17 Xiaomi Products Every Singaporean Need For Their Home

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Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that Xiaomi isn’t just about mobile phones nowadays. Besides the cult favourite Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, Xiaomi has a whole plethora of affordable gadgets for your house too. From your bedroom to the bathroom, and even the entrance of your home, we assure you that these items from Xiaomi will change the way you live your everyday life. 

1. Xiaomi Happy Life 3-in-1 Mini Cooling Fan ($35.90)

Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1 Mini Cooling Fan

Your eyes ain’t playing tricks on you because this is really a 3-in-1 mini cooling fan that works as a fan, humidifier and night light. The bladeless technology also makes it safe for kids, and because it is designed with advanced technology, it is also softer than traditional fans out there. Simply plug it into a USB supply and you’ll be ready to go. And can we just say that after reading countless reviews, we’re literally fans of it. 

Promising Review: “This is a great portable fan, very easy to pack. The blades come off the motor shaft (it is a press-fit). It is very light and pretty quiet. The fan also puts out quite a breeze. I carry this together with my portable USB charger. Really helps on hot days when I’m out and about.” – Toxa

2. Cactus Mosquito Killer Lamp ($19.60)

Xiaomi CACTUS Mosquito Killer Lamp

This is not just a pretty and cute paperweight. It is, in fact, a mosquito killer lamp that utilises UV light to entice these irritable mozzies to enter and subsequently kill them. It is also smokeless, odourless and dust-free, making it easy for you to use at home. Simply plug it into a USB port and it’s hasta la vista, mozzies.

Promising review: “Build quality is good. and it does catch mosquitoes ?” – Damithkothalawala

3. Automatic foaming soap dispenser ($19.90 – $23.90)

Xiaomi Soap Dispenser

Gone are the days of using traditional liquid soap or soap bars. Make your home much smarter with an automatic foaming soap dispenser that runs on 3 AA batteries. Park it near your basin and make handwashing a much more fun process for you and your family.

Promising review: “I was really hesitant to buy this because I have been disappointed by automatic soap dispensers before, but this is a great quality product! I have been using this for over a month now, and I love it!” – JC

4. Portable Electric Juicer ($23.90)

Xiaomi Portable Juicer

This portable electric juicer sure packs a punch (or smoothie) with its 4-blade powerful juicing performance and rechargeable battery. Built to be almost the same size as a 5-inch smartphone, this juicer is also super portable and convenient to bring around on gym sessions or even road trips!

Promising review: “I would say its really a nice blender. It works well and definitely does its job. It is very convenient to go out also and I can simply drink it directly from the container. That’s great!” – Maria

5. Shell-Shaped Aroma Diffuser ($11.50)

Xiaomi Seashell Humidifier

This is indeed a very spe-shell diffuser. Even though it is small and extremely compact, it packs up to 10 hours of running time with a charging time of about 2 hours. Even when you’re not using it, this shell-shaped aroma diffuser will also work just fine as a paperweight!

Promising review: “I love the clean and simple look of this diffuser. Perfect size for a small area. I have used it several times with no issues.” – Marilyn

6. Silicon Animal LED Night Light ($12.90)

Xiaomi Silicone Animal Lamp

Made of soft silicone, this lamp is not only just a cute toy or decoration but also extremely function for kids who are scared of the dark, working up to 12 hours. Give the little rabbit or fawn a tap to adjust the brightness of the light, or press and hold to adjust the colour of the light.

Promising review: “This night light so cute, so soft, my kids love it!!” – We Lin

7. Smart Sensor Removable Night Light ($19.90)

Mi Night Light

Baby, you light up my home like nobody else~ Light up your home with this smart sensor removable night light that is small and compact, such that it can be removed to be placed elsewhere. Besides being highly functional, this aesthetically pleasing lamp that’s available in two colours can also add a touch of warmth to your home.

Promising review: “The light is a lot smaller than expected.  However, the brightness is acceptable and will functionally illuminate a bedside or small area of a room. It will make an ideal bedside lamp, or provide a light source next to a  baby changing table.” – Coldforged

8. Smart LED table lamp ($59.90)

Mi LED Lamp

If you enjoy reading by your bed, you’d definitely want to consider getting this Smart LED table lamp for your room. With adjustable light brightness and colour (both cool and warm light available), this device is gentle on the eyes, making sure that you can read and not worry about developing eye problems. 

Promising review: “This is truly one of those rare products that looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is – down to the perfect packaging. If someone told me they spent hundreds of dollars on this lamp, I would believe it. It is just as nice in person as it is in the pictures, and I’m impressed by the fit and finish.” – Anna

9. Robot Bluetooth Speaker ($14.50)

Xiaomi Cartoon Robot Speaker

Why stick to ordinary boring speakers when you can get retro-designed robot speakers from Xiaomi? These devices might be small in size but we assure you that you’ll be able to hear it loud and clear. It’s cute and tiny, and it’ll follow you through the highs and lows of your playlist!

Promising review: “Works well and the quality is not too bad” – Rv

10. Deep facial cleansing sonic tool ($20.90)

Xiaomi Face Cleanser

Pamper and treat yourself to a nice, deep facial cleansing with this deep facial cleansing sonic Xiaomi tool that massages and soothes your skin anytime you want. This device also comes with 3 cleansing massage modes to suit a variety of skin types, and also comes in four fun variations to suit your preference.

Promising review: “Cheaper doesn’t always mean less effective. I have been using this since it arrived and I have not gotten any pimple since then. Also, my face feels softer and smoother! I love this device so much!” – Amazing Day

11. Mini portable hairdryer ($39.90)

Xiaomi Hair Dryer

Prevent your hair from further damage with the mini portable hairdryer from Xiaomi. At just 476g, it is also extremely lightweight and compact, allowing you to conveniently bring it along on trips. Psst, this hairdryer is also quiet enough, allowing you to dry and style your hair without waking the entire kampung at home.

Promising review: “Product delivered to me within a few days! Looks sleek & is light weight. Helps to smoothen hair & fan power is solid. Am so impressed that I bought another one for my sister!” – Elasdra

12. Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ($339.00)

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

Make chores a little more fun with a multifunctional cordless vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. This device is not only just a cordless vacuum cleaner but also a handheld portable vacuum, letting you meet different needs with just one machine!

Promising review: “Great and functional. Light enough to move around without feeling extremely tired. The mechanism is neat and vacuum cleaner can stand on its own.” – Vanessa Low

13. Non-Fall Insulation Suction Cup Mug ($22.90)

Xiaomi Suction Mug

Keep your milo warm with this non-spill, insulated mug from Xiaomi. It is designed with an innovative magic sucker that’s at the bottom of the mug, so you won’t ever have to worry about spilled milo!

Promising review: “Absolutely fantastic mug – totally worth the extra money! You can feel the difference as soon as you take it out of the package. It is sometimes almost too good! I drink black tea and don’t normally put cold water in it. At the end of my 1-hour commute, it was still too hot to drink! When I left work at 5pm, it was still warm enough to drink!” – Marguerite Campbell

14. Magnetic cable clip ($6.90)

Xiaomi Cable Clips

When life seems to be all tangled up and messy, you know you need to get the simple solution – cable clips. These clips from Xiaomi will not only help to get rid of one headache – having to untangle your iPhone cable from your earpiece – but also help to add a nice touch to your home!

15. Electric Toothbrush ($35.90)

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush like no other. The soft rubber brush head avoids any bruising when brushing teeth. It is gentle yet efficient in cleaning up with three different modes to choose from – Clean, Whiten or Sensitive. Slim, lightweight and fully waterproof, this brush is great for everyday use and also, for travelling.

Promising review: “This thing is very strong very good. I’ve bought a few ultrasonic brushes from Shopee before, and so far this one tops the list. The charger body is also amusingly omnidirectional!” – Tomitomo

16. Mi Body Composition Scale ($39.90)

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

Made a new year’s resolution to keep fit and healthy? Take the first step by getting a smart body composition scale that helps you measure not just your body weight but also ten other precise data points that matter. These ten includes muscle mass, BMI, bone mass, weight, body fat, visceral fat, basal metabolism, body score, water and even a form of comparison with people around you to help you stay motivated!

Promising review: “I strongly recommend the Mi Body Composition Scale for the price and it keeps me motivated with a comprehensive analysis for my dietary programme.” – Mi Community

17. Mi Home Security Camera ($138.00)

Mi Home Security Camera

Give your home all-round protection with this smart security camera that films not just in 1080P FHD but also with 360-degree vision, infrared night vision and motion detection. This home security camera also has a talkback feature with 2-way audio so that you can always talk to your family (or furry friends) no matter where you are.

Promising review: “It consumes around 10gb of storage in 24hours in ‘HD’ mode. Pros: Night mode recording; Clarity of camera; Multiple users can watch camera recording at the same time; Two-way communication; 1080p HD recording; Can record videos without internet, requires an internet connection after switching the camera on – after that, you can disconnect & recording will continue!” – Rahul

Do you have any other recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below!

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