15 Horror Movies To Scare Yourself Silly This Hungry Ghost Festival

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Check under your bed, you may not be alone! It feels a little chilly nowadays and that’s because the greatest time for a horror movie marathon is here again! While Halloween is a good occasion to put on a scary costume, the hungry ghost festival brings with it a whole new level of eeriness altogether. To go along with the spooky vibes, we’ve put together a list of horror movies that are bound to send a chill down your spine!

1. For the silent killer: A Quiet Place (2018)

Turn off the lights and put on your headphones (they are a MUST), this is a horror movie that will pique your senses to the extreme this hungry ghost festival. Starring celebrity couple, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place is about a small family who lives in a town of dead silence. They must not make any sound or a mysterious creature will hunt them down. However, how do they hide from death when Evelyn goes into early labour?

While many horror movies depend on loud sound effects and jump scares, A Quiet Place induces true fear with 90 minutes of eerie silence. You’ll find the need to hold your breath throughout.

2. For the K-Pop fanatic: Train To Busan (2016)

Starring popular Korean actors, Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-seok, this tear-inducing horror-thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. In Train To Busan, passengers board a bullet train to Busan in hopes of hiding from a countrywide zombie apocalypse. Little do they know there’s horror lurking in the carriages.

Besides the effective and tasteful frightening elements, what really shines in this movie are the well-developed characters. It doesn’t take long for the audience to develop a connection with the characters and even fear for their survival. This a must-watch horror movie during the hungry ghost festival even if you’re not a K-Pop fan. Bring a box of tissues, it’s zombie time! 

3. For the wanderlust: Long Weekend (2013)

With a nice blend of comedy and horror, Long Weekend is a great movie for novice horror movie-goers. An outcast teenager is dragged on a vacation to an infamous cursed island against his will. While on an expedition, he gets locked up in a haunted cell overnight by his friends. Things start to go awry as his friends eventually pay the price for their ruthless pranks.

While the movie doesn’t offer anything we’ve never seen before, it manages to take its audience on a roller coaster ride with nerve-wrecking plot twists at every corner. Pack your bags and go on a vacation with these youngsters this hungry ghost festival. But remember, always watch out for evil lurking in the darkness. 

4. For the steel hearted: The Conjuring (2013)

We all love a good ol’ haunted house tale during hungry ghost festival, don’t we? That is until we’re told the hauntings in The Conjuring are based on true events. Directed by James Wan, the brains behind other famous horror movies such as Saw and Insidious, The Conjuring follows two famous paranormal investigators and their horrifying experience at the Perron’s family home.

Embark on this movie journey with caution, for the mention of hide-and-seek will have you breaking out in cold sweat. 

5. For the coulrophobic: It (2017)

Based on Stephen King’s novel, It is a petrifying movie disguised as a harmless little coming-of-age film. A shapeshifting monster haunts the town every 27 years, taking on the form of a clown named Pennywise. On a brief encounter with the clown, young Georgie gets dragged into a sewer, never to be seen again. Traumatised by his brother’s disappearance, Bill sets off with his group of friends to investigate the hauntings.

This movie will undoubtedly have you gripping your seat, whether you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns) or not. We’ve got to applaud the realistic movie effects and creepy face paint which brings the sinister plot up a notch. This is definitely not a film to watch with your children unless you want to send them screaming in fear the next time they eat at McDonald’s.

6. For the unexpected: Get Out (2017)

Get Out is a horror movie that’s as dark as racism can get. In a sweet interracial relationship with his white girlfriend, Chris embarks happily on a weekend getaway with his future in-laws. However, things seem amiss when the family takes extra interest in Chris, who’s about to find out their disturbing secret. Besides addressing one of the most common social problems we face in our daily lives, Get Out manages to blend light comedy with bizarre horror.

True darkness lies in our hearts and the director conveys this message with incredible wit. This is a great horror movie to watch with your friends and family during the hungry ghost festival. You’ll definitely appreciate having company to discuss everything you’ve just witnessed at the end of the reel. 

7. For the satirical horror fan: Scream (1996)

No horror movies to-watch list is complete without this classic film, Scream. Like its title suggests, this film is jam-packed with thrilling elements to give you a scream-worthy movie experience. Something sinister is on a killing spree and the protagonist, Sidney survives after a close escape. Things do not stop here, as the murderer leads her and her friends on a wild goose chase, turning them against one another while on the hunt for the real killer.

This horror movie is entertaining and satirical at the same time. More often than not, the characters escort themselves down the plank of death which may be frustrating (or funny) to watch. Nevertheless, the well-written plot will keep you glued as you try to uncover the mysterious identity of the masked murderer. 

8. For the strong stomach: Saw (2004)

Fair warning, this is not for the faint hearted (or those with a weak stomach). In Saw, you’ll get to witness how far humans will go when forced into desperation. Two seemingly unrelated men are chained to pipes in a filthy toilet. The only way out? To complete the bizarre puzzles posed by the sadistic killer, Jigsaw.

As the directorial debut of horror filmmaker, James Wan, this crafty and gory film will make you squirm in your seat while you pray for the wellbeing of the two main leads. We honestly believe it’ll take quite a while before you can finally get Jigsaw out of your head during this hungry ghost festival period. 

9. For the sadistic movie-goer: Final Destination (2000)

Final Destination is a great horror film that’ll get your adrenaline pumping this hungry ghost festival. Hold your breath as you nervously anticipate for the next unexpected turn of events — they are waiting for you at every corner. It all began when Alex had a premonition that the plane he and his classmates were boarding would explode in mid-air. After a series of events, Alex and his friends were kicked off the plane moments before it blew up — as predicted.

After cheating death once, the students are swirled into a series of unfortunate events that lead to their gruesome deaths, one by one. The suspense builds up as viewers try to figure out who’s next on Death’s list. What’s more frightening is how an unsuspecting flow of events could lead the characters to their literal final destination. 

10. For the photography enthusiast: Shutter (2004)

Gather your shutterbug friends this hungry ghost festival for a night of hair-raising horror and as you unveil the darkness behind the plot! Involved in a hit-and-run accident, a photographer and his girlfriend began noticing a mysterious figure in the background of their photographs. After several spooky accounts, they finally uncover the dark truth behind the hauntings.

While the movie indulged in several horror cliches, the smart twist towards the end will leave this film etched in your heart. If you’re experiencing neck pains after the screening, it may be the Shutter effect. You’ve been warned!

11. For the jump scare prognosticator: Drag Me To Hell (2009)

This is a movie that truly challenges your cardiac health and bravery with endless jump scares lined up to spook you off your seat. In Drag Me To Hell, Christine heartlessly evicts an old lady from her home to gain the upper hand at a job promotion. As revenge, the old lady places an evil curse on Christine’s button, causing her great distress. Christine has to find a way to lift the curse within three days. If unsuccessful, she’ll be dragged to hell for eternity.

Besides the frightening jump scares, this movie features realistic graphic effects that are bound to leave you feeling spooked. Drag Me To Hell breathes new meaning into the quote, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. 

12. For those seeing double: Us

Looking for a good horror movie with a mind-boggling plot this hungry ghost festival? You won’t go wrong with Us, another great work from Jordan Peele who also directed Get Out. The film opens with a family of four who embarks on a breezy road trip back to the protagonist, Adelaide Wilsons’s, childhood beachfront home. However, Adelaide isn’t as keen on the trip as she recalls a traumatic childhood experience. Her fears aren’t exactly unfounded when four masked strangers attack the Wilsons. The worst part? The masked strangers looked exactly like the Wilsons.

Us lives up to our expectations of a Peele film, dabbling in several grand narratives revolving around identity, race, capitalism and more. Now, don’t just listen to us (ha!), watch the movie for yourself!

13. For the art collector: Velvet Buzzsaw

Calling all culture vultures, Velvet Buzzsaw is one of the rare artsy-fartsy horror movies that will hit close to home this hungry ghost festival. Josephina, an art gallery staff, discovers a huge collection of paintings in her dead neighbour’s house. Thinking they’d be worth a fortune, she smuggles them to an art critic and gallery owner. But little did the trio know that they are about to be punished horrifically for their greed.

This film is a thrilling ride into the pretentious world of art, where each masterpiece is seen for its value rather than appreciated for its beauty. Catch this psychedelic horror film on Netflix and calm your nerves thereafter with some Netflix Asian dramas or Netflix documentaries!

14. For the young at heart: Ma 

First things first, don’t be fooled by the trailer. Ma may seem like another one of those cliched teenage horror movies but it’s actually much more frightening than it seems. Step into the life of Sue Ann, played by Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer, a middle-aged woman whose loneliness pushes her into befriending a bunch of alcoholic teenagers. However, Ma’s hospitality and patience begin to run dry as she unveils her dark side.

Ma is a surprisingly good choice of film to play at a family night, as audience of all ages will find no problem relating to the characters. You’ll be rewarded for your patience through the slow burn at the beginning of the film when the plot thickens. Moreover, Spencer’s world-class acting shines brilliantly through Sue Ann’s unsettling personality.

15. For the escape artist: Escape Room

Love racking your brains over puzzles and mysteries? Then you mustn’t miss out on Escape Room, a psychological thriller that’ll have your heart racing. Similar to the popular Japanese series Liar Game, the film starts off with the gathering of six unrelated individuals after they’ve each received an invitation to the Minos Escape Room Facility. Unbeknown to them, the squad is now trapped in the premise. The only way out is by solving a series of inter-connected deadly puzzles or die trying.

While this PG-13 movie may not be the scariest one this hungry ghost festival, it sure leaves a mark, especially on escape room goers. What’s more, the sets of the show are so well done, you’d wish the facility actually exists. Once you’ve watched the film, relive your fears at the best escape rooms in Singapore!

Watching horror movies with your friends or loved ones can be a great bonding activity! Find out how you can plan a Netflix party with horror movies lined up with your friends! After you’ve had your fill of spooky plotlines, remember to check out this list of things to avoid doing during hungry ghost festival too!

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