The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Smart Home In Singapore

featured smart home in singapore
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Technology sure has come a long way for home products! From automated robot vacuums to lights that react to voice commands, today’s smart appliances place owners in firm control. While it might seem overwhelming, it’s actually simple once you’ve chosen your core platform and know how to build around it. Excited to get started? Read on for our ultimate guide to setting up your own smart home in Singapore!

Set up the core platform for your smart home in Singapore

Before buying gadgets for your new smart home in Singapore, you’ll first need to decide on the core platform for  integrating all of your smart devices. The two main competitors in this field are Google and Amazon. You’re unlikely to be disappointed with either since they’re both affordably priced and boast similar features. Go for Google if you already own a Chromecast or prefer Google’s services. Alternatively, if you’re already subscribed to Amazon Prime or are interested in Amazon’s wider array of speakers and the Echo Show, choose Amazon !

mini smart speaker collage smart home in singapore
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Don’t have enough desk space? Why not settle for miniature speakers like the Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot (both available on ShopiTree) instead! Pegged as must-haves in any smart home in Singapore, these mini versions function like their bigger cousins at a fraction of their size. From drafting shopping lists to recapping daily headlines, they leverage on the robust Assistant and Alexa systems to make daily chores a breeze. Ultimately, the palm sized smart speaker acts as your key to organising your entire home smart appliance ecosystem.

Now that you’ve chosen your preferred base to work upon, here’s our rundown of the essentials to automate your home for a digital future. 

Living room essentials for any smart home in Singapore

1. Smart plugs

aztech smart plug smart home in singapore
(Credit: Aztech Official Store)

Fancy converting a plain home appliance into a smart one? Functioning as the backbone of the entire setup for your smart home in Singapore, smart plugs help you to remotely activate all of your appliances through a wireless control. If you need recommendations, check out Aztech Kyla Smart WiFi Plugs (available on Aztech Official Store)! Once set up, ou won’t have to worry about overcharging devices or power wastage. If you own an Amazon or Google speaker, you can even use voice commands to control them or set up routines to simplify your day. 

2. Smart TV

smart tv smart home in singapore
(Credit: Audio House Official Store)

If your smart home in Singapore is lacking an awe-inspiring centrepiece, consider buying a smart TV like Philips’ 55OLED803 (available on Audio House Official Store)! Instantly capturing onlookers’ attention with its minimalist design and lack of bezels, you’ll enjoy full immersion when you invest in a big ticket item like this. The best part about this smart TV is its Ambilight feature — a dynamically changing backlight that adapts to the content displayed to create a viewing experience beyond the TV’s edges.

Looking for a smart TV that’s more affordable? Check out our recommendations for the best smart TVs in Singapore.

3. Robot vacuum

anker eufy smart home in singapore
(Credit: Anker Official Store Singapore)

Tired of dealing with specks of dust and crumbs? Robot vacuum cleaners make the laborious task a cinch as they can easily access hard-to-reach crevices and utilise their powerful suction to clean any mess! Previously voted as 2018’s best robot vacuum, the Anker’s Eufy robot vacuum (available on Anker Official Store Singapore) stands at just seven centimetres tall — making it easy to slide and clean under furniture. Additionally, Eufy robovac possesses BoostIQ technology which automatically increases suction power when necessary.

4. Smart locks

samsung smart lock smart home in singapore
(Credit: JHGLOBAL12)

With the advent of digital locks, fumbling around for your keys will be a thing of the past! While there are plenty of locks to choose from, our favourite is the aesthetically pleasing Samsung SHP-DS700 (available on JHGLOBAL12). Featuring a stylish rounded design and smart home app integration, this smart lock stands out because of its handy bluetooth connectivity function. This allows you to conveniently use your smart watch to unlock the door and alerts you when someone enters your home.

5. Smart security

smart security smart home singapore
(Credit: Aztech Official Store)

The last thing any homeowner wants is to experience a house burglary! Fortunately, with security-oriented appliances like the Aztech Kyla Smart IP Camera (available on Aztech Official Store), you can set up a remote surveillance of your home. With high resolution footage recordings, night vision and two-way audio support, you can easily monitor any movement in or just outside of your home.

Interested in further fortifying your home? Combine this with the best home security systems to create a foolproof house that can repel any trespasser!

Bathroom essentials for any smart home in Singapore

6. Smart scale

smart scale smart home in singapore
(Credit: Mi Preferred Store)

While you might be satisfied with the functions of a regular weighing scale, smart scales like Xiaomi’s Mi Body Composition Scale 2 (available on Mi Preferred Store) take weight monitoring to the next level. From muscle and bone mass to visceral fat and body mass index, this scale provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your body’s composition and lets you keep track of your fitness goals over time! Furthermore, the scale supports up to 16 unique profiles, meaning it can track the fitness progress of family and friends too! 

Huge fan of Xiaomi’s innovative appliances? Here are some Xiaomi home products you won’t want to miss!

7. Smart toothbrush

xiaomi mi toothbrush smart home in singapore
(Credit: Mi Preferred Store)

Don’t overlook the mundane task of teeth brushing, for that too can be enhanced with smart devices! While Xiaomi’s Mi Electric Toothbrush (available on Mi Preferred Store) might look like an ordinary electric toothbrush, the integration with the Xiaomi Home app is what sells the experience. To combat poor brushing habits, the toothbrush comes with built-in sensors that let you check brushing coverage and evenness! Improve your toothbrushing technique and say goodbye to dental plague once and for all!

Bedroom essentials for any smart home in Singapore

8. Smart remote

smart remote smart home in singapore
(Credit: pearlblue tech Pte Ltd)

Had a long perspiring day?Nothing will beat the relief of returning home to a chilled, air conditioned room! While Sensibo’s Sky Smart Aircon Controller (available on pearlblue tech Pte Ltd) might seem like a luxury at first glance, it’s definitely a boon to any smart home in Singapore with its incredible convenience. Other than letting you control all your air conditioners with one remote and synchronising with your home’s smart speakers, the highlight of the remote is its Geofencing feature! This allows your air conditioners to pre-chill your home when you’re almost home and shut off entirely when you’ve left the Geofencing proximity, saving on utility bills.

9. Smart lights

smart light smart home in singapore
(Credit: Mi Preferred Store)

Always liked the idea of remotely controlling your lights and setting up routines for them? Then look no further than with our array of smart lighting options. Smart lights like Xiaomi’s Mi LED Ceiling Light (available on Mi Preferred Store) allow for more than just remote operation as you can toggle between colour temperatures, brightness levels and set timed schedules so your lights won’t abruptly blind you in the wee hours. Keen on setting the mood for a romantic dinner or engaging movie marathon? Set up the profile and your smart lights will do the rest!

Before concluding our guide, here are some final tips to take note of:

  • Dead spots can occur when WiFi networks get too congested. Prevent this with  proper routers and network equipment so your smart appliances don’t slow down.
  • Take advantage of smart home routines by letting certain timings, voice commands or motions set off a chain of actions! This can range from waking up with your favourite tunes and dimmed lights to arriving home to a chilled room and your TV streaming your favourite Netflix drama.
  • If you have pets, set up a pet-proof smart home system. This is because pets can set off your alarms and sensors as they scamper about.
  • Always name your smart devices when arranging for multiple devices to go off at any one time. That way, if it all unravels, you can troubleshoot easily.

Embrace the future of setting up a smart home in Singapore

Once you get the hang of it, building upon your existing smart home in Singapore can be incredibly addictive. You’re constantly thinking of new ways to simplify or make everyday routines more convenient. The most important thing is to have fun while experimenting with different gadgets and devices!

But some things like home decor still needs to be done in the brick and mortar way. Thinking of adding a vintage vibe to your home? Check out our vintage home decor ideas for some inspiration! Conversely, if you’re planning on furnishing your new kitchen, you’ll definitely need these essential kitchen equipment.

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