5 Best Office Chairs In Singapore For Maximum Comfort While Working

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With unending deadlines and writer’s block (well, from this writer at least), the last thing you need is posture and back issues to weigh you down.

That’s why office chairs in Singapore should not be dismissed as just any other type of office furniture. You’ll want to pick the ones that give you handy features like the best lumbar support and equal weight distribution so your spine and back are looked after! Read on for some handy tips on what to look out for in the best office chairs!

What should you look out for in an office chair?


best office chairs adjustability
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The last thing you’ll want after buying new office chairs in Singapore is a rigid chair that doesn’t conform to the natural curvature of your back. While having four separate levers might be a bit over the top, seat adjustability can make all the difference! From tweaking the seat’s height to angling the backrest, the best office chairs guarantee optimal comfort by letting you make minute adjustments for all aspects.

Lumbar and lower back support

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Experiencing lower back pain after long hours of sitting? That’s because sitting with your body slouched and shoulders hunched can place tremendous pressure on your lumbar region. Since most of us spend long hours at our desk, try looking out for office chairs in Singapore with quality lumbar support. Besides relieving lower back pressure, office chairs with lumbar support also come with optimal curvature for proper posture!

Breathable material

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Sometimes, it just takes one glance to know if a chair’s material is suitable for prolonged sitting. Although some of the best office chairs in Singapore utilise leather upholstery and padding, these materials tend to obstruct airflow, causing heat and sweat to build up over time. To avoid such discomfort, look out for chairs with mesh-like materials that encourage airflow and regulate your body temperature. 

Chair mobility

best office chairs mobility
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If you’re constantly dragging your chair along for impromptu meetings in the office, you’ll definitely appreciate a new office chair with easy maneuverability! While swivel mechanics are easily adjustable if the chair has the necessary levers, casters aren’t so simple. Our recommendation is to look out for wheels that fit your environment. Regardless of whether you’re rolling it along carpeted or concrete surfaces, you’ll want an office chair that glides along smoothly!

Now that you’re well-equipped with knowledge on picking the best office chairs, here are our top picks!

Best office chairs for unmatched comfort

1. Herman Miller Remastered Aeron

best office chairs herman miller aeron
(Credit: ShabbySalta)

Instead of using the usual foam padding and straight-line design, Herman Miller’s Remastered Aeron (available on ShabbySalta) is a masterclass when it comes to an ergonomically designed office chair! From aligning your pelvis and spine to dissipating body heat, Herman Miller pulls out all the stops to ensure buyers get maximum comfort from their humble office chair. With all these features, it’s no surprise why many consider the Aeron as one of the best office chairs of the generation!

Best office chairs with heavy leather padding

2. UMD Leather Director Chair

best office chairs umd leather boss chair
(Credit: umdlife)

Can’t resist the temptation of sinking into a buttery leather chair in the office? Well, it’d definitely be harder to do so with the UMD’s Leather Director Chair (available on umdlife)! Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, the PU leather chair will make a fine addition to any office with its ultra-posh aesthetic and emphasis on plush cushioning. The chair is also reclinable — up to 150 degrees, so you can unwind after a long day at work.

Best office chairs for budget shoppers

3. VHIVE Vince

best office chairs vhive vince
(Credit: V.HIVE)

The best office chairs don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag! Consider fabric-based office chairs like VHIVE’s Vince (available on V.HIVE). Outfitted with reclining and backrest adjusters alongside castors with safety brakes, this office chair checks all the boxes for a comfortable seating experience. VHIVE has also used woven fabric in the chair’s upholstery. This means you won’t need to worry about lack of durability over time since they’re more wear-resistant than their non-woven counterparts!

Best office chairs with ideal ergonomics

4. Ergohuman Enjoy Classic

best office chairs ergohuman enjoy classic
(Credit: ergohumansingapore)

Fancy an office chair that’s comfortable and helps increase work productivity? Ergohuman Enjoy Classic’s (available on ergohumansingapore) focuses on the importance of ergonomic seating. Pairing an intuitive single lever that controls the waterfall seat depth, height and tilt with multi-functional chair arms, you’ll adore the Enjoy Classic for its flexibility and natural curves! With expert ergonomic engineers at the production helm, this office chair even comes with an additional headrest so you can reduce neck strain when sitting for overly long hours.

Best office chairs for minimalists

5. MYSEAT.sg Sophia Ergonomic Chair

best office chairs myseat.sg sophia
(Credit: MYSEAT.sg)

Don’t let first impressions fool you — the Sophia Ergonomic Chair (available on MYSEAT.sg) can definitely hold its own among the best office chairs despite its minimalist aesthetic. Ditching complicated levers and arm rests, MYSEAT.sg has designed a wonderful alternative to the usual office chair offerings. Although it might appear flimsy, its metal frame and polyester mesh fabric boasts a maximum weight bearing capacity of 120kg, placing it leagues above some of the more nuanced office chairs in Singapore! 

Bid goodbye to back pain with these best office chairs

After using these posture-friendly seats, you’ll definitely feel a pronounced difference in your posture! For more on back health, read our guide to the best back supports for office chairs. Otherwise, it won’t hurt to book yourself into a yoga studio in Singapore to stretch out that back and fix your posture once and for all!