19 Desk Organisers Under $15 To Tidy Up Your Office Supplies

desk organiser tidying up office supplies
(Credit: Ken Tomita / Pexels)

If you’re finding it hard to focus at work, maybe it’s because you’ve got a cluttered office desk! Tidying up your desk from time to time is a great way to keep your desk neat and your mind clear. Desk organisers are one easy way to make that possible. Unsure about the types of desk organiser tools you’ll need? Fret not, we have some suggestions outlined for you below.

Stationery Organisers

1. Desktop Stationery Organiser

desk organiser desktop stationery
(Credit: Way Young)

Stationery organisation will really help in decluttering your desk. Thankfully, someone felt the same way and made an office desktop stationery organiser (available on Way Young)! This  unique desk organiser stores your stationery neatly in front of your computer monitor. It’s also slightly elevated so that you can slip your keyboard underneath it at the end of the work day. Talk about convenience for under $15!

2. Clear Drawer Organiser

desk organiser clear drawer

Keep your office supplies well-organised with a clear stationery drawer organiser (available on BANFANG HOME). This quality drawer organiser allows you to tidy your stationery along with gadgets like power banks and phone chargers. Buy varying sizes of these clear desk organisers to arrange your storage space in any combination you prefer!

3. Desktop Transparent Stationery Holder

desk organiser desktop transparent stationery holder
(Credit: YL Home)

Here’s a desk organiser that won’t take up too much space! The desktop transparent stationery holder (available on YL Home) features several deep slots — including a nifty scotch tape dispenser — that allows you to store your stationery. There’s even a smartphone holder so you can keep your phone in sight if you’re looking out for important notifications.

4. Desktop Folder & Stationery Holder

desk organiser desktop folder stationery holder
(Credit: Goddess’ hat/cap/hat)

If you’re sharing a desk and office supplies with a colleague, consider getting this desktop folder & stationery holder (available on Goddess’ hat/cap/hat). Despite its bulky size, this desk organiser has several slots for you to keep important document folders and stationery supplies. You could even display an office desk plant on the top shelf! Spread the joy of tidying up with your colleague today!

5. Tape Stationery Holder

desk organiser tape stationery holder
(Credit: speepup & LOGO SHOP)

Tape stationery holders are a great addition to any set of desk organisers. Either go for chic and classy options like an iron rose gold tape dispenser (available on LOGO SHOP) or if you’re feeling cheeky, pick this silly toilet seat tape holder (available on speepup). The toilet seat tape holder even comes with an additional slot so you can store smaller office supplies like pens and pencils.

Cable Organiser

6. Power Socket Storage Box

desk organiser power socket storage box
(Credit: Spiderman 3C digital shop)

Hate having messy cables all over your table? Well, so do we! A power socket storage box (available on Spiderman 3C digital shop) can help in tidying up the mess. This desk organiser helps to store unsightly cables and also comes with enough room to store the power extension dock. This desk cable organiser even comes with outlets for you to extend your charging cables, whether for your smartphone or laptop.

7. Baseus Magnetic Cable Clip Organiser

desk organiser baseus magnetic cable clip
(Credit: PREMIUM SG)

Not a fan of the cable storage box? Then try the Baseus magnetic cable clamp organiser (available on PREMIUM SG). Affix this desk organiser tool along the edge of your table (preferably close to your laptop’s charging port). Once attached, simply hang your cable through each cable clamp. The best part is that each clamp has a magnetic base so you can reconfigure the arrangement of the cable without removing it from the clip. It’s a great desk organiser accessory if you hotdesk a lot!

Basket Storage & Trays

8. Rose Gold Storage Basket

desk organiser rose gold storage basket

If your office has a chic interior design, why not complement the vibe with this rose gold storage basket (available on BANFANG HOME)? Its sturdy metal frame will store your office supplies and gadgets even when filled to the brim. You can even buy smaller sizes of this storage basket to hold smaller sized accessories.

9. Iron Storage Basket With Handle

desk organiser iron storage basket handle

Or if you’re the no-frills type, try this iron storage basket with handles (available on BANFANG HOME). The simplistic design of this desk organiser blends in well with a minimalist office desk decor. Its depth is great for books that you might want to keep at arm’s length but still accessible. We also love this basket for its portability. The sturdy handles allow for an easy transfer of office supplies when needed. We highly recommend this if you’re into hotdesking.

10. Shelf Hanging Basket

desk organiser shelf hanging basket
(Credit: Fashion Living)

If you have a large desk with overhead shelves then you might prefer this shelf hanging basket (available on Fashion Living)! It isn’t as portable as the basket desk organisers above but it shines where it really matters: keeping things neat and off the desk. Just hang this off the edge of your desk shelf and store your office supplies, books and even coffee mugs!

11. Nordic Gold Jewellery Tray

desk organiser jewellery tray clear gold
(Credit: loveshop123.sg)

Often find yourself touching up your makeup or accessorising for days when you have after work plans? Well, here’s a fuss-free solution for you! Simply rest your jewellery pieces and prop your most essential makeup items on this nordic gold jewellery tray (available on loveshop123.sg). These trays also make for pretty office desk decor pieces with their clear finishes and golden rims.

Lunch cutlery storage and organiser

12. Collapsible Microwavable Food Container

desk organiser foldable microwavable food container
(Credit: BTS BT21)

Often bring home-cooked lunch to the office? Save more desk space with this collapsible microwavable food container (available on BTS BT21)! After you’re done with your meal, collapse the lunch box and stow it away in your desk drawer or bag. It even comes in various colours like purple, green, blue and more!

13. Desk Cutlery Holder

desk organiser cultery holder
(Credit: walkingrunning.sg)

Organise your office desk cutlery with this desk cutlery holder (available on walkingrunning.sg). Either place it on your desk or in your office pantry. This minimalistic desk cutlery organiser features simple icons to indicate the respective cutlery for each holder. The base of the holder even has holes to drain excess water. Although not a traditional desk organiser, it still proves useful for those who love to pack lunch to work.

Wall storage and holders

14. Metal Grid Wire Mesh

desk organiser metal grid wire mesh
(Credit: BumRose)

Metal grid wire mesh (available on BumRose) is another popular desk organiser accessory for folks who love keeping their items off the desk. With this wire mesh, you can display memos, photos and even store office supplies and desk plants on the wire shelf that comes with the product. The best part is, you can get this wire mesh in different finishes like rose, gold and even black.

15. Hexagon Memo Board

desk organiser hexagon memo board
(Credit: From Seoul)

Prefer pinning things to a board instead of clipping them? Then you need to get these colourful hexagon memo boards (available on From Seoul)! They are easy to mount on the wall and can serve as a display board for photos, memos, jewellery holders and more! We recommend getting a number of these for your office — especially in your brand’s colour.

16. Fixate Gel Pads

desk organiser fixate gel pads
(Credit: Jiapalang.com)

Fixate gel pads (available on Jiapalang.com) are all the rage when it comes to desk organisers. These are a special type of gel pad that can easily be affixed to most surfaces to hold various types of office supplies, gadgets and accessories by simply sticking them onto the pads. It’s also a very affordable way to tidy up your desk! At a price of around $2, you can buy a set of these innovative desk organisers and stick them to surfaces on your work desk or walls next to it.

17. Wall Mounted Book Holder

desk organiser wall mounted book holder
(Credit: baodanwang.sg)

If you have a wall beside your workspace, you’re in luck! With this hanging newspaper storage basket (available on baodanwang.sg), you can store all sorts of documents, books, memos and other important articles. This desk organiser comes in white, black and gold finishes and makes for a chic office accessory. The storage basket handle also allows you to transfer supplies around the office with ease — a definite must buy if you’re into tidying up often.

Tissue Box Holder

18. Tissue Paper Holder With Phone Holders

desk organiser tissue paper holder phone

Here’s a handy desk organiser tool for folks who love having tissues nearby. This wooden cover tissue box (available on BANFANG HOME) comes in cylindrical, square and rectangular shapes. If you’re one of those who’s always losing your phone then we recommend buying the rectangular version which comes with a slot for your smartphone!

19. Tissue Paper Holder With Storage And Handphone Holder

desk organiser tissue paper holder storage handphone

If you’d like to keep your moisturisers close to your tissue box, you can too! This large tissue box storage (available on CRAYON HOME) comes with a storage box and phone holder as well. If not for your office desk, you can even place this desk organiser on your vanity table . It’s a good way to tidy up your makeup and jewellery pieces as well.

Looking for more ways to spice up your desk?

If you already have a trusty set of desk organisers, why not invest in some unique desk accessories? From humidifiers to indoor plants, there are so many ways to make your desk a little more cosy. If creativity is in your blood, why not try making some lego desk accessories?