9 Recommended Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Cheaper Than Dyson

9 Cordless Vacuums
9 Cordless Vacuums

When you don’t have $1k to spare for a vacuum cleaner, you just have to make do with 9 vacuum cleaners that are just as good as this cult product that many homemakers (even guys) swear by:

P.S. Let us know if you have any other recommendations and we’ll add them in!


1. Powerpac Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner ($89.90)

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Powerpac

Cordless with an ergonomic handle design that is easy to clean every nook and cranny. It has a 2-in-1 function of the soft roller brush which can clean both the hard grounds and soft carpets. The dust bucket can also hold a large capacity (which is perfect if you have a huge house). The vacuum is also partnered with multiple accessories that can be switched around to cater to different uses.

Voltage: 220-240V // 50/60Hz

Power: 90W


Promising review: “Have been using for a few times and it’s a really great product! It makes cleaning easier and more efficient. You can even remove the ‘nozzle’ part to clean the narrow area.” – Mun.


2. Airbot Supersonics Fluffy Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ($99.90)

Airbot Vacuum

Uncannily similar to the Dyson Cyclone, the Airbot Supersonics Fluffy Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is indeed a good alternative since it really costs a fraction of Dyson’s heavy price tag but yet, can clean every nook and cranny of your house with the vacuum head that can swivel 360 degrees. However, this comes at a cost as the battery life isn’t as lasting as Dyson’s. On High Sin Mode, the Vacuum can last up to 25 minutes, whereas when on Low Spin Mode, it can last for up to 45 minutes. Psst, you can even purchase different accessories from a mite head to a floor brush to help you with different chores.

Charge Time: 4 hours

Voltage: 100-240V // 50-60Hz

Power: 150W


Promising review: “The vacuum itself is slightly smaller than the Dyson but is very worth the price paid for it. Easy to assemble, minimal noise and decent suction power.” – Phy.


3. Dibea D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner ($140.60)

Dibea D18

This brand needs no introduction as it is pretty synonymous for being an excellent Dyson dupe. Equipped with a rechargeable battery with an ergonomic handle, this vacuum does its job really well, allowing you to clean everywhere without the hassle of having to untangle wires. With a wide floor brush with LED lighting, you can practically use it everywhere and anywhere since it can sweep under furniture with lengths over 90cm! Besides this, it is also relatively quieter as compared to other vacuums, and is pretty lightweight, making it easy for you to maneuver it around.

Charge Time: 4-5 Hours

Voltage: 22.2V

Power: 120W


Promising review: “The Dibea D18 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner was easy to unpack and simple to assemble. The vacuum is lightweight and has a lot of vacuum power. The vacuum head was one of my favourite features as it was compact. I got to vacuum small places that had been out of reach. It was also very flexible, allowing me to move at different angles to vacuum. Besides this, it also works great for the car! Simply put the brush attachment directly on the motor body to use it. It is also very light and can get into narrow spaces. Overall, I love this powerful little machine.” – Sally


4. Pullman Cordless Vacuum Cleaner M12 ($89.00)

Pullman M12

One of the newer cordless vacuum cleaners in the market, the Pullman M12 was released just this year. Designed with a rechargeable battery and an ergonomic design handle, it allows you to clean anywhere without any tangling. Similar to the Dibea vacuum cleaner, it has a wide floor brush with LED lights and can reach up to depths of 90cm. It is also extremely lightweight, making it easy to use for day to day cleaning. Aside from this, it also comes with separate accessories that makes it suitable for cleaning on wooden tiles, carpet, cars or bed mattresses.

Charge Time: 4-5 Hours

Voltage: 22.2V

Power: 22.2V


Promising review: “Tried it out and love it! Very quiet and vacuumed hair and dust efficiently. Good buy!” – Jud.


5. Electrolux 2-in1 Allergy Ergorapido ($228)

Electrolux 2-in1 Allergy Vacuum Cleaner
(Metro Cebu News)

With an in-built advance allergy filter, the Electrolux 2-in1 Allergy Ergorapido claims to be able to capture 99.99% of micro dust and has a superior dust pick-up technology as certified and tested by the British Allergy Foundation. Aside from this, it is also designed with a BrushRollClean™ Technology, letting you get rid of tangled hair and fiber with just one step on the pedal. Like the Dibea counterparts, it also has a dustpotter LED, allowing you to spot dust in the darkest areas and a 180 degree EasySteer™, allowing for easy maneuvering.

Voltage: 18V

Power: 18W


Promising review: “The function I like most is the long operating time which enables me to finish vacuuming my whole HDB executive flat and still have half a battery life remaining. It is also very “smooth” to use which make every corner accessible. The brilliant front lights also help to brighten up my naked eyes.” – Phui


6. Aztech FusionVac 2 In 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ($299)

Aztech Vacuum Cleaner

Designed with a durable aluminum alloy tube that is light and handy alongside a flexible brush, the Aztech FusionVac 2 In 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was clearly designed to allow you to clean deep and narrow spaces easily. One look at it and you might think it resembles a sports car, and reviews have stated that it performs like one too, with it being super agile on the floor, giving both smooth horizontal and vertical motions. Like all other vacuums, it also comes equipped with multiple accessories to switch around as well for different usages.

Charge Time: 4 – 6 hours

Voltage: 21.9V

Power: 28W


Promising review: “I bought this vacuum for my mum who wanted a vacuum stick similar to Dyson’s but without spending hundreds. I decided on this as Aztech is a reputable local company that specialises in wireless appliances. Even though the suction power might not be comparable to those traditional vacuums (P.S. the motor is only 100W); but given its size and price, it does what is required for dry vacuuming.” – San.


7. Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Cordless ($338)

Xiaomi Mijia

As reported by CNET, the Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Cordless is a “cheap Dyson alternative”. Priced at just $338, it is less than half of what a Dyson will cost you, but still gives you a solid cleaning performance and relatively long run time of 55 minutes. Its suction power is also pretty good and it even has a fluffy brush that sucks up the micro dust. The LED light also helps to navigate around the space much easier ensuring that you don’t miss a spot. The vacuum cleaner also has the ability to function as both a handheld and stick vacuum, giving you the flexibility you need. Psst, the Roidmi also offers a smartphone app, allowing you to check on every facet of the vacuum cleaner (e.g. the status of the filter).

Charge Time: 2 – 5 hours

Power: 115W


Promising review: “The Roidmi F8 is a cordless stick vacuum with great power, versatility, and adaptability. The 55 minute run time is more than long enough for most users. There are a ton of extra attachments and tools. We saw a few slight hiccups on our low carpet sugar tests and cereal tests, but overall, cleaning performance was top notch. It’s not expensive, but also not cheap. An overall good value that many users would find an excellent vacuum for all around the home.” – Derek


8. Tefal Air Force 360 Cordless Handstick (TY9051) ($399)

Tefal Airfroce 360

Yes, Tefal has ventured into the realm of vacuum cleaners too. CNET has also tried this machine out and the Tefal Air Force 360 Cordless Handstick was clearly designed to look and feel similar to the cult Dyson, but with a few tweaks to make it different. Built with Tefal’s advanced cyclonic technology to effectively separate air from dust, the Air Force 360 offers powerful suction for superior cleaning regardless surface. The handle is also extremely versatile and flexible, with a vacuum head that rotates extremely well.

Charge Time: 3.5 hours


Promising review: “Easy to use and great for that quick tidy up. It is not too heavy to handle and the handle rotates so you can vacuum under most furniture. Besides this, it also has a triangular head for you to get into all corners! Excellent product!” – Jayzee


9. Philips SpeedPro Max Stick ($458)

Philips Speedpro

Fast and clean, the Philips SpeedPro will give you the results you desire! It is hassle-free and quick to clean up. With a 360 degrees suction nozzle, LED Lights and a run time of up to 65 minutes, the vacuum gets the job done in a jiffy. As reported by Tech Advisor, it is one of the best alternatives to Dyson, and as Philips puts it, it has an “unmatched” airflow with its PowerCyclone 8 technology that allows it to maintain suction that is stronger and longer. Aside from this, it also has a built-in brush and powerblade digital motor.

Charge Time: 5 hours

Voltage: 25.2V


Promising review: “My first stick vacuum cleaner and I like it a lot. Battery life is not bad (about 40 mins on mid-power), and what I thought was a gimmick LED light at the vacuum head, is actually useful, to show you what you need to clean (cat fur, in my case). Works better when it’s dark 🙂 Emptying the dust container is also a straightforward affair.” – Catty


Let us know if you have any other recommendations in the comments below!



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