). The portable induction cooker offers a decently-sized cooking zone of 23cm to accommodate larger-bottomed cookware. Hate cleaning between crevices? You’re in luck, because the seamless touch-control sensors and glass-ceramic surfaces will make post-steamboat cleanup that much easier! 

12. PowerPac PPIC887 Induction Cooker

powerpac portable induction cooker best induction cooker singapore
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

A list of the best induction cooktops in Singapore cannot be complete without mentioning popular induction cooker brand PowerPac. The brand is so well-loved, they were even bestowed the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2021! One of their best-loved portable induction cookers in Singapore is the PowerPac PPIC887 Induction Cooker (available on PowerPac Official Store). Made with top-grade electronic components from Korea and Germany, this PowerPac induction cooker is capable of offering high-efficiency cooking without the risks of gas-powered hotplates. The PowerPac PPIC887 also boasts an eye-popping energy efficiency level of up to 94%, so you don’t have to worry about busting your electricity bill! 

13. Cornell CCC-E2000 Ceramic Cooker

best induction cooker
(Credit: Cornell Singapore Official Store)

The Cornell CCC-E2000 Ceramic Cooker (available at Cornell Singapore Official Store) is the trusty kitchen assistant – it’s suitable for any dish and any cookware of your choice. Whether you’re going to be making pot roast in a french oven or just going with steel cooking ware, this induction cooker allows you to easily adjust and control the heat. It even has up to five settings for its timer function, from 15 minutes to 2 hours, which is bound to make hands-free cooking a breeze. The Cornell CCC-E2000 Ceramic Cooker also comes with a 12-month warranty, so you can rest assured that any damages of accidents will be covered during this period.

Overview of the best portable induction cookers in Singapore

Best portable induction cooker in Singapore Dimensions Weight Maximum power level  Number of temperature/power settings Best for those looking for
Toyomi Portable Induction Cooker 313mm x 175mm x 392mm 3.6kg 2000 watts 8 Cookers with durable cooking surface
Rommelsbacher CT 2010IN Induction Cooker   300mm x 380mm x 60mm 2.68kg 2000 watts 10 Cookers with larger cooking zone
PowerPac PPIC887 Induction Cooker 360mm x 280mm x 62mm 2.8kg 2000 watts 8 Budget-friendly cookers for steamboat
Cornell CCC-E2000 Ceramic Cooker 298mm x 375mm x 90mm 2.8kg 2000 watts  N/A Cookers suitable for any cookware

Make time for what truly matters with the best induction cookers in Singapore 

Cooking can be a joy, but nothing’s more important than spending time with the ones you’re cooking for. Halve the time spent in the kitchen with the best induction cookers in Singapore today! Planning to host more dinner parties now that large gatherings are back? Check out our recommendations for the best Dutch ovens in Singapore perfect for preparing food for the whole kampung. If you’re more of a grill person, here are some of the best BBQ grills in Singapore for those late-night BBQ sessions. Psst, check out our 6.6 Great Shopee Sale for irresistible promotions on your preferred induction cookers and more!

This article was updated on 9 May 2023. Additional research done by Foo Pei Shi.

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