Gym Bags For Women: 9 Stylish Bags For The Singapore OL

gym bags for women featured
(Credit: Debora Cardenas / Unsplash)

If you’re keeping up with your new year resolution of working out more, well done! And if you aren’t then this list of stylish gym bags for women might help motivate you that little bit more! We know it’s tempting to carry that freebie tote you received years ago but a shiny, compartmentalised, waterproof bag might make gym times a less stressful and more organised event!

Read on for gym bags that an office lady (OL) should carry in Singapore and be the envy of other commuters!

1. A Pink Duffel

gym bags for women pink duffle

If a pink, shiny gym bag for women doesn’t get you off your butt and working out in the gym then we don’t know what will! Don’t be put off by the seemingly large size of this pink duffel bag (available on It’s smaller than it looks but includes nifty compartments for shoes, wet clothes and bath and body essentials.

Made of nylon, this bag can resist water fairly well and accidental stains can also be wiped off quickly. Sling it across your shoulder or remove the shoulder strap if you prefer a hand duffel. Pink too loud for you? Then go for the black option!

2. Black Cylindrical Gym Bag

duffel bag gym bags for women

With zippered pockets and a light polyester outer material, this cylindrical black duffel bag (available on is perfect for the no-frills lady. Wear-resistant and with soft handles, this gym bag for women can also be packed with sports equipment when needed and be carried without breaking your back!

It’s also not a bag solely for women but can be used by males too. So if your partner fancies it, share it with him and make full use of the bag!

3. Herschel Strand

herschel strand gym bags for women
(Credit: Herschel Singapore Official)

Tote your bag from work to the gym with this grey Raven Crosshatch Herschel Strand (available on Herschel Singapore Official). This compact and classy gym bag for women is perfect for those who don’t necessarily want to draw attention to your after work plans. Pack your workout clothes in the main compartment and use travel pouches to organise your toiletries.

We also love how the carrying handles are long enough to be slung easily over your shoulders without you fighting to fit it under your pits. Yup, we’ve seen too many OL’s (ourselves included) doing that.

4. Orange Canvas Gym Bag

(Credit: Home Fashion)

If the thought of your intense after work core yoga class is scaring you, carry a bright coloured gym bag for a spring in your step! This two compartment orange canvas bag (available on Home Fashion) is gym bag goals! The main compartment can house your gym clothes plus even a 15” laptop comfortably in the inside mesh pocket.

But what steals the cake here is the hidden underside compartment that can double up for another storage compartment. Instead of lugging around a shoe bag, why not stow your sports shoes right here. This also makes for a great carry on bag if you’re planning a weekend getaway!

5. Foliage Drawstring Backpack

(Credit: Marsfancy)

If you’re the OL who loves a hassle-free gym bag, then drawstring backpacks are your best bet. Do away with the hassle of zippers and clasps. Simply pull the drawstrings and you’re good to go! But that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the design factor.
This stylish waterproof drawstring backpack (available on Marsfancy) has a pretty foliage design that’s bound to turn heads on your morning commute. We also appreciate the wider shoulder straps that are sturdier compared to the usual rope ones. Another plus point: most drawstring bags are machine washable which means you can simply throw it into the washing machine to get rid of perspiration odour — yay!

6. Drawstring Backpack With Front Zipper


As much as we love drawstring backpacks, you can’t deny the frustration that comes when you’re digging through your backpack trying to find something but to no avail. It also doesn’t help that many drawstring backpacks come in a sack and with no additional compartments.

This drawstring backpack with a front zip (available on is a godsend especially for the careless ones among us. The smaller front compartment makes it perfect to store and access valuable items. It’s also waterproof which means your sports attire will stay dry even if you’re stuck in a downpour.

7. Stylish backpack

gym bags for women oxford bakcpack

If you’re not a fan of carrying an additional gym bag along with your regular work bag, then you’d appreciate a 2-in-1 work bag and gym bag for women. Don’t be beguiled by the classy zipper finishing on this Oxford cloth backpack (available on — it’s practical for both your office and gym stash.

The spacious front and side pockets can hold your cosmetics and other smaller sports accessories while your laptop and notebooks can be easily slotted into the internal pocket. Maintaining the bag is also easy — simply take a damp cloth and wipe down the bag before airing it.

8. Herschel Backpack

herschel large backpack gym bags for women
(Credit: Herschel Singapore Official)

For those who don’t mind a slightly larger backpack, turn to the Herschel Retreat Mid-Volume (available on Herschel Singapore Official). At over 40cm in height, it’s definitely one of the deeper gym bags for women on the market. Despite the initial heavy-duty look, the top flap, tan leather belt and faded wine colour helps to soften the overall look.

As for the inside of the bag, you can look forward to a padded 13” laptop sleeve and a deep enough main compartment to organise your gym attire, shoes and toiletries. We reckon you can even fit a badminton racket too! The contoured shoulder straps will also ensure the bag sits comfortably on both your shoulders without straining one more than the other.

9. Anello Backpack

anello backpack gym bags for women
(Credit: Anello Official Singapore)

Many OLs in Singapore already sport Anello backpacks but did you know you can use them as gym bags too? Made of polyester, the Anello Limited Edition 2.0 backpack (available on Anello Official Singapore)is lightweight and features a shiny PVC front pocket to give it a stylish oomph.

Upon opening the hinged clasp zipper, you’ll be greeted with a large main section for your workout gear. There’s also a useful side pocket for your water bottle. What’s more? Anello backpacks come in a range of colours from coral pinks to classy khaki to rock the fitspo girl boss look in style!


Along with a gym bag make sure you download these workout songs to kick up the adrenaline throughout your gym session. Find yourself too busy to squeeze in a gym session after work? Consider signing up with a personal trainer in Singapore then — we hear they’re not all that expensive!