Boost Your HP With The 24 Best Probiotics For Women

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Did you know that there are trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi living in our bodies? They reside primarily in our gut, where they perform important health functions such as supporting immunity and fighting inflammation. Probiotic supplements are highly popular today as they help to maintain optimal gut function. Not sure where to start? Read on for our guide to probiotics as well as our recommendations on the best probiotic supplements for women in Singapore! 

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Probiotics vs prebiotics: what is the difference?

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It’s easy to get confused between probiotics and prebiotics. While they are both beneficial to the gut and our overall health, they have different functions and work differently. In fact, they both need each other to perform their respective functions, as probiotics thrive and multiply with the help of prebiotics by feeding on them.

What is it? Where can they be found? How does it work? Benefits
Probiotic Live bacteria Foods such as kimchi, yoghurt, miso, and supplements Helps fight off harmful bacteria in your body, restoring a healthy balance Promotes a healthy digestive system and boosts immunity
Prebiotic Plant-based fibre Foods such as beans, oats, bananas, apples, onions, and garlic Resides in your lower digestive tract as it cannot be digested, acting as a source of food for healthy bacteria  Promotes the growth of good bacteria and help them work more effectively

What are the benefits of probiotics?

  • Boosts digestion & aids weight loss

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According to HealthLine, probiotics have been most widely researched for their impact on digestive health. Studies have shown that probiotics help to cure and prevent diarrhoea, fight irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as well as reduce bloating and constipation. Probiotics also help with weight loss.

  • Enhances immunity

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As probiotics help to prevent the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut, it helps to lower the risk of infections and boost immune function. Different probiotic strains help to combat different types of infections. For instance, Lactobacillus crispatus was shown to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs), while Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus was shown to reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

  • Builds skin health

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Want to achieve healthy, glowing skin? Apart from applying the best anti-ageing serums religiously, your diet matters too! Taking probiotics helps to balance the skin’s pH level and protect it against free radical damage caused by sun exposure. That’s why many probiotic supplements also claim to have anti-ageing effects.

  • Maintains a healthy heart 

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According to MedicalNewsToday, evidence shows that probiotic strains like Lactobacillus help reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. One of how this is achieved is via lactic acid-producing bacteria that break down bile (a fluid made of cholesterol) and prevents it from entering the bloodstream. To experience effects, it is recommended to consume probiotic supplements for at least eight weeks, with daily doses exceeding 10 million colony-forming units (CFUs).

  • Improves mental health

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Apart from physical health, a healthy gut also improves mood and mental health. Studies have shown that consistent consumption of probiotics helps to alleviate mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress.

What are the signs you need probiotics?

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While probiotics can be taken to improve general health, there are certain signs to look out for to determine whether you need them. Those who suffer from digestive issues like IBS, diarrhoea and gas are likely to benefit from taking probiotic supplements. Probiotics can also help those facing skin issues such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, as these conditions can be caused by poor digestion. Lastly, if you find yourself prone to falling ill, probiotics can help to build up your body’s ability to fight off bad bacteria, strengthening your immune system. However, it is important to take probiotics only after a round of antibiotics, as the latter helps to kill off both bad and healthy bacteria! 

How to choose the best probiotic supplement in Singapore?

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With so many probiotic supplements on the market, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. To help you narrow it down, here are a few factors to look out for:

  • Colony-forming units (CFUs)

CFUs refer to the number of viable bacteria per dose in probiotic supplements. According to HealthLine, studies have shown that it is recommended to take probiotics with at least 10 million viable CFUs per gram to reap benefits. This is the minimum amount required for live organisms to survive digestion.

  • Types of probiotics

If Bifidobacterium longum W11 sounds like Greek to you, you’re not alone. These three words are the name of probiotics – with the Bifidobacterium referring to the genus (a subdivision or group of bacteria), longum the species, and W11 the strain. 

Rule of thumb: the more types of probiotics a supplement contains, the merrier. Each type serves a different health purpose. For instance, Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most well-researched genus. It produces lactic acid which helps mitigate bad bacteria and aids the absorption of minerals. In addition, it is also the key type of probiotic to look out for if you are buying probiotics for women’s vaginal health. It helps to establish healthy vaginal balance and prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs).

  • Shelf life

You don’t want your probiotic supplements losing their potency after a short period, so check the expiry date labels to ensure that it has a long shelf life. While they won’t turn bad per se, they lose their efficacy. A good baseline is one to two years for a good quality probiotic supplement.

Best probiotic supplements in Singapore for general gut health and immunity

1. Holistic Way Probiotic Acidophilus Complex

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(Credit: Holistic Way Official Store)

If you’re looking for a no-frills probiotic supplement, the Holistic Way Probiotic Acidophilus Complex (available on Holistic Way Official Store) is a good place to start. The popular supplement comes packed with 12 different probiotic strains – that’s 30 billion CFUs of active probiotic cells!

These probiotics, also termed “healthy bacteria”, help to boost digestion and maintain a balanced gut. A huge plus point for this Holistic Way probiotic is that it also contains prebiotic, which helps to break down complex food molecules. Say goodbye to that post-lunch food belly with this best-loved probiotic in Singapore! 

2. 21st Century Probiotics

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(Credit: 21st Century Official Store)

Maintaining good health doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Case in point – the 21st Century Probiotics (available on the 21st Century Official Store). This probiotic comes in at only $10 for a bottle of 30 capsules that’s good to last you for a month. With 8 billion CFUs per capsule, this is also one of the best probiotic supplements in Singapore for those who are just starting to incorporate probiotics into their daily diet!

The 21st Century Probiotics contains four well-researched probiotic strains, including 2 billion CFUs of Streptococcus thermophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. They help balance intestinal pH and inhibit the growth of H.Pylori, which is known to cause gastric problems. 

3. DUOLAC Care Probiotic Capsules

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(Credit: Aurigamart Official Store)

The DUOLAC Care Probiotics Capsules (available on Aurigamart Official Store) are known for their patented coating technology, a dual-coating formula that ensures that the probiotics have a higher survival rate in the gut.

The DUOLAC Care Probiotics also contains a scientifically-optimised ratio of probiotic strains for best results. For instance, it consists of 51% lactic acid bacteria and 49% bifidobacterium, which work together to enhance immunity and maintain a healthy digestive system. Packed with 6 clinically-trialled probiotic strains fortified with vitamin C, these DUOLAC probiotics definitely earn its spot on our list of best probiotics in Singapore!

4. Simply Japan Patented Probiotics Powder

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(Credit: iQueen Official Store)

Finding it hard to clock in your daily dose of fruits and vegetables? Keep your health in check with the Simply Japan Patented Probiotics Powder (available on iQueen Official Store)! This probiotic supplement is formulated with 19 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, all packed into one convenient sachet.

It also contains oligolactose, a type of prebiotic that assists the growth of healthy bacteria, as well as Rhizoctonia belfast, an ingredient that provides live bacteria with resistance to gastric acid. Boasting 360 billion CFUs of probiotics, this probiotics powder definitely earns its spot on the list of the best probiotics for women in Singapore!

5. OXYZ GUT+ Probiotic 

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(Credit: OXYZ Health)

Start your day right with OXYZ GUT+ Probiotic (available on OXYZ Health), a leading probiotic supplement used to target Helicobacter pylori bacteria and alleviate gut-related problems such as heartburn, acid reflux and bloating. The probiotic is loaded with 20 billion CFU of Pylopass, a Denmark-patented strain of healthy bacteria.

This probiotic specifically binds to H. Pylori through a unique “lock and flush” mechanism, flushing it out of your system without upending the microbial balance of your gut. Each capsule is also loaded with 200mg of dietary fibre and prebiotics to strengthen your gut health. As a natural and safe alternative to antibiotics, it’s no wonder the OXYZ+ Gut Probiotic is one of the best probiotics in Singapore for a stronger tummy! 

6. Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster 

kinohitmisu bio booster best probiotic singapore
(Credit: Kinohimitsu Official Store)

Suffering from lingering effects of Covid-19 like brain fog and a weakened digestive system? Nourish your body with the Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster (available on Kinohimitsu Official Store)! Developed by Kinohitmitsu, a leading name in the health and beauty supplement space, the Bio-Booster is made from a proprietary blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and amino acids.

This supplement can enhance the body’s absorption power by over two times, enabling you to obtain the full benefits of nutrients from your diet! It is also coated with three layers of protective film that help to ensure that the healthy bacteria reaches your gut in an active and living state. The Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster is definitely one of the best all-rounder probiotic supplements in Singapore! 

7. BRAND’S Innershine Pre + Probiotics

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(Credit: BRAND’S Health Supplements Official Store)

Searching for a probiotic supplement suitable for both adults and children? Look no further than BRAND’S Innershine Pre + Probiotics (available on BRAND’S Health Supplements Official Store)! Developed by the folks behind best-loved BRAND’S chicken essence, the Innershine Pre + Probiotics contains a unique blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and fibre to help improve bowel movement and ease digestion.

This BRAND’S probiotic supplement is gentle on the stomach, making it suitable for children as young as four years old. Best part? This probiotic supplement can be stirred with water, tossed with salad, and even sprinkled over dessert – perfect for fussy eaters! 

8. Blackmores Ultra Max Probiotics+ 30 Billion 

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(Credit: Blackmores Official Store)

It’s more the merrier when it comes to healthy bacteria in probiotic supplements. That’s why the Blackmores Ultra Max Probiotics+ 30 Billion (available on Blackmores Official Store) will be your best bet! Each capsule contains 30 billion good bacteria – you’d have to eat 30 cups of yoghurt for the same amount of probiotics!

This Blackmores probiotic not only contains five clinically-trialled probiotic strains to improve overall gastrointestinal health, but also a prebiotic to serve as a source of nutrition for the good bacteria in your gut. The probiotics also remain live and active with or without refrigeration, making this one of the best probiotics in Singapore for frequent travellers. 

9. LABO Nutrition Mulbiotic 

labo nutrition mulbiotic best probiotic singapore
(Credit: Lifestream Group Official Store)

Looking for a multipurpose probiotic supplement? We got you. Formulated with 100% organic ingredients, the LABO Nutrition Mulbiotic (available on Lifestream Group Official Store) is both keto and vegan-friendly. This probiotic supplement is made up of a proprietary blend of shelf-stable LactoSpore probiotics and Fenumannan prebiotics. These ingredients work to keep your blood sugar level from spiking after high-carb meals, improving your overall gut health.

The supplement is further enhanced by the inclusion of mulberry leaf extract, a superfood proven to slow down glucose absorption and aid in maintaining cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Best part? The LABO Nutrition Mulbiotic is also suitable for weight-watchers looking to control their sugar and carb cravings. The Mulbiotic is definitely one of the best probiotics in Singapore for those looking for all-rounded health benefits! 

10. LACTOGG Probiotic Capsules 

lactogg probiotic capsules best probiotics singapore
(Credit: Watsons Singapore Official Store)

If your child is always plagued by gut problems like diarrhoea, we recommend giving LACTOGG Probiotic Capsules (available on Watsons Singapore Official Store) a go. These child-friendly probiotics are gentle on the tummy and can help to alleviate acute diarrhoea in babies and children. It can also help to strengthen the immune system and guard against future infection.

For parents with fussier eaters, these probiotic capsules can also be dissolved in room-temperature milk, or mixed into food. Standing in as a great alternative to antibiotics, the LACTOGG Probiotic Capsules definitely has our stamp of approval as one of the best probiotics for young children in Singapore! 

11. GreenLife Probiotic Daily 15B 

greenlife probiotic best probiotics singapore
(Credit: Onelife Official Store)

Are you looking for a high-strength, no-nonsense probiotic to support both your digestive health and immune system? Consider the GreenLife Probiotic Daily 15B (available on Onelife Official Store). Manufactured by industry-leading probiotic specialist DuPont, this GreenLife probiotic supplement contains 15 billion CFUs of key probiotic strains.

Whether you’re suffering from a poor diet, battling with alcohol overconsumption, or simply dealing with a lot of stress, the GreenLife Probiotic Daily 15B will be your best bet in terms of protecting your gut microflora and supporting your immune system. Say hello to a healthier you with this best-loved probiotic supplement in Singapore today! 

12. Eu Yan Sang Gastro-Immune Probiotics

eu yang sang probiotic best probiotic singapore
(Credit: Eu Yan Sang Singapore Official Store)

Got old folks at home who are health supplement skeptics? Win them over with the Eu Yan Sang Gastro-Immune Probiotics (available on Eu Yan Sang Singapore Official Store)! Produced by well-known Chinese medicine purveyor Eu Yan Sang, these probiotics come jam-packed with 10 billion patented Lactobacillus plantarum strains per capsule to aid in the absorption of essential nutrients during digestion. This helps to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal infections common in the elderly.

To top it off, these probiotics are also formulated with vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc to meet your daily nutritional needs! The Eu Yan Sang Gastro-Immune Probiotic can even be taken together with TCM supplements to maximise its immune-boosting benefits. If that isn’t enough to convince you that this is one of the best probiotic supplements in Singapore, we don’t know what will! 

13. Biofinest Probiotic 50 Billion CFU Enzyme Supplement 

biofinest probiotic best probiotic singapore
(Credit: BioFinest Official Store)

If you’re looking for probiotic supplements suitable for the whole family, the Biofinest Probiotic 50 Billion CFU Enzyme Supplement (available on BioFinest Official Store) is a great option. The supplement comes packed with 12 probiotic strains, on top of three bile-resistant prebiotics to aid in digestion and relieve gut issues like bloating and constipation.

This vegan-friendly probiotic is suitable for all genders and ages, and comes free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, fillers, antibiotics, preservatives, and allergens like soy and dairy. These Biofinest probiotics are also not oversized and easy to swallow, making this perfect for both the young and old. Guard your family from digestive disorders today with one of the best probiotic supplements on the market! 

14. Nano Singapore Probiotics 40 Billion CFU 

nano singapore probiotic best probiotics singapore

(Credit: Nano Singapore Official Store)

Probiotic supplements don’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket. Enter the Nano Singapore Probiotics 40 Billion CFU (available on Nano Singapore Official Store). Developed by award-winning Singaporean wellness brand Nano Singapore, these affordably-priced probiotics come packed with 40 billion CFU to improve your appetite, digestive functions, and overall gut health.

These Nano Singapore probiotics are protected by a layer of brown seaweed extract and complex marine polysaccharides, along with a proprietary buffering system to prevent stomach acid from killing the healthy bacteria. To top it off, the probiotics used generally boast a higher survival rate, ensuring that you absorb all the benefits! Just two capsules of these robiotics a day will do the trick. Best part? These babies come in less than $30 for a months’ worth of capsules – total steal, we’d say! 

15. Lactomin Advance+ Probiotics 

lactomin probiotic best probiotics singapore
(Credit: Glovida)

If you’re looking for a trusted holistic probiotic supplement, the Lactomin Advance+ Probiotic (available on Glovida) is the way to go. Originating from Korea, this widely-acclaimed probiotic boasts boasts a unique, USA-patented combination of probiotic strains (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Longum and Streptococcus Faecalis) that can help improve your overall gut health.

This Lactomin probiotic stands out, however, for its wide-ranging benefits for the immune system, along with heart, nerve and muscle health. Formulated with multiple B and D vitamins, the Lactomin Advance+ Probiotic is definitely one of the best multi-action probiotic supplements in Singapore to support your digestive health and immune system! 

16. Xndo Probiotics 13 Strains with Enzyme 

xndo probiotics best probiotics singapore
(Credit: XNDO Official Store)

If you’re a fan of citrus-flavoured vitamin drinks, the Xndo Probiotics 13 Strains with Enzyme (available on XNDO Official Store) will be right up your alley. This drinkable probiotic supplement is formulated with naturally-fermented fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs using advanced Microorganism Symbiosis Fermentation Technology.

This natural fermentation process in turn creates a potent cocktail of probiotics, enzymes, B vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids that help to restore healthy bacteria in your gut, improve digestive balance, and promote a healthier metabolism rate. Healthy, all-natural, and super yummy? Consider us sold! 

Overview of the best probiotic supplements in Singapore for general gut health and immunity 

Probiotic supplement CFUs Number of probiotic strains Additional key ingredients Best for Price per bottle
Holistic Way Probiotic Acidophilus Complex 75 billion 12 Immunity and digestion $43 (30 capsules)
21st Century Probiotics 8 billion 4 Immunity and digestion $8.50 (30 capsules)
DUOLAC Care Probiotics 5 billion 6 Vitamin C and prebiotics Immunity and digestion $96 (60 capsules)
Simply Japan Patented Probiotics 360 billion 15 Rhizoctonia Belfast, prebiotic and vegetable enzyme Immunity and digestion $24.90 (30 sachets)
OXYZ GUT+ Probiotic  20 billion 1 Prebiotics and dietary fibre Digestion and gut health $126 (30 capsules)
Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster  50 billion 15 Prebiotics and amino acids Immunity and digestion  $39.90 (30 sachets)
BRAND’S Innershine Pre + Probiotics 50 billion 2 Prebiotics and dietary fibre Immunity and digestion  $127.25 (90 sachets)
Blackmores Ultra Max Probiotics+ 30 Billion 30 billion 5 Prebiotic  Immunity and digestion  $48 (30 capsules)
LABO Nutrition Mulbiotic  50 billion Mulberry leaf extract and prebiotic Cardiovascular health and digestion $39.90 (30 sachets)
LACTOGG Probiotic Capsules  20 billion 1 Dietary fibre Immunity and digestion  $69 (30 capsules) 
GreenLife Probiotic Daily 15B  15 billion 3 Digestion and gut health $25.15 (30 capsules)
Eu Yan Sang Gastro-Immune Probiotics 10 billion 2 Vitamin C, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate, Vitamin A acetate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12  Immunity and digestion  $69 (30 capsules)
Biofinest Probiotic 50 Billion CFU Enzyme Supplement  50 billion 12 Prebiotics and dietary fibre Immunity and digestion  $49.95 (120 capsules)
Nano Singapore Probiotics 40 Billion CFU 40 billion 15  Cellulose, rice maltodextrin, amino acid  Immunity and digestion  $25.90 (30 capsules) 
Lactomin Advance+ Probiotics 3 billion Vitamin B1, B2,  B5, B6, B9, and D3 Immunity and digestion $39 (30 capsules)
Xndo Probiotics 13 Strains with Enzyme 30 billion 13 Enzymes Digestion and gut health $71.80 (30 sachets)

Best probiotic supplements in Singapore for vaginal health

17. Phytotics Yellow Probiotics and Zinc For Women

phytotics yellow probiotics best probiotics singapore

The proof is in the pudding, they say, and the Phytotics Yellow Probiotics and Zinc (available on PHYTOTICS) has certainly established its efficacy with countless glowing reviews. It is formulated by Korean pharmacists to prevent common symptoms women encounter such as abnormal discharge, period pain, and vaginal itch. This is made possible with four patented strains in the Phytotics Yellow Probiotics, such as Lactobacillus fermentum.

To top it off, this probiotic also contains zinc to help enhance immunity and keep blood sugar levels stable. It’s no wonder the Phytotics Yellow Probiotics and Zinc is considered to be one of the best, multi-action probiotics for women’s vaginal health! 

18. Sorbus Women’s Care Probiotics

sorbus women probiotics best probiotics for women vaginal health singapore
(Credit: Sorbus Official Mall)

Fans of Song Ji Hyo might already be familiar with Sorbus, a brand that she endorses. The Sorbus Women’s Care Probiotics (available on Sorbus Official Mall) is one of the best probiotics for women’s vaginal health that you can find in Singapore. It contains 27 billion CFUs of probiotics, including Lactobacillus fermentum which supports both digestive and vaginal health.

As one of the leading Korean beauty supplement brands, this probiotic supplement also contains collagen and hyaluronic acid to boost skin moisture and maintain youthfulness. Furthermore, the Sorbus probiotics are packed in a patented, shelf-stable bottle designed to keep out moisture, light, and oxygen. This prolongs its shelf life and guarantees that the probiotic cultures remain effective! 

19. GreenLife Probio Health For Women

greenlife probio for women best probiotics for women vaginal health singapore
(Credit: Onelife Official Store)

Ask any lady who has experienced UTIs and chances are they’ll tell you that it’s absolute hell. The good news? Probiotics such as lactobacilli have been proven to reduce the risk of developing one. Add probiotics to your diet with the GreenLife Probio Health for Women (available on Onelife Official Store)!

This best-loved probiotic targeting women’s vaginal health also contains cranberry extract, an ingredient known to help in preventing UTIs. In addition, the GreenLife Probio Health is also packed with prebiotics to further support the growth of healthy vaginal flora. That’s why it is one of the best probiotic supplements in Singapore for women’s vaginal health! 

20. Optibac Probiotics For Women

optibac probiotics best probiotics for women vaginal health singapore
(Credit: OptiBac Probiotics Official Store)

Backed by over 25 studies and 30 years of research, the OptiBac Probiotics for Women (available on OptiBac Probiotics Official Store) is a product that you can trust. Containing probiotic strains naturally found in healthy vaginal microbiomes, this supplement is specifically geared towards improving vaginal microbiome health.

These strains help to inhibit UTIs, as well as other vaginal illnesses such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis. The shelf-stable OptiBac probiotics for women is definitely one of the best probiotics for women’s vaginal health!

21. Simply Cranberry + Women’s Probiotics 

simply womens probiotic best probiotics for women vaginal health singapore
(Credit: iQueen Official Store)

Another frontrunner in the probiotic supplements for women space is the Simply Cranberry + Women’s Probiotics (available on iQueen Official Store). Developed by highly-raved health and beauty supplement brand iQueen, these probiotic tablets contain Lactobacillus helveticus and Lactiplantibacillus plantarum, bacterial strains specifically geared towards protecting feminine health.

On top of that, the tablets also contain 10 billion CFUs of USA-patented probiotics, pineapple enzymes, and cranberry extract. Available in easy-to-swallow tablets, these probiotics are guaranteed to be your best friend in terms of fending off troublesome infections! 

Overview of the best probiotic supplements in Singapore for women’s vaginal health

Probiotic supplement CFUs Number of probiotic strains Additional key ingredients Best for Price per bottle
Phytotics Yellow Probiotics and Zinc 3 billion 7 Zinc and prebiotic Vaginal health $29 (30 capsules)
Sorbus Women’s Care Probiotics 27 billion 9 Prebiotics, fish collagen, hyaluronic acid Skin health and immunity $29 (30 capsules)
GreenLife Probio Health for Women 18 billion 2 Cranberry extract and prebiotic Vaginal health $31.70 (30 capsules)
OptiBac Probiotics For Women 2.3 billion 2 Vaginal health $58.10 (30 capsules)
Simply Cranberry + Women’s Probiotics 10 billion 15 Rose Hip Extract, D-Mannose, Cranberry Extract, Green Tea Extract, Roselle Extract Powder, Enzymes, Persimmon Extract Vaginal health $31.50 (30 capsules) 

Best probiotic supplements in Singapore for skin health

22. AFC CHO Renew

afc cho renew probiotics best probiotics singapore
(Credit: Lifestream Group Official Store)

To glow from within, incorporate the AFC CHO Renew (available on Lifestream Group Official Store) into your skincare routine. It is one of the best probiotics for women in Singapore that boasts 170 billion CFUs of probiotics in each capsule! It is mainly formulated with lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, which are the two most studied bacteria that benefit our bodies.

In addition, the AFC CHO Renew is also jam-packed with other goodies such as silk peptides which replenish skin barrier function, as well as prebiotics such as inulin to allow probiotics to multiply and grow in the gut.

23. Youguth Probiotics Lady Charming Up

youguth probiotics best probiotics singapore
(Credit: Youguth Probiotics Official Store)

We can’t have a list of the best probiotics for women in Singapore without mentioning the Youguth Probiotics Lady Charming Up (available on Youguth Probiotics Official Store). This powerhouse that hails from Korea contains an impressive 100 billion CFUs in each sachet. There are also five different probiotic strains including Streptococcus thermophilus, which helps improve lactose digestion, as well as Lactobacillus Plantarum, which helps to reduce inflammation.

If you’re looking for a high strength probiotic supplement, this one makes the cut! Apart from probiotics to build up gut health, this Youguth probiotic is also enriched with collagen and vitamin C to help maintain youthful skin. In addition, it comes in easy-to-eat powder form and has a yummy lemon flavour!

24. Essential Women Halal Multivitamin For Women 

Essential Women Halal Multivitamin For Women best probiotic singapore
(Credit: VitaminMall)

Can’t stay on top of taking multiple health and beauty supplements everyday? You’d love the Essential Women Halal Multivitamin For Women (available on VitaminMall). This halal-certified serves as a probiotic supplement, enzyme supplement, skin whitening supplement, and even an anti-aging supplement! Each tablet comes packed with probiotics to enhance your digestive health, along with CoQ10 that can help lower blood pressure.

In addition, these multi-action probiotics contain L-Glutathione, an antioxidant shown to have skin whitening benefits, as well as hyaluronic acid that does wonders in terms of protecting your skin from the effects of ageing. Formulated with 29 essential nutrients for women, the Essential Multivitamin is definitely one of the best holistic probiotic supplements with skin benefits that you can get in Singapore!

Overview of the best probiotics in Singapore for skin health

Probiotic supplement CFUs Number of probiotic strains Additional key ingredients Best for Price per bottle
AFC CHO Renew 170 billion 2 Prebiotics and silk peptides Skin health and immunity $37.60 (15 sachets)
Youguth Probiotics Lady Charming Up 100 billion  5 Vitamin C and fish collagen Skin health and immunity $55 (30 sachets)
Essential Women Halal Multivitamin For Women  11 billion 3 Vitamins A, C, D3, E, K1, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, K, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Glutathione, Zinc, CoQ10  Skin health and digestion $49.90 (60 tablets)

Say hello to a healthier you with the best probiotics in Singapore 

You know what they say: health is wealth. We’re certain you know where to start now in terms of guarding your gut health. However, taking care of your health isn’t all about dietary supplements – maintaining a balanced diet is half the battle. Give the unhealthy office canteen food a miss with our list of keto-friendly meal delivery services! Want to learn more about other health products to boost your HP bar? Check out our roundup of the best chaga mushroom products to boost your immune system. Psst, check out the ongoing 11.11 Big Sale for extra savings on top-rated health products!

This article was updated on 15 June 2022. Additional research done by Rachel Tan.