13 Home Organisation Hacks To Tidy Up Your Kitchen

how to organise kitchen slim cabinets houze storage box stasher reusable silicone bag
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Excited to try out a new recipe, only to lose all your Master Chef inspiration after one look at your cluttered kitchen? Take a cue from Marie Kondo and learn how to organise your kitchen! Pro tip: Post-Its and reusable silicone bags will be your best friends, and we’ve found that Houze storage boxes are particularly handy as well. You’ll find it much easier to reach for your pots and pans after trying out these easy hacks! 

1. Create more kitchen storage space with slim cabinets

how to organise kitchen with slim cabinets slot between fridge and kitchen counter
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Running out of kitchen space? When you’re faced with bursting cabinets and a cluttered kitchen counter, the best way to organise your kitchen is to create additional storage space. The Houze slim cabinets (available on Houze Official Store) come in handy in such, well, tight situations. It boasts an 18cm width that allows it to fit into the tightest of spaces — such as between your kitchen counter and fridge! It’s also equipped with wheels for extra mobility. Choose from the three or four-tiered cabinets according to your storage needs! 

2. Organise your kitchen cupboards with baskets

how to organise kitchen with houze storage box basket stackable white save space
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Are things threatening to spill out of your kitchen cupboards every time you open them? Organise your cupboards with these brick modular storage baskets (available on Citylife Official Store). They come with matching lids and can be stacked nicely on top of each other. Moreover, they are made of 100% virgin polypropylene material and do not give off that  plastic-y smell that can emit from other plastic containers. Thanks to its huge capacity, you’ll have no issue storing larger items such as cereal boxes. This is definitely one of the easiest and most useful items to have when learning how to organise your kitchen!

3. Label your baskets or containers

how to organise kitchen label baskets and containers with post-it super sticky notes colourful
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Unless you’ve got excellent memory, chances are you’ll end up forgetting the contents of  each of the baskets you used to organise your kitchen cupboards. There’s no need to waste time playing the guessing game! Simply label your baskets and containers with the Post-It super sticky notes (available on 3M Official eStore). With enhanced adhesive technology, these Post-Its will stick securely on most surfaces. Plus, they remove without leaving a stain so you can always repurpose your baskets and containers when you have to clean your kitchen cupboard. 

4. Keep things fresh in your fridge with air-tight containers

how to organise kitchen with lock and lock nestable square food container for fridge airtight
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Don’t miss the fridge when learning how to organise your kitchen. If you’re struggling to find things in your fridge, it’s time to employ the help of these Lock & Lock 1.2L nestable square food containers (available on LOCK & LOCK Singapore Official Store). Store half-eaten snacks, raw ingredients, dinner leftovers and food with a strong smell (such as durians and kimchi) in this completely air and liquid-tight container. It’ll keep your food fresh and minimise odours in your fridge. And when they are not in use, these containers can be stacked one on top of the other to save space. 

5. Line your cabinets with non-slip protective sheets

how to organise kitchen houze eva non slip protective slip line cabinets cupboard fridge
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There’s nothing as dangerous as a plate falling from your overhead cabinets. This is why the first thing you should do when you’re learning how to organise your kitchen is to line all the cupboards and drawers with a Houze Eva non-slip protective sheet (available on Houze Official Store). This provides a better grip for your plates and cookware so they stay in place. Additionally, it also protects your carpentry from scratches and stains in the case of  food leakage. You can also use the non-slip protective sheet in the fridge to help achieve the same effect!

6. Hang dish rags on wall hangers

how to organise kitchen by drying wet dish rags on houze wall hanging radiator drying airer over the sink
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Leaving cleaning cloths on your kitchen counter is not only unsightly but may cause the rags to stink up overtime. Instead, dry the cloths on a wall hanging radiator drying airer (available on Houze Official Store). Although designed for drying laundry, this nifty tool can be hooked over the edge of your windowsill to create the perfect dish rag organiser. You can also hang your kitchen hand towel on the rack for convenient access — a simple solution for how to organise your kitchen!

7. Organise cooking tools with a cutlery tray

how to organise kitchen using ToTT cutlery tray to section out sharp objects
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There’s nothing more frustrating than having to ransack the kitchen drawers for cutleries to start a meal. Looking for an easy solution on how to organise your kitchen drawer? Simply pop the Evelin 7 compartment cutlery tray (available on ToTT Official Store) into the drawer and organise all the utensils into the different compartments of the tray! Aside from making your drawers look tidy, cutlery trays also help to reduce the risk of injury. It allows you to keep knives and other sharp tools in a separate compartment so you don’t get accidental cuts when reaching into the drawer. 

8. Note down expiring products

how to organise kitchen write down expiring products on securit wooden base table chalkboard
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It’s a pity to throw out unused ingredients or snacks that have passed their expiry dates. To reduce food wastage, it’s a good habit to keep track of expiring products in your food cupboard and fridge. Do weekly routine checks on expiring products and note them down on the Securit wooden base table chalkboard with white marker (available on ToTT Official Store). This acts as a reminder to use those products quickly before they go to waste. Those with more time on hand can sort the expiring items into small Houze storage boxes for easy access. 

9. Keep your kitchen counter dry with a drainable dish drying rack

how to organise kitchen keep counter dry with houze dish drainer flow tray
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Having a dish drying rack is important when you’re learning how to organise your kitchen. Avoid placing wet tableware directly back into the kitchen cupboard as it can cause mould and bacteria to grow. Instead, let your dishes air dry on the Houze dish drainer (available on Houze Official Store). This useful dish drainer comes with a side or centre flow tray to effectively drain out water directly into your kitchen sink. Additionally, the elevated bottom tray keeps your kitchen counter dry and clean so you can say goodbye to stubborn water stains once and for all! 

10. Store leftovers in reusable silicone bags

how to organise kitchen stasher reusable stand up silicone bag for leftover meal prep storage
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Trying to meal prep for the week but running out of space in your mini fridge? Instead of packing your daily meal prep ingredients in individual containers, try storing them in Stasher 100% silicone reusable stand-up food bag (available on Stasher Official Store)! Inspired by Ziploc bags, Stasher food bags are made of 100% pure platinum silicone and completely reusable. The new stand-up food bags are uniquely designed to allow the bag to stand upright by itself. They are airtight and can be used in the microwave, oven, dishwasher and fridge. Moreover, these colourful bags are also sous vide ready — a unique cooking method of submerging a vacuum-sealed food pack into a water bath maintained at the most optimal temperature.  

11. Hang up your pots and free up counter space

how to organise kitchen hang pots and pans on wall with 3M command kitchen utility multipurpose hook bar
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Wondering how to organise your kitchen for a clean and tidy appearance? One of the easiest ways to do so is to avoid placing anything on your kitchen counter as well as your hob. Many of us have the habit of leaving our pots and pans on the hob which can be an eyesore. Instead, attach a 3M Command kitchen utility multi-purpose hook bar (available on 3M Official eStore) on your kitchen wall. Then, simply hang up your pots and pans — like they do in cooking shows! You need not worry about the sturdiness of this hook bar as it is designed to stick on surfaces such as glass, mirror, tile, wood and even painted walls. Additionally, it has a stronghold that can hold up in wet and humid environments. 

12. Create extra space in your fridge with hanging baskets

how to organise kitchen using overhead shelf hanging basket in fridge to hold snacks
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If you’re holding back on buying your favourite snacks during your weekly grocery run due to the lack of space in your fridge, we’ve got good news for you. There’s no need to hold back anymore! Create more space in your fridge by adding an overhead shelf hanging basket (available on Houze Official Store). Even though it was originally designed for wardrobes, the hanging basket also works perfectly in your fridge and can be used as your dedicated snack basket! Installing this shelf is simple — slot it onto one of your fridge shelves and load it with your favourite goodies! The rubber tips on the slot poles help to hold the basket in place but you can tape it down on the fridge shelf for extra security.

13. Store unused kitchen appliances in storage boxes

how to organise kitchen houze storage boxes many sizes to hold big kitchen appliances and tools
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If your kitchen doesn’t have one or two of these Houze storage boxes (available on Houze Official Store), you’re losing out in the home organisation game! These Houze storage boxes are a must-have for every homeowner who’s looking for ways on how to organise their kitchen. The boxes come in a variety of sizes from 21 litres to 98 litres — perfect for storing any kitchen appliances you’re not using. Once filled, stack the them up to maximise space! 

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