21 Muji Products To Create Your Muji-Style Dream Home In Singapore

muji style dream home

When it comes to creating minimalist designs for a sleek and chic home, there’s no denying that MUJI has the competition beat. Think clever designs that look so simple, but manage to be multi-functional as well (check out the MUJI storage space at #5 for case in point).
With the MUJI Official Store now on Shopee Singapore, we’re thrilled at the convenience of having these lust-worthy home items delivered to our doorstep! Here’s our pick of best-selling MUJI products that made it into our mood board for creating our dream MUJI-style home!

Muji furniture for a zen living room

1. Beads Sofa

muji bean bag cover muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

The first step to creating a Muji-style home is to embrace open spaces and flexible interiors. Instead of choosing all-consuming sofa sets, pick portable options like this Muji Beads Sofa with Cover Set (available on MUJI Official Store). The sofa is filled with micro particle beads for a massaging effect that makes it perfect to sink into after a hard day’s work. This adjustable sofa can also take on any couch position you fancy for the day. 

2. Tricycle

tricycle muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

This sleek yet quirky Muji Tricycle (available on MUJI Official Store) definitely sits high on the checklist for our Muji-style home. Have this as a statement art piece for your living room, or go wild and let your little ones (aged 2-6 years old) get on this cute tricycle. Yellow not your kind of fellow? The Muji tricycle is available in ivory and red, too!

3. Igusa Tatami Unit

tatami mat muj style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

What’s a MUJI-style home without tatami? This traditional Japanese flooring can regulate humid weather — perfect for our unforgivingly hot weather. Get the MUJI Igusa Tatami Unit (available on MUJI Official Store), one of the best MUJI products to emulate the interiors of a Japanese home. This connectable tatami mat can be spread out or folded into a smaller size to sit one person. Remember to sit cross-legged when on these for the full experience!

4. Polypropylene Storage Case

muji storage case muji style home singapore
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

A Muji-style home is all about using every bit of space in a clever and organised fashion –that includes the oft-forgotten area under your bed! Roll your clothes in the Muji Polypropylene Storage Case (available on MUJI Official Store) and stow them out of sight but still within easy reach. These storage cases are a great way to save space in your walk-in wardrobe too. An excuse to shop for more clothes, anybody?

5. Interior Fragrance Oil (Floral)

muji fragrance oil set muji style home singapore
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Take your home fragrance a notch up with some of the best Muji fragrance products like this Muji Interior Fragrance Oil (Floral) (available on MUJI Official Store). Place the rattan sticks into the neck of the bottle and let the aroma waft through your entire home. Each set contains eight rattan sticks, a gorgeous sea-green porcelain holder and a fragrance oil such as this floral blend of rose and chamomile. Spritz this in the air when hosting guests in your Muji-style home!

MUJI furniture for a functional bedroom space

6. SUS Wooden Storage Wide

muji chest of drawers muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Stick to a wooden theme in your bedroom with this MUJI SUS Wooden Storage Wide (available on MUJI Official Store). Choose between two or four drawers or a drawerless, wide open box. If you’re not a wardrobe person, then this chest of drawers is sufficient enough to house your day-to-day clothes too! Pick between the oak and walnut colour — both are calming colours and will easily tie in with the interior decor in your Muji-style home.

7. Organic Cotton Jersey Duvet Cover

muji duvet cover muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Get a good night’s sleep snuggling up under duvet! Keep your duvet protected with this pretty MUJI Organic Cotton Jersey Duvet Cover (available on MUJI Official Store). It’ll not only beautify your bedding but give it an overall neat and tidy look. Made from organic cotton, this duvet cover is elastic, soft and stretchable. Afterall, you’d want to sink into the fluffiest bed after a long day at work and duvet covers help with that. Make sure that your bed is also fitted with the best type of mattress for good sleep quality!

Muji workstation must-haves

8. Open-Flat Notebook

muji notebook muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Get your ideas flowing with one of the best MUJI stationery products — the MUJI Open-Flat Notebook (available on MUJI Official Store). This notebook comes with 72 lined sheets that are resistant to ink seepage from pens. As for pens, enjoy smooth writing with MUJI Smooth Gel Ink Ballpoint (available on MUJI Official Store) which come in black and shades like Sakura and Asagi — a pale green with a touch of blue.

9. Acrylic 3 drawers storage box

acrylic box muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Chodo-yoi is the notion of seeking the ‘right balance’, and is a handy guiding principle when creating a Muji-style home in Singapore. This Muji Acrylic 3 drawers storage case (available on MUJI Official Store) will bring balance and harmony to your workstation. The see-through drawers are perfect for storing everything from stationery to (healthy) snacks. Best part – you’ll know where everything is at a glance!

10. Small Circulator Fan (White)

circulating fan muji-style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Build a breezy Muji-style workstation with this Muji small circulator fan (available on MUJI Official Store). It’s designed in such a way that you’ll receive high output airflow without raking up your electricity bills. This minimalist fan also promises to keep the airflow in motion. Use this on its own or with the air-con on — a sure-fire remedy in Singapore’s recent warm weather spell.

11. Portable Aroma Diffuser

muji portable aroma diffuser muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

MUJI’s aroma diffusers have been all the rage but if the thought of it leeching on your electricity all night scares you, then get this cute MUJI Portable Aroma Diffuser (available on MUJI Official Store). It runs on a rechargeable battery, plus can be used wireless too. You wouldn’t need to fuss over adding any water too as it operates via an embedded fan. Pour two to three drops of this MUJI Lavender Essential Oil (available on MUJI Official Store) onto the top of the attached cotton pad, cap it back on and let the scent diffuse through your workstation area. Check out the video below to see why this is one of the best MUJI products we all need in our lives:

MUJI pampering sesh

12. Sensitive Skincare Series Cleansing Oil

muji cleansing oil muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

If you didn’t already know, Muji’s skincare line is as every bit lust-worthy as their other home items. The Muji Cleansing oil (available on MUJI Official Store) from their sensitive skincare series is gentle for use on sensitive skin, and can soothe a sudden flare-up. The cleansing oil is parabens and alcohol-free, and contains 100% pure botanical olive oil. Trusty beauty advisor Makeupalley rates this Muji Cleansing Oil 4.5 stars out of 5, a nod to the wonders of Japanese skincare.

13. Unbleached cotton pads

unbleached cotton pads muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

It’s not just what you put on your face, but what tools you use to apply it too. This set of Muji Unbleached Cotton (available on MUJI Official Store) is wonderfully soft, and is a lot more durable than its bleached counterparts. The all-natural cotton minimises skin irritation, so you can apply your toner worry-free. Comes in a set of 180 pads, shaped like fluffy pillows.

14. PP Make-up Box 1/2 Half

makeup box muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

A MUJI-style home calls for organisation in every corner of your home including the vanity table! The key to achieving an organised yet chic set up is by using PP (or Polypropylene) makeup boxes. These lightweight and durable boxes can be stacked on top of one another or displayed on their own. If you’re new to these boxes, why not start with PP Make-up Box 1/2 Half (available on MUJI Official Store) that are compact enough to hold basic makeup and skincare items. You can progress to getting the full-sized PP Make-up Box (available on MUJI Official Store) once you’ve realised the genius of these boxes!

MUJI shower essentials

15. Shower Brush

muji shower brush muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

We couldn’t leave out shower essentials from our MUJI-style home! If you’re looking for an alternative to loofahs (which can be home to a ton of bacteria), then this Shower Brush (available on MUJI Official Store) will be right up your alley. It has an easy-grip groove, nylon bristles and a long handle to reach your back. The soft nylon bristles give your back a gentle exfoliation while scrubbing off the dirt and grime from the day!

16. Organic Cotton Waffle Hand Towel Thin

muji hand towel muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

It’s hard to beat the aesthetics of this Organic Cotton Waffle Hand Towel (available on MUJI Official Store). It’s smooth textured design is absorbent and will sit pretty on bathroom handrails.The 100% cotton, waffle-like design might or might not spur you to go hunting for the best waffles in Singapore — there are more than a couple, in case you were wondering. Take note to wash the towel before using it for the first time to remove any added pre-treatments. Choose from three colours – ecru (a beige shade), dark brown and off-white.

17. Organic Cotton Blend Bath Towel Ecru

muji ecru bath towel muji style ome
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Not all towels are created equal so it’s important to know what you’re getting wrapped into! This Organic Cotton Blend Bath Towel Ecru (available on MUJI Official Store) has a long-fiber cotton thread that makes it extra silky and soft. It also remains supple even after repeated washing. Choose between the thin, medium thick and thick based on your bath towel preference. The thin ones are great for quick drying. However, if you’re after a voluminous feel, then we’d recommend the thicker bath towels. 

MUJI snacks and sauces

18. Crepe Roll Chocolate Cream

muji crepe chocolate roll cream
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Picture this: baked crepe rolls wrapped with chocolate cream filling that’ll crunch and melt in your mouth — yum. The Crepe Roll Chocolate Cream (available on MUJI Official Store) comes in packs of 50g each. We don’t know about you but MUJI’s snack variety is definitely binge-worthy and is the perfect sweet snack when watching your favourite Korean dramas.

19. Cured Ham & Mushroom Portini Cream

muji portini ham and mushroom creasm muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

No foodie should be left without ammo to whip out a quick and tasty meal for the family. This Cured Ham & Mushroom Portini Cream (available on MUJI Official Store) is one of the best MUJI products for days you don’t have the energy to meal prep. The rich aroma of this fresh cream sauce will be enough to bring your family to the table. All you have to do is mix this sauce into a cooked pan of pasta, add any garnish of choice and serve. It’s really that simple!

20. 18-8 Stainless Wire Basket

muji stainless steel basket muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

Don’t leave your snacks cluttered! Organise them in this 18-8 Stainless Wire Basket (available on MUJI Official Store) — a simple kitchen organisation hack. Made of non-resistant stainless steel, store all your go-to snacks here for easy reach. You can even stack them by folding the handles inwards. Definitely one of the best MUJI products for storage!

21. [Bonus]: MUJI Reusable Mask

muji mask muji style home
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

We couldn’t leave this 3-layer reusable mask (available on MUJI Official Store) out of the list! Although not exactly a home and living item, it’ll definitely come in handy in the current climate. This 3-layer reusable face mask is made of 100% cotton and comes with a nose clip for better fit and extra breathability. Be sure to separately wash the mask gently to maintain its shape!

Inspired to create your Muji-style home?

Pick your favourite pieces from this list and take your first steps towards creating the Muji-style home of your dreams. Complement your new and rejuvenated lifestyle with these nifty best desk organisers or re-haul your bathroom with Insta-worthy bathroom design ideas — bookmark the earthy tones theme! Don’t miss out on our upcoming 11.11 Big Sale  where you can snag amazing home and living deals to give your home a new look!

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