16 Best Sofas That Are So-Far, So Shiok For Naps

We all need a good and comfortable sofa — one where we can spend hours watching Netflix, have cosy afternoon naps, or chill with friends and family. A sofa is also arguably the centerpiece of your living room, so you’ll want it to look stylish and make a good first impression. From large L-shaped sofas to space-saving foldable sofa beds, read on to find out how to pick a couch and our roundup on where to buy the best sofas in Singapore!

Tips for picking the best sofa in Singapore

navy blue couch living room bohemian interior
(Credit: Andrea Davis / Unsplash)

Since a sofa occupies the most space in your living area, it is important to get one that best suits your needs and preferences. Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing a sofa: 

  • Living room size constraints

Whatever it comes to checking if a sofa fits well in your living space, the 2:3 rule is important. Your sofa should occupy about two thirds the size of the entire room. If you decide to add in a coffee table it should be two thirds the size of the sofa (if no chaise) or one third to half the size of the sofa if it has a chaise. If you don’t have the luxury of a spacious living room, fret not — we’ve included other smaller sofas that are equally as comfortable and stylish below!

  • Family size

If you have a big family of four or more, then getting a large family sofa would make sense to fit as many people as possible. Meanwhile, if you just live with your significant other, then an L-shaped sofa might be a better, more compact choice.

  • Colour

Mismatched furniture colours can be a great turnoff so it is crucial to choose a sofa that complements your overall home decor. For instance, if you have a loud wallpaper design on your wall, then having a neutral coloured sofa would be best or your space will look messy. Similarly, if your floor is of a dark hue, then you should go for a sofa with white or light shades to balance out the colours. 

  • Material 

Getting a sofa that is made of durable materials is also another crucial factor. Consider getting synthetic fabric sofas since it is more durable than other fabrics and can last for years. Otherwise, leather sofas are a good choice too as they do not absorb smells or odors and will surely amp up your home aesthetic by a notch! 

  • Purpose 

Are you using your sofa solely for watching TV with your family? If so, then a large L-shaped one would be good so as to accommodate as many people as possible. But if you’re intending to take regular naps on it, then a foldable sofa bed might be a better choice.

Now that you know what to consider before getting a sofa, the next question would be where to buy these sofas! Here’s our list of the best sofas in Singapore to take your daily afternoon nap or have your next K-drama marathon. Made with the highest quality materials and priced affordably, you will be spoilt for choice! 

Best sofas in Singapore for big families

1. Angelo Green Velvet Sofa

Angelo Green Velvet Sofa
(Credit: Megafurniture Official Store)

No matter your family size, the Angelo Green Velvet Sofa (available on Megafurniture Official Store) can surely accommodate everyone. This spacious couch comes in a sleek green velvet design that’s ultra-posh, making it one of the best sofas in Singapore to fit your luxurious home interior. A common misconception about velvet sofas is that they are hard to clean and maintain. On the contrary, velvet sofas are just as durable and easy to maintain as fabric couches! Simply vacuum away any crumbs or dust on the surface and use a lint-free damp cloth to remove stubborn stains.  

2. V.HIVE Jessica Sofa

V.HIVE Jessica Sofa - best sofa in singapore
(Credit: V.HIVE Official Store)

No space for an L-shape sofa? Fret not! You can always get a sofa recliner with retractable leg rests such as the V.HIVE Jessica Sofa (available on V.HIVE Official Store). With a simple kick, you can retract the leg rest to free up more space — an awesome feature for smaller apartments! As one of the best sofas in Singapore, it is made of genuine composite air leather which is waterproof and not prone to cracking. You don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling your coke while binge watching Netflix again! 

3. Janice L-Shape Sofa

Janice L-Shape Sofa
(Credit: Gain City Official Store)

Wondering where to buy a sofa that’s comfortable yet of good quality? The Janice L-Shape Sofa (available on Gain City Official Store) is another viable option that doesn’t compromise on essential features. Like other best sofas in Singapore, it is made of high quality fabric that is softer and cooler than other materials — perfect for our Singapore weather. Additionally, if you want to rest those sore tired legs after a long day at work, its useful L-shape design provides extra leg space for you to stretch your legs, kick back and unwind. 

4. YHL Fanni Sofa

YHL Fanni Sofa

If you’re looking for where to buy the best sofas in Singapore that are affordable yet comfortable, look no further than the YHL Fanni Sofa (available on YHL BED N MATTRESS)! Made of faux leather, you don’t have to worry about the colour fading as it is UV resistant. It also boasts a high-density foam cushion that ensures maximum comfort — great for couch potatoes. Furthermore, the sofa boasts tasteful aesthetics with subtle curved edges and eye-pleasing colours that will easily fit in any home interior theme!

5. Aurora Fabric L-Shape Sofa

Aurora Fabric L-Shape Sofa
(Credit: Megafurniture Official Store)

When it comes to choosing the best sofas in Singapore for families, L-shaped sofas are always a worthy buy as they can easily be modified and rearranged to fit into that awkward corner of your living room. The Aurora Fabric L-shaped Sofa (available on Megafurniture Official Store) might be one you can consider thanks to its high quality fabric and solid internal wood which promises to be a sturdy and durable piece of furniture. It is available in darker colours like brown and grey — great for those who need something aesthetically striking in a sea of white home decor. 

Pro Tip: Add some throw pillows for a Scandinavian vibe!

Best sofas in Singapore for small apartments

6. Heather Fabric Sofa

Heather Fabric Sofa - best sofas in singapore
(Credit: Megafurniture Official Store)

The Heather Fabric Sofa (available on Megafurniture Official Store) is definitely another frontrunner on our list of best sofas in Singapore. Bid adieu to scratchy sofa fabrics, the Heather is made of high quality fabric upholstery that’s extra soft and smooth. While the fabric is non-removable, its compact size and sleek design more than makes up for it. And if you’re adamant about cleaning this couch once in a while, a good dust mite vacuum will do the trick! 

7. YHL Excellent L-Shape Sofa

YHL Excellent L-Shape Sofa - best sofas in singapore

Looking for an L-shape sofa made from faux leather? The YHL Excellent L-Shape Sofa (available on YHL BED N MATTRESS), which is one of the best sofas in Singapore, would be an excellent choice! The smooth and comfortable faux leather fabric runs through the entire couch seamlessly from the backrest to the chaise. This gives the couch a high-end appeal despite costing less than $500 — what a steal! Thanks to its comfortable faux leather fabric, the sofa does not retain much heat (even if you go for dark colours), making it optimal to take a power nap on a humid afternoon.

8. Mokum Sofa 

Mokum Sofa - best sofas in singapore
(Credit: Zest Livings

There’s no need to splurge on a staycation for a romantic date. You can simply cuddle up with your significant other on a cosy couch like the Mokum Sofa (available on Zest Livings) and watch a movie instead. As one of the best sofas in Singapore, it is made of 100% faux leather that is lighter and cooling to the touch. The best part about the Mokum Sofa is its 1.5 seater design — spacious for one person, and cosy for two! Moreover, at only 135cm wide, this sofa will fit even without a hitch even in small studio apartments. 

9. TwentyOne Adam Faux Leather Sofa

TwentyOne Adam Faux Leather Sofa

Who said you can’t fulfil your couch dreams when you’re staying in a studio apartment? The TwentyOne Adam Faux Leather Sofa (available on TWENTYONE) is designed with small apartment owners in mind. As one of the best sofas in Singapore, its comfy cushion paddings are so soft that it can bring you instantly to dreamland. Meanwhile, its sturdy legs ensure the sofa’s strength and durability. While it has a relatively small dimension with a length of 152cm, its lower armrests provide for more space, such that it is spacious enough for two! 

10. Lazy Caterpillar Sofa

Lazy Caterpillar Sofa
(Credit: Kumayo)

Into the Japanese aesthetic and love the idea of tatami mats in your home? The Lazy Caterpillar Sofa (available on Kumayo) will be right up your alley! Available in white, brown and more, this is one of the best sofas in Singapore that’s perfect for those with small homes. It’s a single-seater, so you’ll be able to relish in the comfort of the entire sofa all by yourself. We especially love the leather material, which makes this sofa one of the easiest to clean. You won’t even have to worry about spillage since the material makes this waterproof!

Best foldable sofa beds in Singapore

11. mooZzz Gustav Sofa 

mooZzz Gustav Sofa
(Credit: mooZzz)

The beauty of foldable sofas like the mooZzz Gustav Sofa (available on mooZzz) is that they can double up as a bed for your guests or kids. Multipurpose furniture such as this are great if you’re big about space efficiency for your home. When folded up, this sofa’s compact size makes it great for those who live in smaller flats. When unfolded, the bed can accommodate up to two adults comfortably. In addition, this sofa is available in half a dozen colours including ash grey, powder blue and dusty pink. You’re bound to find a colour that suits your overall home aesthetic! 

12. mooZzz Samaris Sofa Bed

mooZzz Samaris Sofa Bed
(Credit: mooZzz)

The mooZzz Samaris Sofa Bed (available on mooZzz) is perhaps one of the classier looking foldable sofa beds, with its sleek yet simple design. During the day, it looks just like your ordinary sofa. And when the night falls, the Samaris Sofa Bed can easily be transformed into a spacious queen bed by pulling out the attachment below. There will be more than enough space for a fun slumber party with your friends! The mooZzz Samaris Sofa Bed is also made of washable fabric, so you don’t have to worry about stains and dirt. What’s more, there’s a wide range of colours you can choose from — think mocha, deep blue and ash grey. 

13. ZROM Fabric Sofa Bed

 ZROM Fabric Sofa Bed - best sofas in singapore
(Credit: ZROM Furniture Shop)

One look at the ZROM Fabric Sofa Bed (available on ZROM Furniture Shop) and the word ‘hipster’ might come to mind, thanks to its modernistic vibe and vibrant colours like lake green and light blue. Aesthetics aside, it is probably the usability of the ZROM Sofa Bed that makes it one of the best sofas in Singapore with its easy-to-fold design and rectangle-shaped size that fits well in small apartments. Filled with a high-density sponge, this sofa will retain its cushy feel for the years to come.

14. Japanese Tatami Folding Sofa Bed

. Japanese Tatami Folding Sofa Bed - best sofas in singapore
(Credit: Haitao Home Furnishing)

If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, then you might wanna consider getting the Japanese Tatami Folding Sofa Bed (available on Haitao Home Furnishing) which is compact and multi-purposed. When unfolded, this sofa bed resembles a Tatami, a traditional Japanese floor mat made out of straw. When folded, it serves as a comfy sofa perfect for slumber parties and midnight movies. Available in ten different colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice to pick one that suits your home decor best. This best sofa in Singapore is also easy to clean. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and voila, it’ll be looking as good as new again!

15. Peace Sofa Bed

Peace Sofa Bed best in singapore - best sofas in singapore
(Credit: Comfort Furniture)

Customizability is important when it comes to choosing the best foldable sofa beds in Singapore, which is why the Peace Sofa Bed (available on Comfort Furniture) makes a worthy purchase. In just three simple steps and the help of a tilted mechanism, you can unfold your TV couch into a bed for your next afternoon nap! With a strong support that can withstand heavy weights, you don’t have to worry even if your kids treat the couch as a trampoline. 

16. Viro Foldable Fabric Sofa Bed

Viro Foldable Fabric Sofa Bed - best sofas in singapore
(Credit: MYSEAT SG Official Store)

Where to buy sofa beds for your kids’ room? We’ve got the perfect solution for you — the Viro Foldable Fabric Sofa Bed (available on MYSEAT SG Official Store)! This fun piece of furniture will instantly brighten up your kids’ room with its funky design. It makes for a good relaxing couch for kids thanks to its lower height and compact size. Moreover, they can fit perfectly even in the cosiest of corners, truly a mark of one of the best sofas in Singapore. 

Cosy up in comfort on the best sofas in Singapore

We hope that this list has given you a better idea of where to buy the best sofas in Singapore that can help improve your home aesthetic and create a comfier space for you to unwind. If you’re looking for other premium alternatives, perhaps these best massage chairs in Singapore will fit the bit! Working from home? Browse through our list of best standing desks and best office chairs for better support and productivity. For other high quality furniture, do check out our Shopee Home Furniture Sale!