From $540.55: The Best Smart TVs In Singapore 2019

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In this age of premium displays and high resolution content streaming, it’s considered a must to buy the best smart TVs in Singapore so you can enjoy the best of what today’s entertainment has to offer! Unfortunately, complex terms like 4K resolutions and HDR can baffle even the most experienced buyers. To combat this, we’ve prepared a glossary so you know what to look out for when buying your next smart TV!

Smart TV Glossary Table

Smart TV properties What you should know
Screen resolution
  • Screen resolution affects picture sharpness. The more pixels, the better the image quality
  • Ultra-HD (4K) > Quad-HD (2K) > Full-HD (1080p)
  • UHD resolution is slowly becoming industry standard 
Display panel type
  • Type of display panel determines the overall colour quality
  • LCD and OLED dominate the market
  • OLED > LCD because OLED provides greater colour contrast and viewing angles
  • QLED provides brighter pictures while OLED offer greater contrast and black levels — it’s ultimately down to your personal preference!
  • Thin display panels leave little room for quality audio drivers
  • Buy a soundbar to give your smart TV that added audial oomph
Operating system
  • Popular OS include Android, Tizen (Samsung), Roku (Hisense, Sharp, TCL) and WebOS (LG)
  • Avoid smart TVs that run on generic operating systems as they provided limited app selection and poor user interfaces
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) refers to the TV’s ability to show contrast between a picture’s darkest blacks and brightest whites
  • HDR displays are usually paired with terms like Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) to signal that the TV is capable of showcasing superior colour contrast and vibrancy
  • Dolby Vision > HDR 10 > HLG
  • Dolby Vision’s Active HDR dynamically adjusts contrast and brightness with each scene transition
  • HDR 10 sets one optimal brightness and contrast level throughout a movie
  • Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) is the only HDR format that’s compatible with non-HDR TVs
Refresh rate
  • Higher refresh rates ensure less blurry images during fast-moving scenes
  • 120Hz > 60Hz
  • Purely aesthetic and does not affect picture quality
  • Look out for ones with HDMI 2.1 that supports 4K videos and improves refresh rates for smoother action

Now that you understand the basics, you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase a new TV for your living room or bedroom! Wondering what models to look out for? Read on for our guide to the best smart TVs in Singapore!

Best smart TVs in Singapore under $1000

1. Philips 43” 4K Ultra Slim

philips 43 4k ultra slim best smart tvs in singapore
(Credit: Saale_Online)

If you’re in a pinch over your TV budget, Philips’ 43” 4K Ultra Slim (available on Saale_Online) has you covered! As one of the best value-for-money smart TVs in Singapore, this model provides everything you’ll need for an optimal TV viewing experience. With enhancements like 4K resolution and Philips’ Pixel Plus Ultra HD technology, it’s definitely rare to find a smart TV with such specifications at such a bargain! 

Considering having this TV as the centrepiece of your space-constrained living room? This smart TV features an Ultra Slim silhouette that gives it a depth of less than nine centimetres, allowing it to blend right into your house decor. Talk about maximising space in your flat!

2. LG 43” UHD

lg 43 4k best smart tvs in singapore
(Credit: Audio House Official Store)

Coming from a brand that produces some of the best smart TVs in Singapore, the LG 43” UHD (available on Audio House Official Store) definitely lives up to the hype by delivering a complete package. Successfully checking all the boxes in terms of performance and specifications, this is a sublime smaller-sized option that’s perfect for your bedroom!

Though marketed as a budget 4K smart TV, LG shows no signs of cutting corners when it comes to its features. With fancy additions like ThinQ AI and WebOS, this 4K smart TV effectively streamlines your viewing experience with minimalistic menus and crisp voice commands!

Best smart TVs in Singapore >$1000 

3. LG 55”​ ​OLED​ ​4K​ ​TV​​​​ 

lg oled 55 best smart tvs in singapore
(Credit: Home Life)

Keen on pushing the limits of smart TV picture quality? The LG 55”​ ​OLED​ ​4K​ ​TV​​​​ (available on Home Life) is one of the best smart TVs in Singapore sporting an OLED panel. It sports a panel slimmer than your average mobile phone and one centimetre wide bezels. This is especially impressive when you consider how it has a built-in soundbar too!

While binging your favourite shows, you might be concerned about OLED burn-in. Thankfully, LG has this covered with handy pixel refresher and screen shift settings that ensure you’re never displayed a static image for prolonged periods.

4. Philips 55” Razor Slim 4K UHD OLED Android TV 

philips 55 oled best smart tvs in singapore
(Credit: Audio House Official Store)

Philips has continually refined the tried-and-true OLED smart TV formula in pursuit of chasing the title of building the best smart TVs in Singapore! The design of Philips 55OLED803 (available on Audio House Official Store) instantly impresses as it embraces minimalism by only including two chrome-finished feet. Although this might alarm owners given how there’s no room for a soundbar, this Philips 803 OLED TV has built-it speakers that pack a bass-filled punch!

Besides nailing the OLED basics, the highlight is definitely Ambilight! While other brands break boundaries for issues like input lag or HDR reproduction, Philips’ innovative backlighting intelligently mimics the content displayed. This creates a viewing experience that expands beyond the physical boundaries of the Philips 803 OLED as the lighting dynamically shifts with a combination of shadows and patterns.

5. Panasonic FZ950S

panasonic 55 best smart tvs in singapore
(Credit: Audio House Official Store)

Purist when it comes to picture fidelity and quality? Check out the Panasonic TH-65FZ950S (available on Audio House Official Store) which is seen as one of the best smart TVs in Singapore for its amazing picture performance! Receiving the seal of approval from Hollywood’s movie professionals, you’ll notice a world of difference when upgrading to the FZ950S’s stellar OLED display. From retrieving minor shadow details to offering deep black levels, the image details and dynamic range of colours certainly do justice to the praise this smart TV is been receiving.

Pegged as Panasonic’s premium flagship TV, the FZ950 showcases more than just a stunning display. Underneath the display is a Dynamic Blade speaker that’ll impress the staunchest of audiophiles! Making use of eight audio drivers, the speaker’s power and dynamism lets it handle blockbusters easily, making this the ideal all-in-one smart TV set up if you’re in the market for one.

6. Samsung 49″ UHD 4K Curved Smart TV NU7300 Series 7

samsung 49 curved best smart tvs in singapore
(Credit: Primemart)

Miss the days when curved TV displays were all the rage? Why not buy smart TVs in Singapore from a brand that brings out the best of curved TV screens! While it doesn’t come with state-of-the-art QLED technology, the Samsung NU7300 Series 7 (available on Primemart) is still worth your attention because of its aesthetic appeal and handy features that’ll complement your overall entertainment options.

The most impressive feature of the NU7300 is its fantastic HD to UHD upscaling capabilities to optimise it for 4K resolutions! With added features like reduced input lag during Gaming Mode and highly responsive Tizen Smart Hub operating system, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better smart TV with a curved display at this price.

Incredible smart TV experiences await

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