Best Children’s Books: 11 Titles To Cultivate A Reading Habit

best children's books

Are you finding it tough to keep your child occupied at home this circuit breaker period? Well, delightful characters and fun storylines can be a way to harness their energy and take them to a world of imagination. The best children’s books will also encourage creative thinking and impart essential life lessons. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork and summed up a list of the best-selling kids’ books available on Shopee Singapore! These colourful and interactive children’s books will definitely enrich your child’s learning and cultivate a reading habit from an early age.

1. Peppa Pig: Daddy Pig’s Old Chair (2-4 Years Old)

peppa pig daddy pigs old chair
(Credit: Junior Page Official Store)

Peppa Pig is a well-loved cartoon character by many kids around the world! The Peppa Pig: Daddy Pig’s Old Chair (available on Junior Page Official Store) tells of Daddy Pig supporting Madame Gazelle’s fundraising jumble sale. Read it yourself with Ladybird allows your child to develop and improve their reading skills too! With many other Peppa Pig books available, your child can also join other exciting adventures with Peppa Pig’s family, including her brother, George! 

2. Dr Seuss’ Books Set (6-9 Years Old)

dr seuss kids books best children's books
(Credit: Wisdom1ove)

Dr Seuss is a well-known children’s author who wrote and published more than 60 children’s books, under the Dr Seuss book series. One of his most popular children’s storybooks is The Cat In The Hat featured in Dr Seuss’ best known books set (available on Wisdom1ove). Your kids will surely have hours of fun reading through clever wordplay and vivid poetry as Dr Seuss describes the cat engaging in dazzling tricks and antics!

3. Magic Water Drawing Book (2-4 Years Old)

magic water drawing book
(Credit: Dreamworks Mart)

The best children’s books don’t only limit your kids to page after page of wordy paragraphs! For instance, this Magic Water Drawing Book (available on Dreamworks Mart) lets your child colour in magical scenes too. Fill a marker with water and let your child’s imagination run wild. See pictures come to life with a marker that is safe and easy to use. Just fill with water and start colouring! You can choose from popular cartoon scenes including Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Best of all, this colouring book is reusable as the ink fades away after ten minutes!

4. Soft Cloth Baby Books (0-2 Years Old)

cloth books best children's books
(Credit: Rosiky Official Mall)

The best children’s books can also engage young readers through a variety of sensory stimulation. These soft cloth animal books (available on Rosiky Official Mall) are filled with varied textures and encourage your child to touch and grasp the elements within the book. Plus, the non-toxic cloth material keeps your toddler from ingesting any harmful chemicals should they end up chewing on the edges. Once cloth books get too dirty, you can simply throw them in the washer for a whirl!

5. Chinese Classic Tales For Kids Books (2-4 Years Old)

chinese best kids book
(Credit: Trinks SG)

Introduce your children to the Chinese language with these classic fairytale translations (available on Trinks SG)! Timeless stories like Cinderella, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and The Frog Prince are retold in Chinese with cheerful illustrations. The Chinese words are also printed in large font with Hanyu Pinyin, making it one of the best Chinese storybooks to help your child easily learn the language should they struggle with picking it up.

6. The Mr Men & Little Miss Series of Kids’ Books (2-6 Years Old)

mr men and little miss best children's books
(Credit: Trinks SG)

Considered one of the best children’s books of the previous generation, you can’t go wrong with the Mr Men & Little Miss Series (available on Trinks SG) of kids’ books. With this collection, you can now let your kids experience the lovable stories you read as a child! Your kids are bound to giggle as they discover each of the 85 characters’ fun quirks and familiarise themselves with their varied dispositions.

7. Pinkfong Children’s Baby Shark Sound Book (3-6 Years Old)

pinkfong children's baby shark sound book

Baby Shark (available on is now available in book form! Kids LOVE the catchy song and now they can listen to ‘Baby Shark’ along with other magical shark songs in this songbook. While listening to their favourite tunes, they can also flip through the book to admire the cute Pinkfong characters. Are your little ones obsessed with Pinkfong characters? Check out the official Pinkfong store on Shopee Singapore and enjoy browsing through authentic merchandise including their best children’s books!

8. LeapFrog LeapStart Book – Shapes And Colours With Creativity (2-4 Years Old)

leapfrog shapes and colours best children's books
(Credit: Infantree Pte Ltd)

Let your kids leap into the world of alphabets with Leapfrog’s Shapes and Colours with Creativity (available on Infantree Pte Ltd)! Suitable for kids aged two to four years old, this story book lets your child visit the prehistoric world of dinosaurs while getting familiar with different shapes and colours. Learning-wise, they’re considered by many parents to be one of the best children’s books. This is because there are over 30 interactive activities for children that introduces young readers to colours, creative expressions, patterns, and shapes!

9. Usborne: Farmyard Tales (15 books) + First Experiences (5 Books) (2-4 Years Old)

usborne farmyard tales and first experiences

With more than 45 years of experience publishing children’s books in the UK, it’s no wonder many parents trust Usborne books. We love this set of Farmyard Tales and First Experiences (available on and think it’s one of the best children’s books for engaging and entertaining your little ones. It’s an ideal starting point for introducing children to first experiences in the world, with titles like Going to the Dentist and Going to School! If not by anything else, your little ones will surely be captivated by the colours and delightful illustrations by Stephen Cartwright.

10. Miffy Kids’ Books (4-8 Years Old)

Miffy best children's books
(Credit: Trinks SG)

Far from being a Hello Kitty rip off, the beloved rabbit Miffy is largely considered one of the best children’s books of all time! Created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, Miffy books (available on Trinks SG) feature an adorable rabbit character that has won over fans with its minimalist art style and kid-friendly storylines. It’s this relatability and clean illustration that has catapulted the Sanrio-esque character to literary fame!

11. Roald Dahl Collection (6-9 Years Old)

best children's books roald dahl
(Credit: KidsDeals Singapore)

As a storied writer who has crafted some of the best children’s books, your kids will definitely enjoy the 15 titles present in this Roald Dahl collection (available on KidsDeals Singapore)! With classics like The BFG and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl’s books masterfully take young readers on a ride with zany characters and unique storylines. While some books might seem daunting for your child alone, take this chance to read with them and we guarantee you’ll both be entertained by the intriguing way Roald Dahl writes.

Endless learning opportunities await with these best children’s books

Share the joy of reading with your kids today! With adventure and fun just pages away, your kids will surely benefit after an exposure to these best children’s books.

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This article was updated on 9 May 2020. Additional research done by Simone Kow.