Smart Homes In Singapore: How To Spruce Up Your Pad With Nifty Gadgets

Smart Home Singapore Amazon Echo Gen 2
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Home automation is all the craze these days. Every year, tech companies are expanding their applications to a new corner of the home. It’s especially good for homemakers and people working home based jobs in Singapore. Smart home devices are making home appliances a lot more manageable and convenient. Sooner or later you won’t even have to get off your couch to do a single thing! But till then, get an early experience of smart homes in Singapore with these devices:

Live like Tony Stark with a smart speaker

Since its release, smart speakers like Amazon Echo have been finding their way into homes. With virtual assistants like Alexa, users can get any information on the fly. Amazon has since upgraded their smart speaker with the 2nd generation of the Amazon Echo.

Smart Home Singapore Amazon Echo Gen 2
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The new Echo boasts seven microphones with noise cancellation technology. The omni-directional speaker of the Echo also provides great sound from any angle. But the biggest one-up for the Echo is its compatibility with most 3rd party smart home devices. Need Alexa to turn your TV off? Chances are, it can! Talk about a home automation boost for smart homes in Singapore.

Smart Home Singapore Google Home Device
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But if you’re looking for something with more information depth, then try Google Home. Google has been giving Amazon a run for its money with its virtual assistant, the Google Assistant. It goes without say that Google is THE number one resource for all online information. It’s especially good if you’re currently considering home based jobs in Singapore. Google Home and Google Assistant will be the perfect companion at every corner of your home.

Handsfree entry with a smart digital lock

A smart home in Singapore greets its visitors with a smart digital lock at the door. It works like your traditional lock but with extra entry options. With a smart digital lock, enjoy keyless entry via RFID tags, fingerprints and pin numbers. Some smart digital locks can even be controlled by virtual assistants like Alexa!

Smart Home Singapore Samsung Digital Lock
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Need a brand to begin with? Try Samsung’s smart digital locks. The SHP lock series features unique innovations in smart digital lock technology. Take the Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP930 for example. It allows you to make an entry via RFID tag, fingerprint and the traditional keys. The lock even features a handle for folks who often have their hands full. Simply push or pull the lock to gain entry. No longer will you have to put your goods down to turn a door knob. But that’s not even the best feature of the SHP-DP930!

Smart Home Singapore Samsung Connect Home
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The best part is that it has Samsung Smart Home capabilities. What’s that? Well, with a ‘Samsung Connect Home’ device, you can control your digital lock even when you’re overseas! All you need is a good WiFi connection which the Connect Home already provides. With the Samsung digital lock, even the door is part of your home automation.

Often buy from Shopee Singapore? You’ll need a smart doorbell camera then

Don’t stop at smart digital locks, get a smart doorbell camera too! Smart doorbell cameras bring home automation to your front doors by letting you remotely attend to visitors. This is ideal for users who often order food deliveries or make online purchases.

Smart Home Singapore Digoo Smart Doorbell
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The Digoo DoorBell is a good smart doorbell to begin with. It allows you to view your visitor from your smartphone. You can even share the viewing with family members so they can attend to a visitor if you’re unavailable.

Smart Home Singapore Digoo Smart Doorbell
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The Digoo DoorBell is also able to record videos so you can view the playback if needed. The smart doorbell camera is capable of motion detection too! It will activate at the presence of any visitor – expected or unexpected. With a smart doorbell camera, your smart home in Singapore is always ready for visitors.

Beef up your security with an IP camera

Feeling a little unsafe? Well don’t be! With a wireless camera for the home, you can always keep track of any events that go on while you’re away. IP cameras work like traditional CCTVs but with more security functions. With a WiFi connection, you can take quick peeks into your home via an app on your smartphone. Most of these IP cameras also come with night vision so that nothing slips past in the dark!

Smart Home Singapore Xiaomi Mi IP Camera

A quick recommendation would be the Xiaomi xiaofang 1080PNight Vision WiFi IP Camera. It is an indoor IP camera that has the basic functions of its kind but with a few innovations of its own. An example would be its motion and smoke detectors. The IP camera will trigger an alarm or alert you while you are away when something is amiss. It even has a two-way audio function so that you can talk to anyone through the IP camera via your smartphone. The Xiaomi IP Camera even has magnetic bracket for positioning on metallic surfaces.

Smart Home Singapore Netgear Arlo Camera
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But if you’re looking to beef up your security, then go with the Netgear Arlo Base Station. The base station provides a central control for all Netgear Arlo IP cameras. It boosts the WiFi reach and connection stability for any of the Arlo IP cameras around your home. It works in an additive way as well. You can buy more Arlo IP camera to expand your surveillance reach around your room. Each IP camera has features like the Xiaomi IP camera that allows you to have a presence at home while you’re away.

Brighten your home with smart lights

Another way to create a smart home in Singapore is to get smart lights! All you need is to download the companion app on your smartphone and you’re ready to get some funky lighting. It’s also a good gift idea for people working in a home based job in Singapore. Help a loved one or a friend achieve their peak productivity with the best ambient lighting!

Smart Home Singapore Philips Hue Set
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A popular smart light would be the Philips Hue. Philips has created  a smart light that provides the perfect lighting for any mood. The Philips Hue even comes with a wide range of colour options! Just shift the colour selector on the app to purple and bam! Purple lighting!

Smart Home Singapore Philips Hue Bulb
(Credit: le.accessories)

If you are planning to get more than one Philips Hue, then it’ll do you good to get a Philips Hue Bridge as well! What does it do? It’s a home automation device that allows you to control all Philips Hue smart lights around the home. You can even configure certain settings for mood lighting. Whether it’s lighting for a party or a romantic date night, you can easily get the mood lighting you need!

Smart Home Singapore Philips Hue Bridge

Speaking about smart lights…why not get a smart light switch too?

If you aren’t keen on the Philips Hue, you can still achieve smart lights with a smart light switch! Smart light switches allow you to control your lights from anywhere like the Hue Bridge. The difference is that you don’t need a Philips Hue – making it cheaper with your existing home lighting.

Smart Home Singapore Sonoff Smart Light Switch

If you’re looking for a smart light switch in Singapore, consider getting the Sonoff T1 Wall Touch Switch. With this smart light switch, you can schedule your lighting to go on and off at different times of the day. It’s even compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant! You know what that means: voice controlled lighting. What better way to define a smart home in Singapore than being able to command the lights with your voice?

Need a smart switch for everything else? Try a smart plug!

Smart Home Singapore TP Link Smart Plug Display

Expand your home automation efforts with a smart plug. Smart plugs let you control the power supply of home appliances besides lights. Need a recommendation? Then try the TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug! All you need is the free Kasa App that goes with the smart plug and you can enjoy wireless control of the power supply. You can even schedule the power supply like the smart light switch! It even comes with ‘Away Mode’. What’s that? It’s a feature that  simulates your presence at home while you’re out of the house – good for folks living in unsafe areas.

Smart Home Singapore TP Link Smart Plug

The TP-Link Smart Plug also works well with virtual assistants – expanding the voice activation capabilities of your home appliances. Worried about your monthly electricity bills? With the TP-Link Smart Plug you can track the power consumption of your home appliances. Smart plugs are also ideal for people with home based jobs in Singapore. Their daily power consumption can be quite an issue for the electricity bills. But with a smart plug, they can keep track of their power consumption. So make your smart home in Singapore a home with excellent power saving capabilities!

Tired of house chores? Automate it with a robot vacuum!

Smart Home Singapore IRobot Roomba Smart Vacuum

Yup, you can even automate house cleaning. With the robot vacuum cleaner, all you need is to turn the device on and enjoy effortless cleaning! Get yourself a robot vacuum like the iRobot Roomba. It’s a hit in the USA and it can be a hit for smart homes in Singapore too! With the iRobot Roomba, you can schedule cleaning times, configure cleaning preferences and even track the cleaning performance of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Smart Home Singapore IRobot Roomba Smart Vacuum

Best part? It’s virtual assistant compatible too. Communicate with your iRobot Roomba through virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. Home automation just got a boom with tech that lets you communicate with a vacuum cleaner!

It’s time to step into the future with these smart home devices

Even if you aren’t working from a home based job in Singapore, you’ll have to get on the smart home trend sooner or later! Where should you start? A smart speaker would be good. With more devices working with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, it’s best to get your smart home ready for the future of home automation.

Just got the keys to your BTO? What a good timing! With a clean slate, you can easily apply any of these smart home devices! Need more furnishing ideas for your new home? Then check out our guide on things you didn’t know you need in your new home! Alright, enough reading! Time to start transforming your home into a smart home today!

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