The Cheapest Carpark Rates In Singapore’s Shopping Districts

Ion Orchard Road Singapore
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Carpark rates in Singapore’s shopping districts are crazy! Don’t even get us started on the ERP. Trying to find a cheap carpark rate around places like Orchard Road is like trying to find water in the desert! If you’re a driver, or at least know a driver, you’d often hear them lamenting about carpark rates in Singapore.

Wah lau eh! Just top up cashcard only then must top up again!

Sounds familiar? [Heh] But despite all our whining, the carpark rates are probably not going to go down – or at least not in the near future.

That is why it is time to rebel against the system! As fellow consumers, and more importantly drivers, we want cheaper carpark rates and we will get it by seeking out the cheapest ones around Singapore’s shopping districts! So if you’re onboard the cheap carpark rate movement and want to shop with a peace of mind, then here are some carparks around popular shopping districts you should definitely keep a lookout for.

Orchard Road Area

Orchard Road Singapore
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The biggest crook among locations with expensive carpark rates. The hotels on location charge carpark rates that can cover a primary school kid’s lunch money for a week! Well, the reign of Orchard Road’s carpark rates end now. Here are some of the cheapest parking spots along Orchard Road.

Carpark No. of Parking Lots Parking Rate

Grange Road & Somerset Road



Mon – Sat: 7am to 11am: $1.30 (30 mins) / 11am to 5pm: $1.50 (30 mins) / 5pm to 10.30pm: $0.90 (30 mins)

Sun: 7am to 10.30pm: $0.90 (30 mins)

Sat – Sun: 10.30pm to 7am: $0.70 (30 mins)

Overnight: $5.60

Paragon Shopping Centre
290 Orchard Road S238859

Mon – Sun: 3am to 7pm: $2.90 (1 Hour) / Additional 30 Mins: $1.50

Mon – Sat: In after 11am, Out by 3pm: $2.00 (Flat Rate)

Mon – Sun: 7pm to 3am: $4.50 (Flat Rate)

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts RoadS228213

Mon – Sat: All day: $1.07 (1 Hour) / Additional 30 Mins: $1.07

Mon – Sat: In after 5pm, Out by 8am: $3.53 (Flat Rate)

Monthly: $149.80

Sun (All Day): In after 6am, Out by 6am next day: $3.53 (Flat Rate)

Centrepoint Shopping Centre
176 Orchard RoadS238843

Mon – Fri: 7am to 5pm: $1.50 (1 Hour) / Additional 30 Mins: $1.00

Mon – Fri: 5pm to 7am: $1.50 (1 Hour) / Additional Hour: $1.00

Sat – Sun: 7am to 5pm: $2.00 (1 Hour) / Additional 30 Mins: $1.50

Sat – Sun: 5pm to 7am: $2.00 (1 Hour) / Additional Hour: $1.50

Plaza Singapura Area

Plaza Singapura Singapore
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The area around Plaza Singapura is in my good books. The carpark rates are not too obscene but it can be better. Luckily, most of the parking locations with cheap carpark rates are conveniently located within a walking distance of Plaza Singapura and other shopping outlets around the Bras Basah neighbourhood.

Carpark No. of Parking Lots Parking Rate
The Cathay
2 Handy Road

Mon – Fri: 8am to 10am: $1.40 (30 mins)

Mon – Fri: 10am to 8pm: $1.40 (1 Hour) / In after 10pm, Out by 8am: $3.00 (Flat Rate)

Sat – Sun: All day: $1.40 / In after 10pm, Out by 8am: $3.00 (Flat Rate)

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road

Mon – Fri: 12am to 6pm: $1.28 (1 Hour) / Additional 15 Mins: $0.43

Sat – Sun: 3am to 6pm: $2.57 (2 Hours) / Additional 15 Mins: $0.43

Mon – Fri: 6pm to 12am: $2.57 (Flat Rate)

Sat – Sun: 6pm to 3am: $2.57 (Flat Rate)

Suntec City Area

Suntec City Singapore
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Although a distance from the Orchard Road shopping district, carpark rates of malls and attractions around the Suntec City area are still a tad pricey. You can consider parking in these locations if you intend to explore nearby attractions like the Marina Bay Sands or the Esplanade. It might take a little walking though, but hey, at least you saved a meal’s worth on parking!

Carpark No. of Parking Lots Parking Rate
Marina Mandarin Hotel
6 Raffles BoulevardS039594

Mon – Fri: 7am to 5pm: $1.07 (30 mins) / Additional Hour: $1.07

Month: $214.00

Mon – Fri: 5pm to 2am: $2.20 (Flat Rate)

Mon – Sun: 2am to 7am: $1.07 (30 mins)

Mandarin Oriental
5 Raffles BoulevardS039797

Mon – Fri: 7am to 5pm: $2.20 (2 Hours) / Additional Hour: $2.20

Mon – Fri: 5pm to 2am: $2.20 (Flat Rate)

Mon – Sun: 2am to 7am: $1.10 (30 mins)

Shaw Towers/Shaw Leisure Gallery
100 Beach RoadS189702

Mon – Fri: 12am to 5pm: $1.07 (1 Hour) / Additional 30 Mins: $1.07 / Evening (In after 5pm, Out by 12am): $2.20 / Holiday: $2.14

Sat – Sun: All Day: $2.14

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard

Mon – Thurs: 7am to 2am: $2.20 (2 Hours) / Additional 30 Mins: $1.10 / In after 5pm, Out by 2am: $2.20 (Flat Rate)

Fri – Sun: 7am to 2am: $2.40 (2 Hours) / 7am to 2am: $3.60 (4 Hours) / Additional 30 Mins: $1.40

Mon – Sun: 2am to 7am: $1.10 (30 mins)


Bugis Junction Singapore
(Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Located right in the middle of Orchard Road and the Suntec City shopping districts is Bugis. Bugis is home to a variety of shopping outlets. There’s even Bugis Street nearby which is often compared to Thailand’s Chatuchak shopping district. Sadly, Bugis is not immune to expensive carpark rates either so here are some of parking spots nearby that provide cheaper carpark rates.

Carpark No. of Parking Lots Parking Rate
269/269A/269B Cheng Yan Court

Mon – Sat: 7am to 10.30pm: $0.50 (30 mins)

Mon – Sun: 10.30pm to 7am: $0.50 (30 mins)

201 Victoria Street

Mon – Fri: 8am to 6pm: $1.28 (1 Hour) / Additional 15 Mins: $0.54 / Overnight (Mon – Thurs In after 6pm out by 8am): $3.21

Fri: 6pm to 8am: $3.21 (2 Hours) / Additional 15 Mins: $0.54

Sat – Sun: All Day: $3.21 (2 Hours) / Additional 15 Mins: $0.54

Queen Street & Rochor Road Downtown Core

Mon – Sun: 8.30am to 10pm: $0.60 (30 mins)

Other Timings: Free

Rochor Road Carpark
1 / 4 Rochor Road
336 Mon – Sun: 7am to 10.30pm: $0.50

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