7 Baby High Chairs That Are Perfect For Feeding, Napping And Play Time

best baby high chair singapore

After months of breastfeeding, it’s about time your little one joins you at the dining table for his dinner puree. Six months also marks a milestone where your baby graduates from being held, to holding his or her own in a sturdy high chair! But how do you choose the best high chairs for babies? From wooden baby high chairs to baby booster seats and even multifunctional ones that can be transformed into recliners and toddler chairs, we take you through the top picks.

What to look out for when buying the best high chair for babies?

best high chairs for babies what to look out for
(Credit: Christian Hermann / Unsplash)

  • Amount of space you have

Nobody wants another baby item lying around or blocking the space in your living room. If you’re stretched for space, then you might want to go for a baby high chair that isn’t so bulky and more streamlined in design. Consider a booster seat for tables. It can be strapped onto your dining chairs or a foldable high chair. Some of the best baby high chairs can shrink to a compact size to be stowed away when not in use.

  • Easy to clean

There will inevitably be spills and crumbs when feeding your little one. Baby high chairs with removable padding that can be popped into the washer are a godsend. Alternatively, go for wooden high chairs or faux leather materials that can easily be wiped down.

  • Safety

Be sure that the baby high chair that you choose is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your growing child. Other safety features to note are 3 or 5-point harnesses or safety bars that help secure your child and keep them snug in place.

Types of baby high chairs

best high chairs for babies types
(Credit: Little Baby Official Store SG)

  • Multifunctional high chairs

A chair that can do it all? Some of the best high chairs for babies grow with the child — that means they can be used as a cradle, a traditional high chair, a toddler booster seat and even as a regular chair later on!

  • Booster seat for table

Booster seats for tables are a transition piece between the baby high chair and dining table chair. As its name suggests, it gives your child a boost in height so they can come closer to the dining table. To install, simply strap them onto the dining table chairs and buckle your child in.

  • Wooden baby high chair

They look good and are easy to clean, what’s not to love about wooden high chairs? They are also strong, sturdy and durable — lasting for your future kids too.

Best high chairs for babies

  • Multifunctional baby high chair

    1. Perego Prima Pappa Follow Me High Chair

    peg perego best high chair for babies
    (Credit: Baby’s Hyperstore)

If you’re after versatility then the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Follow Me High Chair (available on Baby’s Hyperstore) will be right up your alley. It boasts seven different heights and can be adjusted from a traditional high chair to a baby recliner. You can recline it all the way back and put your baby down for a nap, bring it up slightly when they’re playing by themselves and progressively adjust it till they’re in an upright position and ready for mealtime.

When your baby is ready to eat, simply pop on the removable tray and roll the high chair closer to you (remember to lock the wheels). This Peg Perego high chair also features faux leather lining that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and is also comfortable for your baby to rest and eat in. For its multiple features and handy four-wheels, we think this is definitely a top contender for one of the best high chairs for babies in Singapore!

Suitable for: From 0 to 3-years-old (15kg)
High chair weight: 7.6kg
Adjustable: 7 height positions, reclining backrest and adjustable foot rest
Safety Feature: 5-point harness

2. Joie Multiply 6 in 1 Highchair

It’s hard to find something more versatile than the Joie Multiply 6 in 1 Highchair (available on Joie Baby Singapore Official Store). Not only do you get the traditional baby high chair but it can also be transformed into a lounger, little booster, big booster, toddler table chair and play time chair for kids aged up to six! Despite the various modes, it’s not all that bulky. When folded, the high chair reduces from a length of 82.5cm to 35.5cm. You can also stow the tray on the back of the high chair legs to achieve a more streamlined design.

If you don’t want to hoard too many baby items and want the best value for your money, then we think this is one of the best high chairs for babies in Singapore!

Suitable for: From 6mths to 6-years-old (27.3kg)
High chair weight: 12.2kg
Adjustable: 3 seat reclines, 5 height positions, 3 footrest height positions
Safety feature: 5-point harness

  • Wooden baby high chair

3. Childhome Baby Grow Lambda 3 High Chair & Tray – Anthracite

childhome baby grow lambda 3 best high chair for babies
(Credit: Pupsik SG Official Store)

Isn’t there something just classic about wooden baby high chairs? The popular Stokke Tripp Trapp wooden high chair may be a tad too expensive but this Childhome Baby Grow Lambda 3 High Chair & Tray – Anthracite (available on Pupsik SG Official Store) is a perfect and can we say, stunning alternative. It’s easily one of the best high chairs for babies as it grows with them — these can transition from high chairs to dining chairs for toddlers!

Apart from the usual perks like a 5-point safety belt, safety bar and adjustable height, this Childhome baby high chair also features a double-layered eating tray. The eating tray is covered with a removable plastic which can be removed and wiped down after messy mealtimes. When your child is ready, simply remove the safety belt and bar and pull the chair closer towards the dining table so they can join you.

Suitable for: From 6mths to 3-years-old (15kg)
High chair weight: 11kg (includes packaging)
Adjustable: 3 height positions, 3 footrest height positions
Safety feature: 5-point safety belt and safety bar

  • Baby high chair under $200

4. Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair

joie mimzy snacker high chair
(Credit: Joie Baby Singapore Official Store)

One-hand fold, easy to clean up and with a portable design, the Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair (available on Joie Baby Singapore Official Store) is one of the best no-frills high chairs for babies. The one-hand, quick-fold feature means that you can carry your baby in one hand and with the other hand, snap the middle of the seat to fold the high chair. The handy storage basket is also another feature we love. Store your kids’ favourite toys there so you can make mealtimes more fun. Coupled with the removable and wipeable seat pad plus the scratch-free base, you can trust this high chair to see you through the BLW days!

Suitable for: 6mths to 15kg
High chair weight: 6.52kg
Adjustable: 3 seat reclines, 3 height positions
Safety feature: 5-point harness

5. Bonbijou Regan High Chair

bonbijou best high chair for babies singapore
(Credit: Infantino Enterprise)

We love Bonbijou high chairs for their simple designs yet feature-packed high chairs. The Bonbijou Regan High Chair (available on Infantino Enterprise) has five adjustable backrest reclines — it can be adjusted as far back to become a rest bed too. It also boasts eight height positions and three footrest angles to accommodate your baby’s rapid growth spurts.

The two built-in back wheels make moving the high chair around easier so you can have meal times anywhere in the house. The double-layered tray makes for faster cleanups while the luxe leather fabric is easy to wipe with just a damp cloth. At 8kg, it’s not one of the most lightweight baby chairs but for its comprehensive features and less than $200 price tag, it makes the cut for one of the best high chairs for babies in Singapore.

Suitable for: Birth to 3-years-old (~15kg)
High chair weight: 8kg
Adjustable: 5 seat reclines, 8 height positions, 3 footrest angles
Safety feature: 5-point harness

  • Aesthetically pleasing baby high chair

    6. Oribel Cocoon High Chair Delicious

Style and colour may not be the first thing on your mind when sourcing the best high chairs for babies. But who can deny a beautiful high chair that not only is pretty but also makes feeding time an absolute breeze? The Oribel Cocoon High Chair Delicious (available on Loveoribel Official Store) comes in four delicious shades; slate, rose meringue, pistachio macaron and blue raspberry that’ll blend in with any modern home design.

Good looks aside, this two-in-one Oribel high chair acts as a recliner and a baby high chair for resting and feeding. It also has a unique food and cup holder attached to the side of the chair. This will allow you to scoot a little closer to your baby when feeding them. When they start to self-feed, simply attach the tray and wipe down the waterproof-foam seat pad after they’re done.

Suitable for: 6mths to 3-years-old
High chair weight: 9.75 kg
Adjustable: 3 seat reclines, 6 height positions
Safety feature: 5-point harness

You can consider baby booster seats for tables for children aged six months and above. The Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 Booster Seat (available on Kulily Official Store) is a two-in-one baby booster and toddler seat. It can be strapped onto a dining chair so your baby can join the family during dinner time. Once your baby is old enough, simply remove the foam seat insert and transform the baby booster seat into a toddler seat.

This Ingenuity booster seat is not just for use at the dining table. It can be placed on the floor during snack time with an attached tray. When not in use, simply stow the tray underneath the booster seat. It’s dishwasher safe tray and wipeable seat only add to the appeal of this baby chair!

Suitable for: 6mths to 23kg
High chair weight: About 2.7kg
Safety feature: 3-point harness

Choose the best high chairs for babies to keep them safe, snug and happy!

We hope you’ve got a better idea of the types of baby high chairs available. Wondering what type of baby food and solids you can start with? Check out this roundup of easy baby food recipes and the best baby food makers to help you steam, mash and puree healthy and delicious homemade baby food for your little bub! While here, sign up to become a member of Shopee Mum’s Club and enjoy exclusive vouchers, freebies and early access to sales. After all you could use all the help for the long list of baby’s items you’ll need!